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Chapter 10: Enemies Old and New

A wave of water smashed into a concrete barrier, ripping the structure from the ground and slamming it into a nearby car, reducing the vehicle to scrap metal.

Two bright beams of lightning arced out in retaliation and were stopped cold by a barrier of water.

"Who's bright idea was it to piss off a single number, again!?"

Hibiki looked to her sister, who was swearing under her breath as she launched another lightning bolt in their pursuers direction. "Blame Seo" She sighed following her sister up to a rooftop to escape the bottleneck that the road was creating, not to mention all the debris that was getting thrown their way.

"Thou shall not escape me, troublesome retches!" Water splashed over the roofs edge as Tsukiumi landed on the concrete surface. "How dare thou attack me from behind, then flee when outmatched? Have you no pride!?"

The sisters glanced at each other, nodded, then hurled a bolt of lightning at Tsukiumi's feet throwing dust and debris in her face. When the water surrounding Tsukiumi finally cleared the trash away, the two sisters were at least a hundred yards away and gaining.

A tic mark appeared on Tsukiumi's head as she leapt after them, howling in anger all the while.

"I shall destroy thee!"


"She's on the move my Ashikabi."

Dark eyes glanced down at the busty silver haired Sekirei tapping away at her computer, eyes flashing back and forth behind red, half moon glasses, the frilly violet corset-like outfit she wore not hampering her in the least. "Keep me informed of her movements." The man, a crisply dressed man in dark suit and yellow tie, adjusted his glasses as he pulled out cell phone and dialed in a number.

After a few rings, a cold voice answered. "Higa speaking."

"Sir." The suited man shuffled slightly, glancing over at another pair of Sekirei a staff wielder who was dressed rather provocatively in a belly top, stockings, long gloves and an odd garter-bloomer combo. While the other looked like a circus performer, with a purple and yellow getup that was more skin and straps than cloth, held together by a ring of all things. "Number nine is on the move, we're tracking her now."

"I expect results Kakizaki, use Ichiya and Toyotama as you see fit but don't fail me in this, number nine will go a long way in increasing my footing in this little farce Minaka's playing."

Kakizaki cleared his throat. "I wouldn't dream of it sir, she is as good as yours." A sharp click on the other end of the line ended the call and brought a small grimace to the mans face as he turned back to the Sekirei tapping away on the keyboard. "Any word on where she is now Kochou?"

The woman's eyes glinted slightly behind her glasses as she turned the computer around and pointed to a small dot on a real-time map. "She's chasing after number's eleven and twelve after they failed in their sneak attack."

Kakizaki's eyes scanned the map for several seconds, watching the pale blue dot chase after the two light purple dots across several city blocks "What's the best place for an ambush?"

Kochou turned the computer back around and fiddled with the keys for a second before a small series of beeps rang out. She showed him the map again. "There's a small choke point past the market district where the buildings increase in size and density to make scaling them with a single jump and maneuvering out of the path of an attack impossible. Calculating their travel path, I can say with certainty that there's a eighty-three percent chance that they will go through there."

Kakizaki nodded. "That seems like our best bet." He turned about to get the other two Sekirei's attention but held his tongue when the two were already beside him, palming their weapons or flexing muscles in anticipation. "Ichiya. Toyotama. Head to those coordinates and prepare an ambush, I want your first strike to be decisive."

The dark green, long haired Toyotama smirked, a twinkle in her sharp blue eyes. "Bout time we got some action!"

Ichiya, who was slightly darker in complexion, eye and hair color grinned viciously, running a hand through the latter which was cropped close to her skull. "Yeah, been waiting a while for your stupid ass to get ready." She clenched her fists, sending out ominous cracking noises. "Can't wait to put a knee in the face of that pompous bitch."

Toyotama glanced at her partner. "You're not still holding that grudge are you?"

The darker woman huffed. "She insulted my clothing, bitch is gonna get her shit kicked in."

Kakizaki adjusted his glasses with a finger. "Be that as it may, we're still here to do a job and Higa-sama is entrusting us with it. Do not focus on a petty grievance when fighting number nine, she is a single number and should be treated as such."

"Yeah yeah." Ichiya shrugged. "I'll take care of it."

After the two had left Kochou turned to her Ashikabi. "Are you sure that those two can handle number nine?" She sounded confident enough but there was a tone of uncertainty lacing her words. "Like you said, she IS a single number..."

Kakizaki snorted, pulling his phone back out and punching in a number. "That's why I always have a back up plan... hrm yes..." He held the phone up to his ear as someone on the other end picked up. "Yes, I need your help, I've sent the relevant information to your phone... Yes, I expect you to make time, you know what's at stake. Yes. Mhmm. Good." And with little ceremony he snapped the phone closed, ending the call. "It's handled."

