Due to the positive response from the residents of the castle, and the enjoyment their guest experienced during the dinner, it was decided that every night from further on, everyone would get together, taking a break from their every day lives and share a meal as a whole. Shadow, who approved the decision, lend this responsibility to Pansage and his crew, trusting him with the task he took and proudly achieved to perfection. While some guests may or may not attend on some nights, the concept of a schedule gathering to spend time with those who lived in the same residence but never took the time to get together, was a pleasant one to them. Some even began to wonder why it wasn't done beforehand, with others defending the fact they had been caught up in their own business to notice.

While Jigglypuff and Pichu were taking their time looking about the lounge and practicing whatever sounded nice to them on the 'piano', the staff had begun preparing their dish for the dinner, vegetable soup served with a roll bread. Not only had their garden served fertile earth to harvest berries of all sort, it had also been tended for certain vegetables, seeds found within the castle.

That evening, same time as the day prior, all had gathered within the great hall and served the same manner. Diced carrots, Tomato, pumpkin and celery gently floated above the broth, only one ingredient which she recognized. Nevertheless, it was worth a taste.

"Oh, miss," Beautifly exclaimed after taking one sip at her dish. Those around her stayed silent to hear what she had to say towards her. Noticing the silence, Jigglypuff looked up after her first spoonful. "About your creation, have you finished it?"

Jigglypuff swallowed. "What creation?"

"The one you said you were working on before. A 'poncho', I believe? I'm curious, how's the work coming along?"

At this point, she had gotten used to the questions others would make about her, as long as they didn't put her too much in the limelight. Jigglypuff let the still warm ingredients finish passing through her taste dubs as she appreciated the new taste before continuing. "Oh, that. I actually finished it a while ago. Er.. thank you for the laces again."

"Oh, think nothing of it, dear!" the butterfly perked up in her usual bubbly voice.

"What in blazes is a poncho?" A gruff voice spoke up from the end of the table. Jigglypuff turned to face a sitting Ledian with half a roll bread in one hand.


Across from the newly discovered bug type, Shadow picked up on her confusion. "Oh, I don't believe you two have met yet. This is Ledian, miss. He is in charge of securing the top floors of the castle."

"Yeah, I do," Ledian said in his rough tone. By the way he spoke, one could tell he was a lot older than most, a voice like that sounded like one who had lived through many years and experiences, unsure if deserving of a single glance or honest respect. "So, what 'bout you, lass? What your deal, 'ere for a visit?"

Though bold as the question was, a few couldn't hold back a chuckle or two by his accent. It was clear he didn't spend a lot of time around the rest of the residents, but they didn't show to hold ill-will towards him.

".. No, not exactly," Jigglypuff managed to reply despite the sudden tone taken. He was different than the rest that first spoke to her. She liked him. "Though I would like to think so."

Ledian let out a hardy chuckle. "Well no one 'ere judging. Take what life throws at ya, eh?"

"I suppose so." She could only smile at his rough yet comforting tone that saw her as an equal. It was a comfortable feeling. "Um, exactly what top floors do you look after?"

"Oh, well, as the name implied. The top tower floors, of course, as well as the attic. 'Nd the high and up roof tops. Have you been up there? Nice view of nature, they give." All the other guests were attentive at their conversation. Only Smeargle was eating away at the bread, not paying attention to the two.

"No, I haven't. I'll keep that in mind, though."


As more small chatter went around the table afterwards, Shadow felt contented with himself at the positive interactions Jigglypuff had developed with the other residents, least in his view. Truly, she was beginning to get comfortable around everyone. Everyone except.. He tried not to worry. After all, he trusted his master. Besides, they still had time.

