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Narration/machines talking

"Hollow talking"

'Hollow Thinking'


Chapter 1: Ripples in fate.

Memories, fragments of truth. All so fragile in the wind.


Train doors opened, allowing the people waiting to board the train. Among the crowd was an individual that stood head and should above most of the people in the small train car, His orange hair sticking out even if his height hadn't already done that. Not that many people would have said anything with the mans perpetual scowl in place along with his corded muscles and set jaw projecting an imposing figure for anyone who witnessed him. In fact, most people just either ignored him or ran away really, really fast...

The man grunted in annoyance as he grabbed one of the hand holds nearest the train door and stood, waiting for the train to take off.

The man's gaze moved to one of the windows as the as the machine started to move, watching as the early morning sun popped in and out of view as his window was obstructed by the tree line, the sunrise had always been an amazing thing for him, even when he was still just a kid, mainly because it was the same shade as his hair

The man's name was Ichigo Kurosaki.

Age 26.


Eyes: Brown.


Ichigo's eyes hardened as he turned away from the sunset, the memories of his past still hurting him even now a decade since they'd happened.

The Orange haired stopped for a moment as he pulled something from his pocket, it looked like a badge or maybe an overly large belt buckle with a skull like design on it's face. Ichigo stared at the skull for almost five minutes, beginning to scare a couple of the passengers before he put the thing away with a sigh.

It was almost an hour later that the train pulled into Shinto Teito station. All those aboard got off the train, many of which stayed as far away from the orange haired man as possible, many believing him to be a thug. Never mind that he was just wearing a pair of blue jeans and a gray button up T-shirt. But he didn't really care about what they thought, in fact he cared very little about what people thought nowadays. The only thing that could really ever set him off was...


The badge in his pocket started beeping.


Ichigo's eyes sent out a wave of his spiritual pressure, not enough to create a field of spiritual pressure, but it was enough to pinpoint where the hollow was located. Ducking into an alley the man glanced around for a second before he seemed to disappear, several lines of green light following behind the blur that Ichigo had become.

Elsewhere, in a small park the spirit of a little girl ran on legs too transparent to be among the living. Sadly they were real enough to catch her foot on a root and be sent sprawling across the dirt. The girl quickly got to her feet, wiping the dirt off of her knee and breathing heavily.

The girls eyes widened as a shadow fell over her.

"Well, little girl. The chase is up. Time to be devoured." The fat, grotesque creature in front of the girl had a pitch black body with a pig like white mask on it's face. It also had glowing red eyes which stared at the girl in barely controlled hunger. "Die." The creature lunged at the girl, moment's away from eating her soul.


The girl screamed, holding her body with her arms, crying out to her mother and father for help. When the pain didn't come, the girl turned to stare at the back of a human, or at least what she thought was a human, though he was really really tall and had the strangest orange hair.

"You alright little girl?" Ichigo spoke to her, staring over the back of his shoulder at her.

"Y-yeah mister." The girl stuttered, watching as the big creature that had been chasing her fell off the end of a short katana like sword. It had an odd cross guard that looked something like a skull and cross bones in the center of pentagon like shape, and the handle was wrapped in a soft white cloth. It also had a wickedly curved tip and points just past the crossguard on the blade. A gurgling sound brought her eyes back to the creature that was chasing her as it faded into nothingness right before her eyes.

"That's good." Ichigo turned, kneeling in front of her. "Were you scared?"

The girl nodded quickly, tears welling up in her eyes.

"It's alright." He comforted her, holding her head to his shoulder so she could cry. "Just let it out." After the girl had soaked his shoulder the man stood up and flipped his sword around to where the pommel was facing the girl. "I'm sorry I have to do this." He murmured. "But I'm here to send you to the afterlife little one."

The girl's eyes widened. "A-a-re you a S-S-Shinigami!?" The girl stuttered again, unaware of how close to the mark she actually was.

Ichigo frowned. "Yeah, I guess you could say I am."