"Was that...?" Kochou began but was interrupted by her Ashikabi.

A hint of annoyance entered Kakizaki's voice. "Yes, it was. I can handle it, keep your eyes on our target."

She bowed her head. "As you wish..."


"Finally done!" A sigh escaped our resident strawberry as he tapped in the final nail on the small pull cart they'd been working for over a week now. It was a labor of love... well that and greed but who can say the two aren't one in the same in this case? It had taken some doing but Ichigo had tracked down the local... ahem, criminal element. Using Junichi's stooges as a starting point, the Fullbringer had slowly cracked skulls up the ladder until he'd found someone who could fake all the paperwork necessary to open up his own small business. A vendor licence, a few food handling courses and an application for insurance over the next couple of days and he had all he'd needed to set things up. With a handy shakedown of a few questionably legitimate land owners running the local markets, allowed him to negotiate the rent for an unused plot in a choice area for a reasonably cheap price.

By 'negotiate' he meant he allowed them to keep most of their teeth.

And now, with the help of Akitsu's ice powers keeping the fruit and vegetables just cold enough to preserve them and Musubi's strength to pull the cart to the proper area, they'd finally set up, with Ichigo adjusting the stand's rather ironic sign. "Ichigo's Fresh Produce." Miya had pointed out that his name was rather fitting for what he was trying to sell... to Ichigo's annoyance.

He was tempted to change the sign but was quickly outvoted by the rest of his Sekirei who actually liked the name, Yashima surprisingly being the most vocal, which Ichigo was silently thankful for. It appeared that the most timid of his 'flock' was starting to warm up to him enough to actually voice her opinions, which was always a positive. He'd have to have a talk with her tonight... actually he needed to sit down with all of his Sekirei and lay down some ground rules and come up with a plan for this little battle royal.

"Hey, move it! Get out of the way!"

Ichigo blinked, noting the twin Sekirei signatures making their way though the streets towards his location a moment before the Lightning Sisters arrowed past like death itself was chasing them.

"RRRAAAHHH!" The Fullbringer's danger senses screamed at him to move as he grabbed Akitsu and Musubi, both of which seemed to realize the danger at the same time he did. The trio leapt back as a wall of water smashed into the line of stands they'd been standing in moments before, breaking the wheels off of most of them and slamming the structures into each other.

A second later a flash of blond hair ran by, moving faster than the sisters and gaining ground.

A brow twitched on Ichigo's forehead, followed closely by a vein pulsing as blood rushed to his head. The Fullbringer stopped, took a calming breath. In, out. In, out. In... "Minor inconvenience." He muttered to himself. "Calm down..."

"Ah..." Akitsu stared sadly at the vegetables on the ground. "A waste." The sound of the girls voice, tinged with a melancholy that seemed out of place... but when you compared the vegetables fate to what state Akitsu was in before he'd found her... well...

Ichigo reached a comforting hand out to his calmest Sekirei. "I'm right here Akitsu, don't worry."

His touch seemed to sooth her, as she nuzzled the Fullbringer's arm. "My Ashikabi." She sighed lightly, relaxing a bit.

A shadow of a smile formed on Ichigo's face as he turned back towards the direction the Thunder Twins and someone who could only be Tsukiumi had ran in. "We need to go after those three, they're causing too much havoc to just let this go." He gave one last wistful look at the food cart. "Money can wait." He turned back to the matter at hand, a grim look on his face. "Akitsu, you focus on freezing Tsukiumi's water, stop her from destroying anything else. Musubi, you're with me, help me keep the two dominatrixes from making things worse."

Akitsu nodded, though Musubi frowned, mouth turning into a cute pout. "What's a Dominatrix."

Riiiiight... Ichigo patted the girl on the head, flashing a calming smile to the girl, rather opposed to stepping on that landmine. "Nothing you have to worry about for... a while..." he couldn't help the shudder that ran up his spine as he imagined Musubi in a Dominatrix's gear, with that same sweet personality...

Moving on... Ichigo pulled out his phone, flipping to the latest number in his caller ID and punched it. After a few rings a breathy voice answered. "Ichigo-tan, Matsu was wondering when you'd call~." That last word ended in a rather erotic moan, something Ichigo had no time for.

"Not right now Matsu." Ichigo sighed, stopping the woman's attemps at dirty talk cold. "I need you to pinpoint the position of numbers eleven, twelve and nine. Now."

