Chapter 17

He didn't expect that she would be the one who kissed first, but she did. Her head ran to his in a desperate rush and their lips met in a desperate kiss. Their closed mouths pressed hard against each other while Dimitri's left hand went up to cup her cheek and his right one supported his weight across her body. Ashe had her back pressed against the tree trunk and both her hands rested on his bony shoulders as a warm tongue licked against her lips.

She opened her mouth to meet him and their tongues met in a tangle of wetness. It was a passionate kiss but slow, like they were both trying to savor every single second and flick of it. Dimitri broke the embrace to plant wet little kisses across her jaw and neck. She shrugged as her sensitive skin felt his mouth.

"Is this a mistake?" He gave one tight suckle at the base of her neck, leaving a red spot. "Is this wrong?"

Ashe was panting heavily and starting to moan under her breath. "Why would it be?"

He felt her fingers caressing his short hair as he kissed her and looked into her eyes to answer. "You're a queen, Ashe. I'm nobody. I'm nobody's king... Shit, I'm nobody's son!"

He saw her smile underthe moonlight. The leaves projected dancing shadows across the couple and Dimitri was sure this was the happiest moment of his life as he heard her saying, "You're the Spiritsblade, a Champion of the League of Legends..." She paused to give him a long kiss. "And now you're mine."

His heart was pounding against his chest as he locked lips with her once more, tongues dancing with each other. She giggled as she slipped a hand under his robes and felt his heart. The samurai wanted to feel hers so he sat up, not breaking the kiss, and used his right hand to caress the skin above her breast. The touch of his harsh fingertips against her bare skin made Ashe shiver and she tugged hard at the collar of his clothes. Dimitri felt her heart beating the same as his and knew she wanted him just as badly as he wanted her. He traveled with his fingers on her collarbone and her neck, but went back down and fondled between her breasts, resting against the V shaped cleavage of her top.

Ashe was almost in pain from so much teasing, but it was something she liked it, his hand between her breasts but at the same time barely touching them. She wanted to take his hand down and feel his touch on her but before she could even say so he did it. Breaking the kiss Dimitri rested his forehead on hers and slipped his right hand into the black fabric. It cupped her round soft chest with tenderness and eagerness at the same time, his palm pressed against her erect nipple. He squeezed it lightly and felt how her breast was perfectly perky and round.

They weren't as big as Sarah's, and not a even close to Evelynn's monters, but they were perfectly shaped and big enough not to be even a bit saggy. Ashe's mouth opened in silence when his hand went beneath her clothing and she moaned delightfully when it started squeezing her breast and brushing against her stiffened nipple. She wanted him to see her, so she removed her hands from his collar and pushed him back. Before he could complain, she leaned even more on the tree, almost laying down, and lowered the top of her dress, exposing her perfect pale breasts and her small light brown nipples that almost blended with her skin to her lover.

The archer's cheeks turned red and her body shivered as Dimitri lowered his head and began kissing between them, one hand holding each globe tenderly. But when he moved his mouth to suck at her right nipple Ashe moaned a little louder than before and pulled his grey hair. Sitting at her side, the samurai had one of his hands massaging the right tit and his left arm wrapped around her waist, holding her close to his body. He felt her thigh rubbing at his side and knew she was feeling an urge to release herself.

Ashe was so aroused and her small-clothes were so wet that she was almost disconfortable. Her body began moving on its own and while Dimitri sucked on her nipple, causing moans of pleasure coming out from her, she found herself wrapping her left leg around his chest and pushing her hip against him. Her womanhood was pressed against his chest and she shuddered with the sensation. Not being able to hold anymore, she pulled at Dimitri's hair, making him look at her blushed face.

She panted heavily under her cowl. "Kiss me Dimitri. Please... kiss me down there."

Dimitri pushed himself up for one last kiss at her mouth and said, "As you wish my queen."

