Itsuki's turn.

During the weekend I've done nothing but think. Nagato; a quiet bookworm and is an alien android who comes to earth to investigate Haruhi for any data explosions. Mikuru; a shy girl a.k.a a time traveller, she came to this time plane to watch Haruhi to solve this timequake that happened three years ago

And Kyon, even though he is a normal high school student he still got caught into this. I started to notice a patten. All of this was what Haruhi wanted and it came true. Every one of those things is in Haruhi's little club, the only thing is...

Who is a esper, my conclusion it... Itsuki Koizume. When the school after the weekend ended me and Kyon automatically got up and gone to the clubroom. Luckily Haruhi has cleaning duty so it will be easier to take him out.

When me and Kyon got to the front door of the clubroom I know that Kyon had the same idea. We both nodded as Kyon opened the door. We only saw Nagato reading books as usual and Itsuki just sitting their.

Okay why do I have a feeling he has been waiting for us. Kyon started hesitating so I started it of. "Itsuki is there anything you want to say that concerning Haruhi." I said as Itsuki said smiled.

"There's nothing that can pass through you Gohan. Follow me." Itsuki said as we followed him out of the room. Later we went outside and sat on a wooden table as Itsuki grabbed us some drinks.

"How much do you two know all ready?" Itsuki said as Kyon starts. "That Haruhi is no ordinary human, I guess." "And that Nagato is an alian android while Mikuru is an time traveller." I said.

"That will make this more simple. As you two might of guess, I am an esper." Itsuki said as he continued. "You see it wasn't intentional for me to transfer to this school, but the situation has changed." Itsuki said as he takes a sip of his drink. "I haven't anticipated that both aliens and time travellers would join forces with Ms. Suzumiya so readily. I'm sure that we can dive on the details. I also like to show you two something but I'll just give you a summary. The "agency" I belong to have many others like myself and been planted in this school. And ever since our creation three years ago..."

Wait did he just say creation! I was shocked by this information. "Everything was created three years ago, something happened then. That's when I discovered within me that is properly named ESP." Itsuki said as Kyon said what was on my mind but couldn't say it my self. "What does Haruhi have to do on what happened three years ago?"

"Perhaps this is all but a dream a certain being is having, that is what the higher-ups suggest. Creating and altering reality is like child's play for that being. And we know a name for that being." "You mean Haruhi?" Kyon asked. "Humans have defined such a being..." "As a god." I finished as Itsuki was a little surprised but kept his calming face.

Man will Dende and Mr. Popo be surprise to hear this. "Kyon do you know why all of us, me, Mikuru and Nagato all appeared and all in the same club. Because Haruhi wished for it. It might have began three years ago." "So your saying Haruhi remade all this?" Kyon asked.

"Exactly. But a better term would be that the world began. This is but a theory." Itsuki said. "All right here's a test, if your really an Esper then show me your powers, then I believe you. For example, reheat this cup of coffee." Kyon said. What are you doing. We already saw what the others did...

Especially what Nagato did. "I'm sorry. I can't use the so freely. There are certain conditions to my power. But I'll be able to show yo two it later. I'm sorry to drag so long." Itsuki apologised.

"Oh no worry's." I said as Itsuki got up to mark his leave. When he left I just had a little test on my own. "What are you doing Gohan?" Kyon asked as I picked up his coffee.

"I just want to try that little test that's all." I said as I pulled out as little Ki I could muster, not burning this cup to a crisp. I never really thought about this little trick. It might be handy later on.

"Huh never knew you do that. Is that Ki your using?" Kyon asked which caught me by surprise. "How do you know what Ki is?" I asked. "I read lots of martial arts manga when I was little." Kyon said.

"Oh, here you go." I said as I finished. "Thanks... Speaking of which we should head back." Kyon said as I nodded. For the rest of the day We haven't seen Haruhi in the clubroom. That's strange. did she leave early.

Sorry for this being short please forgive me. I just started having a cold. Man hope this thing gone before Christmas.

On the six day of Christmas I give to you: Six brigade members, FIVE MAGICAL VOCA! Four Powerpuffs, three fairy's, two saiyans and a Goku uniform from Satsuki.