Maelstrom of Chaos

Chapter 2 : A place to belong

Timeskip; 3 years later

Naruto stood in the middle of the field, the grass swaying in the light breeze, crickets chirping, and birds singing their little notes. He was perfectly still garbed in a red sleeveless shirt, along with a pair of black pants with red flames at the hem and black combat boots. His eyes were now closed and his wild blond hair rose and fell with rhythm of the wind, his red bang rising and falling faster than the rest of his hair.

Suddenly everything stopped. The birds and crickets became silent, the wind stopped blowing and even Naruto's breathing came to halt. After a few more seconds, the silence was broken as he heard a faint rustling behind him. His eyes snapped open and he yelled out "Chaos God's Shield" his familiar red and black wispy energy formed in his hands expanding into a radial pattern with eight black arrows emerging from the circle's center which was a red slitted eye and red flame like energy formed around the arrows, giving it a membrane like appearance.

The moment it finished forming, a kattana covered in flames clashed with the shield. The blade was black with a piercing white along the edge, with a circular guard and a crimson clothed hilt. At first nothing happened, and then a giant squall of wind formed from the point of impact. Fire and divine energy blowing in streams as the attacks battled for supremacy.

With a yell Naruto pushed his attacker off of him and threw him back gaining some distance between him and his opponent. The enemy righted himself in mid-air, revealing none other than Honomaru, Naruto's master and his most trusted ally in the entire Phantom lord guild.

Honomaru's appearance had not changed over the past 3 years, but he definitely looked older. His once black and white patterned hair, once perfectly even was slowly being dominated by old age and turning white. He was shorter than Naruto in terms of height, who was now about 5ft 8, courtesy of the growth spurt he received. Honomaru claimed it was thanks to his training, but was brushed off by the blond.

Over the course of the last 3 years, Honomaru had taken Naruto under his wing, training him to help him gain better control over his God Slayer magic. Sure enough his progress had risen by leaps and bounds. He was now the third strongest mage in Phantom, right under Jose and himself.

Honomaru gazed at his young pupil who was smirking confidently. 'Cocky little brat' Honomaru smiled in amusement as he made the universal sign for 'come get me'.

Naruto tensed his feet and jumped at his master, leaving a giant crater from all the pent-up force he had stored in his legs. "Chaos God's Scythe" he extended his left arm and a scythe made of black energy with red carvings along the hilt and a black serrated edge with a red claw design on it. He began to spin in mid-air, hoping to gain enough momentum to overpower the elderly man. Honomaru chuckled at the blond's blunt method of attack. "You never learn do you kid?"

Naruto stopped spinning and using the momentum swung his scythe. From the swung arc, a large wave of black and red energy rushed over the field, reducing whatever was in its path to ash. Going with the momentum of Naruto's swing, Honomaru leaned back and avoided the blow. When Naruto was wide open Honomaru unsheathed his sword and swung at Naruto, but Naruto reacted just as quickly and blocked the deadly strike. The sword of flame continued to try to overpower his chaos star shield, the extreme heat slowly melting the magic surrounding it.

Naruto took a deep breath and gathered and condensed a large amount of magic energy within his lungs. "Crap" Honomaru thought as he jumped away. Naruto released the pent-up energy, "Chaos God's Bellow" he shouted as a large stream of black and red energy came out of his mouth and made a direct course for him. Honomaru quickly placed his sword in a horizontal position and placed his palm in the center of the blade. "Art of the fire sword: Sun barrier". A large barrier of flames circled around Honomaru just in time to take the brunt of Naruto's attack. The attack washed over Honomaru, but his defensive technique barely held against the power of the roar of the chaos god.

When the attack stopped, Honomaru rushed towards Naruto, appearing as nothing more than a blur. "Art of the fire sword: Exploding fang". Naruto blocked the sword with his scythe but upon contact a bright explosion of orange fire encased Naruto and shattered the scythe in his hands.

Narutpo emerged from the flames, his clothes scorched from the intense heat. Dark red energy formed in his hands before transforming into rings with eight arrows sticking out of them, "Chaos God's Chakram" he threw the rings at Honomaru who watched as the rings began to spin at intense speeds sounding like buzzsaws.

