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After the girls from Beauxbatons preformed and the boys of Drumstrang had frankly scared the entire school out of their wits at the Halloween feast, Dumbledore stepped up to the podium to make an announcement.

"For many years, the Tri-Wizard tournament has been limited to the students of Beauxbatons, Drumstrang, and Hogwarts. You may find this year to be different. It was short notice, but this year, in addition to the usual schools, Hogwarts will also be playing host to the girls of Gallagher Academy and the boys of Blackthorne Institute. Their schools are based out of the United States. They train both muggle and magic students, although the muggle students are kept oblivious for the most part. They believe that you must have full control of your body before being able to control magic, so they only train during their last four years at school. Many of their students choose to remain in the muggle world, as that is where their schools are situated, under the disguises of an elite girl's school and military school."

At that moment, girls clad in short, plaid, pleated skirts emerge from the walls, the corners and everywhere else, and silence enveloped the students. The girls wear white collared shirts under knit vests with a skull and cross bone symbol. They all wear knee socks, but show off an assortment of shoes, from boots to ballet flats. The six girls meet in the middle of the room.

A pretty girl with dishwasher blonde hair and black rain boots lifts a finger from where it dangled at her skirt line. The doors swing open to display four boys in hideous yellow jumpsuits. A stunning woman and large man enter the room behind them. The woman had to have vela blood in her. The boys spilt in the walkway, allowing the woman and man to pass through them. They stand stiff as boards with their hands to their foreheads in salute. The woman stands in front of the girls and they collect themselves around her on the right side of the front of the room. The buff man leads the boys to the left side where they salute once more.

"These students have been brought here by Headmistress Morgan, Headmaster Sanders, and Mr. Solomon. They are all fourth year and up magic students, the most promising the school has to offer. Since many students were left at home, these American students will be completely in our care once their headmasters leave tomorrow, although Mr. Solomon is temporarily joining our staff. Hence, the students will be sorted into houses and remain there. Beauxbatons and Drumstrang students will follow traditions and stay in their respective dormitories as usually. Mr. Solomon will be teaching some DADA and P and E for the students of Drumstrang, Gallagher, and Blackthorne. Professor McGonagall?" Dumbledore prompts with a twinkle in his eyes as if he is one of the murmuring students.

"Thank you, headmaster. I'll sort them now," Professor McGonagall speaks as she unrolls a smaller piece of parchment than she usually uses to call out fist years. "Titles, too," she murmurs under her breath. Clearing her throat, she calls out, "The school of Gallagher presents the sisters of Gillian Gallagher. Cameron Morgan, Headmistress's daughter."

The dishwasher blonde steps up to the stool. Her hair is straight and shoulder length, her height average, her weight average, but her eyes appear to match the school uniform. Her skin is pale and clear. She has a perfect nose that turns up slightly, and pale pink lips that glisten with lip-gloss. She is exceptionally pretty. Professor McGonagall places the hat on top of her head. The hat murmurs to its self, "Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw? She's helpful, and loyal, but bright too . . ." After about three minutes of careful deliberation, the hat shouts out, "Ravenclaw!" Cammie takes a few hesitant steps towards the Ravenclaw table, and seats herself on the open bench next to a girl with long blonde hair and a dreamy expression.

"Rebecca Baxter, daughter of MI6 agents Grace and Abe Baxter," Professor McGonagall calls out, holding the hat in the air.

A girl with dark brown hair and toffee eyes comes to sit on the stool. She keeps her head high and walks with a confidence. She is nearly as beautiful as the girls of Beauxbatons and the headmistress of Gallagher are. Her skin is bronze and her eyes gleam with adventure. She wears black combat boots with her uniform. "Interesting . . ." The hat hum to its self. "Brave, that's for sure, but we may have a sly one here. Clever, of course, but courageous. Gryffindor!" it decides in a roar. The girl goes to sit in an empty seat next to Colin Creevy.