"Oh." She mumbled, poking her fingers together. "Will I be able to see my mommy and daddy there?"

'Ah' Ichigo thought. 'She must have lost her parents when she died, they might still be around here, or maybe they passed on thinking the girl would be with them.' Ichigo closed his eyes, debating on whether or not to tell her the truth. After a moment of silence he made a decision.

"I'm not going to lie to you little girl." He said finally. "The soul society is a really big place. it would take you years to walk from one side to the other. You might never find your parents there." The girls eyes fell, as tears began to form. "However." The girl perked up a bit at the warm tone in the man's voice. "You live a long time in soul society before you're reincarnated. Several hundred years actually." He flashed a small grin her way. "If you remember their names and faces you could ask around for them, and maybe they'll be looking for you too. Don't lose hope okay, I don't see fate being that cruel to you." He rubbed his hands through her hair.

The girl giggled a couple times before pouting. "You're really nice Mr. Shinigami-san."

A small sad smile crossed his face at her words. "Yeah... I guess I am." He held up the butt of his sword to show the girl a small symbol on the pommel. "This here will let me send you to Soul Society, or heaven if you want to call it that. All I gotta do is tap you on the forehead with it, are you ready to go?"

The girl frowned for a moment before it turned into a beaming smile. "Yeah mister, I'm ready." The pommel popped her on the head, leaving a small imprint of the symbol on her forehead. As ahe faded from view the girl stared directly into the Ichigo's eyes. "Hey Mr. Shinigami, I never got your name."

"It's Ichigo, Ichigo Kurosaki."

"Ichigo." The girl giggled. "Alright Strawberry-kun." A small tic mark appeared on Ichigo's head at the all too familiar nickname. "Could I ever become a Shinigami like you and help people like me?"

Ichigo snorted. "Yeah kid, you can go to the Seireitei and learn to be a great Shinigami, it's dangerous and hard work though, so if you really want to be one you better train your butt off."

"Alright!" The girl giggled. "By the way mister. My name's Mei, Mei Takahana and I'll be the best Shinigami ever." The light surrounding the girl seemed to coalesce around her body for a moment before she disappeared entirely.

When the light show dimmed back down to normal Ichigo's small smile fell, as he stared down at the sword in his hand. particularly the badge that made up the cross guard.

'A Shinigami eh... sorry little one, I haven't been a Shinigami in a long time...' Ichigo's stared at the pomel of his sword, one of several powers he had been able to recreate from his old days as a shinigami. His eye's went skyward, watching as a small bird flew by and the memories of his past flashed before his eyes.

Ichigo Kurosaki.




Occupation: Fullbringer.


It wasn't supposed to happen like this. It wasn't meant to be this way...

Ichigo stared down at the corpse of Tsukishima in horror. The dead man's face was pale and lifeless, but the wicked smirk on the man's lips belied the sad state he was in. The man had gotten his last laugh and it was going to haunt the sixteen year old for the rest of his days.

Why did it always end up like this? His mother, His family, His friends... why.

"Get out!" A bearded man yelled in anger, his eyes glazed over in righteous fury.

"B-but dad." Ichigo began but was cut off.

"That's Isshin to you, and you are no son of mine!" He pointed to the room that used to be Ichigo's. "Grab your things and LEAVE! I want nothing to do with you anymore, Masaki would be ashamed of you!" Without another word the man left the room, heading back to his room to console Yuzu who was crying in the next room.

Ichigo's heart pounded in his chest as his eyes began to water. Was he really crying? Numbly the teen walked up to his room, meeting Karin in the hall.

"Kar-" He tried to speak only for his head to snap to the side, a bright red hand print on his face.

"You are such a bastard Ichigo, I hate you." Without another word the girl left to be with the rest of her family.

Ichigo packed the things in his room, a cold feeling in the bottom of his stomach.