Honmaru sidestepped the first chakram ring and was about do the same to the other when suddenly the ring stopped right in front of him and floated in front of him as if it was a mirror. Honomaru's eyes widened as he looked behind him to see that the other chakram ring was in a similar position parallel to the first, he turned his head towards Naruto who was smirking. Honomaru's eyes widened, "Crap" he shouted, as Naruto clapped his palms together, "Chaos God's Prison" Suddenly the eight arrows from either ring flew toward the arrows of their opposite. When they collided the merged together, trapping Honomaru in a cylindrical cage of chaos magic.

Naruto stuck his hand forward and gripped his fist. The cage shrunk down in size effectively binding him, leaving only his head and feet free.

"This battle is mine old man!" Naruto shouted. He brought his hands up and began to gather his magic energy as a dark red magic circle appeared in front of him. "Chaos God's Setekh" he shouted as he slammed his hands together in front of him, his fingers entwined and from the magic circle a large dark red mass of magic formed in the shape of large dog like beast with sharp jaws. The construct flew towards Honoamru and chomped its teeth on his prison, making Honomaru shout in pain. The beast flew into the air and then turned direction, flying back to the ground at frightening speeds. When the beast impacted with the ground, a sonic boom resounded through the area as the construct of chaos magic exploded and expanded into the shape of a large red dome of energy.

Naruto panted slightly with a cocky grin on his face, 'At long last, I've finally beaten the old man. That makes 100 loses to my one victory'. He thought, ignoring the fact that he had not one a single match yet.

From within the smoke two objects flew out of the smoke towards him, he easily side stepped the projectiles and watched as they made contact with the earth. When he got a good look at what he avoided he saw that it was the pieces of a broken sword. Naruto gulped loudly, 'If his blade is broken then that means that…' he looked back at the smoke cloud which was now gone and what he saw caused him to sweat nervously.

His master's shirt had burnt off from his attack, revealing a well-toned and muscled body achieved through years of experience that should not have been possible for a man of his age. He was in a martial arts stance and the air around him began to shimmer due to the extreme heat.

"You broke my sword Naruto…You do realise that this means that I will not hold back now right?"

Naruto assumed his martial arts stance, ready for his master to make the next move. Honomaru smiled as he suddenly vanished from Naruto's line of sight.

"If you let your guard down for even a second…" He froze as he felt his master's presence behind him. "… then you are a dead man."

"SHIT!" Naruto shouted. Honomaru clapped his palms together before sliding them apart which created a stream of embers as if he clashed two metal blades together. "Fire Make: Blade" he shouted as he slashed at Naruto with a blade made of pure fire. Naruto formed his shield just in time to block the blade, red sparks flashing of Naruto's shield leaving a large gash. His blade dispersed and Naruto felt a terrible pain in his gut as he felt his master's knee slam against it. During his moment of weakness Honomaru assaulted him with many punches and each one felt like he was being hit by a fire coated battering ram. Just when Honomaru was about to deliver the last blow in the form of a palm strike, Naruto managed to overcome the assault and blocked it by crossing his arms. The force from the blow sent him flying back more than a few dozen yards away.

"Honomaru is simply terrifying. He is not known as Phantom's top mage for nothing. His skills with a sword are nothing to laugh at, but his true power lies in his decade's worth of hand to hand combat experience and his ability to create sharp flames with extreme cutting power thanks to his Fire Make magic."

Naruto's train of though was interrupted as his master rushed toward him, not leaving him any time to regain his bearings, "Fire Make: Battle Axe!" Naruto side stepped a giant axe made up of flames that cut through the earth and burning the ground. Naruto leaped forward to counter, "Chaos God's Apocalypse Fist" his fist became coated with energy and made contact with Honomaru's cheek. The force from the blow sent Honomaru flying away, but he quickly regained his balance and as he slid along the ground he clapped his hands and slid them apart creating more sparks, "Fire Make: Spear battalion" A giant magic circle appeared and hundreds of spears made of fire launched towards Naruto. Naruto took a deep breath and charged towards the fire spears. Just when the first set of spears were about to make contact with him, he stomped his foot on the ground, "Chaos God's Pulse" his foot suddenly released a pulse of magic energy which launched him into the air and sent him over the spears.