His descent caused her womanhood to become even more wet, her panties must have been drenched with her juices as he went over her chest, licking her breasts, her ribs and her navel. When he met her black skirt, Dimitri used his hands to open her legs. Ashe eagerly did so and beneath her skirt he could see that her undergarments were so wet that her liquids were actually leaking out from her pussy into the grass. Ashe didn't mention before, but she had never been touched there before, so as his hands began to caress the area between her legs and she felt his fingers touch her lips to remove her panties she suddenly became nervous about what was coming.

Dimitri realized that by the way she recoiled when his fingers brushed against her entry. She was moaning in pleasure but something was wrong...

"Ashe..." he paused, looking up at her, "Is there something wrong?"

The Frost Archer blushed even more than before. "Huh... No, I mean..." she took a deep breath, "I have never been touched like this... there."

"Wait..." the samurai stopped in realization. "Are you a virgin?"

Ashe became somehow desperate, closing her legs again. "Oh my god, I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I don't know why I did this, I should have said..."

"Whoa!", Dimitri chuckled, that was too cute. "It's ok, it's ok. You didn't have to tell me."

"I'm sorr..."

"Why would you be?" He placed his hands on her inner thighs. "Don't worry. Just let me pleasure you."

Ashe felt a little relieved but still held back a bit. She opened her legs wide again and let Dimitri remove her boots and panties and toss them to the grass. Dimitri marveled himself at the sight of her pussy. She had pink folds that were dripping with her juices, her crotch all shaved except for the tiny white hair atop her entry. Ashe's whole body tensed when the samurai pressed his thumb against her sweet spot, she held back a moan of pleasure, opening her mouth wide and tugging harsh at his hair. Her hips moved away from the ground to meet his mouth and his tongue penetrated her wet folds. Feeling his wetness on her, Ashe released a loud moan and collapsed into the ground again, but his mouth pursued her and soon his tongue was flicking inside her womanhood.

Ashe felt spasms coming from her pussy and rocking her whole body, she shook and moaned with everyone of them. As Dimitri licked the insides of her wet cave he also rubbed his thumb against her clitoris in a fast but gentle way, intensifying her pleasure. The archer was delicious and he made sure to taste every drop of liquid that came out of her. A pool of her sticky juices formed on the grass beneath them and Ashes body was now completely laid on the ground, rocking back and forth slowly.

Dimitri's hands caressed her clitoris and her inner thighs while hers caressed her own bouncing breasts. She did it gently at first, holding her twins and massaging them slightly, but as her orgasm approached her fingertips dug into the soft flesh and she pinched her hard nipples. Hearing her moans getting louder and her womanhood spilling more juices, Dimitri knew she was going to hit her climax and so started to lick faster and deeper.

Between sharp breaths and moans she managed to scream, "Oh fuck... I think I'm gonna... Oh fuck fuckfuckfuck! I'm coming!"

Her thighs closed around Dimitri's head and one of her hands pulled painfully at his hair. He could feel a fast squirt of a liquid being shot into his mouth and so he drank it all, engulfing her clitoris with his mouth and licking it the fastest he could with the tip of his tongue. Ashe was screaming loud and desperately while she came and her body tensed up to start spasming afterwards. Even when she opened her legs to release his head and he body settled on the grass, Dimitri still licked her slowly, drinking all he could of her delicious essence.

When he looked up from between her legs her tired face was smiling, her blue eyes exhausted. "What? Stop looking at me like that!", she said, covering her blushed face.

He crawled up to her face and pulled her hands from it. "What do you mean with 'that'? Amazed by your beauty?"

She answered with a smile and a lovely look of her blue eyes. They stood laying on the grass, facing each other on the grass and trading small kisses and caresses for a while until Ashe broke the silence. "That was the best feeling I've ever felt.", she said while kissing his neck.

"So you've never had an orgasm, huh?"

"A queen's life is very busy, ok?" She laughed, punching him lightly. "But I had orgasm before, so stop bragging about it."

"Wait... I thought you said you had never been touched 'down there'."

"Well, when I was a girl there was a boy... but we didn't even take our clothes off, so it wasn't like this." She kissed him long. "And he wasn't as good as you."

"So that's it, you came once in tour whole life?"

