Maelstrom of Chaos

Chapter 1: Child of Chaos

Storm clouds filled the sky with eerie red lightning flashing through it and striking the ground, leaving scarred and burning earth in its wake. A man was slowly making his way through the harsh winds that threatened to blow everything away. The man was tall and looked old, but sported a very dark shade of red hair that fell down his shoulders along with a moustache of a smilar color and dark colored lips. He had very elvish features including pointy elf like ears, he even wore curved and pointy shoes and the rest of his appearance was just as bizarre. He wore an outfit that was a dark shade of purple and looked similar to a jester's costume, but it had a more fancier and regal look to it. On his head was something akin to a witches hat and a cloak with two bat wings placed on his back. This man was Jose Porla, the master of the Phantom Lord guild and one of the ten Wizard Saints.

Jose soon entered into a small town and he looked around taking in his surroundings. The entire town looked abandoned and he would have believed it too were it not for a few people looking through their windows at him. Jose raised a curious eyebrow at that, what could scare these people so much that they would not dare leave their homes? He looked up and he wondered if this strange weather was related. He continued to walk through the small town and arrived in front of a pub. He entered deciding this was the perfect place to get some rest and maybe some information.

When he walked in he saw that the entire pub was filled with the citizens and towns folk. They were either playing poker, smoking or drinking, but they all looked miserable and as he walked by a lot of them gave him an odd look. He took a seat at the bar and ordered a glass of beer. As the barkeeper gave him his drink he decided to strike up a conversation, "I ain't never seen you around before. You a traveller or something?"

Jose drank his glass and answered, "You could say that. But if you do not mind me saying this is quite the storm you have." As he said that everyone in the bar stared directly at him wondering what he would say next. "Yeah, we don't get a lot of travellers because of it."

"Is it some sort of supernatural phenomena or is someone causing it?" He could practically feel the glares of everyone in the room on his back. "Yeah, it happened about six years ago, ever since… it came things have all gone to hell for us."

Jose raised an eyebrow, "It?"

The barkeeper nodded, "Yeah it has been nothing, but bad luck and people in this town are afraid to go out of their homes. But whenever we send someone out to take care of the problem they come back broken, beaten and scared out of their minds."

Jose finished his glass and paid for his drink, "Well then it seems that I will have to take care of your problem for you."

Everyone was surprised at that, "What are you a mage?" Jose nodded surprising them even more, but then they all burst out laughing. A group of men who were playing poker and who had obviously been drinking started to snicker, "A mage? Yeah right, maybe you could pull a rabbit out of a hat or maybe even tell us a joke and we make you disappear." He and his friends laughed. Jose simply smiled and raised his hand and flicked his finger at the group. Everyone in the bar stopped laughing as they watched as the people who insulted Jose were sent flying across the bar, hitting the wall and falling to the floor unconscious.

"Anyone else need proof that I am a mage?" he asked with a fake smile. Everyone shook their heads and he nodded content with himself and he left the bar to find out what could be so powerful that it could instil such fear in people.

He arrived at the outskirts of town and he whistled in amazement. This area was definitely the source of the strange weather phenomena. Lightning bolts rained down everywhere, striking the earth with tremendous force and hurricane level winds battered against the trees that remained standing, threatening to uproot them.

However, there was one area that did not seem affected by the storm. In the area was an old, two-story house that aside from a few holes in the wall seemed to be in good condition and right next to the house was a tall oak tree with an old swing. His curiosity getting the better of him, Jose continued to fight against the unnatural forces of nature that pushed him back trying to prevent him from entering the eye of the storm. But for a man of his level, the storm was barely much of a challenge and he passed through it easily.

He walked up to the house and knocked, but the moment he knocked the door fell off its hinges and onto the floor, a cloud of dust rising from the point of impact. Jose shrugged and walked into the house, which seemed to be deserted. He looked through all the rooms on the ground floor, but all he found were walls with dried blood stains and even some more recent signs of a struggle or battle and both cases pointed to the intruders trying to escape if the claw marks on the floor were anything to go by.

Jose paused as he heard a creaking sound. He listened intently for the sound and looked up at the ceiling. "Something is on the second floor", he walked up the stairs as quietly as his guilds namesake.