Dinner went and dessert arrived to the table, individual slices of Oran berry pie landed in front of them. The berry spread on opposite sides of the triangular slice in a goo-like substance, in topped with sugared cinnamon, the likes of which Jigglypuff couldn't handle a sniff. Once she tried the topping crust with a forkful, after seeing how the being beside her did it, she decided she didn't like crust. The mixed sugar and cinnamon was too much, so she continued with eating the berry tart, leaving a half eaten crust on the place, the other half having been chewed on by Pichu.

Experiencing the new sweet tastes were one thing, the craftsmanship of creating a treat like such to appear like an edible piece of art was another. Not only did she find herself admiring the skill, but it made her want to take part in the art. But would they let her? It was obvious the crew took pride in their work, would they let someone with no experience on the skill take over? The suddenly possibility of embarrassing herself made Jigglypuff blush.

Once everyone has finished their dessert, one by one started to depart back to their stations and possibly sleep until the following morning's duties. Togetic had said his evening farewells to the girl and left, Jigglypuff soon leaving after him. As always, the crew had begun the cleaning of the table, including Magby, Smeargle and Mudkip. On her way out, Jigglypuff decided to pay her compliments.

"Tu hiciste postre, ¿cierto?" She spoke up to the painting Pokemon in the best she could of the language. True, she spoke it, although missing some words within her amature level.

"Por supuesto, ese es mi trabajo," Smeargle replied with a smile as he picked up some table cloths.

"Me gusta como salen."

"Me alegra escuchar eso." He smiled at the compliment.

"Me preguntaba como sería hacer uno."

The idea of her curiosity got his attention. No one else had asked about his special talent, more likely because they couldn't. This was more than the usual smile and wave he got. "Oh, bueno, le diré, no es tan complicado como uno pensaría."


"¿Le gustaría que le enseñara?"

Was he offering to teach her? Jigglypuff soften at the idea. Pichu had gone ahead towards their room as he had gotten tired of hearing the nonsense conversation in which he couldn't understand. "Eso sería... ¡Bueno!" she managed to respond. Though her vocabulary was slim, Smeargle gave a smile of assurance.

"¿Entonces mañana? Me encantaría que me ayudaras a preparar el postre de mañana."


"Para la tarde. ¿Qué dices?"

Jigglypuff thought for a second then grinned. "Bien."

With the confirmation in line, Smeargle nodded and grabbed the last of the cloths before he went off to the kitchen. Jigglypuff stood in place for a while, thinking about what she had agreed on. Not only was he going to teach her how to make colorful desserts, she was going to collaborate with him on making them for the rest of the guests. He trusted her. He had no reason to, but still offered to show her. Jigglypuff sighed at the being. 'That Smeargle, so kind,' she thought, and turned to find her mouse friend gone, sighing before going on towards her room.

Jigglypuff had spend the most of her morning and noon in her room with her new roommate the following day. Flareon had come earlier an hour after she awoke to bring her breakfast in the ever useful service cart she had gotten used to seeing. She recognized the bread as they had brought her days prior, though this time they were separated, both now a darker shade of brown with white sprinkles and the same mocha colored bits on their surface, underneath them, a toasted layer of yellow and brown. Said layer tasted like a burnt version of the deviled eggs she had two nights prior. Now with bread? 'What combination they make...' The cinnamon taste returned once more, but Jigglypuff found she could get pass the taste with the honey that coated the top of the bread.

Sipping the last of her milk within its glass, Jigglypuff passed the afternoon sitting out on her balcony with Pichu beside her. Though the silence was getting boring to the little one, he found comfort sitting beside her, even if it meant he would fall asleep while doing so, which didn't look too far of.

Jigglypuff looked out into the distance from her view, the blue skies were beginning to coat in gray clouds that peeked over the horizon. The rustling of the leaves from the trees kept her scene from being entirely quiet. Even from her distance, she could make out the river that ran through the far west side of the castle, almost blocked from the trees that blossomed out all around. Though the scene was beautiful indeed, she kept her gaze in a half lidded expression. It wasn't a look of boredom, but instead of wonder.

