Chapter Twenty

Chelsea leads Athenodora and I into a small room that has a one way window showing the throne room and two thrones facing the main doors. Heidi holds out her hand to help me sit down. I stare through the window and watch the guards scurry around to finish setting everything up. Marcus and Caius walk in with Marinna and Leonidas behind them. I take my children's hands and hold them to my cheeks.

"Is everything ready and complete?" Caius asks. Heidi and Cheslsea no and close the doors once the gentlemen leave us ladies. Marinna puts her hand on my shoulder when Jane, Alec, Felix, and Demetri bring in Aro and Sulpicia. macus stands where Aro used to stand during times like this.

"It is a small crowd and it looks as though it was not announced to the public," Aro comments.

"We will announce to the public your death as well as Sulpicia's as an accident from an attack from the Children of the Moon," Caius quickly snaps. Marcus holds up his hand to keep Caius from going on.

"Do you know why and your wife are here and what accusations have been put against you?" Marcus asks.

"Yes, but I do not see as to why it has been deemed a worthy cause to have the two of us executed," Aro says with his usual attitude.

"You and your wife plotted to kill on of the Volturi wives," Marcus says calmly.

"Ah, but Leandra is not your wife as of yet. Therefore, she is not a Volturi wife, but a simple, lowly guard," Aro retorts. Leonidas snarls and makes a move to attack Aro. Caius grabs Leonidas and whispers in his ear to calm him down. Marcus looks towards me and then snaps his fingers to have Felix, Alec and Demetri prepare Aro and Sulpicia.

"Do you have any last words?" Marcus asks.

"You will pay for killing me and I hope you all live a horrible life. I hope you are haunted about this day for the rest of eternity," Aro says. Sulpicia remains silent when Marcus turns to her.

"I will not show you any mercy, but I hope He shows you mercy," Marcus says. I watch as Felix's grip tightens on Sulpicia when Marcus walk over and rips her head off. Aro looks at me and gives me an evil smirk when Marcus moves in front of him.

'The witch shall burn in hell forever,' Aro mouths, just moments before Marcus rips his head off. Alec tosses Aro on top of Sulpicia and Demetri sets them on fire.

A/N: I am sorry that this is short. It was a hard chapter to plan out and finally write. I will have more later when I have more time to write and get some ideas for the next chapter finally. Leave your questions and comments below and I hope you enjoyed the chapter.