Disclaimer: I am not Charles Dickens.

Dear Diary,

My parents bought me a journal today. I wish they had spent the money on something more useful, like lace. To humor them, I shall write. I suppose I should describe myself first, because you can't actually see me, Diary.

I am 16 years old. I have blue eyes, a round face, and full lips. My hair is short because last year I had to sell it to pay for a doctor for my sister. Now my chocolate curls brush just under my chin. I am tall and thin. Being thin comes with my station in life.

My family is poor, that is why I wear such boring clothes. My dress has only a tiny bit of lace around the sleeves. Sarah's dress has some around the collar and sleeves. It isn't fair! My dress is red and white striped diagonally. It has flowers woven into the design perfectly. My brown boots are scuffed and worn. I look just like the working girl I am.

I sell strawberries with my friends Sarah and Leah. We do pretty well. I manage to make a good bit of money. I like the girls I work with too. Leah is very quiet but Sarah always has something to say. They are great friends and I am quite fond of them.