The second floor was a single hallway with only three rooms. Jose checked the first room which was the bathroom, he guessed that it still worked. He checked the second room and found that it was a bedroom, but it was empty and covered with dust. There was a king sized bed, a wardrobe and a desk with picture frames that were smashed and had the pictures missing.

Jose left the room and stood, before the third door, he concentrated his senses and even though it was surpressed, he could make out something or someone with a very powerful magic signature and he could hear mumbling. Jose took a deep breath and opened the door. Needless to say the room was a mess, the furniture was overturned; the bed was upside down with feathers all over the place and in the center was a boy. He looked to be about twelve years of age, he had blond hair that was short and spiked wildly. He was wearing a black sleeveless shirt, brown shorts and faded red running shoes that were starting to fall apart. He looked at the boy who hadn't yet noticed his presence; Jose gaped in shock at the boy's power, 'Incredible! So much power for one so young and it continues to grow.' The boy had his back turned and he was clutching his head and mumbling repeatedly the same phrase over and over like a mantra.

" Make it stop, make it stop, make it stop, make it stop, make it stop, make it stop, make it stop, make it stop, make it stop, make it stop, make it stop, make it stop, make it stop, make it stop, make it stop!" was continuously repeated over and over.

Even if Jose couldn't see the boy's face he knew that his entire body must be in some sort of pain. He took a step forward causing the board to creak and made the boy turn his head so fast, that any normal human would have sent their head flying.

Jose couldn't help, but to feel a sudden sense of worry as he looked at the boy's face. The boy's eyes had widened to their limit and his pupils were only two small red dots and he had a red streak on the bang on the left side of his face. That crazed look made him take a step back as the boy got to his feet, a dark red aura surrounding him. Then before he could blink he vanished and reappeared in front of Jose, both arms raised above his head, dark energy with red wisps covered his hands and formed into a sphere. When the arms came down, Jose was sent flying out of the house, wood, and dust flying all over the place. He was sent skidding along the grounds surface before he righted himself in the air and dug his heels into the ground, carving a trench in the earth.

Jose looked up in time to see the boy dashing towards him, kicking up a trail of dirt

in his wake. Jose opened his palm and a magic seal appeared, "Dead salvo". Several black spheres of magic went sailing towards the boy, who smirked insanely, but that soon changed when the spheres seperated into hundreds of smaller dark spheres. The spheres all went sailing towards the boy, who did his best to dodge them, but they soon overwhelmed him and trapped him in hundreds of miniature explosions.

Jose stood silently as he looked the small smokescreen caused by his attack. He raised his arm just in time to catch a scythe made of the same dark and red wispy energy from before. Jose smirked, the boy's attack had forced him back at least a foot. But still no matter how strong the boy was he still was nowhere near stronger than him.

"You are here to kill me! Just like all the others. I will not die here; I am going to kill you before you kill me." He spoke in a low, yet deadly voice with his eyes still wide.

"You sure are a cocky little brat aren't you? You may have caught me by surprise before, but from here on out know that I will not hold back. Besides you're attacks lack proper form." Jose spoke in a calm voice. True enough, despite the boys powerful aura, he lacked skill. His scythe manifestation was without form and looked rather blunt.

The boy pushed harder on Jose, before the scythe vanished and he was forced to jump away. He charged forward aiming to take Jose on with mere hand to hand combat. He raised his fist and launched towards Jose who tilted his head, the boy followed up with a roundhouse kick and Jose avoided the strike by tilting his body back, before jumping to avoid a low sweep from the boy, who mimicked Jose and jumped after him. He somersaulted in the air, before bringing his leg up and performed an axe kick aiming to send Jose crashing to the ground, but Jose countered his strike by extending his arm and a shade appeared wrapping itself around the boy's leg. Jose spun his body while aiming his hand downwards, causing the boy trapped in his shades grip to be pulled across the ground mimicking the movements of Jose's arm movements and dragged the boy through the dirt before he threw his arm into the air, the shade dragging the boy along with it. Jose couldn't help, but give an eerie smile as he brought his arm down making the boy fall to the earth, resulting in a pillar of dirt to rise into the air and the creation of a crater. Jose's shade disappeared and he crossed his arms as he made his way towards the boy.

He looked at the boy at the bottom of the crater; the blond-haired boy was slowly crawling out of the hole; the crazed look never leaving his face. "Have you had enough?" Jose asked with a smirk.