It was her fifth day away from home, and already so much had happened to her. She learned a new way of life, experienced new tastes and luxuries, met some rather strange but well-meaning beings, almost like an adventure she didn't ask for but nevertheless appreciated. While she enjoyed these good things that happened to her, it was curious to her as to why she felt like she did.

She missed her home, she did. And she missed the Pokemon that formed it. Then why didn't she feel devastated? She never had left home alone. But instead of feeling like leaving out of fear, she felt the fear of leaving, as if leaving would cause her more pain. Could it be she didn't want to leave? She felt a longing to stay, to be with them. Why them? Those that lived in this place? Togetic, Shadow... him.

... Him...

Jigglypuff remembered her time at the table with the other residents. Whenever she was talking to any other guest, Beautifly, Ledian, Magby, she had the feeling of someone else staring her way. She knew everyone would look at her out of their.. strange curiosity, but one being stood out the most. As much as she tried to avoid looking his way, she could always feel Gengar's eyes on her every now and then. The very thought of this that helped her avoid his glance gave her a sinking feeling within her chest. And she hated it.

Ever since she met him, all sort of emotions swirled around her being when she looked at him. She passed it off as fear, but dismissed it when she found herself talking normally with him at the garden. She believed it as anxiety, but became confused at herself when she wanted to learn more about him when she asked Shadow about his relationship with him.

Her emotions only stirred inside her more when she learned of Shadow's story days prior. How he saved them during an attack, how they came to admire him. She stayed in this thought for a while before looking back down at the curled up Pichu on her side. Before he could only tell her brief pieces of her questions about residents within the castle. Ever since he told them about.. witches and something lost, she wondered what else there was to share. She took a breath and spoke up.


He perked up his ears as he lazily turned towards her.

"Do you remember what you told me about.. a few days ago?"

Pichu averted his eyes thinking for a moment. "What?"

"Y'know, about.. master? And secrets?"

"... I think?"

"Do you remember what it was they were trying to find?"

Pichu held a paw to his face, his face cringing trying to remember what she was talking about. "Someone."

"And who would be that someone?"

Pichu took another time to think before shrugging. Jigglypuff sighed. "What secret were you trying to see? You said they didn't want you to see them, right?"

"I was in a room.. Um, and saw something. And Shadow came in and took me and I was left from the room.. yeah."

Despite the little one stumbling over his own words, Jigglypuff hummed a short nod, having at least understood what he said. 'I knew Shadow was lying that day. Whatever it is, I guess it must be a hold secret they don't want any to know,' she thought, her mind bringing back the image of her and Shadow in the kitchen during her first day. 'Hmm, but do they know?'

At that moment, there was a faint knock on her door. Taking her attention away from the view, she turned towards the door and stood up from her place. She opened the door to find Smeargle standing outside. In an instant, she remembered the promise she had made.

"Oh, already?" she said.

"Si todavia lo desea, me gustaría su asistencia," he said with a casual hand in the air.

Jigglypuff grinned at his informal manner, not exaggerating his respect for her. She nodded eagerly at his offer and looked back into her room to see Pichu peeking from behind her bed. She looked back at Smeargle and gestured towards the young mon, not wanting to leave him alone. "¿Puedo traer?" she asked. Smeargle looked at him hesitantly for a moment, then shrugged. She smiled and waved for Pichu to follow her.

The three Pokemon made their way out the hall, down the grand stairs and into the path towards the kitchen. Jigglypuff followed behind the brush-tailed Pokemon silently feeling both excitement and fear. Excitement from given the opportunity to see how the colorful treats are made, and fear from being there. Was it too much to ask for such a request? Did she first needed to ask Pansage for permission? Smeargle, however, walked along smiling to himself, not just from finally being able to have someone he can actually have a conversation with, despite her clumsy grammar, but he was going to share his skill and knowledge to someone else, something that was only nodded at with a wave and positive gesture.