"Fire Make: Dragon", Honomaru performed his signature hand motions and unleashed a giant stream of flame in the shape of a dragon at Naruto. Naruto smirked, "Chaos God's Serpent Dance" Four giant blades appeared on both of his arms and legs. The dragon opened its maw hoping to swallow Naruto, but a red aura surrounded Naruto and in a flash of red and black, Naruto zigzagged his way past the dragon and a moment later and the dragon fell apart, hacked to pieces by Naruto's blade. "That's one", He said as he landed and rushed at Honomaru.

Honomaru retaliated and sent a new wave of fire spears towards Naruto, who was still surrounded by the strange aura, began moving with extreme precision through the spears. Honomaru increased his magic and flowed more energy into his attack, increasing the number and speed of the spears hoping to overcome Naruto. But Naruto remained unfazed as he kicked at the spears with the other blade on his leg, the force of the swing deviating the spears in different directions including into some of their own, "That's two."

Honomaru created two giant blades of fire and slashed a Naruto who jumped and brought his other leg down in an axe kick and trapped the two swords in place, forcing them down into the ground." That's three."

He raised his last arm and brought down the final blade, 'Here comes the last strike.' The blades on his legs and his other arm vanished, while the one surrounding his arm suddenly got brighter and doubled in size, "Chaos God's Guillotine", he brought down the blade with the intent of cleaving Honomaru in two.

A pillar of dirt kicked up as his attack made contact. Naruto gritted his teeth as he looked on in surprise when he saw Honomaru grasping his blade with his bare hands, despite that his body was straining heavily against the force of the blade and the fact that the blade was burning his hands due to the intensity of chaos magic being produced.

Honomaru grunted as he heaved and threw Naruto over his shoulders, before Naruto had the chance to recover Honomaru clapped his hands together, preparing his final technique.

"Fire Make: Blue Lotus Formation…" He made the ripping motion with his hands but instead of orange sparks, an inferno of blue flames surrounded his left fist as he pulled it back. "Imperial Dragon God" his fist launched itself with amazing speed and from his fist appeared a giant imperial Chinese dragon covered in blue flames with a crown of fire resting on its head. The dragon roared as it flew at Naruto, who remained frozen as the dragon's fangs came crashing down with a giant clap.

The giant wave of blue flames continued to rush through the field before finally coming to a stop a long ways ahead. Naruto gaped in shock at his master, whose whole body was covered in bruises and his palms smoking and burnt from grabbing his chaos blade. He was panting heavily, his right arm outstretched in the form of a claw. Naruto slowly moved his head to the side and his jaw dropped to the ground and his eyes widened to giant white saucers. From the tip of his master's fingers and extending over 500 feet from its original position, was a large trench around 5 feet in width. The entire earth along the trench blackened and burnt and in its center were traces of boiling lava, the flames had been so intense that the earth itself boiled to liquid state.

'HOLY FUCKING SHIT!' he thought loudly, 'Had he actually meant to kill me, I wouldn't even be a pile of ashes!'

Honomaru looked in front of him before sighing in frustration, "What is wrong Honomaru-sensei?", Naruto asked albeit still a little shook up. "Damn it, I was so dizzy that I missed." He said causing Naruto's eyes to bulge out of his skull and his jaw to drop, "YOU ACTUALLY MEANT TO HIT ME WITH THAT YOU CRAZY OLD GEEZER?!" he shouted.

Honomaru looked at his student and started to chuckle, Naruto blinked before he also began to chuckle. Pretty soon both mages began to laugh like crazy with giant grins adorning their faces.

When their laughter died down, Honomaru dropped to a sitting position and sighed in relief. "Considering that I used one of my strongest attacks, missed you and that my palms are causing me quite a bit of pain … I will let this count as your win." He said.