As he left he heard Yuzu crying even more, it seemed that even now she loved her brother, but what she thought he had done confused that love, tainted it and ultimately turned it back on her.

The teen walked in a daze as a few of the neighbors and people he knew, gave him dirty looks and spat in his direction.

A few minutes later he came across Chad and Orihime walking together.

Ichigo numbly waved a hand in their direction, hoping against hope that-


A fist struck him in the face, filled with just enough spiritual energy to nearly give him a concussion. Ichigo slammed into a light post as several of the people in the street cheered.

"Ichigo." The dark skin man spoke, not with malice or outright hate, but a severe disdain and disappointment. He didn't say another word as he walked away, clenching his fist in anger.

Orihime, unlike the others stood there for a moment, too unsure to move. She stared at Ichigo's eyes for a moment, saddened by how dead they looked, Ichigo was too shocked to realize this fact, but even then Orihime couldn't find it in herself to forgive this man...no, this monster... The only show of kindness she gave him was a small handkerchief to wipe up the blood that was falling from where Chad had struck him.

Was it his curse to always get the short end of the stick?

Ichigo sat in the farthest most back corner of the room in his classroom, the eyes of every student and teacher on him, their eyes filled with disdain or outright hatred.

"Ichigo Kurosaki." The teacher spoke evenly. "I'm surprised you decided to show up. You have guts, I'll give you that." The blank stare that he received back from the broken teen did little to quell the angry stares on him as he tapped the blackboard behind him. "Regardless of your misdeeds, you're still a student and I expect you to at least act decently in this class, I don't want any 'incidents' happening while you're around.

The other students in the room scooted their seats away from Ichigo, scowling at the teen like he carried the plague.

Why me?

Sneaker clad feet landed on the tile roof of a nearby shrine, the only other occupant besides himself was a short bodied and short haired young woman with cold eyes and an even colder zanpaku-to.

"I thought I told you never to speak to me again Ichigo." The girl spoke coldly, her eyes boring into him with a cold fury.

"Rukia I just wanted-"

"Ichigo." Her eyes softened for a moment before the look of anger replaced it. "Despite you saving me, you've done things that cant be forgiven. Soul Society doesn't want anything to do with you anymore." She turned on her heels and opened a Senkaimon to soul society, throwing a few parting words before she left. "Oh, and you can keep that Substitute soul reaper badge. Since you can't use it for you Soul Reaper duties anymore, consider it a gift for what few good things you did for Soul Society." She then walked through the doors and disappeared for good.

Ichigo stood there, too shocked to even move. He didn't even move when the rain started, drenching him to the bone.

After an hour of standing there in the rain Ichigo looked up into the moonlit sky, the full moon casting it's light down upon the poor souls like himself who were caught in fate's unmoving hands

The power of fate can create waves of unimaginable power, it only takes the right angle to ride that wave to its destination.

Ichigo stared out over the city of Karakura for the last time, his back was to the train, headed for one of the other wards of Tokyo, to get away from it all. He wasn't welcome in Karakura any longer and he doubted he'd ever return.

A single tear fell from his eye as he turned away from his home, his family, his friends...everything. He said goodbye that day and hadn't looked back since.

My fate stopped that day, the waves went silent but time strangely enough continues to march on.


Ichigo sighed, memories were a blessing and a curse.

Tukushima had the last laugh that day. Got the final punch in before he was down for the count.

Fullbringers were amazing like that. Their powers were built upon their greatest desires and pride, manifested in something they trust absolutely. Their fullbring usually manifested as this desire. For instance Chad's power was based on his Abeulo's want for him to protect people with his own two hands. This manifested in Chad's right arm as Brazo Derecha de Gigante. But that was where things got interesting for Fullbringers. Each Fullbringer had an alternate, final form to their powers and where they had to be in tune with their desires for them to use their normal abilities. They instead had to go against their nature to use their final ability. Chad's left arm: Brazo Izquierda del Diablo was an example. He had to go against his gentle nature, against his Abuelo's wishes to use his power to attack, to kill if necessary. Though he used his power to defend others through an attack.