The firm tone seemed to snap the girl out of her haze and her voice took on a calm proffessional edge. "What happened? " She asked, concern evident, when it came to single numbers caution was always paramount.

"Everyone's fine." The Fullbringer assured her. "They just threw a spanner in the works for the business though."

Matsu's voice came in dry. "Matsu can see... ugh, after all that work you put into it... to have it smashed like that..." The girls tone turned playful. "Maybe Ichigo-tan can get compensation out of number nine's body ufufufufu."

Ok, maybe not so professional...

"Ah... Me too?" Akitsu's blunt question cut through the phone call and sent Matsu into a fresh set of dirty giggles.

Ichigo let out a longsuffering sigh. This was the last time he told any of his Sekirei about his vision/dreams. Matsu had taken his description of that spanking a bit too far... "Just... Just tell me where they are..."

A beep sounded on his phone "Coordinates sent, Mastu will keep an eye on things. Good luck Ichigo-tan, don't do anything Matsu wouldn't do!"

Ichigo, muttering about how that pretty much incorporated everything perverted, took off in the direction Tsukiumi had gone, his Sekirei falling in behind him as they lept from roof to roof after their quarry.


"Loathsome currs!" A volley of water bullets rushed forward, each the size of a large baseball. The water Sekirei had wised up to the Twin's abilites during the chase and seeing as they could only launch maybe four or five bolts at a time, Tsukiumi was at a clear advantage, being able to summon up dozens and hurl them at arrow speed. In response, the twins had been throwing up barriers for some time now but each time they had to block it slowed them down and the space between them and Tsukiumi was shrinking rather quickly.

"Why won't you just give up." Hibiki growled angrily, dodging to the left as a dozen water balls flew past her.

"We can't keep this up, sister." An energy wall flew up in front of Hikari, blocking another wave of ballistic liquid

"Don't you think I know that?" Her sister groaned out, leaping up into the air to dodge a wave of water that attempted to sweep her feet out from under her.

Hikari fired off several lightning bolts behind her, which fared about as well as the last times. "Seo said he'd meet us around here, should we ...?" The question was left unanswered as Hibiki grabbed her sister and yanked her out of the way of a giant wall of water that scoured the rooftop they were running on, and leapt off the building to one lower down.

"Hast thou stopped fleeing for thine lives?" Tsukiumi growled hautily, summoning up even more water. "Hast though prepared to fight me with honor?"

"Yeahhh. No, sweet cheeks, we're planning on doing this." The lightning twins yelped quietly when a pair of arms enveloped the both of them, roughly squeezing their breasts.

"Seo." Hibiki gasped as he rolled one of her nipples.

"S-stop it." Hikari groaned as her Ashikabi pulled the two of them close.

Tsukiumi flushed a deep scarlet. "H-h-how darest thou do such despicable things to a Sekirei! Who art thou?"

"Names Seo." The man responded cheerfully. "And I'm their Ashikabi."

The blush turned dark as a scowl crossed the single numbers features. "Disgusting monkey, laying thine hands on a Sekirei in such a manner, didst thou force them to become thy Sekirei as well!?"

Seo grinned. "Actually no, these two reacted to me naturally, guess it's just my roguish good looks that drew em in." That earned him a light smiting from the two girls. "But that's not important right now." Seo replied grimly, bringing the girls in for a kiss.

"Have thou no shame!?" Tsukiumi almost turned away from the trio, if not for the pair of luminescent wings that appeared on their backs. "I-is that?"

Seo and the twins separated with a satisfied grin. "You bet your ass sweet cheeks." Seo stepped back, letting the lightning twins grab hands. "This is their Norito."

"We're the pledged thunderclap, no disaster will hit our Ashikabi!" Almost immediately the air around them super charged, setting hair on end even as far out as Tsukiumi. A glowing ball of energy built up between the twins, swirling with power as they pointed their clasped forward leading hands in her direction. "Take this!"

The bolt was MASSIVE, easily the largest they'd ever conjured. After their last run in with a single number it was decided to air on the side of caution and put the enemy down with extreme prejudice before they had a chance to retaliate.

Light and sound were drowned out as the blast hit, unleashing a sonic boom and flash that deafened and blinded the surrounding area like a massive flashbang.

As the smoke cleared the twins and their Ashikabi were treated to the sight of a giant smoldering crater that reached from a few dozen feet in front of them all the way to a building over a block away.

"Think we over did it?" Hikari remarked uncertainly.

"Yeaaah, no."

The twins twitched, faces morphing to a combination of fear and incredulousness.

"No..." Hibiki droned in resignation. "Please not him..."