As soon as he said that Naruto's entire body lighted up with excitement, "Are you serious? I won?" he asked to which the elderly man nodded, "You won by technicality, but a win's still a win I guess." Naruto was shaking with anticipation, "Does this mean that…" he started to ask before Honomaru beat him to it. "Yes, by beating me you have officially completed your training and that as of now, you will be able to go on missions by yourself or with your own team. The way you fought today with not just power, but with a clear mind is more than enough to convince me that you are ready."

"YES!" Naruto fist pumped the air at the good news. "However…" Honomaru started and Naruto froze.

"Do not allow this little victory get to you. While you are certainly very powerful and have the potential to achieve the rank of S-class mage within a month or two, do not neglect your training. One can't get anywhere in life, unless they put their heart and soul into their work. Whether you are soldier, a farmer, a doctor or a mage, always put 110% into your work ethic. If you continue to train then you will become one of the strongest mages ever to have lived."

Naruto stared at his master with utmost respect, he smiled and nodded his head," Of course I will continue to train myself and become stronger. I will work hard to make my guild number one."

Honomaru smiled at his young protégé, 'This boy has great potential. Nobody has ever been able to put me in such a state.' A sad smile formed on his face. 'Not since my last fight with Ur. That woman was tough in both body and spirit. Plus she had one hot body.' He silently laughed. This all went unnoticed by Naruto who continued his rant.

"And I won't just make an S-class, I will continue to get stronger. One day I will become so strong that I will make it into the Ten Wizard Saints and I will surpass the top four." He shouted confidently.

Honomaru was surprised by the last comment. His lips twitched and his body began to shake, Naruto looked at his sensei with concern, "Something wrong old man?"

Naruto was at a loss for words when Honomaru, suddenly fell to the ground and began to laugh loudly like a baboon. "HAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU? STRONGER THAN THE TOP FOUR WIZARD SAINTS?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" A tick mark frowned on his head, before he began to shout at the demented middle aged man.

"WHAT YOU THINK THAT I CAN'T DO IT? DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE ME YOU SENILE GEEZER!"he shouted, his eyes becoming white without pupils.

Honomaru was on his knees clutching his stomach, wheezing for air. After a few mouthfuls of air, he calmed himself down and got to his feet, light chuckles escaping his mouth. "Relax boy, I have full confidence that you will make it into the Ten Wizard Saints. Heck I even believe you will make the fifth strongest."

Naruto was surprised by his words and he stood there with a dumbfounded expression, "If you really think that then why were you laughing?"

"I was laughing my ass off, because I was surprised that you wanted to be stronger than the Big Four. Do not get me wrong you will make it big, but those four are so strong they are considered deities. I doubt there is a human alive that will surpass them." He explained.

Naruto merely smirked at that, "If they are deities, then I'll have no trouble beating them. I am a God Slayer after all."

Honomaru chuckled and patted his student's head much to his annoyance. "You've got quite the optimism. How I envy your youth." He glanced at the sky and frowned, "It is getting late, and we should head back now before Jose goes into another fit."

Naruto grinned like a fox, "Yup, he's quite frightening when he's like that."

"It also wouldn't hurt to get ourselves checked into the hospital for the night."

"That too."

As the two began their walk back to Oak Town, Naruto asked a question that had been on his mind for a while, "Honomaru-sensei?" Honomaru looked at his student, "Yes?" Naruto paused trying to find the right words to ask, "Why do you serve Jose? I mean you and he always disagree with one another and sometimes you completely refuse to follow orders."

Honomaru looked at his student, "Tell me Naruto, why do you serve him?" he asked.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at the question, "Why do I serve him?" he asked with a sad smile. "It is because I owe him my life. If it weren't for him I wouldn't be able to stay sane. Being the Chaos God Slayer comes at a heavy price. I feed off of chaos in order to get stronger, but in this world chaos is overflows at an alarming rate. Also unlike other god slayers, I do not require to actually eat my element and I can absorb my element through my body. I can't help, but feed on it and the sheer amount causes my body pain. It's kind of like eating a never ending buffet and you just can't stop. Jose placed a seal on me to prevent the excess chaos from invading my system by sealing away the majority of my powers. His power is what keeps me sane and what allows me to converse safely with the rest of the world."

