What if Bloom isn't who we think she is?

When sent to Earth, she was adopted by Will Shane and his wife, Anna. Her twin brother is Eli, and they grew up slinging in the canyons, hidden from the Slugterrans. Being a fairy meant she had to leave for Alfea when she came of age, and she missed Will's death and Eli's "inauguration" to becoming the next Shane. She had to keep her distance, only talking to Eli through their telepathic connection to keep the secret of the different worlds, but when Darcy, tired of her sister, Icy, and her relationship with Tritannus, leaves to find power of her own stumbles into Slugterra, can Bloom keep Blakk and the others from finding out about about the surface and the other dimensions? And where is Stormy? In Bloom's absence, will Icy and Tritannus win? When snooping to find out where Bloom went, will Stella find Bloom's hidden Slugterran things? Or the photo of she and Eli hugging? What will Sky do? Will Trixie and Eli finally get together? What else has Bloom hidden?