If you were hoping for a new chapter, then I'm sorry for disappointing you. This is...well, this is mostly information.

My childhood was made up of several shows, books, and movies from the early 2000s - Sailor Moon, Ninja Turtles, and Harry Potter being three of my largest influencers. I was also given the Internet at a very young age, which is how I engaged with everything that I did. This story - having gone through 3 reworks, never lasting more than 10 chapters and often leaving you on a hiatus for many, many years - was first posted when I was 9 years old. With little experience in writing, I was excited beyond belief when I discovered that there were many more stories beyond what I had seen on a television, some even combining to what I thought were the coolest things in the world.

Even when I was downhearted at the large amount of ideas I had with very little writing abilities, when I started getting reviews and favorites, especially telling me of how much they liked the chapter I had just posted - they meant the world to me. As a writer and artist, the greatest motivation comes from my audience. This goes for everyone else that does something creative. Whether it just be a like, or a review saying what your favorite part of the chapter was, we as creators absolutely love each and every one of them.

I know I certainly grew out of Fanfiction, and I'm sure some of you were just as young as I was, reading on whatever device you were given, or sharing a computer with your family. The last chapter was written in my last year of middle school/junior high, which was around the time that Archive of Our Own came out. While I haven't written anything on there, it was a wonderful switch to make - an easier way of searching for stories that I wanted to see, a more modern website, and a lot easier to interact with others. While I still come back to this website, it is very rare that I do - and only to read certain stories from my childhood, or to look up ones that I can't find on Archive.

So, I believe it is finally time to put this story to rest on Fanfiction, something that is long overdue. Perhaps I will rewrite it at some point, when I have a lot more free time (which is surprisingly difficult to come by, being in the middle of a pandemic). Or, perhaps another 9 year old will come along, wanting to see this kind of story, but not seeing enough of it - and start writing it themselves.

I will leave the status as "Incomplete" and join one of the (many) stories on here that may never be completed. If I do end up rewriting the story for a final time, it will be when I have written enough of it that I know it will be complete by the time I post everything. Also, any new stories that I may post will now be on "Carlyrosk" on Archive of Our Own. I will put a link in my bio if I am able to. I have one more parting message:

Thank you.

Thank you to those of you that followed me throughout the several versions I wrote, even when I deleted the old ones and started anew. Thank you to those that left favorites, follows, and especially reviews. When I was 9, I was excited for hours when I read them. If you grew up with me, then I hope you are doing as well as you can be. If you are new - perhaps going back through old tags from your childhood, or you're just starting on your adventure through fan-made stories, then I wish you the best of luck and hope you have fun. Life is too short to be told that these kinds of things are stupid, or cringey. If you enjoy them, then by all means - enjoy them! And if you are an older reader, stumbling upon the very short and childlike stories I created, I hope these are motivational to you, or at the very least a reminder to not leave the people following you in a very long hiatus ;)

If you follow me to Archive, by all means, please feel free to send me a message saying so! I would love to know how long you've been here. And to those of you that are frustrated by not having an ending, please - you have my full permission to use my idea and write your own! In fact, I would absolutely love to see it in the hands of a better writer than I, so please let me know if you do! Send me a message on either platform!

I appreciate all of your guys' kind responses from when I was very young. I wish you all the best - keep reading and writing!


Sailor Ninja Turtle

Carlyrosk (Archive of Our Own)