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Code Hellsing
Chapter 10

(Febuary 21th 2017 A.T.B)

In one of the Black Knight's many safe houses spirits were at an all time high.

Their supporters just kept on coming and with them came more recruits to add to their ever growing ranks. Zero's charisma combined with his hatred of Britannia and condemning of standard methods of terrorism caused hundreds to flock to their side. The fact that the Japanese keep quiet about their whereabouts and actions didn't hurt either.

Now Kyoto sent over some fresh Burais to support their repainted Sutherlands along with a very special addition.

Standing at nearly fifteen feet it was a scientific marvel. The Guren MK- II was painted a bright red with an orange trim. Its white face was sporting a pair of piercing blue eyes. The feature that made this unit stand out from any other knightmare in the entire world was its right hand. Completely silver the standard arm was replaced by a large palm with clawed fingers three times the standard length. It was the first Japanese knightmare and it was theirs.

According to a Ms. Rakshata it was guaranteed to turn the tides of any battle, provided it was partnered with a capable devicer.

As the elder members spread out to show their new recruits the proper way to hold a rifle Kallen stayed with the Guren. She couldn't help it. Something inside her knew it was special, like it was made for her. The perfect match to her rebellious soul.

She never believed in love at first sight, passing it off as a childish notion, but this…

The Guren changed everything she knew about love. Its red paint job. Its sleek, deadly appearance. Staring at those crystal eyes Kallen knew with all her soul this was what she had been waiting for.

"First Tamaki now Inoue and the rest are treating this like a party." Kallen turned to see Zero detaching from the shadows. "Kyoto is backing multiple resistance groups, correct?"

Turning she answered with a smile. "Yes, which means we finally made it in. They know that we're worthy." But an amused chuckle told her something else entirely in addition to sending an icy chill down her spine.

"On that you would be wrong, my dear Kallen. This is merely a test. They wish to see what we will do with our new toys."

"So what if it is? This is still incredible." Kallen said. In all her time as a rebel she'd never been so close to being a true threat. Even in the Glasgow, the pilots she faced always mocked her, even when she tore apart their defenses.

"You are an optimist." With the flick of the wrist a red and white object was tossed to Kallen. Catching the item in one hand she opened it to see a key. It was shaped like a feather, symbolizing the freedom they all longed for. "You're giving me this?"

"The Guren MK- II is now yours to pilot, Kallen." Zero explained as though it was the simplest thing in the world.

"Mine? But we have a lot more people now and we can't afford to lose you. We need the Guren's defense to protect you." If they lost Zero there's no telling what Sir Hellsing would do to them. Rumors of past subordinates who dared to cross her drifted from a simple death my sword to becoming her guardian's latest chew toy.

"You're a high class pilot. I'm a commander. While I enter the battle just like the others the fact remains I stick to the shadows. You are not afraid to take point. A knightmare of such high quality deserves a parlktner of equal standing, wouldn't you say?" Zero countered. "Besides you have a reason to fight."

"Right." Her mother. Once so lively she is now but a husk strapped to a machine. Forever stranded in her lost memories from her desire to return to the past. From never neglect and hatred of her mother who she once thought so weak.

"Now don't you think it's time to break in the new recruits?" He asked with a touch of humor.

Blinking she lifted her eyes from her clenched fist. "So soon?"

"Of course experience can mean all the difference between life and death. Not to mention they deserve to see the Witch of Britannia brought to her knees."

There was something about Zero, the way he spoke, the way he moved that just wasn't human. It was like the devil had taken human form cloaked in shadows to witness this bloody era. The serpent's tongue draging children and seniors to their ultimate demise through eternal servitude. The phantom's words erased their doubts and fear. Even she was not immune. Why did this man have such power over them?

Was he a demon or something worst?

In G1 a last minute council was being held.

Darlton pulled up 3D maps of the Narita mountain range. "We're certain the Japan Liberation Front's headquarters are in this area. We've already split four battalions into seven units and hidden them in the vicinity." Seven blue clusters encircled the peak of the highest mountain showing a live feed of their soldiers positions. "We've only to wait for the Viceroy's signal that will, surround them in one fell swoop and wipe out this rebellion once and for all."

