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Chapter 8: Speedforce
Day of Wally's "Death"
Wally's P.O.V

Just moments ago Wally West was standing with his team, witnessing the world about to end. He never thought he would go, but before he knew what he was doing, Kid Flash was at the zeta-tube, dashing to join the other two speedsters. It won't be enough. He thought, as he sprinted around the circle. Sure, they need more speed, but will I really add enough? I'm slower than they are. A flash. Searing pain. At that moment time seemed to slow down. He didn't even hear what Barry was trying to say to him. What's going on? It… It's targeting me… Another Flash. Wally winced as he felt the electricity surge through him. Realization dawned on him. I am going to die. His face turned grim and he glanced around quickly at his teammates watching them. He scanned for the blond hair and chocolate eyes.

"Artemis" he whimpered as he saw her. A small tear found its way down his cheek. I… I have to save them… even if it means the end of me. The redhead narrowed his eyes and pushed forward, running as fast as he could. Flash. The pain spread through his body but he continued forward. He managed a burst of speed and caught up to Barry. Wally glanced up awkwardly at him. "T-Tell Artemis…. That I loved her…" Barry cocked his head and then nodded as he realized what the speedster was saying. Flash. Flash. FLASH. All Wally could see was bright light and pain. Just make it end! He thought, still continuing his sprint. And then there was darkness.

Wally groaned and blinked, holding his head. He squinted and blinked as a bright light filled his eyes. He felt completely numb, as if he has a truck laying across his body. He managed to pull himself up, using a tree for support. The speedster scanned the horizon, gasping as he recognized the distant mountain. The cave….. but didn't that blow up? … Didn't I die? Kid Flash looked down and recognized his yellow spandex suit. Apart from a few burn marks he appeared relatively unscathed. The redhead glanced around, seeing no one. Where is everyone? Shouldn't Impulse be here? And Flash and the team, and…. Artemis? This is all just too weird. Wally stumbled towards the cave, not sure what else to do. He began a light jog, looking happily at the familiar surroundings. Maybe I'm in heaven? He finally reached the cave entrance and dove behind a jagged rock as he heard voices coming from inside. The figures appeared to be teenagers, maybe around 16-year-olds. His ears perked up as he heard an eerily familiar voice.

"It's really hot out here…" A female voice complained, walking out towards the bioship.

"But not as hot as you!" A male voice said back. Another made a growl in response to the remark.

"Seriously, Wally, how old are you, you're so immature." Groaned a blond female.

"I'm pretty sure he's around… five years old? I think thats close." The youngest boy said with a laugh.

"Please everyone, we must focus on the mission." Said the dark-skinned figure.

"No….. this is not happening to me! Oh my gosh… I'm in the past." And then Wally blacked out. =====================================================================

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