"Princess, a messenger hawk has delivered a note from fire lord Ozai," the captain hands a slip of paper to Azula.

"He wants a report on the avatar, I wish father would give me a break every once and a while," Azula sighs, "Ah well, it's time to hunt the airbender once again."

"I shall have the troops gathered on the deck and awaiting your orders shortly, princess"

"There will be no need, I shall go alone this time," Azula stretches her legs before walking out the door.

The captain follows, "Princess, it isn't safe to go alone."

"What, you don't think I can take care of myself?" Azula eyes beam upon the captain.

"Of course, Princess, I just thought that it would be better to take so of the men with you," He doesn't dare look her in the eye.

"You thought wrong, now I must be going; wouldn't want the avatar to get away from to get far."

"Very well princess," The captain shakes his head and retreats back to the bridge.


"We need to keep going, we can't risk Azula catching up to us" Aang says in a worrying voice as he checks behind them.

"Look, you can keep walking, but I am going to sleep" Toph says with a yawn as an earth tent rises from the ground.

"We can at least wait until it gets dark, it's the middle of the day," it's too late; he can already hear her snoring.

Aang pulls some leave from bushes and trees and put them in his own earth tent, and just as he is about to lay down for so needed rest; Toph's tents disappears and she assumes a fighting stance.

"She's here"

"How did she find us so fast?"

Azula runs through the brush and stares the two benders down. Azula makes the first move sending a sapphire fire ball towards the blind bender thinking she wouldn't see it coming. Toph moves out the way while Aang blows it away with a swing of his staff.

"Did you two really think that you would escape after I had already found you?" Azula tries to intimidate the avatar.

"No, but we could delay having to fight with you" Aang says formally.

"You would only be delaying to the inevitable" A smug look grows across Azula face.

She flings two waves of fire at the the avatar. He jumps over them, and hits the ground with is staff causing a wave of air to blow past her. Toph then tossed a couple boulders as the the princess dodged and weaved. Azula then began float on the ground as she sped across the ground firebending from her feet. Aang hits the ground with his fist causing a ring to of earth to jump, which knocks Azula down. Azula stands up; Toph then traps the princess in an earth cage. Azula tries to break free but it is no use. Aang walks over to her, but has no intent of harming her.

"We could have been friends you know?" Aang tries to negotiate.

"Friends, you realize that my father demands your head everyday?"

"That didn't stop Zuko."

"Oh, Zuzu, my traitorous brother; where is he again, because last I checked he was in a prison along with that water tribe girl and her brother."

Aang is now next to her, "Your spirit is corrupted, it's a shame that it must have been done by your father."

"My father would never do anything to harm me."

"Are you sure, Azula, once he has what he wants; what do you think will happen to you."

"I will become fire lord of course"

"Is that what he told you, or is that what you know?"

Aang lets the words sink in for a moment before starting to walk away. Toph has left to scout and see if there is anybody else following them.

"Why do you care anyway, Avatar," Azula snaps at him.

"Princess, I've always cared, never have I not cared about anybody."

Aang walks away while the words hit, Azula is left to think, but shortly after Aang leaves, the cage disappears and she returns to the ship.

"Princess, is something wrong?" the captain has just come out for a break

"No, what would make you say that?" this has put Azula on the deffenive.

"Nothing princess, it just that its still moring daylight and you have already returned from your search."

"Well I found them, Azula begins to walk away"

"Good, I'm sure that our Phoenix King will want a report, what happened?"

"I was spared," Azula allows before slamming to door to her quarters.


As he looks for Toph, Aang collects some berries form the plants along the way. When he does finds Toph picking her feet.

She senses his movements, "Aang is everything okay?"

"Yeah, why"

"Your heart is beating incredibly fast"

"I just talked and stared into the eyes of the peron who has tracked me for five years, of course I was a little frightened."

"Ok then, can we go to sleep now?"

"Sure Toph, I got some food if you're hungry," he sits down next to her.

