Author's Note: This story contains both the Male and Female Hero. The Male is named Pretzel, the Female is named Marshmallow. For the story to make sense, We'll say Pretzel follows the actual story and Marshmallow landed with Mokka on the Water Planet. What they did their and how it lead up to the events to the main plot will be revealed later.

More over, this story takes place after the game ends, and is my take on an alternate ending. I do not own Magical Starsign or its prequel, Magical Vacation.

Hi, I guess since you found this book, I should tell you who I am. Well, I'm Pretzel. I'm a Dark Magician, and probably one of the best across the stars. I could go on for days about my adventure across the planets, how I found my best friends and how we stopped a horrible plan to destroy the solar system and beyond. But no, we're focusing more on the 'What happens next' since everyone and their grandma will be able to tell you what happened and how a bunch of Will-O-Wisp Academy Students saved the world.

Our story opens on Neumann, the Magical Rocket, where the auto-piloted transport is heading back to Will-O-Wisp Academy on Kovomaka. We see the Dark Mage, Pretzel, sitting next to Sorbet and Pico, watching the two bickering like an old married couple as everyone seems to be off in their own business.

"I've made up my mind, Pico! I'm quitting school and joining the Space Police!" argued Sorbet.

"And I'm saying your nuts!" shouted Pico, "Are ya forgetting that the Police were the enemy?!"

"And what about Beignet?! He's our friend, isn't he?!"

"That's different!"

"Would both of you shut up!" snapped Pretzel, the young magician unable to watch his two friends argue like this anymore. Just then, the entire rocket turned cold and quiet as everyone turned to him. Lassi looked worriedly at Pretzel, having never seen her friend-and crush-blow a fuse like that. Chai and Marshmallow were equally shocked, Pretzel was just always so happy-go-lucky and tried to keep things calm. Even Mokka was confused by this out of character out burst!

"I'm tired of hearing you guys argue like this! We're suppose to be best friends so stop fighting each other! We're suppose to be relaxing after what we just did." Pretzel told them as he released a deep sigh.

"W-we're sorry..." mumbled Sorbet and Pico.

"Look Sorbet, I wouldn't say all of the Space Police are bad guys, but Pico does have a bit of a point in not trusting them. They may have been doing what was told, but they should be able to know what's wrong and what's right. Does attacking seven school kids sound right to you?" asked Pretzel.

"I must concur. By you human's moral senses, attacking us should send a red alert in their morally conflicted minds." Mokka added in.

"And what about me? They tried to lock me up just because I can do magic!" pipped Chai frantically.

"Ha?! See! I knew Pretzel had my back." smirked Pico as Sorbet leered at him.

"Your no better." Pretzel quickly said, Lassi and Marshmallow snickered at how their friends were being scolded like little kids, "If Sorbet's going to drop out, there's no point in stopping her. We can't stop her..." Pretzel's voice shook a bit at the last part as Sorbet looked away a bit. She knew how it tore Pretzel and Pico inside, neither of them wanted to see Sorbet go, Pretzel especially couldn't take the idea of one of his closest friends leaving him.

"But let's not think on the negatives!" Lassi suddenly said, "I mean, we're together now, right?! We should be happy!" she cried, hoping the mood wouldn't become any more sour, but that rocket had already flew off into space. As the silent turned awkward, Pretzel began chuckling as everyone gave him his attention.

"Actually, it's a little funny." Pretzel grinned, "When this adventure began, I didn't think it would be so exciting!"

"Elaborate. What part of this adventure was exciting?" asked Mokka, his usual dry tone having a bit of curiosity.

"Yeah?!" Sorbet shouted, "We've been chased by the police-"




"Giant Ants!"

"OK, OK!" shouted Pretzel as he held his hands defensively, "Collectively, it was a big mess of fighting, defending, and fear. But you guys can't say it wasn't exciting. To explore the planets, to actually step outside the academy. To learn things about other civilizations, to find treasure and solve mysteries! That wasn't exciting to you guys?" Pretzel asked.

"Well..." mumbled Marshmallow as the entire group turned to her, "Solving the mystery of the thief and getting Mokka's battery was kind" she mumbled.

"Yeah! And saving those Spiny Moles did feel good!" agreed Lassi.

"I concur. Learning that the my very core is created from a gummified humanoid did fill me with, how you say, amazement." Mokka said with his usual dry tone.

"T-that's not amusement...that's more of feeling creeped out." Chai told him. Soon enough, everyone began telling their experiences and how it wasn't all entirely bad.

"Guys...there's something I wanna ask." Pretzel said as the air seemed to become more serious now, "Well...what if...what if we kept doing it?"

"...Huh?" they all asked.

"I mean think about it." Pretzel said as he stood up, "Don't you wanna see what other secrets the wold has or other mysteries? What if there's something going on that needs us?"

"So, what? Like explorers?" asked Lassi with stary eyed and excited.

"Exactly!" grinned Pretzel, "Not only will it be fun, but just think about it! The privileged of exploring the cosmos and being free. Finding treasures and discoveries! Going down as great heroes!" he chimed.

"That sounds AWESOME!" shouted Pico with glee, "Count me in, Pretzel!"

"Yeah, I'm in too!" smiled Lassi.

"Me three!" cheered Chai.

"Well, that leaves three." Pretzel smiled as he turned to Sorbet, Mokka, and Marshmallow, "Are you three in?"

"I...don't know..." mumbled Sorbet as she looked down, not wanting to look at them in the eyes, "What...what about my family? T-they might need me. I know they need me."

"What better way to help them?" asked Pretzel, "You can help them with the money we make. Think about all the Bira we have from just planet hopping and monster bashing!"

"Yeah, Sorbet! You'll help them even more like this!" encouraged Pico, "And I-er...we, really need you." Pico quickly corrected, his face faintly red as Marshmallow and Lassi covered their mouths to hide from their snickering, Sorbet's own face a little pink.

"A-alright, I-I'm in." mumbled Sorbet, "But I'll drop out if this backfires."

"Deal." nodded Pretzel as he turned to Mokka and Marshmallow, a bit worried.

"I...guess it'll be worth a try." Marshmallow said, "OK, I-I'm in." she nodded, the Dark Magician laughing with glee as the Light Magician blushed a bit at the reaction she got from him, "I-it isn't a big deal..."

"Is too! You're just as important as everyone else!" Pretzel told her as he walked over to Mokka, "So...Mokka? You in?" he asked with a very big smile, as if to persuade the robot.

"Your attempt to suede me is invalid." Mokka said bluntly, "But I will accompany you. Clearly you lot will be lost without me."

"I knew I could count on you!" smiled the Dark Magician.

The rest of the flight home back to Kovomaka was filled with laughs and good cheer. The entire group of seven grinning ear to ear as they all retold their stories and how scary, amazing, and fascinating it was. It was hard to tell, but even Mokka seemed to be having a good time. The usually quiet and secluded Marshmallow had a small smile on her face as well. Pretzel was just happy.

Happy him and his friends would have many more adventures together.