He pushed the door to the kitchen open, entering while still holding the door for Jigglypuff and her companion to follow. All within the room turned towards the door confused and wonder. They weren't expected a visit from her, much less with Smeargle.

"Por aqui." Smeargle led Jigglypuff to his own stationary, a counter stood beside the oven against the wall. Above the stove stood a fan and light. Various utensils used for pastry making were organized around the station, mittens hanged over the side table and main counter. From a storage closet nearby, Smeargle dragged two stools and positioned them in front of the counter. From a distance, Flareon and Mudkip looked at each other in wonder, gesturing at each other to make a move, neither accepting to go. Eventually, Flareon left her station and walked over to the small group, dismissing Pichu to the side when Jigglypuff noticed her come their way.

"Is there anything you'd need?" the fire type asked.

"Uh.." Jigglypuff looked over at Smeargle. "Smeargle." Instantly, he turned to face her. "¿Ocupas algo?"

He looked at her for a moment before noticing Flareon on the side. "O, nada ahorita."

"No." Jigglypuff simply replied to Flareon, who nodded and left the two. Jigglypuff hopped onto the stool, which was tall enough for her to act onto the counter. She looked around the counter than back at Smeargle mildly puzzled. "So..."

Seeing the clueless look on her face, he reached up and opened the cabinet above the table and retrieved a book, showing her the cover. Jigglypuff looked at the book, then back at him, still oblivious, to which he opened to various pages, each portraying different desserts and treats, colorful and modeled for their alluring presentation. Below them, more lined up nonsense. "Este es un libro de como hacer varios postres. De aquí elegimos cual postre sera servido para la cena."

"Ooh," she cooed. 'So that's their inspiration..'

"Ten." Smeargle passed the book down in front of her. "Elige uno."

Jigglypuff paused. She could choose one? The privilege was appreciated, but only made her nervous about her choosing. She knew Smeargle would be there to guide her while making it, maybe, but she didn't know about what the others liked. Regardless, she turned the pages one by one, eyeing each portrayed treat carefully. "..What do you think, Pichu?" she spoke up, passing the book's direction to Pichu, who sat on all fours on the counter beside her. He leaned in and eyed the book for himself for a while before returning back to a certain page, where he stared at a certain dish for some time. Jigglypuff finally leaned forward to see the object of his interest. It looked somewhat like the 'pie' she had tried the evening before, expect the top was more exposed, showing more of that white edible foam shaped like a cloud and fruit from its surface. It wasn't her first option, but she had to admit, it looked rather simple. Perfect.

Jigglypuff passed the book back to the painter Pokemon. "¿Tarta dulce?" he asked to reassure.

"¿Es lo que son?" Smeargle nodded at her doubt. "Si."

Smeargle studied the page and the image of the dessert for a couple of seconds before nodding in acceptance and placing the book up right standing against the far edge of the counter near the wall for both of them to look at the photo of the sweet tart for reference. "Muy bien, ¡empezemos!"

During the next hour, Jigglypuff and Pichu paid close attention to every of Smeargle's instructions according to his recipe. Jigglypuff nodded at his current teachings while Pichu tilted his head to the side at his words, puzzled at how his guardian was able to understand and continuing to simply look at the image of the book. Having pointed to the base of the dessert from the image of said book, Smeargle began by teaching them the creation of the tart, having gone around the kitchen for a bit to collect the ingredients needed.

Step by step, he demonstrated the mixing of the ingredients in a bowl and the different texture and form it took by its combined elements, a transformation helped by a whisk. "Ten, intentalo tú." In the middle of his display, he passed the bowl and utensil to his 'student', who took the instrument and tried imitating his movements. However, she found the mixture had gotten a lot more inflexible than she first thought, having to push the whisk to various edges of the bowl to barely blend the ingredients.