"And are you confident that the enemy won't show up outside the encirclement line?" A small voice asked. All eyes fell to the young bubblegum haired princess.

It was a miracle or a tragedy depending how you saw it.

Barely two hours before their departure Cornelia was called to the hospital. Apparently her sister had woken up, but she wasn't stable. In her haste to run Euphemia tipped over seven beds and injured three nurses. When she saw Cornelia she started yelling about demons lurking in the shadows and how someone was in her room while she slept. Running at her big sister she refused to let go unless she could leave 'the awful palace of lost souls'. She clawed at her sisters coat, shouted until glass threatened to break, cried until she had no more tears to give before Cornelia relented.

Seeing her little sister so damaged went against her personal mission to keep her precious light safe. And in one night the mission she had dedicated herself to for sixteen years.

Against the doctor's wishes she was given a wheelchair and Cornelia took her onto G1 with the hope that being surrounded by familiar faces would take the edge off. Aside from becoming more timid after that brief episode there were no side effects thus far. They counted their blessings for that much.

"You mean Zero?" Cornelia asked from her throne. That name was quickly becoming little more than a new title of the Devil. Every time she heard it she had to keep herself from strangling the man who dare speak it in her presence.

"You have no reason to fear about that as the operation begins we will be blocking off the surrounding highways and mountain roads." Darlton assured in a calm soothing tone. His princess never entered a battlefield without taking into account all variables. This would be a flawless victory, nothing more.

"Also we have reserve units on standby. If Zero's stupid enough to show up it'll be the end him." Cornelia finished. Clovis would be avenged then she could focus on a personal project that one old subordinate brought to her attention.

"Princess Cornelia. Welcome to Area 11. Please forgive the vultures who greeted you. I would have organized an escort and threatened those fools but I was overwhelmed by the late prince's paperwork." Jeremiah greeted fist of his chest.

"Paperwork?" Cornelia questioned. One of her greatest foes.

"Prince Clovis had the unfortunate habit of ignoring his political work in favor of art shows and frivolous parties. After going so many months without attention I'm afraid it's accumulated into nearly a year's worth of reports. I dare say I've only managed to deal with two months in my time acting as temporary Viceroy."

If Cornelia had been a weaker woman she would have been shaking in her boots at such a task. But she wasn't a weaker woman. "Jeremiah Gottwald…You were one of the guards stationed at eh Aries Villia?"

"Yes. A happier time. I admired everything about the Empress from her skills to her kindness. She was perfection so I was honored to watch over her children." Little Nunnally so innocent and pure, like an angel. Then their was Lelouch who always put the happiest of her beloved siblings over anything else.

"I appreciate all the work you've done since my brother's death and your time protecting Lady Marianne's children." She rewarded him with a rare smile as memories of a time so long ago echoed in her mind. "As of now you are relieved of duty as temporary Viceroy. Before you leave however I would like a full report on Area Eleven's positions."

"Of course but before I begin there is some information I wish to share will you regarding a more personal matter." For the first time since she entered the room this man wore the face of a true knight.

"Depending on what the subject is I'll allow it."

"I swear on my honor you'll be very interested in what I have found. It has come to my belief that Princess Lelouch Vi Britannia is still alive." Jeremiah stated with utmost certainty.

Back at Ashford Academy the Student Council President had just been asked a very serious question.

"What? You wanna meet her? Are you kidding?"Sitting on the conference table Milly stared at Nina with concern. "Do you know who you're talking about? She's a princess and you're just a citizen. What do you have in common aside from that hotel jacking?" Ever since the incident she hadn't been the same, but in some ways that could be considered a good thing. Nina became more outspoken even if was only slightly. There was this aura around her, like she was walking on air. Unfortunately as things were she'd have to pull her friend down to Earth.

Gripping a magazine featuring the kind hearted Princess Nina lowered her head as the terrible night flashed before her eyes. When it should have been blood and torment there stood a selfless young woman willing to defend a mere commoner under the threat of instant death. "Yes, but... as for Princess Euphemia, I never got to thank her."