"Jane Elizabeth Riddle, daughter of -" Professor McGonagall cuts off. Mummers erupt in the great hall, escalating quickly. "Jane Elizabeth, step up to the stool," Professor McGonagall snaps.

A taller girl with athletic build steps up to the stool. Her perfectly curled auburn hair that would go to about her lower back is pulled up in a ponytail, a stand of hair wrapped around the ponytail holder. She walks with an elegant confidence, a tiny smirk pulling at her lips. Her eyes are black, and all of her facial features are large. She wears converse all stars over her socks. Professor McGonagall shakily places the hat on her head. "Brilliant, but ambitious, creative but cunning, talented but a sense of duty . . ." The hat trailed off, deliberating. "Slytherin father, Ravenclaw mother, who takes prominence . . . instinct or training, your heart or your mind . . . I wonder," The hat murmured. It had been over four minutes. She was close to being a hatstall. "Witty, creative, but instinctive and a yearning for power . . ." At five minutes and seventeen seconds, the hat calls out, "Slytherin!" Jane goes to sit in an open seat and smiles brightly at her glowering neighbor, a tall blond boy. There are murmurs among the staff that Dumbledore cuts short with a clear of his throat.

"Macey McHenrey," Professor McGonagall calls out, "Daughter of James McHenrey, Senator."

Macey has long, athletic legs and bluntly cut thick black hair. She steps up to the stool. Her eyes are a beautiful dark blue. She has a large diamond stud in her nose. All the males in the room, including Professor Flitwick, who clears his throat approvingly, stare at Macey. She sits with perfect posture on the stool, well aware of her charm. Over her socks, she wears designer fashion boots. The sorting hat contemplates her brains, and then assigns her to Slytherin without fanfare. She seats herself in an open seat next to Blaise Zabini, who smiles widely at her, which she returns with a wink. He blushes furiously.

"Elizabeth Sutton, genius?" Professor McGonagall announces uncertainly.

A tiny girl that could not weigh more than one-hundred pounds lifted herself onto the stool. She had big brown eyes. She wears black ballet flats and a blazer. The sorting hat did not get a chance to touch her dark blonde bobbed hair before it declared, "Ravenclaw." She blinked once before moving her thin self to sit next to Cammie Morgan.

"Anna Fetterman," Professor McGonagall was interrupted by a sickly looking girl just slightly larger than Liz, but thinner. She wore tattered ballet flats and nearly slipped coming up to the stool.

"Hufflepuff!" Announced the sorting hat. She sat down at the edge of the Hufflepuff table.

"And the Blackthorne boys. Zachary Goode," Professor McGonagall announces, seeming relieved to be through with the Gallagher girls.

A tall, dark haired boy with broad shoulders comes to the front of the room. He has muscular forearms and deep chocolate eyes. His rugged demeanor quickly attracts the attention of many of the females at the school. Professor McGonagall places the hat on his head. After a moment, it speaks up. "Gryffindor," it hollers enthusiastically. He walked confidently and sat down at the edge of the Gryffindor table, not wanting to make anyone else move, but Rebecca (Bex), calls him over to sit next to her and so he does.

"Grant Newman," Professor McGonagall calls out sharply, as if she recognizes the name.

A boy just as attractive as Zack steps up to the stool. He is so muscular that he could have passed for a professional quiditch player. "Slytherin," The hat declares as the boy smirks condescendingly at Professor McGonagall's sharp frown. He goes to sit across from Macey and stares across the room at Bex.

"Jonas Anderson," Professor McGonagall halfheartedly announces.

A muscular boy with average features sits on the stool. He seems bored and as if he would much rather be back at his school. "Hufflepuff!" Chants the hat as the boy walks over to sit next to Anna.

The last boy standing there goes and sits down on the stool as Professor picks up her dropped scroll. She glances up in surprise and places the hat on his head without reading his name. "Ravenclaw," the sorting hat announces within thirty minutes. He goes and sits on the last seat available on Luna's bench.

The teachers sit down for the evening and the students turn to eachother. The new students begin to introduce themselves.