A Very 'Quick' Family

I am so sorry for neglecting you of an update! The last couple weeks of school were rough! But, luckily, we got out on Friday, so it's all good in the hood! Now read. Enjoy!

Was that where he was? Having sex with Santana? I grabbed my laptop and checked the tracking on his phone, and grabbed my keys.

I finally caught up with him after a while and followed him to the river bank. He sat down on the edge, and after a while I followed.

"Hey." I said.

He just sat there.

"I'm sorry. Look, if you want to buy a smaller house until we have a family, I'm perfectly fine with it."

"I want to forget every plan we made on family." He said.

What? What was that supposed to mean?

"I want to have a baby. Now." He looked up at me. "I love you. And, I love having sex with you. I want a baby. I mean, I understand if you still want to wait a year, but I really want to try now."

I smiled, "That sounds perfect."

The trying was so much fun. I mean, all we ever did was try and try and try. A couple weeks later, I missed my period. So, we went to the store, got a pregnancy test, and took it.

"Babe, how much longer?" Puck was getting impatient.

"Just a minute longer, Puck." I assured him.

The beeper finally went off, and we looked at it.


I broke down immediately.

"Woah, babe what's wrong?" Puck asked.

"I-I am just so happy right now."

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