As much as she could understand the desire to fulfill one's moral obligations it still was a near impossible task. "Hm, there was a time when my family name had the influence to arrange that." She explained kicking her legs up like the little kid she wished she could revert back to. "So, tell me Nina, do you know what the social status is of a principal's granddaughter?"

Taking it as a sign her request could not be fulfilled she literally wilted as the words left her numb lips. "Um, not a very high one?"

"Correct, not very." Milly confirmed mentally berating herself for sounding so cruel but it was how life was. We can't all have our heart's desires catered to with a mere ring of a bell.

"Viceroy, all units are in position. We await your commands." A Glaston Knight announced through the speakers.

"Understood." Cornelia responded rising to her feet. "Euphemia will provide logistical support from G1 as planned. Have her command the medical group." Even in her fragile stated she knew her little sister would always look out for the wounded and defenseless. That's just how she is.

"Yes your highness." A soft tone signaled the end of the transmission.

Giving a comforting smile to her sister she removed her cloak and headed for her custom knightmare. In a matter of minutes this mountain will become Hell.

Entering the familiar control pod she answered a private line.

"Princess Cornelia." Guilford greeted.

"Guilford let me guess it's about Euphemia isn't it?" Adjusting the harness she double checked all the settings to reduce any and all mishaps.

"Yes, she really should be in hospital, I think that -" He tried to reason but was swiftly cut off.

"But she's being unusually stubborn about this." Cornelia finished without pausing. "She said she wanted to see actual combat for herself."

In his newly acquired knightmare Guilford blinked. 'So soon. It must be the incident at the hotel. What she saw wasn't combat, it was a massacre.' He saw the pictures. It was something from his nightmares mixed with a West Craven movie. "I suppose she wanted to see the difference in hopes our troops were more humane on the battle field."

"Possibly." Ending their private channel she opened a new line connecting all Britannian knightmares and the G1 radio. "The time has come. After weeks of research and careful planning we are now at the pinnacle of power. Before us lies the Japan Liberation Front's Headquarters. And soon it shall be nothing but ruble." Cornelia calmly stated as her men saluted her from their knightmares. "Before this day is over the world shall be reminded of Britannia's might as the smoldering wreckage of these barbaric fool's last hope!"

"Viceroy, it's time." Darlton calmly said. The troops were in position and air support was flying overhead.

Fingering the release button Cornelia took out a locket from underneath her blouse. A small silver pendant with the barest of engravings. Flipping it open lay a pernicious moment lost to time. It was a picture of Lelouch, Nunnally, Euphemia, and herself in the family garden she had turned eighteen barely a week ago and was enjoying the liberation from military training gifted to her by her loving family. Smiling she closed the metal lid and tucked it safely behind layers of cloth. "Right, commence operation."

The trigger released and she was flying through the air. Launched into combat alongside her brothers in arms.

"You, the Japan Liberation Front. You whose time has left behind. You who have forgotten basic human decency. You and your dream of a bygone golden age shall fall and rot to nothingness." All things must face their end for time is cruel and fleeting. Even her accomplishments would fade, overshadowed by better, wiser soldiers in some future age. In a matter of mere generations her name would fade from memory as another general took her place as Britannia's enforcer. The sooner they realized that the better.

Bombers darkened the skies, their engines howling against the wind. Knightmares charged through the mountains and streets in a manner similar to powerful horses of the distant past. Carrying their riders to their glorious death or short lived glory. It didn't manner either way for on this day a common play was reenacted upon the stage of life. Two powerful armies are set to clash upon the battlefield, neither one backing down or willing to surrender until the other's forces are decimated and drowning in their own blood.

Faced with the threat of fighting Cornelia the once proud Japanese soldiers were reduced to a pack of sniveling elevens. But they forgot one important factor: Zero was in charge. He had been entrusted by she who commanded the Dragon, she who dared speak back to Him and live, to win at all costs. So he shall win and with these instruments by his side he shall do much more than win. He shall transform this bout of misfits into an army worthy of the Night!

All it took was knowledge of their hopeless situation and they were begging for his leadership. It was as if no time had passed. Humans are just as amusing as they were all those centuries ago. But there was a time for musings and a time for action and this stage clearly called for the later.

