Maelstrom of Chaos

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Chapter 3: Iron Dragon vs Chaos God

Border of Bosco

Honomaru frowned as he looked at the pile of smoking ash in front of him. He glanced at the other houses before him, all reduced to the same state as the one in front of him.

Behind him Aria cried as he looked at the remains of the civilians, "So sad that these people were caught up in such a horrible event." He wailed.

"Whoever's handiwork this belongs to; it is quite clear that they did this only recently." Honomaru spoke as he rubbed the ash, he could still feel the burn marks of whatever type of magic did this and it was strong no doubt about that.

He stood back and began to run out of the once peaceful village, Aria gliding behind him. During his trek up to Bosco's borders, which had taken him and Aria around five days to reach, he had read about his mission. Apparently there had been an increase in attacks recently along the borders of Bosco by unknown assailants, not much was known other than the fact that the attacks only started over the past several days and that it had completely blocked off the trade route between Bosco and Fiore. The strangest thing was that no items were stolen and were merely destroyed by the fires the individual or individuals created. The identity of whoever was responsible was unknown because any one who had ever encountered the perpetrators was burned to death.

When they first arrived to investigate a little over 12 hours ago, Honomaru began to follow a set of tracks left behind by the culprit and every time he found something new, his anger would continue to rise. The trails of clues left behind usually involved the charred bodies of the victims left behind. The worst part of all of this was that they were deliberately set almost. Honomaru suspected that the person was aware that he was being followed and was eagerly waiting when they would finally catch up to him. Honomaru did not know who was responsible, but he knew that they were seriously powerful and that they treating this as some type of game. Honomaru vowed that whoever was responsible would make them pay.

"Let's hurry Aria, with tracks such as these whoever did this could not have gotten far."Honomaru got up and walked away from the site towards the village exit.

However Honomaru tensed as he suddenly heard a high pitched wine. He quickly grabbed Aria and jumped out of the way just as the ground exploded as a projectile landed. Honomaru watched as the entire zone surrounding the landing had been burnt and glazed over into glass.

His head darted all over the area his eyes scanning for any possible location where the attack could have come from. His eyes finally settled on a spot between two trees which had been burnt on their sides, small embers falling to the ground. 'Didn't expect the guy to be a damn sniper and by the looks of it he is packing some serious heat.' He thought to himself. His ears twitched as another high pitched wine reached his ears and he and Aria side stepped another projectile as it soared past them and destroyed the area that was once a house.

"Aria this guy is locked onto our position and we won't be able to get him if all we do is dodge his projectiles all day." They avoided another pair of projectiles as they ran through the destroyed village. "What do you suggest we do?" he asked.

"I say we go into the forest and split up. I will go in and act as a decoy and the trees should provide me with enough cover to make it harder for him to pinpoint me. Once enough commotion is made you slip away and while he is firing at me you try and pinpoint where he will be hiding, any questions?" Aria shook his head, "All right, let's do this!" he shouted as he and Aria deviated their current course and headed straight to the forest. They just barely made it as a projectile came flying out of nowhere and pierced right through the trunk of an unfortunate tree.

The two phantom mages ran through the trees while avoiding any projectiles that came flying at them, though the interval between each shot appeared longer than before. Honomaru unsheathed his blade and ran his thumb down the length of the blade, created a large shower of sparks, just as a projectile neared them.

"Art of the fire sword: Prometheus' Bane" The projectile clashed with Honomaru just as it was about to collide with them. Honomaru's blade was now coated with fine edge of bright flames that were struggling against the force of the projectile which Honomaru saw to be an arrow made of white fire with a dark arrowhead.

Honomaru grunted as he twisted his blade and deviated the arrow's trajectory making it pass him and Aria, colliding with the ground making a smoke screen which Arian quickly vanished into. 'All right you son of a bitch come and get me!' he took shelter behind a nearby tree and waited for the enemy to make his move. He sat on the ground taking very slow and deep breaths.

He took one final breath and glanced from behind the tree. The moment his head peeked out he was almost blinded by a white light, but years of combat experience made him run out of the way just in time to avoid a whole barrage of those strange arrows. "That bastard was toying with us the whole time?" he yelled to himself as he began to run like hell to get out of the way.

The barrage of arrows suddenly ended and a few moment s later Honomaru ran right into the middle of a giant field. The field was surrounded by the forest and he saw something that worried him greatly. He saw foot imprints as he ran showing that the ground was covered in ash and he spotted some nearby tree stumps that looked like they had been cut clean through by something really hot.