Ichigo walked out from behind a pile of rubble across the way, Tsukiumi held in a bridal carry... to the water Sekirei's annoyance.

"Put me down at once, thy ruffian!" Tsukiumi nearly slapped the man, if she hadn't gotten a good look at the man's face and froze where she lay. "Y-you!" The woman's eyes widened, a deep blush rising on her face. HOW DARE YOU!?" The hand rose again, this time to try and slap him hard enough to knock the head off of a normal human's shoulders, a slap that was stopped by one of Ichigo's hands, which shifted its grip on the incensed woman to grab her wrist.

"Really not in the mood for your shit." Ichigo deadpanned, glaring at everyone in the clearing as his Sekirei touched down behind him. "You-" His eyes arrowed in on the lightning twins. "-Instigated this little chase, correct?"

"Not for a lack of trying to escape." Seo remarked dryly, putting a hand around his girls. "Can't exactly blame them for running when a sneak attack doesn't work, it's common sense."

Ichigo almost rolled his eyes, almost. "No, I cant." The shadows in the area seemed to shiver and move in an unseen wind. "What I can blame them for is making princess here fly off into such a rage that she goes and destroy's my business." He looked down at Tsukiumi who was preparing to slap him with her other hand, she froze again when the liquid gold that was his eyes seemed to stare right through her, judging her as much as it did the two Sekirei who had dared to attack her. "And you'll be working to pay that back by the way." Tsukiumi broke out into a cold sweat, heart hammering in her chest as the reaction tried to throttle the very air from her lungs.

Then a key bit of info seemed to float to the front of her mind; sitting in this man's arms after an attack of that scale could only mean one thing. "W-why." She croaked out, taking a shuddering breath when those eyes focused back on her. "Why didst thou save me when I swore to kill thou?"

Ichigo raised an eyebrow. "Aside from the fact that it's kind of my thing?" He shrugged. "Eh, you may be annoying but you also have your Sekirei pride and getting terminated before you can find your Ashikabi just doesn't sit well with me." He had a very deep respect for a pride in oneself, after all it was the very source of his powers.

Tsukiumi started, surprised etching her features. "Thou doesn't wish for me to be thine Sekirei still?"

Ichigo set the woman down on shaky feet. "I told you before, you need to work on your attitude and language before I even begin to think about winging you." He raised an eyebrow. "As far as I can see you're still an arrogant, self entitled bitch."

Tsukiumi flushed, somewhat in anger and somewhat in a deep seated and secret satisfaction. It would be a cold day in hell when she admitted that Ichigo talking to her like that was turning her on. Such a prideful personality, so arrogant and controlling, her biggest kink just had to be the total loss of all of it.

And the sad part was that she didn't know it herself...

So she blamed the sudden spike of pleasure on the Sekirei reaction and reacted as well as you might expect.

She slapped him.


Of course Ichigo had already hardened his skin with his Kōra so all that did was bruise her hand and rattle his teeth a bit.

"Bastard." She huffed, shaking her hand smartly.

Ichigo ignored her, focusing instead on the thunder twins, who were even now charging up another attack. Golden eyes focused on Tsukiumi. "Make a wall of water. Now."

Tsukiumi almost snapped at him then but the look he gave her brooked no argument as she reluctantly drew a large wall of water between them and the twins and the now incoming attack.

Ichigo held a hand out. "Akitsu." He spoke evenly. Behind him the Ice Sekirei raised her own hand, freezing the large mass of water into a solid wall, which Ichigo then touched, pulling on the ice's soul and turning the wall as hard as steel. Lightning struck ice and exploded, the blast burning through all but the last few inches of the ice before stopping cold. "Musubi." A blur flew by his shoulder, landing a staggering blow into one of the halves of the ice wall, snapping it down the middle and sending it flying towards the twins, which was followed half a second later by Ichigo doing the same to the other side.

The twins leapt to the side, Seo getting dragged along with Hibiki as the slabs of ice tore through the roof of the building and impacted the one behind it.

Hibiki glanced behind her and gulped at the gash in the concrete that they were just standing on, had something like that hit them head on it would have been an instant termination.

Hikari, who had been the one to grab Seo, shook her head at the destruction. "We don't have much juice left and these guys are still fresh, this isn't good Seo."

"Yeah yeah, I know." He groaned pulling himself up. "Thankfully we don't have to worry about them targeting us now." His voice was grim as he reached out with his senses. "We've got company."

Down on the ground Ichigo felt the two presences before the others, he quickly spun on his heels. "Look out Akitsu!"