This was their first real battle against a true Britannian army in order to come out on top he needed something that would solidify his position as their leader beyond the orders of one Lelouch Hellsing. Something grand, something befitting his rank and reputation. Something unattainable by mortal means. And in the face of such impossibly overwhelming odds they needed a miracle.

And by his hands they shall have it.

At the command of the masked leader, Kallen engaged the radiant wave surger into amplifier three and the results were incredible. The Guren's massive clawed limb glowed with pure energy. It was the only warning before the true destruction was witnessed. In that moment all was peaceful as though something went wrong. But that moment was brought to its end quickly enough.

Beneath the thin layers of dirt and rock the secret of their success had done its part. The underground streams were ravaged by intense radiation bringing the once cool water to a raging boil. The mountain side erupted as water burst to the surface mingling with rock and soil. A large mudslide flowed down the mountain side taking with it dozens of Britannian soldiers and the Japanese soldiers yet leaving the Black Knights untouched. It was as if some divine intervention had come along and swept the mountain side clean for them.

From his cockpit Zero watched the destruction a cruel smile on his lips. "Oh dear it appears I forgot to carry the final variable. Now half the entire city will be buried in a matter of minutes killing hundreds of Britannia civilians. Oh well, can't be helped." In his youth he would have shuttered at such a display of needless destruction and death, but he had learned much since then. Now all he saw was a piece of true beauty.

And while humans may never fully grasp magic as they did in days long past he could not deny their advancements with technology was nothing to scoff at. But that was for another day. Now all that mattered was the capture of Cornelia Li Britannia and dispensing justice to a certain Traitor.

In one of the few untouched parts of the now destroyed mountain the Engineer Core was analyzing how over half their forces were wiped out simultaneously.

"A steam explosion due to extreme heat is confirmed. Our army is being swallowed by the explosion-induced landslide." Cecil reported. 'All those men. Will it never end?'

Data pouring in as reports were rapidly exchanged between the dwindling forces. "The frontal troops led by General Alex are annihilated! The troops led by general Darlton and Viceroy Cornelia have suffered serious damage!" It was safe to say the Tactical Officers were in a complete panic. It was reasonable as they'd never seen such a maneuver.

"This heat…The landslide is obliviously not a natural phenomenon." Lloyd muttered. Unnervingly familiar data flashed across the screen as his fingers danced along the keyboard. He'd only seen these readings once before.

Hearing her normally enthusiastic superior so downtrodden Cecil turned away from the screen. "Do you believe someone was able to induce an artificial volcanic eruption?"

"Impossible," Lloyd muttered "not unless they had access to Rhashta's radiant wave surger." If that woman was involved things were going to be a lot more difficult from now on.

"Has something happened?" Suzaku asked from the Lancelot's open cockpit.

"Uh-huh. But it has nothing to do with us. So just be patient and continue waiting." Lloyd said his face a strange mixture of glee and frustration. If Rhashta truly was involved, this was the perfect opportunity to get high quality data on Lancelot's performance against a fellow seventh generation Knightmare.

Suzaku returned to facing the Lancelot's screens, but couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't right.

On the front lines Kallen had just engaged with her first opponent. A loud mouthed member of the purist fraction by the name of Kewell Soresi. Reaching out with the Guren's right hand she reached for the Sutherland. The Sutherland moved back thinking he was out of range for the unorthodox weapon, but he was sadly mistaken.

The silver arm extended to nearly twice its length grabbing the Sutherland's head in its taloned grasp. A sharp twist of the handle was all it took to send burning radiation throughout

"Britannia's ruin begins today. I now have the power to face Britannia on even ground and they will rue the day they ever set their sights on Japanese soil! And any who stand in my way to burn in the flames of my wrath! Mark my words, Britannian scum!" Flames slowly leaked from the pile of melted slag to the forest floor. The entire machine imploded in a deadly display of molten steel and unstable sakuradite.

Halfway around the world the moon was reaching its peak highlighting a single vehicle on a dirt road. In this black paint car was three people, two boys one girl but that was only normal attributes they had.

Snapping his phone shut Walter turned to his young master beside him nose deep in a new novel. "It appears the Battle of Narita is progressing as expected."

