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The Announcement


This place was so different. It was shocking. Seeing all the people, the young witches and wizards, who looked so carefree, so happy. Hearing the music and chatter all stop as the old guy, Dumbledork or something, stepped up to his podium.
"Good evening children," Dumbledone announced starting his speech, "Now we have two changes in staffing this year. First Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank will be taking care of Magical Creatures while Professor Hagrid is on temporary leave. We also wish to welcome our new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher Professor Dolores Umbridge." I think I heard her giggle which was a little bit creepy but I managed to ignore it. "There is another thing I would like to say," Dumbledear continued, "We have two new students this year. They are transfers from America and haven't had much training but I have assured them that their houses will help them figure everything out." He waited before gesturing for Whit and I too step forward in front of the stool and hat that had sorted all the first-years. The lady who had called up everyone up picked the hat off the chair.
"Allgood, Whitford," she called as Whit stepped forward and plunked down on the stool. I had to bite back a laugh as he leaned over so she could place the hat on his head. The sorting hat immediately started talking, ". What an eventful life. Yes Hufflepuff-,"

A Few Weeks Earlier

Then again maybe I got a little ahead of myself again. For those of you who are confused, my name is Wisteria Allgood. A little while ago my brother and I were arrested for being a wizard and a witch. At the time we thought it was insane but after the events that followed we are now 100% sure that is what we are. But of course nobody wants us to have a NORMAL life, sorry skipping ahead again. After we defeated The One we started to rebuild what he had destroyed giving people books and music again was easy building their trust was harder, that is still not what this is about though. Whit and I were walking through the Shadowlands with Feffer and we thought that we were at the right portal so we kept talking and walked through. When we got to the other side Whit still had his nose in a book as I looked around I realized we weren't where we were supposed to be. Instead of the house we had been staying in since defeating The One we were in what looked like an office.
"Whit," I started dragging the i, "where are we?"
"Hmm," he replied finally taking his nose out of his stupid spellbook. A shocked look finally crossed his face, "Where the hell are we?"
"Yah now you notice, genius," I roll my eyes and we wander around until some old guy comes in.
"Hello there children," old guy says, "may I ask your names?"
"I'm Whit and this is my sister Wisty," Whit answers, "and who are you? Also where are we?"
"Way to go Whit tell the stranger who we are, ya know some people might still want to kill us right?" I say before the other dude can answer. The guy just chuckles and replies to Whit, " My name is Albus Dumbledore and we are in my headmasters office at Hogwarts."

That's how we met Ol' Dumbleydore. Whit had told him we were trying to rebuild what The One had destroyed, but when Dumbledore asked if by The One we meant the-one-who-must-not-be-named. After a long confusing conversation we worked out that we had portal-jumped {AN/What's it called when they go through portals?/AN} back in time. Dumbledore had us enrolled in hogwarts as we are a witch and wizard but we all agreed that no one was to find out about where we were from. All they would know was that we didn't know about our magical abilities until recently, which I guess was true, and we were exchange students from America. Whit and I then spent the next few weeks studying American History (and the present as even Dumbledore and Hagrid knew more about the American celebrities then me and Whit), we also studied the classes we would be learning. I know what your thinking 'but you went to school before' we did but at Hogwarts they have this crazy stuff like potions or Defense Against the Dark Arts or Care of Magical Creatures. We also got to keep a owl, mouse or cat, I wanted to keep Feffer since she came with us through the portal but Dumbledore said that I would have to let her stay in the forest and Hagrid would take care of her, so instead I got a black cat and Whit got spotted owl. We also each received a wand, since apparently my drumstick didn't count, and spellbooks. After another reminder that we should only do spells with our wands and a list of rules for things i was not allowed to do, Dumbledore let everyone into the Grand Hall {AN/sorry is that what it's called?/AN} for a feast.

Back To The Announcement


Back to the Sorting Hat, "What an eventful life Hufflepuff would be proud of someone so loyal, especially to your family, but no I don't think that would be the right fit. You do have a very pureblood family but no not cunning enough for Slytherin," I saw my brother visibly relax at that but I didn't know why, "It is very clear you're in GRYFFINDOR!" The table under the red and gold crest cheered and I high-fived him as he passed me to sit down at the table. I skipped up to the stool and sat down. The Hat didn't seem to like me as much as it did my brother and it barley sat on my head a minute before yelling "SLYTHERIN!"

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