He cursed under his breath, "This entire area looked like it was man made. This guy wanted me and Aria to separate just so he could lead one of us to this field?"

"Not 'us'...Just you." an unknown voice spoke from behind him.

Honomaru quickly turned to face the owner of the voice, but his vision was blocked as a large mass collided into him. Honomaru pushed the mass off of him and gasped when he saw that the mass was Aria. He looked worse for wear and was covered in serious burns and his headband was nowhere in sight.

'Aria was defeated despite having his headband removed?' he looked up to face his attacker, but was baffled by what he saw. "You're...!"

He never got to finish as the mysetrious figure waved his hand and a magic circle sprung to life. Honomaru could do nothing but watch as he was envolopped by a bright light.

Outkirst of Shirotsume, 2 days earlier

Naruto and Juvia looked in awe at the giant compound in front of them; they looked up at a giant sign that was written 'Shirotsume Iron Works'. Apparently it was a large compound where tons of recycled iron and other types of metal were melted down, forged and then shipped of as armor and other types of weapons.

The place looked abandoned. It was eerily silent; devoid of any work what so ever. When Naruto asked the people from Shirotsume, they said that a strong mage had taken up residence at the iron works and forcing everyone out. Any mage that they sent to get rid of the rogue mage came back with serious injuries.

Naruto assured the towns people that he would take care of the situation. The town's people were sceptical at first, but when he added that he would do it for free they accepted his help right away. Naruto began walking towards the Ironworks and pushed open the large doors without effort, "Juvia I want you to stay here and guard the doors. Make sure that no one comes in and whatever you do Juvia, no matter what you hear I don't want you to intervene okay?"

"Okay" she said turning her back to him with her umbrella over her head causing him to sweatdrop. 'She didn't even hesitate.' He thought, unsure if that was a good thing or not. Naruto went in and closed the doors and walked through the scrapyard. While he was walking he was vaguely aware of someone following him, but ignored it for now. He finally arrived in the center of the iron works and came to a stop.

"All right. I know that you are following me." He shouted. When he received no answer, he continued to speak to the mysterious presence, "I am Naruto Uzumaki, a mage from the Phantom Lord Guild. I came here so I could offer you a place at our guild. I have heard that you were pretty strong and with your help, we will become the strongest guild in all of Fiore."

Again he was met with no answer. He was about to yell again, when he was interrupted.

"Are you fucking serious? The strongest Guild in Fiore? Don't make me laugh." A rough voice scoffed. Naruto frowned as he looked for the source of it, but it seemed that it was echoing all over the area. He blinked as he noticed that everything around him was becoming darker. He cursed as he quickly did a back flip just as something crashed down on his earlier position. Naruto looked at what would have crushed him and saw that it was an iron cannon. Naruto frowned at the stranger's actions, "Why the hell are you attacking me?"

From a pile of junk a figure jumped from it in a burst of gears and scrap metal. He landed in front of Naruto, the ground around his feet cracking from the force of the impact. The figure was male, who looked to be about the same age as he was and about the same height. He had black hair that reached his shoulders and was slicked back; he was wearing a white shirt with the collar upturned along with a pair of white pants. He wore brown fingerless gloves, with studs on the knuckles and an iron wrist band on either wrist and he was barefoot. His most prominent features were the scars on his arms, his red slitted eyes and the piercings that covered various parts of his body. He had piercings along the areas where his eyebrows would be, two on his nose, two on his chin and three piercings on each of his ears, one on each lobe.

He stared at Naruto with his animal like eyes, 'His eyes… They are not human.' He thought as he entered a battle stance.

"You have some nerve dragging you're ass in here onto my turf." The teen said with a snarl.

"You're turf? In case you hadn't noticed, this area belongs to the workers of Shirotsume. You can't just force them away from their jobs. So I am going to ask you to leave this place and come with me." He said.

The black haired teen snorted, "You must be fucking stupid if you think that I am going to take orders from a guy whose name means 'fishcake'." He shouted.

A tick mark appeared on Naruto's face, "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU CALLING FISHCAKE YA DAMN MASOCHIST?" he yelled to the teen.



The mysterious teens eyes turned completley white expanding to the size of dinner plates, "THE FUCK? THAT'S YOUR LOGIC BEHIND THE MEANING OF YOUR NAME? THAT IS THE DUMBEST THING I EVER HEARD!"