"Of course. I gave them everything they could possibly need to fulfill my expectations." Lelouch courtly said turning a page in her book.

"And yet you still believe they won't succeed in capturing Cornelia?" Rivalz asked from the front. A steady eye remained on the road while the other scanned the forested area for any signs of their target.

"Defeating her is not the issue. If our reports are correct the leading division of Camelot and Euphiemia's knight be present. She will more than likely deploy him if she sees Cornelia in danger, but the JLF won't make things easier for them in the slightest."

Suspecting Cornelia would aim for the main face of rebellion in Japan to restore her wounded pride; Leoluch hacked into the Viceroy's personal computer and alerted the General Katase of the attack. He was fully aware of his hopeless situation, but he would not go down without a fight. Thankfully with this general pride did not equal stupidity.

To avoid as little loss of his noble soldiers he had over two thirds evacuated while those to stubborn to listen to reason were willing to give up their lives to give Britannia's Goddess of Victory a taste of their fury. Kamikaze pilots would be her opponents weakening her while Zero struck from behind to deal a crippling blow. However there still was the issue of a white knightmare or more specifically the child piloting it.

"You seem unnaturally riled by Kurugi, Master." A voice as smooth as silk and cold as a glacier asked from the shadows in the car, or to be more exact from Lelouch's shadow where a crimson eye was staring at the passengers quite amused.

Huffing Lelouch bookmarked the page and closed the book with a loud snap. "I merely find his choices distasteful. He could have become a shining beacon for the Japanese. A soldier unlike any other, an inspiration to the starving masses. But what does he do? He trades away his dignity and honor to be that idiot's lap dog. Disgraceful. I will enjoy breaking him." She muttered the last part rather.

A sinister laugh that would have caused lesser men to faint in terror echoed from the shadows. "How delicious Master."

"Shouldn't you be heading to the target?" Lelouch asked offhandedly.

A low purr resounded for a short moment before all traces of bloodlust and murderous intent were removed from the car.

"And here we are." Rivalz announced secretly glad the devil had left.

A few dozen feet ahead a large tent was raised, military vehicles were parked around it in forming a protective semicircle. Officers and military opts were bustling around carrying reports or weapons. But each held the fear that only emerges when facing the unknown.

Showing her badge recognizing her as a member of the Hellsing division a couple of low ranked grunts showed her to the main tent where a middle aged officers by the name of was proceeding to make a complete fool of himself.

"Good evening Gentlemen." She smoothly greeted. Everyone, save the three plugged into radios, turned to evaluate the three newcomers. "As requested I am Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing and I will be taking command of this operation. I regret to inform you any men you set out and all residence of this once peaceful little village are now trapped in a state worse than death itself."

"What? Are you really serious? A little girl head of the bloodiest orders on the planet." A gunshot filled the tent. A single bullet was embedded deep into the ground covered in a thin coating of blood from the small line dripping down the man's once flawless cheack. "I'm sorry, but could you perhaps repeat yourself one more time? Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, is it?"
"Very well." She complied with a light smirk. Putting away her favorite pistol. When it came to men you had to make your point clear immediately or they'd walk all over you. "I'll give you the basic rundown of why you are so thoroughly fucked. They're ghouls, and the village of Cheddar has become a den of ghouls. A ghoul is what happens to deflowered humans when they're bitten by a vampire. They're much like zombies under the control of a vampire. And that means there's a vampire somewhere in Cheddar."

"Hmph, that's ridiculous. Vampires? Do you really expect me to believe this occult nonsense?" The officer question recovered from his initial shock.

"Why on earth would a cheap bureaucrat like yourself know anything on the matter? How dare you even question my credentials?" She'd been killing ghouls before this bloated pig ever laid eyes on a gun! "The Hellsing Organization has been defending the British Empire from such monsters for generations! But due to a terrible tragedy she is no longer with us. In honor of her memory now we protect humans on a global scale, despite their reckless idiocy."

