Italics are thoughts, while quotes are what is spoken aloud.

Dani took off the robe and lay down on the table. Wow a massage is going to feel so good. She pulled the towel over her to cover just her rear end.

She could hear the door open and close but continued to rest with her head on her arms, eyes closed on the table.

"Ms. Santino?" a man spoke.

"Yes, that's me, but I prefer Dani." Come on I guess want a day without titles.

"Already, Dani it is. I am going to send the masseur in in a minute I just wanted to check on the technicalities. You have circled "all" for the areas of this massage. Just to let you know that is all areas non-sexual, are you okay with that?" the man checked.

"Yes, that's fine" Dani replied. All areas non-sexual, like I want anyone touching me there, no thanks!

"Okay great, now you have selected our one hour, hands on. Are you ready to begin?" the man asked.

"Yes" Dani sighed. Any day now.

"Just one last thing, anything you tell our therapists is strictly confidential. We let our clients know as many of them feel the need or want to vent during sessions. This often helps relieve all the stress from their bodies, both physically and emotionally." The man continued.

"I know, that's why I chose this place, because of the confidence clause." Dani replied.

"Alright great, I will send in the therapist, enjoy!" he chirped. If only he hadn't used the word therapist, it was her day off for God's sake.

The door open and closed as Dani waited in silence for the massage therapist to come in.