If you got an email saying that I updated this story, and you got excited then I am terribly sorry for this is not that case. Well technically it is an update on the status of the story but it's likely that you won't appreciate it. If you don't remember this story, and this what I expect from most, then I guess you have nothing to worry about other than the simple curiosity that brought you here.

I was managing my stories recently because I got a new follower and I was curious as to how many this story had accumulated compared to the other one shots, which aren't great compared to this one based on th numbers I was looking at. When I was looking, I also noticed this story had been added to two communities, of which I am sincerely thankful for by the way.

It was that fact that got me to think about this story again. For some reason beyond me, people like this story, more than I thought to be ppossible considering my limited talents. SO….and I've said this too many times to count and lied, and it's possible that I'll lie again now, but summer's coming around so that might help. I think I might restart working on this story.

I would start by editing the existing chapters though, because the sad reality is that I need to reread my own story in order to be able to start writing it again and jog my memory of where I wanted it to go. BUT, I need to know WHY you like this story if you do. If you hate it, I need to know WHY. I need to know so that I can feel good about it, that feeling will get me to write. It's when I feel that the story is unappreciated that I will stop writing, that's why I stopped the first 7 times ;). It wasn't that many, but it was a lot. I hope I can keep my word this time, but I don't know when I going to start. I'll have to update the other chapters first and then start back again.

And another thing….. I have become a fan of a different ship, one of which consists of the well-known airbender and a certain cartwheeling fanatic. This means, that despite what the story origanlly was, I might alter a few lines and change the ship…..unless I get serious disapproval. Plus some of the stuff I had Aang and Azula say to each other I find incredibly silly so I would change their dialouge anyway, and the ship might change as well. The story will stll follow the same plot, this is possibly the only aspect that would change IF it does.

The other story, This is Where We Divide, was something I planned to be connected to another story and then eventually the two or three stories, I couldn't decide, probably three, would connect at the same point and be continued in a fourth story. BUT, I'm not gonna worry about that just yet.

I think I've talked enough, please let me know your opinions. If you don't want to get your hopes up fr reading more of this only to have me stop again, then tell me. If you think that me changing the ship is a good or bad idea, then tell me. If you think that you REALLY want me start writing this again, then tell me, though it is possible that I will stop again, it's happened in the past a few times….WHATEVER YOU'RE THINKING RIGHT NOW, tell me. I want to know.