Ginjō was another example. To use the full potential of his fullbring he had to use his Bankai in tandem with it. Something he despised above all else because of his previous affiliation with Soul Society.

Tsukishima's powers however... They went above and beyond all the others.


"Seems like this is it." Tsukushima chuckled, blood pouring out of his mouth from the lethal wound Ichigo had inflicted.

All around him were his friends and comrades, including Ginjō, who laid lifeless on the ground after Ichigo had nearly cut him in half. It was a foolish mistake on their part, they had bitten off more than they could chew. Ichigo's powers weren't just a fullbring, they came from an actual hollow as well, an inner hollow. They took some of his power, sure. But that didn't stop Ichigo from unleashing his full Fullbringer power on them, killing Giriko and Yukio in one attack. It seemed as if Ichigo had lost all control with himself, and it was only him sparing Jackie and Riruka that pointed otherwise. He knocked the two of them out and left them beside their dead comrades.

Ginjō had been furious at the death of his friends, despite his selfish behavior he actually liked his fellow Xcution members.

The battle between Ichigo and Ginjō raged, ending in Ginjō dead at Kurosaki's feet. each time he killed he gained a bit of his power back. Then he faced Tsukushima in battle.

And now Tsukushima lay in a pool of his own blood staring up at the angel of death that had come to take him.

"Heh" The man chuckled as the irony of that statement hit him. "HehehehahahahahahaHAHAHAHAAHHA." His voice rang out in a broken laughter that cracked in several places, but that didn't stop him. Ichigo looked down at the man in anger. He had been betrayed, left for dead by someone he had trusted, that he had felt a connection to. The only reason he hadn't killed the two women was because they hadn't outright threatened his friends. The other two had. Ginjō along with Tsukushima had been complicit from the start so that was their death warrant signed and posted right there.

They had hurt him and his friends so they deserved a warriors end. The end of his sword to be more precise.

That's when Tsukushima's laughter stopped.

"Ah Ichigo, I'm sorry to say this but this is the end...for me and for you." In a flash the man had opened the book in his hand, nearly ripping the Fullbring bookmark from its pages. In a burst of Ichigo's stolen spiritual power that Ginjō had given him, Tsukushima cast his most powerful attack. "Book of the End: End of Memories!" A bright white flash seemed to fill all of existence as the white light blinded all within. As the light faded Tsukushima chuckled at Ichigo, the only person who would ever remember him.

"I curse you Ichigo, to live your life hated, that your destiny be stopped here." The man's laugh turned insane for a moment. "End of memories, A double edged sword if ever their was one. My own pride of wanting people to know me gave rise to my Book of the End. To allow me to force memories of me on them." He shook his head at the worthlessness of it all. "But for a Fullbringer to use their ultimate power, a sacrifice must be made. It may be trivial like sacrificing your pride momentarily. For me" Tsukushima's eyes glossed over. "I have been erased from everyone's memory to power my attack. I would have erased the memory of you from everyone's mind as a fitting revenge, but that would be too generous."

Tsukushima's face turned into a cruel smirk, ruining his good looks in the process. "I curse you to forever be hated, to be seen as an outcast, scum of the worst sort." Tsukushima's voice rose. "Every oath you have made you have broken, every vow you have taken you spat upon it, everything you've promised you've forgotten. Know despair Ichigo in knowing that the only person who knows the truth about you will die tonight and be forever forgotten by all." Blood flowed from the man's lips. "I curse you Ichigo Kurosaki, to live the life you've always feared." And with that the man died, leaving a shocked and horrified Ichigo to stare at the man's lifeless body."


Ichigo's fist clenched as he stared down at his fullbring. It hadn't had a name back then, he thought he was going to get his soul reaper powers back at the time so it was a trivial thing to know the name of his weapon. He was a Fullbringer now so he needed to know his weapons name, much like his Shinigami self.