"Well... I won't lie, I had a few free moments with myself."

Dimitri laughed. "Oooh, I see now. You pervert!"

She punched him again and they laughed together before starting to kiss again. "Why am I half naked and you still have your clothes on?". Ashe had only pulled down her top to show her breasts, but didn't remove her clothes, her skirt was pulled up exposing her nether regions but she still had her cowl and cape.

In an answer Dimitri took bis robes off and then his shirt, revealing his harsh slender body to his queen. She ate him with her eyes before pulling him over her, asking him to undress her. First, the samurai removed her cape clasps and pulled her hood down, revealing her beautiful silver hair. Then he proceeded to undo her top, pulling it down and kissing her skin all the way to her bellybutton. Ashes' s chest was moving with her deep breaths, her breasts going up and down slowly before him. At last he pulled her skirt down with one swift movement, revealing all of her fit pale body. Her stomach was well lined and her breasts were perfect, Dimitri could see no flaws in her completely naked figure and her beauty stunned him for a moment.

"Will you just keep staring?" Ashe interrupted him with a devilish grin on her face.

Instead of rushing at her, Dimitri did something that he knew would tease the Archer. Kneeling, he slowly began to unbuckle his belt, undoing Ashe's grin into a apprehensive biting on her lip. He slowly pulled his pants down, exposing his navel and more. He had to chuckle when his large member came bursting out of its confinements and Ashe exhaled sharply, widening her eyes.

"Avarosa guide me..." She locked her gaze on it, almost drooling.

As Dimitri climbed on top of her, she dug her nails on his back and her heart started beating desperately inside her chest. When he reached her level, he hugged her tight, feeling all her torso against his, her round warm breasts rubbing on him. He kissed her deeply, sucking her tongue and biting hard at her lips, ripping moans out of Ashe's mouth. Her hips were swaying against him also, desperate for the cock that was poking her bellybutton. They were laying on her cape atop the grass and the moonlight bathed her legs wrapping around his waist.

When they began sweating, Dimitri pushed some space between them, breaking the kiss and positioning the tip of his erection against her entry.

"Wait wait wait..." Ashe stopped him, panting heavily.

"What's wrong?"

"I don't know, let me get ready..." She seemed unsure about this. "I want to make you come with my mouth too."

"I want to be inside you my queen."

"Not right now, just hold a...oooh, AAAAAH!"

Dimitri couldn't hold back anymore, holding his cock with one hand he penetrated her dripping womanhood slowly, inch by inch being swallowed by her warm walls. Ashe screamed and arched her back away from the ground. The member hadn't entered her fully, far from it. He had met Ashes' s hymen and stopped there.

"I'm going in," Dimitri kissed her neck gently. " queen."

In a change of desire Ashe forgot all about not being ready. "I want you. Please, please, plea... oooOOOOH!"

Another moan cut her sentence. This time it was Dimitri pushing against her barrier, causing her a great amount of pain, that could be heard in her scream. When he broke it, it hurt even more, but she felt fulfilled with her lover inside her. His cock was too big for her, his thickness stretching the tight walls of her pussy. And how tight they were, strangling the first inches of his cock fiercely, being easily the tighter he had ever penetrated. Her juices were abundant and they eased gis way inside her when he began moving back and forth slowly, taking his cock in and almost completely out of her.

His head came out until the tip of it and after a short pause he slowly stuck it back inside, each time adding more inches to it. After a couple of minutes, Ashe's pain had completely disappeared and her moans of pure bliss accompanied the wet sounds of their sexes. Dimitri had gained a steady pace while he kissed her neck and massaged her left breast gently.

"Hmmm... Dimitri," She moaned for him "take it all inside me... please."

He hesitaded a bit, afraid to hurt her but nevertheless his cock was slowly thrust inside. Ashe wrapped herself even closer to him, pulling his hair and scratching his back from the amazing surge of pleasure. When the base of the shaft toutched her crotch and his whole length was being eagerly strangled by her tight hot womanhood they stopped for a moment, savoring it.