Honomaru frowned at that response, "Naruto, like you I also owed Jose a debt. But eventually I saw Jose started to stray away from the correct path and it is because of that debt that I don't just leave this place. Do not get me wrong I truly want to be part of the strongest guild, but somewhere along the way I forgot what truly makes a guild strong. Even if our reputation is equal to that of Fairy Tail's, we are still lacking something that makes us the strongest."

"I don't get it? What does Fairy Tail have that makes them stronger than us?" Naruto asked. Honomaru sighed, "I am afraid that I can't tell you the answer Naruto."

He turned around and placed his hand on his shoulder, "I am confident that you will be able to figure it out though." Naruto grinned like a fox at the challenge.

Phantom Lord Headquarters, the next day

Naruto and Honomaru yawned as they slowly made their way towards Jose's chambers. He had summoned them because they were told he had very important assignments for both of them.

As they made their way to Jose, other members of the guild would occasionally glare at Naruto from behind, but they stopped when Honomaru glared right back. Ever since Naruto had been made one of the top mages in the guild, the other members instead of looking at him with respect and admiration looked at him with expressions of anger, jealousy and resentment. It saddened him to his heart that his student was willing to ignore all that negative attention, because of his unwillingness to betray his debt to Jose.

Honomaru was brought out of his musings when he noticed that they had finally arrived. They entered the room to find Jose sitting on his throne sipping a cup of coffee "Honomaru and Naruto, so good of you to come. Would you care for some fresh coffee?" He asked gesturing to his cup. "We will pass Jose. Could you just please inform us of our assignment."

Jose frowned at Honomaru's disrespecting tone, but he merely sighed, "Very well, but before we get to your assignments, I take it that Naruto successfully passing your test means he is legible to go on missions solo now. Are you okay with this, Honomaru?"

"Considering I am the one who said that he was not ready at the time you said he was, yes. He is more than capable of handling his own on missions. Over the past three years his skills with his God Slayer magic have leapt by leaps and bounds. His attacks are more powerful, more coordinated and his constructs have such proper form that they would put even the most experienced maker mages to shame.

Jose smiled at that, "Excellent, just what I wanted to hear." He returned his gaze to Naruto, "As you know, recently our guild has started to become more powerful ever since you and many more additions to our guild were made, but Fairy Tail has started to catch up with some of its members gaining popularity, such as the Salamander, Titania Erza, the Demon Mirajane, Laxus and their newest member Mystogan."

Jose slammed his fist onto his armrest his grin now a frown, "We cannot allow Fairy Tail to surpass us so easily. So I have been doing a little digging and I believe that I may have found two possible new recruits for our guild that will no doubt bring us back to the top. However, I want to make sure that they are as strong as the rumors say and that is where you come in Naruto. I want you to find these two mages and test their abilities to see if they are worthy to be a part of our guild."

Naruto nodded his head and bowed in respect to Jose, "Of course Master Jose I will gladly accept this mission. I will not disappoint Phantom Lord's name."

"That is exactly what I wanted to hear from one of Phantoms most loyal members. As for you Honomaru, you will be going with Aria to investigate a strange occurrence near border's of Bosco."

Honomaru nodded, "Of course."

"With that done, this meeting is officially adjourned. I expect you both to leave in one hour so go and prepare your supplies. Naruto you can expect that your missions will take at least a couple of days. Honomaru you should pack for a long trip as you an expect this mission to be a long one."

"Yes sir", they said before both Naruto and Honomaru left to prepare for their respective missions.

Outside the guild hall, 1 hour later

Naruto and Honomaru stood outside the guild hall, exchanging their goodbyes before they departed for their respective missions.

"Well looks like this is it" Honomaru said as he and Naruto shook each other's hand. "This is your first solo mission so be careful out there, even if it is a simple recruiting mission never let your guard down. A mage must always expect the unexpected when out on a mission." He said sagely.

