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Sayian goes to North high

It has been seven years since I beaten Cell and this place has been at peace, my mum said to stop training with my old teacher Mr Piccolo but sometimes I just snuck out of the house to practice.

I mean Trunks can train with Vegeta and he's a lot worse than Piccolo.

Any way one day it was a sunny day and me & Mr Piccolo was sparing when all a sudden King Kai started talking to us.

"Hey Gohan are you there".

"Yes King Kai what's up" I said.

"Me and the other Kai's has picked up alot of ki from somewhere in this school called North High in Nishinomiya, I would like you to take it out." KK said

"Okay I'll be there sees ya Piccolo." I said. "Bye." He said without saying another word.

I know that he does not talk much he always talks a lot if it some thing important or when he gets angry at something.

I flew back at my house gotten through the window so my mum don't know that I have actually left I told mum about going to North High School.

My mum was surprised that I chose the school and my mum agreed without saying another word.

A week has passed and I will be starting going to North High.

"Hey you forgot your lunch Gohan." Mum said. "Thanks mum, FLYING NIMBERS!" I shouted, then a yellow cloud came to me and I got on it.

"Have a nice day and get along well." My mum said.

Then I flew off it took me at least an hour to get there, would of gotten their faster without Nimbers but I don't want anybody to see a person flying.

When I got there at the bottom of a hill which the School was on top of. When I finely gotten to the top I gone to classroom 1-5 as it says in my schedule.

when the teacher came in he asked us to introduce ourselves, it was was kinder boring and far to original.

"My name is Kyon, I come from (tell me what his last school was I have no idear.) "Kyon said.

Again original, next was a girl she seemed a little shorter than me but still stood out, she has long hair that goes down to her neck. She had a yellow head band and pony tails on each side. What she said actually got me looking.

"My name is Haruhi Suzumiya, I do not have interest with humans if any of you a alien, time traveller, slider or an esper THEN COME!" Then she scanned a room, and then she looked at me.

She has brown eyes and her eyes was all series like she is trying to pick a fight.

When she sat back down the room was silent full on a minute when the teacher spoke.

"Uhh can you stand up behind Haruhi." he said. "Uh... A all right." I said.

Later on after fourth period I saw the boy I think his name was Kyon tried to speak with Haruhi, I hid my head behind a book I was reading but listen on what he is going to say.

"Hi." Kyon said. Haruhi still have her scary eyes on while starting to look at him.

"What is it". Man she has scary face and a scary tone in her voice, I think she might be worse than my mum.

"Uh was all that stuff in the introduction true." He said. Haruhi was already annoyed but said.

"What part if you're talking about aliens and all the others are you any of those." she said. "Uh no" Kyon said getting all Nervose now and I wouldn't blame him.

"Then stop talking, you're a waste of time." Wow okay forget what I said before I know she's even worse than at least Mr. Piccolo.

Tomorrow at Lunch I was over hearing Kyon and two of his friends the short one were Kunikida and the tall one was Taniguchi. "Why have you started talking to her, she's a freaking psycho." T said.

Okay I know that she is bad but that was hoarse even for her.

"Look if you're trying to pick a date don't pick her, trust me I know I have been in her class three years in a row at our last school." T said while gobbing down his lunch. Thank goodness Haruhi aren't here now or she would... actually I think she just wouldn't bother I bet she gets this all the time.

"This one time she has gotten into school late at night, gotten out some kind powder that you use on the baseball field, what was that thing called again. any way then she drew lots of shapes on the ground, When I got to school that morning I had no idea what they were so I gone to the fourth floor but still I don't know what it means. Later that day she got into the office with all the teachers there telling her why she did it." T said.

"So why did she do it." Kyon said. "I don't know she refuses to talk many rumours says that she was trying to summon a UFO, summon a monster from a another universe stuff like that, but as long as she keeps her mouth shut is still a mystery today." T said.

"but other than that she still makes it into my top 10 hottest first year girls, I say she still on my A category " Wait he has a list on girls on that matter he's like my dad's old fighting teacher master Roshi I might introduce them sometime.

"But I whould keep an eye on Asakura Ryōko." T pointed his finger on a group of girls at the corner but more accurate the long blue haired girl.

"She makes it your A category." K said. "She makes it to AA+ I mean just look at her she's smart, athletic and got a great ass." T said.

"Okay well as much I like your little speech but I'm not trying to pick up haruhi or anyone else on that matter." Kyon said until Haruhi came back to class she does not have her lunch bag so I guessed she gone the cafeteria.

A week later I notice Kyon still trying to have a decent chat with Haruhi with no success but they have been talking more and more like their building up their friendship.

Later that day we change seats in the classroom and guess where I am sitting now right next to haruhi and Guess what Kyon is still sitting in front of Haruhi. And for some reason I am getting more nerves then Kyon here.

The next morning I notice Haruhi was feeling more down then usual when Kyon sat down Asakura Ryōko walked to him and said.