Once the exhaustion job of blending the ingredients was done, Smeargle retrieve a springform pan and rolling pin from under the counter storage and set them aside. Jigglypuff watched her teacher as he removed the powdered mixture from the bowl and extended it onto the table, soon helped by the rolling pin to the point of having a small sheet of dough laid out before them.

"..Ya que esta la masa plana," Smeargle continued. "Se pondra en un recipiente como este." Taking the pan into his paws to show her, he pointed in a circular motion around the interior of the pan, earning another nod from Jigglypuff. Smeargle continued his demonstration by taking the extended dough and placing it right above the pan, depressing it against the bottom with much care, using his fingers to press the dough onto the edges and around the wavey corners. Having to observe the process up close only reinforced Jigglypuff's desire to know about the art and her appreciation for the alien culture different than her's.

Her instructor continued by tearing the left over edges of the dough from the pan and setting them aside for a later use. "Como puedes ver, las orillas están cubiertas en la masa, y ahora," he continued, picking up the pan and carefully getting off the stool towards the fridge on the other side of the room. Jigglypuff watched as Mudkip assisted him by opening the door of the fridge, where he settled the pan down and returned to his student. "Se pondrá en el refrigerador por 15 minutos."

'In fridge for fifteen minutes, got it,' Jigglypuff repeated in her mind, but only nodded in the exterior. Smeargle smiled at her positive reaction, a sense of importance waving through him at being able to show her a new and unique expertise, least to her. "¿Ahora qué? she asked, seeing as they would have to wait a while.

"Ahora precalentamos el horno para luego poner el molde a calentar por 10 minutos," he replied, turning towards the oven and turning a knob, initiating a preheat within the warming compartment. "Mientras tanto, tú empezarás tu propia tarta."

"Wait, what?" the proposition got her by surprise. Of course, she knew she was going to collaborate to make dessert, but not her own. "¿Qué..?"

Smeargle only nodded and retrieved another two pastry molds, smaller in size than the previous one they used. "Con lo que sobró," he said, taking the left over dough he had placed aside, "vas a hacer dos pequeñas tartas, especialmente creadas por ti misma." He passed the dough to her, letting her take it as he leaned back to watch her work.

Hesitantly, Jigglypuff took the soft mixture onto her short paws, poking around the cooling gummy material. "Solo extiéndela." She looked up at him, taking in carefully at his instructions. 'Just.. extend it. Right.' Reassuring one last time, she placed the dough flat out onto the table, using her short arms to push around the edges. 'Just.. extend,' she kept repeating, focusing on her uncooked sheet of dough that was now crooked in several places like a landscape after a catastrophic earthquake. To her side, she could hear Smeargle chuckled.

"¿Qué tal si usas esto?" Smeargle spoke up, handing her the rolling pin that was set aside. She nodded and took the instrument, laying flat out the dough against the solid surface. Beginning to beam at the easiness and smooth movement of the pin, she smiled widely at the experience. Preparing a meal wasn't new, as she had practiced at some level with Buneary; this, however, was entirely new, clean, and unique, and she was loving it.

Once the dough was flatten, Smeargle guided her verbally as she covered the surface of the two molds with the flour mixture, carefully, as instructed, as to leave no corner uncovered, later to be taken inside the fridge for the next step.

Soon the time came to remove all three tarts bases out of the fridge and into the oven, where both Jigglypuff and Smeargle waited a whole ten minutes before taking them out to cool onto a platter aside. With the tart crusts done, all needed now was...

"¿Y para adentro?" Jigglypuff asked, seeing the two crusts empty from the inside. Smeargle beamed up at the question.

"Ahora tenemos que recolectar los ingredientes para el relleno," he replied with another casual hand in the air.

"¿..Y dónde?" she tilted her head. The way he replied made it seem said ingredients needed for the filling weren't inside...

"¡En el jardín!"

...The kitchen.

