Hello guys! This is the re-do over for The Two Twins! The story: Serena is 10, going on 11, Serena gets a letter to go to Hogwarts, They find out they are twins. Serena knows english, i m going on the anime story, annnnd after they find out she s the moon princess, they and Darien escape unscathed. LAST TIME THIS IS BEING RE-DONE! I SWEAR! :D

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"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I M GOING TO BE SO LATE!" The yell shook the whole house.

The yell came from Serena Tsukino, girl of 10. Said girl was dashing downstairs, tossing her stuff together.

"Hi mum, bye mum!" she called as she dashed out the doors.

The reason she is running is because she ended up staying up too late, reading-you guessed it-comics. She had ended up staying up until 3:00 in the morning, which is why she is running at 8:25 when school starts at 8:30.
Lungs burning, legs aching, she managed to make it to the school at 8:40.

I think that's a new record, she mused as she dashed into the classroom.

All the other students were writing, while Miss Haruna (Correct me if i'm wrong) was standing there, arms crossed.
5 minutes and one yelling session later, Serena was out in the hall, mumbling.

"So what if i'm late? I'm gonna fail 5th grade anyways. I want Ami here!" she whined.

Rubbing her nose as a headache started to come on from breathing so deeply from running, she stared at the wall while she began to think about Sailor Scouts, her as the moon princess, and Darien.

"Too confusing," she said to the empty hall.

Grabbing her backpack, she opened up her lunch and nibbled on an apple. When school let out (after a boring day of classes), she was the first one out and sighed in relief when she flopped down on her bed.
"You know, you should really do your homework now," said Luna, hopping up and sitting on her chest.

"I can always do that later," she yawned. "I have hours until bedtime."she fell asleep.

Luna sighed and shook her head, wondering how she was the moon princess.

Serena was floating on a cloud. Puzzled, she looked around. Nothing except clouds. Then, there was a female and male voice, laughing. There was a sound of babies cooing.

"Hello?" she asked.

Her voice echoed. Then, there were blurred figures. Two adults, two babies. Then, one of the adults-a male, she found out by squinting- dashed out a door, while the other adult, a female, took the two babies and dashed into another room. Serena found out she could move. She dashed after the female, up a set of stairs-where the female put the children into one crib. Then, everything got blurred alot more. There was a low cry, a flash of green light, and high, cruel laughter.

Luna watched worriedly as Serena started twisting and turning.

"What's that? I don't understand."

Serena started mumbling nonsense. Luna cocked her head. It sounded like a nightmare.

"NOOOO!"She cried, sitting up.

She found she felt sick. She dashed to the bathroom, Luna following. Puking up the food that she had at lunch, she breathed heavily. Sweating and shaking, she went back to her room and turned on the fan, then sat on her bed and tried to calm her breathing.

"Are you alright, Serena?" Luna asked worriedly. Serena nodded numbly. "I'm going to Rei's, we have a meeting in 10 minutes, I can tell you guys then." she said, then got up to get water.

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