"The Hellsing Organization is a special operations agency charged with the duty of finding and eradicating all supernatural and satanic threats to the human race. There's a vampire in Cheddar that's controlling the ghouls - a monster from the pits of hell. Send in all the troops you wish, send every last man under your command, they'll end up little more meat. Or they may suffer a worse fate. When a vampire drinks from a virgin of the opposite sex, a new vampire is created. Otherwise, your people become food, and then join the vampire's unholy legion of ghouls." She finished taking in the disturbed or disbelieving faces of the men charged with this mission.

"Sir, I've completely lost radio contact with Squads 2 and 3." A correspondent announced from an old radio.

With the status of his men at stake he rushed to the radio. "Bollocks. What's going on? Report. Come in!" It was almost sad that al his screeching was being transmitted into a horde of walking corpses.

"If you are to stop the ghouls from further multiplying, you're going to have to terminate that vampire at the source." If one wanted to survive the best notion was to forget those that were beyond help and focus on the ones that could be saved. "And this is where Hellsing comes in. We will take care of your vampire.

"That's... insane."

"I can assure you, gentlemen, that one of our finest anti-vampire field agents is already en route to Cheddar. This will be settled in a matter of hours." Lelouch stated with absolute certainty. Honestly it could be finished in less than an hour, but he had a bad habit of toying with his prey.

"What sort of agent would handle this?" If even a fraction of what she said is true what man could possibly handle such a nightmare?

"When dealing with monsters - vampires especially - I promise there is no greater expert walking this earth." Through their link she could sense he was close to his target. The thrill of the hunt burning in his ancient veins.

Alucard gazed up at the moon. "How beautiful..." It was full but that wasn't the only thing enchanting about the celestial body. "Nights like this make me want to have a bite to drink. Yes... I couldn't imagine more, perfect evening." Its normal silvery glow had been stained a lovely shade of crimson. The entire forest looked as if it had been bathed in pool of blood.

Gunshots sailed through the night air followed by a piercing shriek. Smiling he followed the scent of fear and rotting flesh to a small clearing where a young girl in a police uniform was struggling against a vampire. Over two hundred ghouls strong mindlessly watched from one side. Their glazed expressions did nothing to diminish the blood splattered across their bodies or their sickly yellow eyes. Honestly if it weren't for them he could relate this little village to this charming little spot in Tuscany.

The girl was screaming for help as fake the priest's hand slid in-between her legs. Seeing nothing but death around her she stopped her wasted pleas and started thrashing about his grasp. She was actually making him work for it. Interesting.

Alucard could immediately tell this one was ridiculously young, drowning in its mediocre power. But it did appear to possess a sense of humor. A vampire in priest's robes? He'd always wanted to kill one. The only thing that would be better was killing a member of the Vatican after an earth shattering fight.

But this would have to do. With any luck this fool may be able to offer him some entertainment.

Stepping closer the girl stopped struggling and the pitiful excuse of a vampire turned to face the malevolent presence.

Light reflected off his googles as his hat shrouded his face in shadows. The wind picked up his coat tails giving the impression of a bold red cape from centuries past.

"Who the hell are you!?" The Priest demanded. Who was,,,What was this creature to invoke such primal terror in the depths of his still heart?

Smirking beneath the shadows Alucard gave the answer. Speaking slowly as if he was speaking to a child. "Your death." Most of his attention was on the girl he'd met barely a minute ago.

Despite the massive amount of power surrounding the figure the Priest had enough control to pull together a small crooked smile. "My death? Oh, really? My god, this is pathetic. Kill him." Snapping trembling fingers every ghoul took out a semi-automatic gun and proceeded to pump the elder vampire full of holes.

Nothing was spared as flesh, blood, and cloth was strewn across the ground in a macabre display.

Seeing the stranger could barely be called a corpse the Vampire of Chedar laughed, tension flowing out of his tightly wound body. "Is that the best you've got? Hahahahahahaha!"

But the fight hadn't even started.


"Your agent's a vampire!?" The Officer practically shrieked.

Smiling Lelouch took out a Black King from her pocket, spinning it with her right hand. She took in the looks of shock and fear etched into every man's face. "Correct. You see, humans make poor vampire killers."

Already she could feel him regenerating. Bones growing into a tall, powerful frame. Blood flowed backwards into muscles already regaining flesh.

"They are frail, they are mortal, they are corruptible, body, mind, and soul."