Protectors Honor. That was his fullbring. That was his oath. That was his vow. That was his promise.

His destiny may have been stopped that day, his fate crushed under the hands of a man, who in death, cursed him to live the life he had always feared. To live a life hated by everyone he had protected, hated by everyone he loved.

It was the ultimate unperson or character assassination in existence. End of memories: The complete opposite of Tsukushima's normal fullbring which allowed him to add or remove anyone from everyone else's memories. Everyone who had ever met him in fact. It was only a one time deal but that was all it took for him to rewrite what everyone knew about the real Ichigo Kurosaki. In one moment Tsukushima had damned him in the eyes of everyone who had known him, turning him into a complete monster, bastard and scum of the worst sort.

In their eyes he had done every kind of despicable act that their mind could come up with at the time, to blame and slander him despite the fact that he had never done those things.

Now Ichigo ran. Ran from his past and ran from his future. Living in the now, the stopped destiny, the closed hands of fate that wouldn't let him go.

Ichigo turned to the vapor of the hollow that he had killed, using his Fullbring Ichigo 'pulled' on the 'soul' of the object. Swallowing what was left of the hollow's leftover reishi still in the air.

With a light green aura the reishi in the air entered Ichigo's body, absorbing the Hollows powers. It was one of the things that sustained Ichigo when he hadn't eaten anything in weeks. Hell Ichigo still had a hard time sleeping in the middle of the night, too haunted by his past to do anything but stare at a wall in seiza, absorbing ambient reishi to sustain his body and mind.

With another sigh the man set off towards central Shinto Teito, the newly named capital of Japan, Tokyo being it's former title. He was here looking for work after his last job had gone south. There was work here a plenty with MBI now commanding most of the city, which was why he had moved there.

MBI, Or Mid Bio Informatics was an extremely powerful conglomerate that had rose to power around twenty years ago, providing medical technology to the public that outshone everything else before it. It had been only a few years since they had taken majority control over Tokyo and had change the name. Now Ichigo was here to find work in this technological wonderland, at least to let him last a few years on if he ever needed it.

Ichigo was still in his own little world when he felt the ground shake, at first he thought it was an earthquake but then he heard a woman scream..

"KYAAA! Please get out of the way!" Ichigo spun in place to search for the source of the noise. His eyes widened when he saw the strangest thing he'd ever seen... and considering what he'd been through so far that was kind of a big deal.

The strange thing was a woman. Or to be more precise. A woman wearing a what looked to be a miko white and pink miko's outfit...well at least a Miko outfit you'd find at some sleazy 'Novelty' shop. The skirt that the brown haired woman wore barely covered her panties and the Gi she wore above the skirt was so tight around her absolutely massive breasts that the things were giggling while she fell.

Oh and speaking of falling, she was falling right towards him from the top of a VERY high set of stairs. A fall that would normally kill a human.

Reacting on instinct Ichigo reached out and grabbed the woman mid fall, he would have tried to do more than just catch her but the girl was surprisingly heavy and she had already knocked him off balance.

With an exhale of all the air from Ichigo's lungs the girl landed on top of him.

That would have been all fine and dandy if she hadn't landed on him with her ass in his face. Her well toned behind being covered by a very small, very sheer pain of panties.

Ichigo's eyes widened as blood rushed to his cheeks in a blush. Believe it or not the man was still a virgin. Running from your past didn't really leave him much time to devote himself to being intimate with a woman and this was probably the closest he'd ever been to a woman's 'womanhood' except for maybe when Yoruichi stripped naked during his Bankai training.

"As I expected, that was too high to jump from." The girl turned her derriere away from Ichigo's face to stare him in the eyes.

"You alright?" Ichigo asked gruffly, trying to erase the mental picture of this woman's (In Ichigo's honest opinion) fine ass out of his mind. It wasn't polite to oggle a woman, and he had long since gotten over his "Must have sex all the time" phase when he broke the teenage barrier.

