Those eyes watch me as I go about this bloody castle and haunt my every steps. They watch me and always make me melt when my eyes catch those eyes looking at me. I love those eyes and dread them at times, for they can love me and hurt me in many ways possible. I can feel them watching me as I get dressed for a hunt and they are accompanied with a seductive smile. What am I going to do?

"My dearest Lea, do not leave me in this bed alone," the eyes say to me. I turn to the eyes and melt once more as the eyes form the perfect being that is known to everyone as my mate and Marcus Volturi. His bright red eyes look over my vampire skin with lust and wanting as he sips his blood from a goblet I got for him.

"I am going on a hunt at my favourite location. It will not be long, I promise, mein Leibling," I say. Marcus gets out of bed in his underwear and walks over to me at human speed. He puts his arms around my waist and I melt in his arms, as he makes a trail of kisses up my shoulder and to my right temple.

"But, we were having so much fun together," Marcus purrs into my ear. I tremble as he nibbles on my ear and runs his hands across my bare stomach.

"Not right now," I moan and ball my jacket up. Marcus lets out a soft groan, as he pushes me against my closed closet and lets me feel his erect manhood. I squeak at the feeling and bite my lip a little. My back arches when Marcus moves his hands to my breasts and cups them in his hands. "Marcus, not right now."

"Your nipples are not telling me that," Marcus growls in my ear. He pokes my pert nipples and pulls on them a little, as his knee separates my legs to give him easy access. "You still want to keep going and your ready for another go."

Marcus uses his knee to rub my erect clit, as he experienced fingers play with my nipples. I drop my jacket to get a grip on the closet when my body betrays me and gives into the temptation, I call my mate. Marcus smiles against my neck as he kisses me and moves his hips to the movement of his hands and knee. I throw my head back as I moan louder and clutch the closet until it starts to crack. Marcus puts me on the floor and rips my jeans clean off to show my lace underwear. He leans down to rub his nose between my folds and lick it to send a shudder through me. I intertwine my fingers through his hair and lift my upper half of my body to go with my gasp/moan. Marcus moves the fabric and licks my extremely wet entrance slowly and gently to make me moan a little louder. I let out a yelp and pulls his face closer.

"See, my sweet, you still want more of me," Marcus chuckles. His warm breath on my nether region makes me whimper because he has stopped to talk. With another chuckle, Marcus goes back to licking my entrance with two of his swift fingers entering me. I let out a louder whimper and turn my head to keep from exploding. His talented tongue plays with my sensitive clit, as his fingers work their magic. I close my eyes when I feel as though I am going to fly over the edge just before Marcus stops and removes his underwear.

"Please, don't stop!" I whine. Marcus kisses my lips as he enters me quickly and swiftly, causing me to yelp and whimper a little. "Sweet mother goddess, Marcus!"

"My beautiful, sexy Lea," Marcus groans against my breast. He starts to move at a slow, constant rhythm and kisses my neck. I intertwine my fingers in his hair as I arch my back up to him and allow to go in deeper. Marcus groans and lifts his head as he begins to pick speed little at a time. "Lea, dearest, you feel so good!"

"Mmmm... Marcus," I moan. My hands wrap around his neck to hold on as he starts pounding me harder and harder. Marcus moans my name as he sits down and has me straddle him to get a better feel and entry point. Our lips meet in a passionate embrace and he pounds me harder and harder at inhuman speed. I throw my head back as I start to reach my climax point and close my eyes. Marcus starts to snarl when he hears my cries and he claws my back when my snarls start to match his. Soon after we both start to sound like animals fighting over a kill, just before either of us reach the edge and let go. I moan softly as I look down at Marcus and see his black eyes looking at me.

"Mine, you are mine," Marcus says, as he pulls me down and he kisses my bite mark.

"Yours, I am yours," I whisper in his ear. Marcus takes a large out of my neck and I groan when I feel his venom start to push through me. He kisses the wound closed and we put our foreheads together. We sit in silence with the fire crackling after our loud sounds from making love for at least the fifth time today and I most positive everyone in the castle has heard and known each time we had done it, including this current one. "I love you, mein Schatz."

"I love you too, Lea," Marcus says softly. I put my hands on his cheeks and kiss his lips softly.