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Code Hellsing

( January 24th 2010 A.T.B.)

The sound of panting followed by the echo of rushed footsteps can be heard as a young child runs through the deepest part of the mansion. The flapping of a long skirt is carried on the wind as a burning sensation nestled in a girls chest. Long corridors span in every direction, the sense of death could drive the bravest heart to madness but none feel it more than the child running desperately through this disturbing scene. All that drives her is the fear of those that hunt her and the minuscule glimpse of hope that something down here could be her savior.

It wasn't always like this; if you asked the youth a week ago she would have dismissed it as foolish fantasy. But a week is all it took to crush the world she knew into dust and blood.

( January 17th 2010 A.T.B.)

The room was painted in a tan paint and filled sparsely with high quality furniture; this room belonged to the head of the Lamperouge family. Lying on a king sized four poster bed with white silk sheets and red comforter the current head of the family, Arthur Lamperouge. Normally the room was filled with laughter and contentment as Arthur would fill his grandchildren's minds with tales of his past, but now the happiness had been replaced with the smell of antibiotics and foreboding death. A young girl about ten years old is seated next to the bed in the center of the room on which lays an old man with completely gray hair and piercing blue eyes. A heart monitor's constant beeping filled the air with tension like a countdown.

"If I must be honest, I never imagined that this was how my life would end. I would have thought to have been killed years ago." A raspy voice spoke.

"Grandfather please, save your strength, and don't even think that. I love spending time with you." The female youth's voice rang through the room.

"Ha, ha. If only your mother could have had the spark you do, then perhaps she could have saved. Oh well." The aged man's voice lowered to an almost whisper at the end.

"What are you talking about grandfather? Mother is fine; wait is something going to happen. What do you know?" The child's voice did not rise but the panic was clear.

"It does not matter, but you must listen carefully to what I'm about to tell you, and you can never speak of this to anyone no matter what the consequences. Our family name was not always know as Lamperouge, but was known as name that brought a sense of terror and safety to all that heard it. We had sworn to follow a noble woman who supported and aided us in our ancient quest. For it was that quest which was sworn to the heavens by the patriarch of our family. A gruesome quest that horrified both devil and angel alike granting us our name. A name that once rang out throughout the mortal and supernatural world with unmatched power and respect, Hellsing. " The man barely finished the sentence before falling into a fit of coughs. His time was coming, he knew it but he refused to leave until the secret was known to the only fitting heir to the family name.

The girl was shocked by the information so much she hardly noticed that her grandfather's state. Hellsing, a name that was known to the world as a simple myth about a vampire hunting family. Was it possible that was just a cover up? It has happened before.

"But that is not all I have to tell you; my greatest secret, the greatest secret of our family. How I wished it could remain that way" The man almost sounded hopeful at the end. "If the time should ever come, all other hope is lost. If you find yourself surrounded, with your enemies closing in, go to the last cell in the deepest dungeon of the estate there lies one of the Hellsing's darkest legacys. It will be the instrument of your salvation."

'But it will damn you as the same.' The man's mouth closed slowly as the heart monitor finally went silent.

The man secretly known as Arthur Hellsing has left this world, leaving a dangerous secret in the hands of a young girl.

The girl finally broke down into a fit of tears as she realized the state of her beloved grandfather. Now more than ever she was happy Nunnally was at piano practice. "Don't worry grandfather. You'll see I will never allow myself to be placed in such a hopeless situation."

If only the girl knew how quickly she would have to break that promise.

(Present Day)

Now all that remains is the desperate hope that her grandfather's secret actually could help her.

On the other side of the corridor a man a two employees walked down the aisle in a casual manner. They were all dressed in gray business suites, carrying a loaded pistol ready to complete their assigned task.

"Come out little one. There is no need to keep up this pointless chase. I merely wish to reunite you with your family." Sarcasm and dark humor dripped from the leader's voice as it bounced throughout the hallways.

This merely acted as motivation to the girl. These people were sent to kill her, but she would not abandon what little family she has left.

Finally she came to the last part of the dungeon and took notice of the strange symbol that was painted over the armored door in what appeared to be blood. The footsteps of her killers were closer than before, probably trying to build tension for a more dramatic effect. Leaning all her weight into the steel door it began to slowly open. The smell of decay and death began to leak out of the room along with a suffocating fog.

"Finally, there must have been something important locked away for it to have been hidden in such a deep part of the estate." The girl's pathetic amount of hope began to grow at the thought. Even as visions of blood and death leaked into a fragile mind.

The light from the hallway slowly filtered into the room until it reveals the great secret of the Hellsing family.

A corpse. A corpse bound in black leather restraints and silver nails hammered into the floor and wall.

"Is this some kind of joke? This corpse is supposed to save me?"The girl slowly stepped into the room as if to find something else, but found nothing.

"Ah there you are, little one."

The girl quickly turned around to see a man with short brown hair, icy blue eyes, and a twisted grin. His entire expression indicated that he enjoyed his job.

"No where left to run now, little girl. Oh, and what have you found? A corpse. Ha, ha-ha. Well don't worry, soon the two of you will have something in common," as the gun was placed in between her eyes.

"I have to know who sent you here. Who sent you to kill me?" The girl's voice remained steady despite the shaking of her body.

"All you need to know is that you're in someone's way and that they didn't have what it takes to do such a simple task themselves. Enough now say goodbye little one. " A shot rang through the air combining with a short yell as blood decorated the walls, including the corpse.

In the last moment the child managed to move her head out of the way, but did not prevent her shoulder from being hit.

"Stubborn child, but it's no use your time is," the man stopped as the sound of tearing reached everyone's ears.

The child turned in curiosity at what managed to scare three heartless killers stiff. Her eyes widened to shock and disbelief at the sight before her, where the corpse once lay still and bound.

The former corpse was now leaning forward; the only restraints remaining are the ones that bound his arms perfectly strait behind his back, and licking her blood off the floor with an impossibly long tongue. This continued for a single moment, the corpse stopped as though he realized that there were other people in the room. He raised his head, his long black bangs seeping across his face for a moment before allowing his eyes to be seen. They were the color of blood filled with knowledge, hunger, and madness like nothing ever laid witnessed before. He slowly stood, his waist length black hair covering his face.

"What the hell! The corpse," the leader's voice to rising in total disbelief.

The man regarded the occupants of the room before ripping the final restraints off his arms, releasing a snarl in the process. His body seemed to pulsate with power; this was only enforced by the sudden crimson glow that surrounded his body.

The young girl could only stare in terror at the horrible sight before her as a single though echoed throughout her mind. "What have I done?"

To be Continued