A black straightjacket manifested from the shadows as the red moonlight warped into a pristine trench coat and wide brimmed hat.

"The most effective weapon against the vampire is another more powerful vampire."

Crimson eyes were shielded by a pair of thick lenses. From the darkness of his robe a massive gun was pulled forth. Its silver body shrining in the moonlight.

"The Hellsing organization has such a creature in its ménage. And let me assure you gentleman, our vampire has power beyond imagination."

Balancing the barrel on one arm he squeezed the trigger. The kick back was glorious.

One by one holy bullets tore through skulls, boring through fleash and air as they dug their way through the undead ranks. Orgnas and bones covered the ground as blood filled the sky. Through it all Alucard smiled. He had accomplished many slaughters in his undead life but these were the moments he thoroughly felt alive.

"No!" The infant vampire screamed. This shouldn't be possible. The military dogs unloaded hundreds of rounds into his ghoul army and it did nothing. But this monster simply let off a few rounds and their heads were flying like confetti. How could he be killing them!?

The young police girl was having similar thoughts. Recent memories of putting a bullet right between a ghouls eyes for it only to briefly stumble. What sort of weapon was that?

"It's those bullets!" He managed to choke out.

"The silver cross in Manchester Cathedral was melted down to make these thirteen millimeter exploding shells." Alucard smugly stated reloading his beloved hand cannon. "Nothing I shoot ever gets back up again…" His true powers could have demolished all of Pendragon in less than an hour, but there was something so satisfying about Casull. It was a gift from his master and what servant would he be if he didn't use it to destroy everything in her path?

"But why!? Tell me! Why fight to save these pathetic humans!?"

He'd lost count of how many times weaklings asked him that question before having a bullet split through their skulls. In the beginning he may have done it since he was eternally bound to the Hellsing family, but it quickly became a manner to cleanse the vampire name of those unworthy of the Night's gifts. Like this waste of blood.

"Don't take another step." Filled with the terrifying knowledge of his underwhelming opponent the priest reasserted his hold on the young blond. Now her entire body was plastered over his own. Even his head was shielded. "The girl's the last survivor. Don't you want to save her? Be reasonable. I'm not asking for much. Just a bit of help. You can look the other way." If the vampire before him was truly a human sympathizer than he wouldn't dare risk an innocent life just to kill one target. It was a simple yet brilliant plan.

Unfortunately his opponent did not share the same opinion.

Looking over the girl, pausing briefly to look over her impressive bust. He made a decision. "Are you a virgin, my dear?" Hellsing expanding afterall and with more territory came the need for more muscle.

"Ah!?" The girl shrieked, bluching up a storm. That is not something you ask a lady! But the standards of 'normal' flew out the figurative window since the sun passed over the horizon. "What are you doing!?"

"I'm asking if you're a virgin!" He answered aligning his gun with her chest.

"Vir…I…" She stuttered, her brain reduced to a crawl.

"You bastard!" It was over. What kind of protector would sacrifice a little girl to kill their prey? Obliviously the monster before him, but why? Did he have no connection to the humans? Was he wrong about him being a protector?

"Answer me!" Alucard shouted. He was growing impatient.

"Ye..Yes! I am!" She finally shouted out. If this would help her live then she'd scream it to the world. But just let her live.

A gunshot rang through the night.

"Aaaaaagh! You…you…I" He was never able to finish. The wound in his chest had spread. His entire body dissolvling into a pile of dust. What was great a threat on human lives now reduced to the state all living creatures will one day be reduced to.

Then there was the girl.

She laying gasping for breath, for some kind of relief, but this wasn't an injury a human could away from. Her entire left breast had been blown apart. Her blue uniform becoming stained red as blood continued to flood. Yet she was still conscious.

"I had to shoot through you to pierce his heart. I'm sorry but you're dying. And there's no time left. The choice is yours. What do you want to do? Police girl…Tonight is truly…A beautiful night." A sensual purred carried on the winds.

Back in the car Lelouch looked up from her book as a shiver slowly crawled up her spine. It almost felt like a star had been ripped from the sky. Oh well, at least the mission was successful. "It appears we'll be stationed in England a bit longer than anticipated."