Kid's POV:

I fiddle with my rings as Black Star and Tsubaki play in the courtyard once more during our lunch. Liz and Patty are talking about yet another shopping trip for this weekend that I am not going to attend. I smiled when I saw Black Star shout out to the sky about being stronger than god. Soul joined us on the balcony and leaned against the rail to face the door. I looked at my current lover and smiled as he held out a box for me.

"You forgot your lunch in the car this morning," Soul said with a red face. The two of us have dated many times and still wind up back together after we realize the mistake we made and wanted another chance. According to Liz, the two of us broken up and gotten back together at least twenty times since we graduated the academy and started attending the university. I leaned over to kiss Soul's cheek and move a piece of his hair to make his face symmetrical once more.

"Thank you, babe," I muttered. Soul grumbled a curse and took my face in his two hands. He pulled my face to his face and gave me a passionate kiss like he did last night. I groaned as he pulled my hips against his and started to make a trail of kisses down my neck.

"You are so fucking sexy," Soul muttered in my ear when he came back up. Liz and Patty giggled like little school girls and that made the two of move apart, except hold each others hands.

"That was an amazing little show of gay groping," Liz said. Patty ran over to us and she threw up confetti that she got from somewhere. I grabbed my lunch just as the bell rang for one o'clock. Soul walked me to class and he caressed my cheek as he gave me gentle pecks on my lips before he had to go to work.

"Are you going to come with me and Maka to get some groceries or do I have to suffer Maka and Dr. Stein being mushy to one another again?" I asked. The thought of Maka dating our old teacher still made the two of us shiver.

"I will meet you by the car after work and class so we can both suffer their mushy-ness and then we can go to my place for a night of passion like last night. How does that sound, my love?" Soul said as he slid his knee in between my legs. I let out a small moan as Soul kissed me once more.

"That sounds very romantic and tempting to just do that right now," I purred.

"I do hate to see my star pupil standing outside my classroom groping his lover when he should be in class preparing for my class lecture today," Spirit said. We looked at him to see he had a large scratch down his face from his wife, Blair.

"Get caught going home late again when it was your night to care of Junior?" Soul chuckled. Spirit kicked Soul in his crown jewels and walked into the classroom.

"Soul, babe, are you okay?" I panicked. Black Star and Tsubaki walked past us with worried looks on their faces. Soul got to his feet and took a few deep breathes.

"Go to class and we will have some fun later tonight," Soul said as he painfully walked away with Black Star. Tsubaki took my arm and we walked into the lecture room as the most symmetrical partners in the class. Sadly, the class always assumed that we were cheating on our lovers with each other and were trying to wait to end our relationships to become a couple. But, truthfully the two of us have become really good friends since we were paired up in our Biology class.

"Good afternoon class, today we are going to be talking about the bond between a weapon and their meister. Who can tell me what happens if a weapon and a meister are not compatible? It is something you have learned from the academy or from personal experience," Spirit said. Tsubaki slid a note to me and she quickly wrote down what Spirit had on the board about our whole lecture for the day.

'Black Star keeps talking about again,' the note read. Tsubaki knows of my feelings to Black Star and I know of her feelings to Soul. That is what makes us such great friends, because we are learning the things that our crushes have to make sure the relationship lasts longer than our current one.

'What has he said about me?' I write back. Tsubaki smiled as she takes the note and starts making a list of all that he has said about me. I take the note slowly and read everything that he has said. I notice that they are all the tings that he likes about me. My face became hot when I read the part about if Black Star was gay, he would really date me. Spirit called out my name for an answer to one of his complicated questions. I shook my head quickly and answered it based on what was written on the board.

Tsubaki ran up to Black star when we got out of our last class and I went to my car. Soul was leaning against it with his muscular arms behind his head as he relaxed after his long afternoon in his car shop. I tossed my bags into the back seat and walked to the front of the car. Soul looked at me and he pulled me close to him as he kissed my forehead and then my cheeks. I laughed as Soul pushed my hair back to kiss the soft spot behind my ear.

"I missed you at the front desk at the shop," Soul said in my ear.

"I thought about you all throughout my last class," I said. Soul laughed when he saw my little pen tattoo that was perfectly symmetrical with Soul's name and mine on my forearm.

"Let's get going before Maka gets angry that we are late," Soul said. I went to the front passenger door and got in before Soul. Once he was in his seat and had his seat belt on, I pulled his face to mine and gave a passionate kiss from the one he gave me earlier.