The boy glared at him, "Know that even if you kill me… It will not stop chaos." Jose raised his eyebrow quizzically. "What are going on about boy? Why would I want to kill you and what does chaos have anything to do with this?" The boy didn't even bother to stop and continued to crawl his way out despite the blood leaking from his head and down his face.

"You are a human." He said as if it were the simplest answer in the world. "Chaos is the enemy of humanity and thus humanity is the enemy of chaos. It is only natural they would want to kill me. But what those fools do not realise is that chaos is universal. Even if I were to die, chaos would still exist all around them."

Jose stared at the boy and then looked around him noticing that the storm and red lightning had grown even worse since the fight with the boy began. Jose looked at the boy in deep thought. 'This boy has little to no control over his magic; I guess that would explain this strange weather. But his mention of chaos… does his magic allow him to control the forces of chaos? It could be possible and that would also explain the pain he's feeling. With so little experience in controlling such a powerful force, he must be feeling very heavy side effects.' Jose grinned.

"I am not your enemy boy. If anything I am one of the few allies you will ever have." The boy shouted at Jose,"YOU LIE! NO HUMAN WOULD EVER CARE FOR ME! I AM A CHILD OF CHAOS AND NOTHING YOU SAY OUT OF YOUR FORKED TONGUE WILL EVER CHANGE THAT!"

"What if I told you that I could remove your pain, would you be willing to follow me?" For a moment it seemed like those crazed eyes held a glimmer of hope, before returning to their crazed look.

"Y…YOU LIE! NO FORCE ON EARTH COULD STOP IT!" he arrived to the edge and started to force his way out of the crater. "SO MANY BEFORE YOU HAVE TRIED AND THEY FAILED AND PAYED THE PRICE FOR IT! YOU CANNOT…" he was interrupted when Jose placed his palm in front of his face. "All I heard is that if I take your pain, you will join me, correct?" Jose's grip tightened, "Well then let's get started." A sick grin spread across his face.

He then unleashed his magic energy sending a pulse of magic throughout the boy's system. Travelling throughout his body like an electrical surge with a violet glow. He screamed in pain at the force coursing through his body, but it soon ended and Jose let go, making him fall back into the hole. He breathed roughly taking in the precious oxygen and shakily raised his body.

But he froze as he just realised something important… The pain was gone.

The stunned boy raised his hands and looked at them for what seemed like hours and then looked up at the sky. Ever since he learned about his brand of magic, he had been forced to endure the pain and suffering caused by chaos, but now he felt nothing. He raised his head and his pupils returned to normal and tears started to pour out and drip down the sides of his face.

He was finally free of that horrible burden. The weather also returned to normal and the sun burst through the clouds. He yelled at the top of lungs to the sky. "I'M FREE!" and just like that the boy raised his head and tears of joy flooded out of his eyes.

After what seemed like hours Naruto turned to Jose, wiping away all the tears still present on his face. He limped out of the crater and came face to face with Jose. "You have done me a great deal, old man. So I will stick to my word and join you." He held out his hand to Jose who looked a little surprised. "I believe it is customary for a subordinate to present himself with respect when addressing someone above him, isn't it? My name is Naruto Uzumaki."

Jose chuckled, "Well now, a young man with manners towards his superiors… that is a rare quality nowadays. Very well, my name is Jose Porla, the guild master of Phantom Lord." He shook the boy's hand. "With your help Naruto I will be able to make my guild the strongest there is." Naruto looked at Jose with a surprised look, "No way the strongest?" He started to walk side by side with Jose. "Master even though you are strong I doubt that the both we could be considered as the strongest guild." He stated.

Jose looked at the boy, realising that he was being completely serious. He burst out laughing, "My word boy you are dense, it is not just you and me. My entire guild is the equivalent to that of an entire army and my numbers continue to grow every day. They are our comrades that will help us achieve our guilds dream to be the strongest."

Naruto was in awe, but he was only focusing about one aspect of Jose's guild, 'Comrades that help and support us, huh?' he looked up at the sky, while unconsciously clutching his red streaked left bang. He let a smile spread across his face, 'I'd like that, I'd like that a lot.'