The black haired teens head grew to gigantic proportions, "YOU DON'T EVEN REMEMBER THE WHOLE REASON YOU STARTED THIS WHOLE ARGUMENT?" he yelled with spit flying out of his mouth.

Naruto blinked and slammed his fist into his palm, "Oh that's right! I was asking you to leave with me to come and join Phantom Lord." He said.

"Well you can forget it! I ain't joining no stupid guild." He growled as he cracked his knuckles together.

Naruto frowned and cracked his neck and reassumed his attack stance, "If that is how you are going to be then you leave me no choice, but to make you leave by force."

Gajeel reared his head back and laughed, "You beat me? Like that will happen, especially considering that I have the home field advantage."

"What do you mean by 'home field advantage'?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Enough talk!" he yelled. He jumped after Naruto at speeds that caught him of guard. He aimed to punch the blond in the face, but Naruto managed to evade the attack, barely grazing his cheek. He landed on his feet before rushing towards the blonde engaging him with hand to hand combat.

While Naruto dodged his opponent's strikes, he calmly analysed his opponents fighting style. He understood that this guy didn't practice any specific type of martial art and was more of a brawler and a fierce one at that. However, this guy's fighting style was nonetheless deadly, relying heavily on his superhuman strength.

Naruto dodged another punch to the head and grabbed the arm, before flipping him over his shoulders. He flipped on his hand before he extended his foot towards Naruto who watched with amazement as the foot transformed extending into a large metal pillar. Naruto avoided the strike by jumping onto the pillar, but was caught off guard as smaller pillars emerged from the main pillar and slammed into his face, gut and other parts of his body. He rolled on the ground before jumping up onto his feet wiping away the trail of blood from his lips.

"Impressive, you use your strength in order to overwhelm your opponents and that coupled with your ability to transform your body into metallic structures is a really deadly combination." He said, before vanishing from the black haired teen's sight. His eyes widened even more when Naruto reappeared in front of him.

"However, when it comes down to it, speed takes priority in combat than power." He punched the teen in the face, and then brought his knee into his stomach before finishing with a roundhouse kick to the face and he was sent flying into a pile of scrap metal. Naruto flinched as he shook his aching limbs, 'Damn, that guy's body is as tough as his attacks. It felt like I was punching an iron wall.'

Naruto looked at the mound of metal where the teen was buried. He was puzzled when he heard the sound of crunching metal. His opponent emerged from the mound and saw that he was eating large pieces of jagged and sharp metal. After he swallowing a couple of pounds of iron and steel, he wiped his face with the back of his hand. He did not look even fazed by Naruto's strikes.

"Like I said you can't beat me when I have the home field advantage." He said with a smirk.

Naruto narrowed his eyes, "Who and what are you?"

His smirk gained a crazy look as he pointed to himself, "My name is Gajeel Redfox and I am the Iron Dragonslayer!" he shouted triumphantly. "You'd better remember that name, because that is the name of the guy who is going to beat you into the ground."

Naruto eyebrows went up in slight surprise, but aside from that he did not seem fazed, "So that is what you meant that I can't beat you? You can increase your power and energy by eating the metal around you."

"Yup, so you might want to consider begging for mercy and I might let you go." He said with a cocky smile. However, said smile faltered when he heard the blond chuckle. "Why the hell is so damn funny?" Gajeel asked. Naruto smirked at him "I find it funny that the child of a dragon would consider that he even stood a chance against me."

"Why the hell is that?" Gajeel snarled. Naruto smiled as dark red magic burstout from his body surrounding and writhing around him like flames.

"I am laughing, because I found it hilarious that the child of a dragon thought that it was possible for him to stand against me… a being with the power to kill a GOD!" he announced dramatically as pure white eyes glared at him from within the sea of chaos magic. Gajeel instinctively took a step back as he felt Naruto's power. Not one to show weakness, Gajeel strengthened his resolve and prepared to fight the young godslayer.

He took a deep breath drawing on his magic reserves, "Iron Dragon's Roar" he shouted and a large cyclone of metal and shrapnel made its way towards Naruto who mimicked Gajeel and also took a deep breath, "Chaos God's Bellow" he shouted.

As both attacks collided, everything within a certain distance was blown away from the incredible force generated from the attacks. Gajeel and Naruto continued to pour power into their attacks, but no matter how much Gajeel tried he couldn't match Naruto's strength and his attack was quickly overpowered. The attack reached him and he was caught up in the stream of divine energy.

