Kid's POV:

I heard Star talking to the children while we were in the hospital. I came out of the bathroom to see that Star was holding our daughter's hand as he told her about how beautiful she would be when she got older. Star changed his mind on the names of the babies and we were going to decide on their name today. I sat on the bed and smiled at my lover marveling at the children we created and brought into the world.

"Aisa," I said. Star turned to me and he smiled when he saw I was looking at our daughter. "She will named Aisa and we can name one of our sons Heiwa."

"I am sure they would love that," Star said. I walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder. "Aisa Marie and Heiwa Albert, beautiful names for our children."

"What shall the names of our other two be?" I asked as I rubbed Star's back. He rubbed Aisa's little hand and looked over to other two boys.

"Aramis Star and Harmon Kid," Star suggested. I chuckled as Star looked at me for the approval for the names.

"I like Aramis' name, but I think that the second name is a little odd," I chuckled.

"Okay, how about Sosa Axel?" Star asked.

"Perfect," I said as I leaned down to give him a kiss on the lips. Stein and Maka entered the room with father behind them. Father ran over to look at his grandchildren in their individual incubators. Maka gave me a big hug as she congratulated me for the fifth time. Stein went to look at the chart for me and the babies before he spoke to anyone in the room.

"The doctor said that after a few more days in the hospital, the babies will be ready to go home," Stein said. Father gasped when he heard Heiwa whimper when Stein bumped the incubator by accident. I put my hand in and gently rubbed his stomach to get him to calm back down and go back to sleep.

"So, they will be strong enough to return home in the present we got them?" Maka asked with a wiggle of her eyebrows.

"Alright, go show them," Stein groaned. Maka squealed as she pushed me into a wheelchair and dragged both Star and I outside to the parking lot. Liz pulled up with a silver van and she opened the doors to show that the van was perfectly symmetrical.

"It is amazing," I said as I stared at the car. Star went to sit in the driver's seat and he sighed as he relaxed in the seat. Maka went on to tell me all of the things that the van was capable of. Life was going to be different for Star and I in only a few days.

We took the children home and they adjusted quickly to the house. Aramis opened his eyes first and he had my yellow eyes to go with his father's hair. Heiwa slept most of the day, while Aisa barely slept at all, and Sosa spent most of his waking moments either crying or playing. Aramis was a pretty calm baby unless he wanted something or he noticed that his toys were not in their normal spots. Star returned to work at the restaurants and always came home as fast as he could to help me take care of the children. As the months went by, the children began to get bigger and start to take some major steps. On the children's first birthday, father gave everyone the day off and he threw a grand party for the children. Soon they turned two and they were starting to talk and they were so cute when they called out to Star when he came home from work On the children's third birthday, father tried to make that day a holiday, but I told him that it was not a good idea to have a holiday on the children's birthday. Today, the children turn four and I am excited for the party that father has planned for six months now. I went into the dining room to hear my little Heiwa's laughter as he ran from Star from our bedroom. We still live in the apartment and we bought the one next door to make one big condo by busting the main wall that connected our living rooms and made the door part of the wall.

"Hey, no running in the house," I said as I put lunch on the table. Star has hinted at a wedding for a long time now, but has never popped the question as of yet. Maka and Stein had a baby boy named Matias and he was just like father with the creepy aura and his mother's smarts. They married just a year after Matias was born and were about to have yet another one. Soul and Tsubaki eloped when they went on vacation and adopted Soul's long lost niece that he never met or knew about until he learned of his brother and sister-in-law's death last year.

"Mama, Aisa keeps throwing my books off the bookshelf to put her sketchbooks up," Aramis whined as he ran to me. I put my hand on his bright blue hair as he hugged my leg from panicking over how the room was no longer symmetrical. Aisa entered the living with her arms crossed over her chest as she looked at her brother. I noticed that she had her hair pulled back in a simple braid to show off her blue hair with three strips of black like the white in my hair.

"You need to grow up and get over being OCD, Aramis," Aisa said. I smiled at my two children and pried Aramis off of my leg before I went back to the kitchen. Sosa was sitting on the counter with a large plate of cookies in his hands and he was practicing his balance.

"Sosa Axel, get off the counter right now," I exclaimed. "And give me those cookies before you leave."

"But, mama, I am hungry," Sosa whined as he got off the counter and handed me the plate. Star entered the kitchen and saw the cookies in my hand.

"Oh, thanks honey," Star said as he reached for the plate. I smacked his hand away and pointed to the dining room. He shuffled into the dining room and shouted at the children to stop wrestling in the house. I looked at the family photo that was on the refrigerator and saw how much my little children had grown over the years. I went into the dining room to see that Star had Heiwa and Sosa by their collars as he held Aisa and Aramis at bay with his foot.

"Time for lunch," I said. The children stopped fighting and ran to their seats at the table. Star ruffled Heiwa's white and blue hair before he sat down at the table.

Star had Stein and Maka watch the children so he could take me out to dinner. We walked up to one of the servers to get our table that was reserved a long time ago. Star pulled out my chair for me and helped me sit down at the table. I gave my lover a confused look when he ordered one of their finest wines for the two of us. He informed the waiter that it was for a celebration tonight for the two of us.

"Black Star, you better tell me what is going on! We are sitting in the finest restaurant that is in Death City and you have ordered the finest wine and food for us! Also, you are telling the waiting staff that we are celebrating something really special! What is up with you today?" I exclaimed once the waiter placed desert in front of us.

"We are celebrating something special because today is our anniversary," Star said.

"No way," I gasped. Star chuckled as he took my left hand in his right hand and messaged my knuckles. "We have been together for five years today and they have been the best five years ever."

"I would like to have more years like the past five we have had together," Star said as he released my hand and pulled something out of his pocket. I watched him get up, walk around the table, and kneel one his right knee. "Death the Kid, you are the most amazing person I have ever met. You have been a great friend to me and have given me four beautiful children that are just like you. Will you marry me and make more memories that we will love to reminisce about later in life?"

"Yes, yes, I will marry you," I gasped. Star slipped a solid gold wedding band on my finger and I jumped at him to give him a passionate kiss. Everyone applauded for our engagement and I held onto Star closer as I felt complete at last.