Toph takes the whole bunch into her earth tent and begins to settle down. Aang walks to the nearby river to practice his waterbending before he tries to get some rest. He thinks back to what he said to Azula, he meant what he said, and told no lie to her. He only hopes that she listened to what he said.


Out in the prison yard of the boiling rock, Sokka and Zuko talk about trying to escape.

"Sokka, remember what we did to escape last time?" Zuko's wheels are turning.

"Yeah, we rode the gondola to the edge and escaped, but we can't do that this time, the controls are operated from up in that tower."

Sokka points to the building that rises what seems like to the tip of the sky.

"Even if we got on the gondola, someone would have to stay behind."

"That is not going to happen," Katara cut into the conversation.

"I know, but when they were about to cut the line and send us into the water at the bottom, we thought we had failed." Zuko put emphasis on the word "water."

"Oh, I think I see what you getting at their Zuko, it's nice to know that is not all just hot air in that head of yours," Sokka teases.

"So you guys want me to freeze the water at the bottom so we can get across?" Katara is catching on.

Zuko says something into Sokka's ear and nods as they both turn towards Katara.

"No, we want you to pull water from the bottom and trap the guards to the walls, then form an ice bridge to the other side so we can all escape and maybe some of these prisoners will want to join us in fighting the fire nation."

"Okay, so when should we do it?" Katara has never been the sole key to a plan before.

"Now, might be a good time, I mean unless you have other things to do." Zuko states sarcastically.

"No, I think we should wait and talk to some of the other prisoners and let them know about the escape plan, and try to get to join us. This is where they send the baddest of the bad, you know." Sokka has always been the one to come up with a good plan.

"Good idea," Zuko ponders the thought.

"It was your idea, I just made it better."


Azula has sent someone to get her advisors, Lo and Li who have been welcomed back into the fire nation once Azula let go of some of her pride and needed help on deciding where to look for the Avatar, to ask them about what happened with her run-in with the Avatar.

"Start from the beginning," Lo says as she and Li sit on rugs laid out on the floor.

"I followed footprints, broken twigs, even disturbed plants for one day non-stop until I found them," Azula stares at the two with perceptive eyes.

"Continue," Lo and Li say in unison, as they do almost about everything.

"I ran into them as soon as what seemed to be them get ready to sleep, Once they saw me they stood their ground as was expected of course. I made the first move by trying to attack the blind metal bender. I have no idea how but she knew exactly when to move."

"The child of the Bei-Fongs was kept in almost complete secrecy from the rest of the world, her parents didn't want anything to happen to their little angel," Li speaks of undeniable truth.

"She grew bored quickly and so they gave her an earthbending teacher." Lo leads on through the story.

"Little did they know that she already discovered her talents, and perfected them."

"She competed in various tournaments and gained the ability to sense vibration on the ground."

"She quickly learned how to decipher how far away someone was or what they were doing based on the size of the vibration."

They begin to speak in unison, "The earthbender had not only mastered earthbending, but also overcome the disability to see."

Azula cuts them off, "That's touching, but I didn't call you here to talk about the metal bender."

Li looks at her at her with utter seriousness, "It is important to know your enemies, as the lack of knowledge can very well be a princess's downfall."

"Anyway, we fought and I thought I had them in my grasp until I was knocked to the ground. He walked over to me, I was certain that he would kill me when he reached me; but he didn't. He just stood there beside me and he talked to me. He said that we could have been friends." Azula tilts her head and waves her hands in confusion as she in unable to decipher what he meant.

"The Avatar is an air nomad; their ways involve peace and have no hint of aggression. It is expected that he would try to convince you to join him."

"But then, he said he cared about me, that he had always cared about me. Even during our battles, he never hadn't cared." Azula looks at the sheets of her bed and waits for a response.

Lo and Li look at each other and turn back to Azula, "It is not the Avatar's duty to care about anything but the balance of the world, he is suppose to give up anything that attaches him to this world."

Azula looks at them as she had just seen a ghost, "You're dismissed."

Azula knew that the Avatar wouldn't lie; she knew that he had a reputation to keep. She wondered why he would tell her this, she went outside to practice her bending and get her mind off the subject.

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