The smoke cleared revealing Gajeel who was now covered in what appeared to be iron scales, smoking from the force of Naruto's attack. "Iron Dragon's Scales" he said and charged Naruto again, raining down blow after blow down on the chaos godslayer. He went into a violent roundhouse kick, which Naruto ducked under and watched as the force of the kick created strong wind movements that destroyed a large pillar of rusted metal. 'That armor has made him both faster and stronger.'

Gajeel then transformed his arm into a large sword, "Iron Dragon's Sword" he shouted and began to slice away. Naruto sidestepped a downward slash, only for Gajeel to shift his blade and slice horizontally, aiming to cut him at the waist. Naruto quickly coated his arm in dark red energy, blocking Gajeel's attack. Gajeel continued to strike at Naruto who blocked his strikes, but he was begin to falter from the quick succession of attacks. Naruto jumped over the slash from Gajeel, but with an impressive show of speed, Gajeel jumped over Naruto and performed an axe kick sending him falling to the ground.

Gajeel kicked his leg towards the falling Naruto who barrel rolled out of the way and placed his hand on the iron pillar. "Chaos God's Spark" A magic seal appeared and a bolt of lightning raced down the iron pillar and upon reaching Gajeel unleashed a torrent of chaos induced volts of electricity. Gajeel gritted his teeth as he felt the electricity course through every single nerve in his body, but that didn't stop him from swinging his arm at Naruto, making it transform in mid-swing. Naruto slammed into the ground and he leaned back as Gajeel's sword nearly severed his head from his body. Gajeel retracted his arm and prepared to rush at Naruto, only he didn't expect for his leg to suddenly stop working. "What the hell did you do to my leg?" Gajeel roared as he tried to move his malfunctioning limb.

"Chao God's Spark sends a strong electrical current through your body. These currents have the unique ability to completely short circuit any system in the body that I happen to come in contact with. Presently, the nervous system in your leg which the brain sends messages in order for it to perform any action is all mixed up. Basically the action you would normally do to move your foot is performed by another action that you do when using your leg."

Gajeel looked down at his leg and tried to move his foot, instead he saw his pinky toe twitch and when he tried to move his knee he saw that his big toe moved instead. Gajeel looked up to see Naruto had closed the gap between them and his arm pulled back, "Chaos God's Ram" he shouted thrusting his palm forward directly into Gajeel's abdomen and making him fly right into another pile of scrap.

"Rest assured that the effects of my magic are temporary and considering that my attack is normally focused on a person's head or chest, the effects shouldn't last too long." He told him.

Gajeel wasn't listening and instead he started devouring pieces of metal he could grab. Once he was done Gajeel flexed his previously damaged leg. Satisfied that everything was back in working order he resumed his attack on Naruto his sword transforming back into his scale covered fist, but Naruto reacted just as fast.

"Iron Dragon's Hard Fist" his fist gaining a green magic seal forming in front of his fist. "Chaos God's Apocalypse Fist." A red magic seal appeared in front of Naruto and his fist become black with red streaks trailing behind it. Both fists collided and upon impact a sound similar to a sonic boom sounded out throughout the area and a large crater the size of an olympic pool formed as a result.

After the dust cleared Naruto and Gajeel were revealed and they were standing at the very epicentre of the crater their fists connecting from the earlier collision. Both of their arms were smoking and sleeveless, their fists were still in their stalemate, their muscles bulging and their arms shaking slightly as they tried to overpower one another. Finally after realizing that neither of them would win this stalemate, Gajeel and Naruto simultaneously withdrew their fists and jumped back putting some distance between them.

As they both got up, Naruto and Gajeel couldn't help the smiles that formed on their faces. It was evidently clear that both fighters were having the time of their lives. "You can still back out now, I won't hold it against you." Naruto said, but Gajeel simply pulled his head back and roared with laughter.

"Give up?! Are you fucking serious? I haven't had this much fun in years" he howled. Naruto smirked at the son of Mettalicana. He was strong and would no doubt reach the ranks of S-class within a year. Unfortunately for him Naruto was much stronger.

"Hey Gajeel." Naruto yelled catching the iron dragon slayer's attention, "Why don't we make a bet?" Naruto asked. Gajeel looked on in curiosity at Naruto. "What type of bet?" he asked.