Naruto smirked, "Relax Honomaru-sensei, I will not fail such a simple mission. After all I had the legendary Fire Make mage to train me."

Honomaru smiled, "I expect nothing less from my student." They then heard uncontrollable sobbing, Aria had arrived. "So sad that we must leave now." He wailed uncontrollably causing both mages sweatdrop at the man's unexplainable behaviour.

"Well then we'd better get going, I want to hear as less of Aria's crying as possible. Good Luck on your mission." Honomaru waved lazily as he began to walk away with Aria.

"So long old man, I will see you when I get back. I am really looking forward to our next rematch." He smiled with a huge grin and waved at Honomaru.

Unfortunately, was not aware of the events to come that would forever change his fate.

Jose looked out the window at the forms of Honomaru and Naruto, "Honomaru, you have been in this guild for as long as I can remember and thanks to you we have come so far… Too bad you are starting to let your foolish ideals get in the way of my goal." An evil grin appeared on Jose's face as his eyes were shadowed by his hat, "Hopefully this mission will give you the clarity you need."

The next day, Onibus

Naruto sighed in boredom; the train would finally be arriving in Onibus. The ride itself had been incredibly boring and he was looking forward to finally arriving in Onibus.

Naruto looked back at the documents that Jose had given him. The documents contained detailed information and eyewitness accounts about his first target. "Hmm, says here the person that I am looking for is female, around fifteen years of age, attractive with blue hair, last sighted in Onibus town. People, who have seen her, sometimes call her 'The Rain Woman'." He was puzzled by the title. Why was she called the 'Rain Woman' ? The conductors voice sounded over the trains P.A., "Attention passengers, we will arrive in Onibus station in 30 minutes. The weather forecast is expected to be sunny."

However when they finally arrived, many of the passengers were slightly irritated, Naruto included. "Sunny my ass", he muttered under his breath.

The moment he stepped out of the train station, the entire town was under siege by a very heavy rainfall. He overheard a few people talking, apparently the weather was supposed to be sunny all week, but two days ago it started raining and it showed no signs of stopping since. Naruto immediately put on a serious face, 'So that's why they call her the 'Rain Woman' he thought. He decided to hurry up in his search in order to prevent the town from being flooded.

He asked around asking the town's people if they saw or knew anything about the girl, but he always came up to a dead end. Just when he thought he was out of leads, he overheard a couple of Rune Knight's and began asking them if they knew about the girl. "Those descriptions do sound familiar, though I can't place my finger where it is I saw that women."

His partner blinked in realisation, "Wait wasn't she the girl that took care of that dark guild?"

"Hey, you're right. Man how could I have missed something so important" he belittled himself.

"What happened?" Naruto asked. "Well you see there is, I mean was this dark guild called Firestorm. Those dark mages specialized in fire magic and they were causing the local towns people and business' a whole lot of trouble, you know, extortion, threats, the usual thing."

Naruto nodded and then motioned for them to continue, "Anyways, the town people were about to send a request when all of a sudden, the dark guild was destroyed and all of its members were defeated. By the time we arrived, we saw this strange girl. Around your age, blue hair, cute, wearing dark clothes, a cossack hat and she carried a pink umbrella with her."

"When was the dark guild destroyed?"

The knights thought about it before answering, "It was around two days ago in the morning. Right around the same time it started to rain like crazy."

Naruto smiled, this had to have been the one he was looking for, "Do any of you know where she went?"

The second guard nodded, "I saw her heading to the old church on the outskirts of town after the dark guild was defeated."

"Thank you very much." He said before he began to walk towards his new destination.

Outskirts of Onibus

Naruto stared at the old building in front of him, what once was a beautiful church was now an old building with broken windows and peeling white paint. Naruto stared at the old church and could not help but feel a twinge of sadness. Shaking it off, Naruto returned his focus to his objective and walked into the building and out of the heavy rain.