Phantom Lord, a couple of days later

Naruto was not prepared for the sight before him and was awestruck at the phantom lord guild hall. No hall was an understatement; the guild was in fact a giant castle. He was even surprised to learn that there were other subdivisions that were just like this one throughout Fiore.

"Impressive, I was never expecting something like this. You never cease to surprise me old man."

Jose walked towards the guild, smirking at the praise. "I accept nothing, but the best for my guild."

He opened the doors and they walked into the guild. Naruto looked around the guild as he walked through it. There were rows and rows of people wearing a vast assortments of clothes, holding a variety of weapons.

As he walked by with Jose a few glared at him, but he glared back and they were quick to return to their business. Jose and Naruto soon arrived at the stairs and began to climb them. After a climbing up several floors, Naruto and Jose arrived at a hallway where there were many doors to rooms that he assumed belonged to the guild members.

Jose stopped in front one of the doors. "Here we are." He opened the door and gestured for Naruto to enter. Naruto stared at the room, unlike his old one; everything was clean and looked like new. There was a large bed, a couple of Lazy boy recliners, a closet, an armory to store any weapons he may have which also served as a trophy room, a couch, a few chairs and a window showing a great view of Oak town.

"I take by your reaction that the room is to your liking?" Jose asked. Naruto answered the elderly man, "It's amazing thank you."

"Excellent. Just to let you know that on the way here, I took the liberty of calling ahead and there should be some spare clothes for you. As soon as you finish getting dressed I will be waiting for you in my office at the top floor. There I will introduce you to the more powerful members of our guild. Until then feel free to relax." Jose said before he closed the door and left Naruto to his own buisness.

Naruto walked in front of a mirror; needless to say he was shocked at what he saw. He almost did not recognize himself. Whenever he looked into a mirror back home, he would always see a person with a crazed look staring right back. But now all he saw was a normal person wearing ragged clothing, ruined shoes, with dried blood on his clothes and face. He hesitantly went and touched his reflection on the mirror, just to see if this was really him.

'I… I almost forgot what my normal face looked like. For the past six years I have only been able to see myself through the eyes of a psychopath. But this second chance given to me by Jose… I will not let it go to waste. But I will make sure that I don't forget everything I learned I was taught while growing up."

For a moment the image of a red-haired woman with a heart warming smile flashed through his mind. He sighed sadly, unconsciously touching his left bang. He looked at the mirror and saw himself patting his red streak, 'Do I always touch this red streak when I think of her?' he thought to himself.

He quickly shook himself out of his stupor, he did not want to make Jose wait after all. He walked to the closet and opened the door. He looked at the contents, which had only one set of clothes. He smirked, "Yes this will do nicely."

Naruto walked towards Jose's office, making anyone who passed by him look at him curiously. He was currently smirking and enjoying his new look. His former street look was replaced with something a little more stylish. He wore a red shirt that had a black flame around his stomach area, he had black pants with red flames decorating the hem, his old shoes were now replaced with black combat boots. He soon arrived to the top floor and knocked on the biggest door he could find. He followed the logic that the bigger the door the more important the room.

He opened the door and there was Jose sitting on a throne with one of his legs crossed over the other. "My you arrived earlier than expected." Naruto nodded, "Finding this place was not al that difficult, but for future reference you should probably not use such a big door as an entrance to your office."

Jose sweatdropped, unaware of what the boys was talking about. He cleared his throat eager to get down to business, "Now then, Naruto do you know why I called you here?" he asked.

" I think you said it was about meeting some of your more… exceptional members. Am I correct?"

Jose nodded, "Very observant of you, my boy. Indeed I have brought you here to meet the guilds stronger members, but also to officially recognize you as one of the top members of my guild."

Naruto's raised his eyebrows in surprise, "I…am honored for this ... Master Jose."

"Good, now then would you like anything while we wait for the stronger members to arrive?"

"Why wait, when they are already here."

Silence fell over the room, before Jose smiled, "You may all come out now."

From Naruto's right the air shifted and he sidestepped out of the way of a hand that suddenly appeared out of thin air. He tensed as he sensed the ground move and jumped into the air as spire made of earth sprouted from the ground nearly impaling him. But as he jumped a figure fell from the beams above, a flash of steel catching his attention that the opponent was obviously armed. Fire sprouted along the blade's edge and aimed to cleave Naruto in two, but he blocked the strike by crossing his arms, enveloping them in the same energy he used when he fought with Jose.