His suggestion to get the ingredients in the garden made her think, only to remember of the very garden she had gone to explore days prior. Of course. That's where they all get them. Shadow had even called it a farm once to her. "Pero ocupamos más que unos cuantos." With that said, Smeargle went into the storage and brought out a hand basket, similar to those used in the field. It was bigger in comparison to others she had used, whereas they were flat, as this one more shallow.

"¿Colectar?" Her question was answered with a nod. "¿.. Siempre colectas para postres?"

"Claro. Siempre lo hago. Es mi trabajo, mientras los otros se encargan del resto."

Jigglypuff paused to think about his statement. From what she understand, Smeargle worked.. alone? But how? Everyone else in the room collaborated with one another to finish a job. Did he not want to work with them? She needed one final confirmation. "Smeargle, no trabajas con ellos?"

It was his turn to think. "Supongo que no," he simply said with a shrug, giving Jigglypuff the answer she needed. To her, it was a wrong situation. It shouldn't be like this. Not with him. Despite her better judgement, inside she felt the need to do something about the matter, even if it wasn't her position to do so. It was worth a try, and she couldn't let go. She didn't want to.

Smeargle had gone ahead and headed for the kitchen's back door. Jigglypuff followed him, almost having left the room before she stopped and huffed in her place, turning back to face the rest of the crew. "Hey!" she called out in an announcement. All looked up from their stations, both in surprise and in a start. "We're out to collect some berries from the garden, but we might need more than we first thought. We really could use your help, if you'd like."

Smeargle stopped in his tracks and faced the balloon Pokemon, who had her arm lazily out to the rest. It wasn't until Mudkip turned to Pansage and left her station that he realized his student's place, and mixed emotions began to form.

"I-I can help," the water type said.

"O-Oh! Me too!" Flare on added, jumping next to Mudkip. In truth, she didn't want to be left out in whatever Mudkip was doing; she wanted credit as well.

"Pansage?" Magby looked towards the being in question for approval.

Said head chef looked around the room, placed his gloves down and sighed sheepishly. "I suppose we could use a break."

One by one, berry after berry was dropped into the field basket, with Smeargle near by, checking them individually. The kitchen crew had organized themselves to pick various fruit and berries from the front garden of the castle. All around them, they chose the most fertile and colorful that showed its full blossom, with the occasional negative nod from Smeargle about certain berries. Soon it had turned into a sorts of game. They found their harvesting job similar to their collaborating work in the kitchen.

One by one, Pansage would pick the best choice of fruit from a bush and pass it to Mudkip with a fling, who would pass the edible to Magby via Water Gun in the air. At catching them, they were settled into the basket once it received approval from Smeargle, all while each congratulated and acknowledged their work. Jigglypuff would clap at their effort while Pichu poked the fruit from the bushes and eat them, only to later run around the garden once more.

Going around to collect her own bunch, she came across a couple of Pecha bushes, taking one and eating it for a sweet break. After all, she haven't eaten since breakfast. Before she could reach for another, she paused as her eyes jerked slightly open. Beyond her sight of the bush was another vivid green hedge, covered in white gardenias, unconsciously dropping her arm, staring at the white flowers from a distance. Slowly setting her collected harvest aside, Jigglypuff walked around the bush towards the flora, reaching to touch one of its soft petals, tracing them delicately down around their edges.

The image and feel of the flowers returned a memory to Jigglypuff's conscious, one she had shared with another being only days prior. It was only then she remembered what she did with the one he gave her. Before returning to the runaway after feeding Pichu, she left the gardenia on her room, only to leave it out on her balcony that same night. She felt a sense of.. aching whenever she looked at it. She couldn't have it in her room, thus, went outside. She thought of it as allergies towards it, but never before had experienced something like it. Feeling the milky pale petals now, it was confirmed that wasn't the case.

That same spot she now stood on, she remembered what it was like. She only wanted a light breakfast when she encountered him. Gengar.. protected her. Of course. He only did it because he did it before, for Shadow and the others, from that story. He only did it because he felt obligated. Right?

