This was the first anniversary Dick could remember that his best friend wasn't there for him. Ever since he shared his secret, Wally had always been the one he could talk to. The one to confort him during the aniversary of his parent's deaths. The one who always lightened the mood with cheesy pick-up lines. But now he was gone. He was dead.

He knelt next to the large projection of him, taking all of his strength to not let his emotions show. He looked around to see the rest of the team crying. Why? Why did he have to die? He never got a chance to say goodbye. the last time they talked was a fight.

And it was all his fault. He clenched his gloved fingers. Another person's death to add to his list. Everything was his fault. If he hadn't put Artemis and Kaldur into this stupid plan of his, none of this would've happened. The team wouldn't hate him, would trust him, and most of all, Wally wouldn't be dead. He ran a hand through his raven hair.

Oh, god, how could all of this happen to one person? And on the anniversary? Now today would be two anniversaries. Wally's and his parent's. He could still hear the sharp sound of the cord snapping, his parents screaming, and the heavy sound of their bodies hitting the ground, breaking all their bones and killing them instantly. He could have saved them. Warned them, caught them, anything. But he had been a stupid nine year old, and just watched them plummet towards their deaths.

Of course Bruce hadn't even shown up to Wally's funeral. He never even talked to Dick anymore. Not since he kicked Dick out. He was sure he didn't even remember it was the anniversary today.

He kept hoping someone, anyone, would talk to him, even smile at him. But the whole team was giving him the cold sholder ever since. The secret was out. He felt so alone, so unloved. So worthless

It was a whisper. More to himself than anyone else.

"The world would be a better place without me."