But not for long for Dimitri started moving on her again, harder and faster this time. He soon picked up a faster pace and was pounding her almost aggressively. He went to his knees between her legs so he could move better, untangling from their sweaty hug. One hand squeezed her tit while the other held one of her hard thighs in the air. Now he could watch as his big cock stretched her pink glistening lips that moved in an out with a wet rhythmic sound. Her arm were thrown above her head tearing the grass from the base of the pine while she screamed incomprehensible words for more. When Ashe felt a tearing heat on her lower abdomen building up, she teared more grass from the ground and dug her dirty nails on Dimitri's chest.

"Oh my god, I'm coming again!" She closed her eyes and opened her mouth in a loud moan, "Oh yes yes, oh YEEEEEAH!"

Her whole body tensed for a second, and then she collapsed, all her muscles spasming. As Dimitri felt her inner walls pulsing hot waves of liquid against him, he boosted his thrusting into a frenzied pace, slamming hard against her crotch. His testicles slapped against the entry of her anus and it emitted the classical clapping sound of wild sex. Not waiting for her orgasm to finish, he unplucked his cock out of her and stoop up. Before he could question him, the samurai grabbed the exhausted archer by the arms and made her stand too. Swiftly, her turned her around and used his hand to push her back down, bending her over. Her ass was amazingly round and the skin was pale and flawless. He placed each hand on a big buttock and squeezed them, feeling the soft flesh warm between his fingers. Then his penis smacked flat between them and Ashe supported herself on the tree, looking behind.

"Wait, I think it's better that we stop for a bit." She was still breathing hard from her second orgasm. "I've just... OH!"

Her speech was cut as Dimitri, not slowly at all, penetrated her womanhood once again with his huge member. This time she felt different, his head touched in a different spot every time he thrust in, and her body was almost numb from the last climax, except for her sex. Squeezing her ass harder, Dimitri began pounding her, sticking it inside with one harsh movement and taking it out slowly, feeling her unfold on his shaft. He caught a glimpse of what seemed to be a strand of her sticky juices coming out from her vagina into the floor. Her pussy was so tight and wet that he knew that it would'n last long before his own orgasm, Ashe was much more sensrive than him but nevertheless, he couldn't hold forever.

Still, he continued on ramming her wildly, leaning forward to grab one of her big teats and leaving the other bouncing freely. He was on his edge when, from all the sudden, Ashe shrieked and a sharp squirt of her juices sprayed across Dimitri's belly. She collapsed into the floor at the same moment, falling on her knees and shaking her body. But he couldn't stop now that he was so close, so he turned her around, grabbing her hair and aimed for her mouth. She opened slightly and his cock entered it with a squishy sound. The member went in until it touched the back of her throat and pushed her against the tree trunk.

Ashe eagerly started sucking on it, one of her hands massaging his testicles while the other worked on the length she could not take in. Every time his head poked at the back of her throat Ashe gagged and the member pulsed, until it was throbbing and uncontrollable. Inside her wet mouth, Dimitri came. It was an explosion of pleasure that shook his body and sent thick globs of thick white cum down her throat. When she felt the warm liquid being shot, Ashe's eyes went wide and she removed the thick cock from her mouth. She had swallowed a good amount of cum but it was not over for hot jets of it were shot on her face. One strand fell on her nose bridge, the other on her lips, falling from her chin and many others went everywhere.

As both settled their emotions and Ashe stroked his half-limp member, feeling the cum drip from her face into her chest, she licked it from around her mouth and started cleaning her face with her fingers and licking them afterwards. The couple laid on the foot of the tree again, now with their breaths in a regular pace and their bodies relaxed, and cuddled. When he realized Ashe had fell asleep, Dimitri wiped the rest of his seed from her face with her cape and carried her unconscious naked body to her bed. There, he laid her on the white sheets and stood admiring her perfection and after a few minutes proceeded to lay at her side. Holding her in his warmth he kissed her lips slowly.

"I love you, my queen." Dimitri whispered.

Her only response was curling her body and hugging him in sleep.


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