A reason to stay

As Eliza turned to face Henry Higgens, for what she assumed would be the last time, unless he could give her more than those damn slippers. She took a breath saying, "Give a reason to stay if you must, other than your damn slippers!"

He looked back at her, the street girl he had turned into a lady, the woman that with a vulgar langue had tried to sell him a flower a few months back. She didn't seem to be the same, yet her eyes, fierce as few told him that she was. She wasn't about to take anymore crap from him. Not now or later, and if he was wise he wouldn't give her anymore. If he did, he knew she would be out the door and he would never see her again. He just couldn't live with that as he knew he could no longer live without her there.

"Because I need you, I am a wreck if you are not nearby," he said with a very heavy sigh.

"Why should I even consider granting you anything, after all your harsh words?" she wanted to know.

"For the same reason you came back," he was challenging her again.

"Give me some sense of respect, some kindness and I will consider to stay," she said.

"Have I not treated you good while you have been here?" he wanted to know.

"You have not harmed me, only your words have done that," she said with a sigh.

"And for that I am sorry as it was never my plan, my plan was…" he started when she cut in, "To help, to make me more civil, to act and talk like a lady."

"Eliza….Eliza, I do not care in what tone you talk, civil or not, just please…stay," he tried. In all honesty he didn't. For all he cared at that moment she could have talked like she did when he first meet her. He knew he had been wrong, she had always been a lady, more than he could say that he had been a gentleman.

"For what purpose would I stay, your servant?" the young girl wanted to know, her tone was not softer in any way, but her eyes seemed to be. She sighed as she said, "I'm not your pro…property."

"I know you are not and I would never again consider you as such. I would not like you to stay as my servant, but as my equal and I will learn to treat you as such," he said, an insecure smile graced his lips.

Her hand withdrawing from the handle, a short smile graced her lips, only for a second though. She had won; she had him exactly where she wanted him. She gave him a nod saying, "I will stay, but if you ever god forbid treat me badly again, I'm out that door and that will be the last you see of me."

He nodded, "You have my word, Eliza, you have my word."

"And I will need a pair of slippers as well," she said, raising her brow, before going upstairs, to her room. Most likely to sleep. He sighed relieved, relieved she was back, this time he assumed for good, or so he hoped. Knowing he would have to get her what she wished in the morning. He shook his head knowing a pair of slippers would be a small price to pay for a the woman he had come to love so dearly.

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