"I tried to cheer Haruhi up but can't do it good luck." She whispered but still make it out then left.

"So what's wrong Haruhi" Kyon said. "Everything is so boring every club I go to is boring and the people in this school are boring even Gohan over there is boring." Haruhi said.

Come on you don't know what I've done in my life I've gone to another planet far away and fought with an evil overlord and even defeated Chell. IN HIS ULTIMATE FORM!

"Well that's how the world goes you don't expect something exiting right in front of your door step." Kyon said. "No but at least give me something to be interested in." Haruhi said.

"Well if you can't find a good club make one I guess." Kyon said. "Hmmmmm".

At the middle of first period science. "Can anyone tell me how many elements?" I woes my hand already knowing the answer and man I gotten it beat into me no joke.

"There are 109 elements in all" I said. even though the people knew I got the answer right but they were still pretty shock many people ask me how I know so much, they even said to me that I am like Asakura Ryōko maybe even more smarter.

Then in middle of class Haruhi grabbed Kyon's collar and dragged his head full on into the table thank goodness that was not me or I'll just broke the table into pieces.

Kyon stood up left hand at the back of his head and shouted. "WHY DID YOU DO THAT FOR!" "I GOT IT!" Haruhi shouted back.

"Get what?" Kyon asked. "To open up my own club, oh my god why didn't I ever think of that before." Haruhi said. I kneeled over and said. "Okay Haruhi that's great and all but can this wait we are still in class." Then Haruhi sat back down with a big grin on her face.

I think she won't be forgetting that idea any time soon.

After the bell rang Haruhi grab kyon and me and ran out of the classroom. She dragged us across the hallways even up the stairs. She finely stopped on the roof where all the sports equipment were kept.

When she let us go we looked at Haruhi with big sparkly eyes and still had that big grin.

"You two are going to help me." She said. "Help with what exactly Haruhi." Kyon said. "With my club what else." She said.

I knew that she wouldn't forget. "Hold on I get why Kyon is here because he gave you an idea of a club but why am I here." I said.

"Ever since you got into this school you've answered every question right you're the fastest and the strongest person in this school, there's mystery written all over your face." Haruhi said. Oh man someone is coming on to me if I try to keep a more low profile this girl will become more suspicious sigh.

"Okay now we sorted that Kyon, Gohan I believe your name is after school we will be finding a clubroom." Haruhi said. "Hold on what is this club is about." Kyon said. "That doesn't matter now see ya after school." Then she ran off with another word.

After the last bell rang Haruhi grabbed us and ran off with us again.

Haruhi ran to the second building at the back of the school and once again dragged us up the stairs. I could handle that I know but how can Kyon handle it.

Couple minutes of dragging later Haruhi stopped and dropped us again and just bust through the door without knocking and shouted.

"WE'ER HEAR OUR NEW CLUBROOM!" Inside the room was a long table in the middle couple of bookshelves in the bottom left corner and a black board in the other corner.

There was a girl with short purple hair like Trunks but darker. She also has golden brown eyes with glasses. She didn't look up from the book she was reading not even twits. And there is something strange about this girl, her ki is slightly bigger than an ordinary human

"Hold up your just going to take someone else club without their permission." Kyon said.

"Not a problem this girl here is the only member here and she said is okay." Haruhi said.

"Are you sure about this." Kyon asked the girl and she said. "Is fine." She said with a emotionless voice.

"But we even, well Haruhi would do stuff to you." Kyon asked. "Okay." She said.

"We might even just kick you out of this room." Kyon said trying to change her mind. "Go on ahead." She said.

Okay not only she's talking like some robot (PLOT TWIST!) but she still have not lifted her head throughout this entire conversation.


There was silence in the room when Haruhi carried on. "Oh right I forgot to introduce you to someone." Haruhi got out of the room and already started hearing screeching.

When she got back she brought back yet another girl she had long orange hair and I could see he trembling and blushing all over.

"Huh whe-where am I wha-what am I." She said trembling between words. Then Haruhi locked up the door. "WHA-WHAT ARE YOU DO...!" she shouted but got interrupted.

"Be quiet." Haruhi said. It sounds like we are the kidnappers here poor girl.

There was yet another silence until Kyon spoke up. "Hold it Haruhi why have you brought this poor girl here."

"What do you mean Kyon every amine and manga have a hot Moe Girl and this girl has it I mean just look at that look it has Moe all over her, And look at her breasts I still don't know if there even real or not." Then Haruhi grope her breasts and started rubbing all over.

This and been going for ten seconds until I stopped them. "Hey stop that she's just a defenceless girl have you no limit Haruhi."

"Oh I'm sorry Gohan do you wan't to do it." I blushed when she said that. "WHAT N-NO. HEY ARE YOU GOING TO HELP US HERE." I shouted to the girl in the corner still have not lifted her head throughout all of this, now she is really pisses me off.

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