"I can tell that you are strong, but you won't last much longer with me as your opponent, so why don't we end this with one strike. Each of us will use one last attack and the one left standing will be the winner. If I lose then I will leave you be to do what you wish, but If I win then you must come to the Phantom Lord Guild and help us become the strongest guild." He said.

Gajeel burst into laughter, "You sure sound cocky. One shot from you will take me down, huh? But I like the idea of an all or nothing strike. What the hell, I'm all in." He shouted.

With his challenge accepted Naruto began to charge his magic energy in order to perform one of his strongest attacks. Gajeel was doing the same, his body radiating power as he charged up the energy in order to perform one of the most sacred and powerful of the dragon slayer techniques.

Gajeel jumped high into the air and a magic seal appeared beneath his feet, "Dragon slayer secret technique:…" he shouted as his feet merged together to form a drill and he started to spin his body transforming into a large rotating drill that rushed towards Naruto like a meteor.

"Karma demon: Iron Spiral" he shouted.

Naruto gave a small smile, "Impressive, but I am afraid that this is the end." He said.

"God Slayer's Secret Art: Chaos Trinity:" He lifted one arm into the air forming a magic seal with three demonic eyes converging around a centre with a red flame.

"Spear of Set", he yelled slamming his other hand onto the seal and three spiralling blasts of chaos magic shot forth from each eye and then fused together forming a giant spear with the head in the form of a wolf with a large blade emerging from its jaw. Gajeel met the blast head on, increasing the power and speed of his rotation as he attempted to drill through Naruto's attack. Just when he thought that he was about to succeed a large crack got his attention. He watched his iron covered body began to crack under the intense pressure, 'T-that's impossible! No one can break the scales of the iron dragon!" he thought in disbelief.

His armor finally gave way to the power of Naruto's attack and he screamed in agony as the energy stream engulfed him. When the blast finally subsided Gajeel fell to the ground, his body smoking as his iron scales turned to dust and broke away. He groaned as he looked at Naruto and gasped as he saw an image of a burning fox skull with three eyes appearing behind him.

"This guy… he really has the power… to slay gods!?" he asked in disbelief.

Gajeel blinked as the image disappeared and was replaced by Naruto's holding his hand out to him. He was smiling triumphantly at him, "Looks like I win."

Gajeel scoffed, but still grabbed Naruto's hand as he helped him onto his feet, "Just when I was getting warmed up." He got back to his feet but he stumbled and would have fallen had Naruto not draped his arm over his shoulder.

"We should get you to a hospital and get your wounds looked at."

Gajeel chuckled at the blond, "Please, the only meds I need is a heaping helping of iron... but if you're gonna get whiney about it, then take me to a hospital not in the nearby town."

Naruto chuckled, "Deal."

Two days later

Naruto sighed out of boredom as he gazed out at the rainy country side. "Juvia is sorry for the rain, drip drip drop." She said in her usual gloomy attitude, causing both boys to sweatdrop.

"Its fine Juvia, I am pretty sure that the hills needed some water anyway." he said reassuringly.

He looked at Gajeel who was covered in bandages and he now sported a black sleeveless vest with a skull on it and he was munching on a nail.

"So how long before we get to this Phantom Guild of yours? He asked

"It should take about one more day. Luckily I had just enough money to pay us for the express route so we should be getting there faster than normal."

An hour into the ride they ordered some food. Naruto ordering a dish of pork miso ramen, Gajeel a raw stake (claiming that it was rich with iron) and Juvia some smoked salmon.

As they ate and enjoyed their meals, Juvia spoke in order to break the tense silence, "Naruto-san?" Juvia asked. "Yes, Juvia?" he asked his mouth full of noodles.

"What can you tell us about yourself?"

"What would you like to know?"

"What are your interests, hobbies, you know?" Gajeel finished for her.

"Well I am almost 16 years old and I have been with Phantom over 3 years. My main magic is Godslayer magic. It is an extremely rare form of lost magic that grants the user the power to kill gods."

"Wait are you telling me that gods actually exist on this earth?" Gajeel asked unconvinced of Naruto's answer.

"The guy who was raised by a dragon is finding it hard to believe the existence of gods?"

"Well a dragon is one thing, but when you say that a god raised you and taught you magic, then people are more than likely to toss you in the looney bin." Naruto chuckled sheepishly rubbing the back of his head "I can see your point. However, I did not learn this magic from a god and I most certainly was not raised by one either." He said slurping up some noodles.