He gently pushed open the large oak doors of the church. Inside hew saw that here were rows of pews, a few smashed and boarded up windows and at the front of the church there was a colour stained window depicting the sun shining on people playing in a green meadow. But what got his attention was the figure sitting at the front of the church.

She was around his height and was dressed in a navy blue coat, with fur lining her shawl, a teru-teru bozu doll attached to the front of her shawl and a Russian cossack hat. Her hair was long, extending right down to her shoulders before curling at her shoulders. She had pale blue eyes and possessed a slender, curvaceous figure.

She did not turn around, leaving Naruto to conclude that she did not notice him. However as he was about to step forward, she spoke to him, her face never leaving the picture of the sunny meadow. "Have you come to mock Juvia? … Everyone else has."

Naruto stared at, "How did you know I was here? I was certain that I did not make a sound."

"So long as you walk in the rain, Juvia knows that you are there. Drip, drip, drop." she said.

"So it is true? You are the 'Rain Woman'?" he asked.

Juvia's eyes twitched and she stood up, waving her arm and unleashing a torrent of water blades at him. Naruto did not budge and allowed the water blades to come at him before he swiped his hand at the blades, evaporating them.

He narrowed his eyes as the girl disappeared in a swirl of water before reappearing directly in front of him, her face was void of emotion, but her image was betrayed by the rage in her eyes.

She extended her arm transforming it to water and lashed out at Naruto, "Water cane", Naruto raised his arms to block the attack, the force from the blow sent him skidding along the surface of the church.

But she did not stop there and continued her assault, launching another set of water blades at Naruto. Naruto quickly rolled out of the way and a magic seal formed in his open palm, "Chaos God's Whip", a long stream of dark red energy extended from his arm and he moved his arm at her causing the whip to strike at the spot in front of her. Juvia watched as the ground in front of her suddenly exploded as the tip of Naruto's whip made contact. She narrowed her eyes at the blond who launched his whip again at her. She dodged the attacks with the grace of a dancer or sometimes turned herself into water and split herself in two to avoid the whip's explosive touch. She watched the movements of Naruto's whip, moving around as if it was some kind of living serpent, everything that came into contact with it either exploding from coming into contact with the tip or was sliced in half.

After dodging the whip Juvia had enough and lashed out with her Water Cane, which collided with his own whip and both attacks wrapped around each other evaporating into steam. Juvia glared at him and rushed at him, "Water Jigsaw" she shouted as she transformed her body into a swirling whirlpool of water blades.

Naruto watched her movements without any worry. At the last moment he raised his arms and began to spin, coating his body with his God Slayer magic and launched himself at Juvia, "Chaos God's Cyclone." he shouted just as both mages collided.

From the point of contact, a massive of burst of steam erupted and exited with so much force that the doors and windows of the church shattered and blew away all furniture in the church breaking apart against the walls from the force of the blast. Naruto emerged from the cloud of steam, grabbing Juvia by the arms and spun in the air, throwing her away. Juvia splashed across the floor of the church in the form of thousands of water droplets, but that was only for a second before she restructured her body to normal.

Juvia did not look in the least bit injured or tired from their little spar, a feat which greatly impressed the god slayer. He noticed that while her face still did not show any emotion what so ever, her eyes were filled with a cluster of different emotions. Naruto gazed in shock at her eyes. In them he saw regret, envy, anger, but the one emotion that stood out was her immense sadness, the sadness of never being accepted by others.

Naruto could not help, but feel pity for the girl in front of him. In her eyes, Naruto saw himself as a young child, trying desperately to have friends in a world that feared and rejected him.

"I take it that you do not like that name?" he asked her out of the blue. Juvia's expression did not change, but she slowly nodded her head.

"No…Juvia does not. After Juvia saved the towns people, Juvia expected them to be happy, but…" she stopped herself.

"But…? " he urged for her to continue.

Juvia hesitated, but eventually gave in, "But all they could say… was how gloomy the rain was." She said with a sad frown.

She looked back to the one window that had somehow miraculously survived the explosion, the glass tainted window with the sunny meadow. A lone tear made its way down her face.

