Chapter 2

With the sound of slow steps they left the room, leaving Dimitri alone with the woman in purple cloak. Dimitri found their clothing familiar, but only now, looking at all the potions and magic artefacts scattered through the room he knew who they were. Summoners.
As the woman began to gather potions and books Dimitri rose his head:

"What do you want with me?"

"Me? I'll just heal your wounds. The guards said that you have one at the right shoulder is that right?" She answered.

"Did they forget to mention the huge and monstruous scar across my chest?"

"Relax, it's nothing that can't be fixed by my healing skills" She said while opening one book and smiling. "Now take off your shirt and let's get you up and running"

She unleashed him from the bed with a bit of caution and returned to her book. The freljordan sat up and removed the filthy beige rags that she called shirt. A few moments later she put the book away and glanced at him. Her gaze was locked at his muscular chest. Dimitri was a tall, thin man, made of bones and muscle. He looked far from being strong with his clothes on, but now the summoner could see his almost square-shaped abs and his hard pecs. She was so amused that the gash seemed invisible to her.

Dimitri couldn't actually see her gaze locked at his body but he did notice her mouth opening slightly and her breathing becoming more intense. He knew she liked what she saw.

"After you're done, are there going to be any scars?" He interupted her "I already have some, it wouldn't be a problem really."

She began speaking before raising her eyes to look at him "Don't worry, the spells that I'm about to use will heal you completely" The summoner came to the side of his bed "Now lay down and we'll get started"

Dimitri did so and she began to examine his wounds. Actually he didn't know if she was thinking about wich spell would be of better use or just starring at his chest. When he looked up to see her face, her eyes were going through all his body. And downwards.

The feeling of someone taking so much interest in his body aroused him and soon an erection started to build up. As a prisioner his uniform had no underwear,and his pants were made of a thin cloth. The bulge was evident.

He stared her face, waiting for a reaction, and he had one. As soon as she laid her eyes at his crotch, the summoner emitted a light grasp and placed a hand

on the bed. After a few seconds Dimitri said:

"Are you just going to stare at it or should I take off my pants so you can examine it?"

"Oh... uuh... I'll begin tending your wounds.. let me see" the summoner said startled and blushing.

Dimitri held her hand "Are you sure you don't want to take a look at it?"

She looked down blankly, but then started do stare at his crotch again. By then his cock was fully erected and she could see that it was big. It made her bite her lower lip and gave her a look of doubt.

"If you insist" She said after about 10 seconds, biting her lip again "Let me lock the door"

As she walked slowly to lock the door Dimitri could see a large hip and a pair of big buttocks beneath the purple cloth. She was swaying her hips to seduce him and as she walked back to the bed he could see a look of desire on her face.

When she came back to his side she started to caress his inner thighs. Her hand went slowly up until it touched the base of his penis. She grabbed his cock through his pants and played with it, teasing. After having her fun the started to stroke it slowly but firmly. When the nord left out a small groan she looked down at him. Now he could see her: she was not so young, about 35 years old and had brown locks and deep green eyes. She gave him a smirk, placed a hand on his chest and asked:

"Can I see it?"

The healer didn't wait for an answer and slowly pulled his pants down. When she saw it she felt a familiar heat down there. Dimitri's uncut manhood was about 8 inches long and could be considered very thick, or some would say... fat.

She grabbed it with her right hand while her left hand went down to her crotch. The strokes were now faster and she knew just what to do. She made it in such a way that his foreskin was rubbing against the head with every stroke. But when she fastened her pace and precum started leaking it got even better.
"Is that what they teach you at the summoners' school?" Dimitri said holding a moan

"Actually no. This I practiced after the classes"

"And is that all you learned?"

She suddenly stopped the handjob. "Is this a test?"

"What if it is?"

She stood still for a moment holding his penis, with the same earlier look of doubt.

"Fine" She finally said "But give me a heads up when you're about to cum"

"For a woman who gave handjobs after class you're pretty classy huh?"

She chuckled "Shut up" and descended her head.

She took the head and faced it upwards, then she put her wet tongue out and licked it. It slowly went from below the ballsack to the tip of the cock and leaving a great amount of saliva.

She was still with her hood up, so the north man pulled it down in order to watch her sucking him. She gave no care to that and started sucking. Very slowly at first, taking 6 inches in, and then taking it all out. The brunette repeated this a couple of times, groaning every time Dimitri's cock pushed deep inside her mouth. After a few thrusts of deepthroating the swallowed her salive mixed with some pre cum and began to give tight and quick strokes with her hand. At this time Dimitri noticed that she was moaning, and raised his head to see why.

The summoner was kneeled at the floor, near the foot of the bed, masturbating herself fiercely while grabbing his penis. When she got back to sucking it was with another technique, now she wasn't thrusting his cock so deep inside her mouth, but the blowjob was much faster and every time her head came up she pulled his cock very hardly with the suction of her mouth. Among with that she was stroking the short part of his cock that didn't fit in her.
She was skilled at this and soon Dimitri was going to climax. He thought about warning her, as she asked him, but couldn't resist the temptation of cumming inside her. Suddenly he felt it coming too fast and violently to hold. All he did was to grab the healer's head and pull her head down while raising his hips from the bed.

She opened her eyes wide when his cock went down her throat, spilling a thick and hot liquid. When Dimitri released her head she opened her mouth coughing hard and drooling all the semen that came from his manhood. It spilled through it and down the balls to the bed, leaving a trail of cum on his crotch.

"What the fuck?!" She shouted, surprised and angry at him.

In response he just laid his head back and smiled. A few moments later The Summoner brought some papers to clean the cum from her mouth and from his fat, now softer, penis.

"You're an asshole, did you know that?" She said while wiping some semen from her chin.

"Shut up, you enjoyed it"

"Well... can't say I didn't. I mean, you're really big and... Anyways. We still have to heal you. Put your pants back on."

When she came back from unlocking the door the nord was already standing and dressing his shirt.

"What are you doing? I gotta work on those wounds." She said confused

"Don't worry about them, I can heal it myself"

"And how are you supposed to do that, they're pretty fucked up"


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