"So then how is it possible for you to know godslayer magic?" Gajeel asked curiously.

"In a way, Godslayers are not entirely human; rather they are almost like the offspring of gods or rather their descendants." He said shocking both Gajeel and Juvia that they dropped their food.

"H-hold on what you are saying is that you… are a descendant of a god?!" Gajeel asked with wide eyes.

Naruto nodded, "The closer you are to a god the stronger you are as a godslayer. When a person manages to awaken the divine blood within in them, they obtain the ability to use Godslayer magic. When that happens, the god to which that person is associated with sends them a tome that explains to them how to use their magic. The possibility for anyone, no matter the amount of divine blood within them, to obtain the ability to use Godslayer magic is incredibly rare."

"A-amazing! Juvia cannot believe that such a thing was possible."

"So works the way of the world Juvia. Or in this case outer world I guess." He said slurping up some more noodles and a piece of pork.

"But then who raised you?" she asked.

Naruto stopped eating and settled his chopsticks on to his tray. He smiled to himself as he began to recall some of the best memories of his life. "Whenever gods have children, they usually leave them in the hands of their mortal parents. If there is no one around… Well let's just say that the gods are not supposed to intervene in matters like that. I happened to be one of the lucky ones. While I was growing up and before I got my powers, I was raised by my mother."

"What's she like?" Gajeel asked surprising them both. When he saw their faces he quickly got pissed, "What? Just cause I am a guy I can't ask about another person's Ma?" he growled out.

Both Juvia and Naruto laughed at his statement, "Sorry about that Gajeel. But back to the point… she was really kind." He looked at his bowl of soup as if he saw an image only he could see. "She tried her best to make sure that I grew up to be a responsible person. She always took care of me and was always there to help me when I needed it. To me she was the light that brought warmth to my life…my sun."

His smile turned into a sad frown, "but she died when I was six." His eyes grew dull and his hair covered his eyes as he remembered the tragic events of that day. His two companions looked at him with worry, but after a few calming breaths he regained his composure and picked up his chopsticks to resume eating his ramen.

"Juvia is sorry that she brought it up, forgive me Naruto-san." She bowed her head in respect.

"It is fine Juvia do not worry about it. As kind as she was, my mother was also the toughest women you could know. If she saw me sulking like this, she would no doubt pound me into the ground." He shivered.

Gajeel suddenly realised something, "Wait there is something I don't get. You say you were raised by your mom, but what about your old man?" He asked bluntly. This proved to be a big mistake.

As soon as he mentioned his father, Naruto eyes went from sad to murderous, the chopsticks that he was holding in his hand spontaneously combusted to ashes and the window of their cart almost shattered as thousands of spider cracks formed out of nowhere, shocking the two mages.

Naruto put his tray down and got up to leave the cart. Before he stepped out he spoke to Gajeel and Juvia, "I'm sorry... but don't ever mention 'him' in front of me ever again." He growled out adding emphasis on the word 'him', saying the word as if it were acid on his tongue.

He exited the compartment and slammed the door shut, shattering the door's glass window. Juvia and Gajeel looked at the broken door that their comrade left behind.

"Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned his old man." Gajeel said nervously. Juvia rolled her eyes at him, "You think?"

After Naruto's reaction on the train, Gajeel and Juvia found it best to avoid any and all mention concerning Naruto's father. They rest of the ride to Oak town went by without any further incident, but things had been a little tense. However, that changed the moment that they walked through Phantom Lord's doors. Naruto's previous anger dissapeared as he guided Gajeel and Juvia to meet Jose. When they arrived Naruto went to explain in clear detail both Juvia and Gajeel's skills, leaving no information out. Impressed, Jose accepted them into the guild and even allowed Naruto to form his own team with them, much to his joy.

After that they became an official team, Naruto and his team took on mission after mission completing each and every one of them without any difficulty. After a week had passed by Naruto and his team had completed over a dozen missions and were quickly making a name for themselves.

"I can't believe that dark guild was even worth being an A-class mission. It was filled with nothing but weaklings." Gajeel grunted.

"I would have to agree with you on this one. A million jewels to take down that guild of rogue mages? The higher ups in Era are being way to generous." Naruto said with a tired sigh.

"Weaklings. Drip drip drop." Juvia muttered from underneath her umbrella.

"Well in any case I am glad that this mission was a success. I cannot wait to get back to the guild. Honomaru-sensei must be back from his mission by now."