He was sent back by the strike and skidded along the ground. He stopped in front of Jose's throne and he stood back up,shaking his arms a little which appeared to be burnt, earning a surprised reaction from the blond, who had never been injured while using his magic before.

"Naruto may I introduce to you Phantom's elite." He gestured towards the three men.

One man was big in terms of height and dwarfed everyone in the room including Jose himself. He wore a green top hat, a white scarf around his shoulders extending past his arms. He wore a green overcoat with a yellow shirt underneath, a necklace with red skulls was around his neck, he wore green slipper shoes on his feet and his eyes were covered in bandages.

The second man was just plain bizarre, he grew out of the earth and stared to flail around as if he was dancing around to some beat that only he could hear. He had green hair styled upwards, a single monocle covered his left eye, he wore a brown business suit which had two wing attachments which connected with his suit and was situated right below his armpits like bat wings. His look finished with a white shirt and red tie and expensive shoes that you would find on a very important business man.

The third man looked more normal than the other two; he was garbed in a traditional samurai armor, laced with the colors red, white, orange and yellow and his helm was in the shape of a dragon. He looked to be in his mid-fifties, but he somehow seemed older to him. His hair was black with a few white streaks here and there. In his hand he held beautifully crafted katana, which was surrounded by a white glow.

"Naruto, allow me to introduce you to:"

He gestured towards the man who was blindfolded, "Aria of the Heavens" The man suddenly burst into tears. "How sad…I could not successfully carry out my attack." Naruto sweatdropped at the comment.

"Here is Sol of the Land." The man known as Sol, the one with the monocle, tilted his body to the side in form of salute, "So this is zee young prodigy, zhat our master has told us about, yes?" he asked in French accent.

Jose then turned towards the old samurai, "Finally, my strongest warrior, allow me the honour of presenting you… Honomaru of the Great Flame."

The third man merely sheathed his sword before walking up to Naruto who narrowed his eyes suspiciously at the man. He relaxed as the man extended his hand forward. "Nice to meet you."

Naruto was at first confused by the action, but he quickly got over it and shook the man's hand. "Likewise…I guess"

"I am impressed by what you did. It isn't every day that I find someone capable of blocking one of my strikes." He grinned. Naruto scratched the back of his head, his own grin forming. "I guess I am that good." He said.

"Don't get cocky brat. You may have blocked my strike once, but that was only because I was holding back. You've got a long way to go before you can beat me." Honomaru said.

Jose smirked, "Now that introductions are out of the way, let us get down to business. I would like to officially accept Naruto into the guild."

Naruto approached Jose's throne and went on one knee, "Where would you like to put your mark, child?"

Naruto gestured to his forehead and raised his right sleeve and pointed to his right shoulder." I would like my guild mark to be placed right here please, Master Jose."

"As you wish." From the confines of his cloak, Jose removed a stamp. He placed the stamp to his shoulder where he pressed it and then removed the stamp, reaveiling a violet colored Phantom Lord symbol on his shoulder.

"As of now you are officially a member of the strongest guild in Fiore. You are now a proud member of Phantom Lord."

Naruto rose to his feet a proud look on his face. Honomaru then spoke, "Master Jose, while it is good and all that we have recruited such a powerful new member. There is a matter which I want to discuss."

"What would that be, Honomaru?" he asked.

"While the boy is strong, he still has long way to go. His magic is still a little unstable and requires a lot more training and guidance. That is why, with your permission… I would like to take responsibility in supervising Naruto's training."

Jose was silent for a while before he turned to Naruto, "Naruto…Honomaru is the strongest person in my guild. Would you like to train under him?"

Naruto nodded, "Of course Master. After all, the stronger I become the better our guild will be."

"Excellent, then I leave him in your capable hands Honomaru."

The samurai nodded in respect and turned towards Naruto, "Before we start your training, I want to know what type of magic you use."

Naruto looked at him and smiled, "Well Honomaru-sensei, my magic is one unique to this world and is considered to be one of the strongest ever to exist. I… am a child of chaos, born with the power to control chaos. With my magic… I am capable of slaying gods."

The eyes of everyone present in the room widened in surprise, including Jose himself. "Allow me to officially introduce myself. My name is Naruto Uzumaki and I… am the Chaos God Slayer!"