Jigglypuff dazed herself in the memory of her interaction with the ghost. His gaze whenever she turned to look back at him. So focused on her. They were.. soft. Unlike anything she had believed she would see in one of his species. Then again, Shadow told her about judging others by their species tag. He still held that glance and grin his kind was so known for, but Jigglypuff felt no fear. Or worry. She felt... safe. Even when she felt her heart beat faintly faster, she felt safe. His gaze.. didn't judge. Even when she thought of this, she could sense his body getting close to her's. The gentle way his hand caressed her face, no means of hurting her, true to his word. She could sense his head tilt when he leaned in, until-


With a startled blink, Jigglypuff straighten herself, eyes still locked on the white gardenia before averting her eyes to the side to hear once again-

"Miss! Oh, there you are." Pansage stepped from behind the bush once he called out. "We've collected all the berries needed. We should head back to continue the preparations, unless you wish to stay here longer, which is fine, too."

"Hm?" Jigglypuff looked back at him, eyeing the gardenia then back at him for a moment, regaining her previously lost thoughts. "O-oh, no, no, I'll be right there."

Pansage nodded and returned back, leaving the girl to glance at the flora once last time. She huffed, shaking her head to ease the memory from her mind, cursing at herself for dwelling so much on the thought. The corners of her eyes crinkled in mild annoyance for a moment before leaving the flora behind and picked the scattered fruit back up. Her body paused momentarily to ponder on the memory of the moment, before finally shaking it out and returning to the others. Had she rushed her walk, she would have missed a flash of purple dashing through the bush from the corner of her eye. She stopped on her tracks and turned to see a glowing gem eye peaking at her from behind a shrub, afraid of looking at her.

"Sableye." She tilted her head slightly at the hiding mon. "Are you ok?"

He didn't response, only turning his head to the side. Now that she thought about it, she hadn't seen him at the table whenever everyone else gathered for dinner. Where was he?

"Hey, did you join us at the table inside?"

The simple, out-of-the-blue question received no answer. Sableye retrieved himself further into the shrub to leave before alarming the girl for her to call out. "H-Hey, wait!" Her voice was interpenetrated as a command by the dark type as he flinched and stopped. "Why didn't you join us?"

Sableye continued to stay quiet, fiddling with his claws for a moment like an injured animals. Though his expression consisted of two gems for eyes and no nose, there was a sense of self-conscious glowing from him. Had it not been for his drooping ears, Jigglypuff would have never believed for him to be upset. Their last encounter returned to her mind. A misunderstanding that led to his... presumably master's disapproval. While she still didn't understand as to why, she couldn't another alone. Not again.

"H-Hey, Sable." He vaguely turned to her with hesitation. "I'm.. sorry, about coming here on my own. I didn't know someone was looking after it. I must have looked dumb, just making my way here and taking whatever I wanted, heh." Her weak attempts at a chuckle resulted in a brief awkward silence.

"You were only doing your job, right?"

At this, his ears lifted as he turned to face her completely. "..I was only trying to protect the outer yards of the castle. I didn't know you were.."

"See? You were only doing as your were assigned. At least, I think that's what you were assigned, right?" Another brief silence. "Well, you shouldn't worry about it now." She let the moment sink in before turning to start making her way back into the kitchen, seeing as he himself began to lift himself up. To her, that was enough; greater consolation wasn't her thing. "We're making tarts of sweet, w-well, according to Smeargle, but I would like to hear what you think about them. Everyone else will be there."

Sableye said nothing, but his straight and calm posture was enough to let Jigglypuff leave him, sure that he could have found some closure on her words. If not, maybe some other day.

'Maybe I should have said something else. Oh, wait, I didn't mention the place. Erm, I'm sure he knows, everyone doe- wait.. Didn't know I was what?'