As Naruto looked at her, he realized something, "You cannot control it can you? You cannot control the rain."

Juvia looked at him with a surprised expression on her face, but Naruto was not done. "You feel sad, angry and jealous of all those people out there. You spent your whole life trying to be accepted, but everyone continues to avoid you for something that you did not mean to do and that you have no control over. I am going to assume that they have also teased and picked on you because of it?" he said.

Juvia stared at him in shock as more tears lined her eyes threatening to fall. "How…how do you know all this about Juvia?" she asked him.

Naruto gave her a sad smile, as he made his way towards her. He stopped by her side and stared at the same picture, "Because I have been in the exact same position as you have. I also was unable to control my magic and everyone around me started to be afraid of me. They even went as far as to call me a 'demon child'. All around me, my magic raged and I could not control it." He said, and then turned to look at Juvia.

"If anything I wished that I would have your powers. To make it rain wherever I go... at least the rain brings life and beauty to all those around it. My powers on the other hand, all they do is bring about death and destruction."

Juvia was shocked, not only had this boy complimented her powers, he had also experienced the same situaion as her. Every single word that came out of his mouth, she knew that he had meant every word of it.

"Tell me Juvia… have you ever seen the sun?" he asked her. Juvia hesitated before slowly shaking her head. "I figured as much by the way you were looking at that picture." he motioned toward the colour stain glass.

"Did you know that it is possible for there to be one than more sun?" he asked her. Juvia stared at him incredulously, "How is something like that possible?" she asked.

"When I mean sun I do not mean the star that floats above our heads, I am talking about the sun that gives you warmth and that allows you to feel alive and gives you a purpose in life. Every person has that. I had that once, there was one person in my life that made me feel safe, wanted and happy." He lifted his hand and touched his red streaked hair.

"That person was the most important person in my life. When I lost her it felt as if my entire soul lost its warmth and that my desire to live vanished. Eventually I thought of just ending it all, but then one day I was found by a very strong individual and that man took away all of the pain that made me suffer and most important of all he gave me back my purpose to live."

He extended his hand out towards the girl in front of him, Phantom gave me a reason to strive forward. Maybe it can do the same for you. Juvia I would like you to come and join the Phantom Lord Guild." He said.

Juvia gaped at him in shock, to suddenly ask him such a thing, "Are you sure... that you want Juvia to join?"

"Come on Juvia I mean sure some of the guys are a bit rowdy and antisocial, but deep down everyone works really hard to make our guild the strongest. Besides if I didn't want you to join Phantom I would not have bothered to step through those doors."

Juvia was speechless, here was this stranger who suddenly appeared out of nowhere asking her to be his comrade, "Y…you would want to be friends with Juvia?" she asked. He nodded his head, "Sure and if you ever need assistance I will do everything in my power to help you."

"Then if you promise to let Juvia be your friend… Then she will go with you to join your guild." She said with a small smile.

Naruto smiled at the blunette, "Thank you Juvia." As the two walked out of the church and back into the rain Juvia's gloomy look returned.

Naruto noticed her frown and said, "Juvia, I want to make you a promise."

"A promise?" she asked.

"Yes" he said. He looked directly at her and said, "Starting today I will make you this promise Juvia. I promise you… That by joining Phantom you will one day see your sun."

Juvia looked at him from under her umbrella. She then did something that surprised even her… She smiled at him. Not one of her usual small smiles, but it was a big and cheerful one, the kind she would do when she was a little girl.

"Let us go home to our new guild, Naruto-san." she said cheerfully.

Naruto grinned at her, "Let's do that Juvia-chan, but first off there is something that I have to do first."

Juvia looked at him with a curious look as they walked through the rain, "What is it?"

He smirked "I have to find and fight a certain mage."

Chapter End!

Mage Info:

Name: Naruto Uzumaki


Affiliation: Phantom Lord Guild

Status: Alive

Magic: Chaos God Slayer Magic

Likes: Ramen, fighting strong opponents and being the strongest

Dislikes: His father

Hope you enjoyed Chapter 2 of the Maelstrom of Chaos.