God Realm

The God Realm, a world that exists separate from the worlds of Earthland and Edolas. It resembles the spirit world, which originally was once a part of the God Realm, before it split apart. As the name suggests it is a world were gods live. Powerful beings whose strength equals or surpasses even the mighty dragons.

Most of the gods have their own domain and prefer to be separate from the other Gods. But every once in a while, some of the gods meet up to discuss private or important matters. As it so happens one such meeting was about to take place.

A small sphere of black flames rushed through the large terrain of stars and floating islands of crystal and earth like a comet, making way to a very important meeting place.

The mass of fire soon stopped and a voice emanated from it. "I take it you have felt it as well?"

From above a large mass of black wind soared towards the flame and hovered in mid-air in the form of a small tornado. "Yes, it would seem that the chaos in Earthland has decreased drastically. Do you know what it means Kagutsuchi?"

"Of course I did Boreas I would not have said so otherwise." the being known as Kagutsuchi replied. "It means that the child of chaos has been tamed. But the question is for how long?"

The entity known as Boreas spoke, "I am curious about what he thinks of this"

Suddenly the entire landscape was bathed in a red light, the two elemental masses flinched at the powerful pressure and then a voice louder than thunder boomed out causing the surroinding islands to crack from the force. "WHAT DO I THINK? OBVIOUSLY I AM FURIOUS!" a large ball of red and black energy materialized into existence, the energy coiled and moved all over the place resembling coils of a giant serpent, within the energy the skull of a canine like animal was visible. The skull had two blood red eyes without any pupils and a giant third eye, with eight red arrows surrounding it, was visible on his forehead, darting all over the place before it settled its stare at the two gods.

"M… My Lord!" both gods exclaimed and they seemed to bow with respect to the larger entity before them.


"We were merely talking about the situation at hand and we were curious about how you were going to deal with this my Lord?" Kagutsuchi asked.


Both Kagutsuchi and Boreas seemed surprised by his answer, "Nothing?"


"My lord… not to sound disrespectful, but do you not regret anything about what happened during that event? After all weren't you and the child's mother…?"

"Be quiet Boreas!"Kagutsuchi snapped knowing that what his fellow god was about to say was near suicidal.

The large red mass was silent and his expression changed. The energy around him flickered to sky blue and the canine's skull changed momentarily to a human face, but that only lasted a second before the god grew in size and bolts of red lightning flew all over the place. One of them struck Boreas and he screamed in pain.


Boreas' cries were muffled by the god's shouting, but somehow he managed to get through, "FORGIVE ME , MY LORD! I WILL NEVER UTTER SUCH SAYINGS EVER AGAIN! PLEASE STOP!"The god remained motionless as he continued his treatment of torturing Boreas for another few seconds before he eventually stopped and released the sky god who was panting heavily.

"GOOD NOW GET OUT OF MY SIGHT, BOTH OF YOU! I BETTER NOT SEE EITHER OF YOU FOR A LONG WHILE AND YOU WOULD DO WELL TO HEED MY WARNING." . his body suddenly began to glow brighter and the two gods averted their eyes as the superior being roared before bursting into a flash of bright light and when the light died down, they saw that he was gone. The only thing that showed he was ever there was the destroyed and distorted landscape around them.

"That was very foolish and reckless Boreas. He could have killed you. What was the point in risking your life like that?" Kagutsuchi asked.

"You did not see that? It would seem that the God of Chaos has a soft spot for that mortal woman. That kid must be something special."

"You might be right, Boreas." Kagutscuchi agreed, "Who knows, maybe in order to counter that monster's wrath and return order, all we need is just the right mix of chaos."

Chapter end!

Hope you enjoyed the first chapter of Maelstrom of Chaos. I was inspired to write this story after I finished reading the Kane Chronicles.

So yeah in this story Naruto is a godslayer and he controls the element of chaos. As for the exchange between the gods, I am pretty sure you can guess what that was about and for him joining Phantom, I felt that for this story it just seemed to fit. Truthfully I wanted to try a story where he did not join the Fairy Tail guild right away.

The character Honomaru is an OC character of mine. I wanted to try my hand at it. The term"hono" is translated from flame or blaze. Please tell me what you all think of this chapter, I am really interested in what you guys have to say, especially about my OC character.

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