Carefully, she picked up the flour bag to drop some onto her mixing bowl while Smeargle began making another batch beside her. Jigglypuff observed as he separated the yolk from the medium sized egg before pushing the shell aside and batting the mixture with a whisk.

"Tengo pregunta."


"¿Dónde consiguen huevos?"

Smeargle looked down at the egg shell in question and grinned. Ever since those 'devil eggs' she tried two nights before, she wondered where ever did they get said eggs. At one point, she was too afraid to even ask. Now who else better to ask.

"De hecho, nuestro huevos han sido entregados a nuestro domicilio por Chansey en la región de Johto."

Jigglypuff perked up at the mention of her home region. The name of the providing Pokemon also got her attention. "¿Ella los trae?" Chansey wouldn't bother bringing each egg to them every day, would she?

"Oh, no, no. Nuestro mensajero, Butterfree, nos trae los huevos, maximo de dos, a cambio de materiales que Chansey usa para sus tratamientos, como leche de Miltank."

'So it's a trade. How organized.' Jigglypuff pondered while remembering the fairy type from her home region. Only once she had the pleasure of meeting her when he brother had gotten sick, otherwise having no business in bothering her during the day. Come to think of it, she wondered how it was she had Miltank milk on hand when she escorted Pikachu and saw how she treated other Pokemon. Now she knew, she exchanges it for her eggs. "¿Pero, no molesta que tomen huevos?"

Smeargle shook his head. "Huevos de Chansey son muy saludables."

"Ah." She finished with a nod, finally having eased her mind from the situation.

Soon, slices upon slices of sweet tarts were set in the vast fridge, where they were to be stored until after dinner. The collected berries were thoroughly used in the making of the filling and icing of the tarts, resulting in a number of mini pies being created and even some to spare. Jigglypuff was finishing the final touches on her two own created tarts made with the two molds given earlier by Smeargle. While the majority she only helped in putting the ingredients in one place, these two were made on her own, from the exhaustion job of mixing the tart dough, to choosing the fruit and berries to top it, 'taking inspiration' from the designs Smeargle was making on his own slices. Though it was clear her's looked different than his own dessert creation, it had given her pride and excitement to be able to create one on her own, despite the slight dissimilarities from her's and his.

Despite so, she dedicated her moment's effort into the two front and center before her, surrounding the interior with various chopped left over berries and fruit, what she lacked in creativity, making up for it in color. Seeing in front of her her own achievement worked to add to her own pride and dignity in a diversion she never thought before she would do. Now she wished he had given her three, or maybe four. More to decorate.

A joyous smile continued to plaster on her face while examining which berry would go with which, all while thinking about the response she would get once the rest of the residents within the castle tried them. Heck, she herself was excited to try them herself, figuring they would taste better than the individual berries on her hand she took a bite out of every now and then as she tried to decorate them around the two mini tarts. Probably sweeter, like those edible roses. Or creamy like that pie. Or, or..

'Gengar will love this!'

Her smile immediately dropped as her whole expression and body froze, her hand stuck on the topping fruit on the creamy surface. She exhaled softly a couple of times before settling back on the bowl beside her with the rest of the juicy harvests.

'Did.. Did I just think that?'

'Why.. why would I think that?'

'I didn't say it, did I?'

'No, I-I would of noticed...'

'I-I mean, it's not like I want him to try it.'

'Ok, maybe a bit. J-Just to get a reaction. A critic on it.'

'Probably won't be as good as Smeargle's, but still.'

'Wait, what if it's bad?'

'I don't want him to taste it, it'll be bad!'

'Wait, no, it looks good.'

'He'll like it, I know.'

'... Oh.'

Her hand covered her mouth for a moment before she set it on the table, nodding the train of thoughts out of her head. Thought after thought came rushing in, looking for an answer for her sudden previous thought, ending in a bunch she finally decided to get rid of all together. Now was not the time. She had two desserts to finish of her own for.. for.. why did Smeargle give her two?