The woman blinked for a moment, staring at Ichigo's face. Then as if the sun shined right on her face the woman's face brightened. "Thank you, sir! You must have caught me."

Ichigo blushed slightly as the girl thanked him, it had to have been the cutest thing he'd ever seen, bar none. "Nah, it was nothing, I was just standing-" Ichigo's eyes widened, idly he noted that the girl had sensed it to. Reacting on instinct he grabbed the girl (who was about to grab him and move him as well) and leapt back.

And just in time too, as a Bolt of lightning gouged a deep, scorched crater where they had just been.

"There's no use running." A haughty voice spoke up.

Ichigo looked up to a rooftop where the voice was coming from. And immediately blushed again. Seriously what was with the women in this city? The two black haired women in question were wearing the most stripperific pair of bondage suits he had ever seen. He also noted that the two girls were twins, with the one who was speaking being slightly taller and with a slightly larger bust. The older twin he assumed.

Not like it mattered much seeing as they both were rather busty in that regard. Their clothing (if you could call it that) was a slightly different color between them, with the older being a deep purple while the younger wore a dark fuchsia.

"Come and fight us!" The older looking of the two twins yelled, pointing to the girl in Ichigo's arms.

"I'm not going to fight yet!" The girl in his arms pouted cutely. "I'm not ready."

"Too bad!" The other of the lightning twins mouthed off, the two of them dropping to the ground in a fighting stance. "We're here to fight you."

The busty shrine maiden grabbed Ichigo's hand and was prepared to run off with him when she was nearly yanked off her feet. She turned back, wide-eyed at the man she had tried to run off with. He hadn't budged an inch despite her massive strength. Unseen by anyone small green wisps of light danced around the sole's of Ichigo's sneakers.

The man in question was staring at the twins, a small frown on his face. He had felt it. The badge in his pocket had felt it. The warmth coming from his fullbring filling him up, sending a tingling sensation through his body.

Protectors Honor. His pride in being a defender of the innocent. It called for him to defend this woman, something that hadn't happened in nearly a decade.

Reaching a hand into his pocket he fiddled with the badge for a moment, letting the warmth wash over him as he watched the two woman in front of him wait for an opening to strike. They really wanted to hurt the girl behind him, something his pride wouldn't allow.

Elsewhere a flat sheet of dark nothingness seemed to rise imperceptibly.

He wouldn't let these women hurt the girl, he would defend her.

"What's your name Miss?" Ichigo asked the girl behind him, not taking his eyes off of the twins.

The girl nearly jumped in surprise at how serious Ichigo's voice was. However she smiled at the man's back moments later when she felt the will to protect her rolling off the man's body like a calming wave. "It's Musubi." She spoke happily.

"Musubi." Ichigo rolled the name around his mouth for a moment as he glared at the two women in front of him. He held a single hand back to keep the girl from trying to grab him again. "Stay back Musubi." Unseen by anyone, luminescent green lines ran along the insides of his clothing and under his skin, 'pulling' the utmost maximum out of his clothing, making them as durable as steel and hardening his skin and bones to where they were superhuman. A feat he had discovered after fighting a Quincy much like Uryu on one of his jobs in Osaka.

Blut Vene it was called by them and was a powerful defensive technique much like an arrancar's Hierro.

Ichigo called his Kōra, or Carapace in English.

The orange haired man fell into a small crouch, holding his fists in front of his face. It was an adapted form of Muai Thai and American kickboxing that he had learned along with a half dozen other martial arts over the past ten years to increase his body's natural strength, dexterity and stamina to stand up to the use and abuse of his fullbring.

Now he held his body clenched tight, ready to spring forward at any moment to attack. He tensed as the twins began their attack. "Just stay behind me Musubi." He growled. "I'll protect you." Ichigo's eyes hardened. "That's a promise."

In the darkness a single ripple formed, carried out into the unyielding nothingness.


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