"Eversince we got hear you haven't shut up about this Honomaru guy. Just how strong is he?" Gajeel inquired.

Naruto smirked, "Honomaru sensei is incredibly strong. He is the strongest mage in phantom besides Jose and he taught me everything I know about fighting. Even as strong as I am now, I have bearly managed to beat him in a fight. He is quite possibly the strongest fire mage in Fiore."

"Wow, if he is as strong as you say he is then I look forward to fighting him." Gajeel grinned.

"Though Juvia is not one for violence, even she is curious to see how she will fair against such an opponent."

"That's the spirit. I am sure that you guys will get along quite nicely with Honomaru." He stopped walking long enough to notice that they had arrived to Phantom Lord HQ. Naruto pushed open the doors and gestured for his teammates to enter.

The guild hall was full of Phantom mages all drinking, laughing or shouting at one another. Naruto's eyes gazed around the hall and spotted Jose on top of the stairs over looking his guild. Naruto gajeel and Juvia made their way through the hall to him. "Naruto I see that you and your friends have returned from your latest mission. I take it that you were successful?"

Naruto nodded, "Of course Master Jose, we dealt with the dark guild and it should no longer cause any trouble."

"Excellent, just what I wan to hear from my one of my guilds elite. As for you two…" he glanced at Gajeel and Juvia, "You are making remarkable progress. Keep this up and I will grant you the titles of S-class in no time."

The small group nodded and thanked their master. "Master Jose there is something I would like to ask you." Naruto asked.

"Yes Naruto, what would that be?" he asked curiously. "Well I was wondering... have Honomaru and Aria returned from their mission yet?"

Jose merely chuckled, "Naruto are you of all people doubting your Master's abilities?" he asked with a grin. "Of course not master Jose! I am quite confident that Honomaru can handle anyone." He exclaimed proudly.

Jose looked at the boy with his ever present dark smirk, "Well don't worry then. I am sure that they will come through those doors any minute n…"

He never got to finish his sentence, because as of that moment something completely unexpected happened. From out of nowhere the windows of the guild shattered as someone came flying through them and crashed into a table sending its occupants flying.

"What the hell was that?" shouted a random phantom mage. As the smoke began to clear every mage brought up their weapons and readied their spells to attack whoever it was that dared to ruin their guild hall.

But as the dust settled Naruto recognized the figure on the floor. "Everyone stop what you are doing right now!" he shouted with so much force that everyone flinched. He jumped over the crowd and landed next to the figure. He gazed at the fallen mage and everyone gasped as they saw that on the floor was none other than Aria himself.

His cloak was gone and his entire upper body was covered in serious burns. His eyes were wide open and blank as he lay there on the ground moaning in pain. "Aria what the hell happened to you?" Naruto shouted.

Aria gazed at him weakly mumbling incoherent words, "Cou…couldn't stop… him. He was… too strong!"

"Who was too strong?" he asked. Aria coughed up blood. "We were sent to stop the attacks on the border of Bosco and Fiore. But just when the mission was over… he got the drop on us." Everyone's eyes widened in surprise at the fact that only one person could do so much damage.

"He said 'he' as in only one person?"

"One guy did all that?"

"Look Aria isn't even wearing his headband! The guy who beat him must be a real monster."

"I can't believe that Aria and Honomaru together could lose against someone like that!"

Naruto ignored for the most part the mumblings of his guild mates, but it was the last comment that had him greatly worried.

Naruto's grip on Aria's shirt tightened as he began to shake Aria frantically, "What about Honomaru?! What happened to him and where is he?" he asked. Aria tried his best to respond, mumbling incoherent words which only made Naruto even more frantic.

"WHERE THE HELL IS HONOMARU DAMN IT?!" he yelled shaking the damaged Aria even more. Gajeel and Juvia quivkly pulled him away from him. Gajeel tightened his grip on Naruto, "Careful Uzumaki! Shake him any harder and he just might die."

Naruto wanted to shout at him to stay out of it, but that was when Jose took command, "ENOUGH!" he shouted in a commanding tone, flaring some of his power for good measure and in the blink of an eye every person in the guild was quite and Naruto calmed down.

Jose redirected his attention to Aria, "Now then Aria, please answer Naruto's question." Aria turned his head grunting in pain and looked at him.

"Honomaru… is…"

With whatever strength he had Aria said what he had to say before falling uncounscious. The answer he gave shook the very core of everyone in the room, but none so more than Naruto.


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