The Snow woman's eyes widened as she threw up a quick ice barrier that was systematically smashed through with the combined strength of a staff and knee strike, the pole carrying forward to hit the snow woman in the stomach, doubling her over as a mule kick sent the woman flying past Ichigo.

Musubi, acting before thinking, rushed forward to protect her Ashikabi.

"Musubi wait!"

But it came too late as the girl was blind sided two-on-one by a perfect three strike combo, ending with a push kick that sent her sliding painfully along the ground on her back into the same indention that Akitsu was currently residing.

Ichigo's fists clenched as the two attackers revealed themselves. The fist fighter was the first he noticed as she let out a small whistle when she noticed Ichigo

"Well isn't this a surprise?" She remarked, eying Ichigo up and down for a moment. "A little Ashikabi out here with his Sekirei." She leered at him, eying his crotch a lot longer than she really should have. "Cute, got some muscle on him too."

"Quit ogling the eyecandy Ichiya, we have our orders." The Staff wielder sighed, resting the bar on her shoulder.

"Shut up Toyotama." The woman snarled, turning to scowl at her companion. "Water bitch isn't going anywhere, enjoy actually being out of the mansion for once, this is the first action I've seen in over a week."

Toyotama's eyebrow twitched as she rapped the other woman over the head with her staff. "And you think I haven't been chomping at the bit either? You were the one who said you wanted to kick number nine's ass, so stop playing. We have a job to do, you can have fun with him after we're done."

The darker woman rolled her eyes. "Fine whatever, just don't get in my way afterw-"

Ichigo's fist cut the woman off mid word, sending the fist fighter flying away.

Toyotama cursed, spinning her staff around in a block that stopped a elbow strike cold, though the way her staff groaned under the pressure told her in no uncertain terms that it would probably be better to dodge those. "A Sekirei?" She questioned to herself, dodging another punch to the face. "No, I know what the others look like and you're no Sekirei... and you don't feel like the other one..." She leapt back, putting some distance while stabbing her staff forward to try and hit the Fullbringer in the face.

Ichigo ducked, bringing an axe hand up to strike at the woman's throat, something which was parried by the staff tipping back to strike his hand out and away from her. The woman spun, sending the bar in an arc around with whip-like force. Planting her foot down before stepping into the attack, the woman lashed out a kick.

Ichigo ducked the obvious attack but had to bring his arms up in a block as the staff wielder's kick rattled painfully off his arms. The woman, expecting that kick to break bones, found herself at Ichigo's mercy as the Fullbringer grabbed her extended leg, yanking her off balance.

In response the woman leapt, using her staff as a balance and drop kicked her other foot into Ichigo's hand, numbing the fingers and forcing the hands to let go.

Ichigo stumbled back, shaking the hand she'd struck to get feeling back into it. Kōra or not a strike to the knuckles hurt.

"Don't forget about me!" That hand reached up and caught an incoming knee strike before it could impact his head. Ichiya had rejoined the fight it seemed.

Ichigo wrapped his other hand around that leg, pivoting and spinning in place, pulling the squawking woman along as he tossed her towards her partner.

Ichiya flipped midair, landing in a sliding crouch next to Toyotama. "You're not as weak as I thought you'd be." The fist fighter let out a feral grin. "Perfect, been looking for a good fight for ages now."

"Careful." Toyotama spoke with a sense of unease, eying Ichigo warily. "This guy isn't an ordinary Ashikabi, he hits as hard as a Sekirei and is just as fast. Kakizaki didn't mention this guy being a part of the group chasing number nine."

"Who cares, he's just gonna get beat down anyway!" The woman rushed forward, engaging Ichigo at close range.

"Dammit Ichiya!" Toyotama snarled, following behind her partner.

Ichigo watched the both of them approach with a critical eye, dodging the fist that arced towards his face while knocking the incoming staff tip aside as the two Sekirei fell into a rhythm that had the Fullbring on his toes the entire time. Any attack he attempted would invariably meet a limb or that annoying staff. And every time he blocked the staff a fist would attempt to take the opening and strike him. The two worked well together, obviously having trained together to make their teamwork near flawless, taking advantage of the different ranges they worked with to become near unbeatable.

Near unbeatable.

Ichigo blocked a staff blow to the throat, instead of simply knocking it aside. With a snarl and a yank the staff wielder's was off her balance and the staff was placed in the way of the fist user's knee strike that would have hit him in the kidney. With both attacks neutralized the Fullbringer drew his namesake, calling out the name and drawing the blade at the two women.

Ichiya cursed when the naked steel was revealed, quickly moving back and striking Toyotama's staff, knocking the weapon from Ichigo's grip while breaking off from the fight before the blade could take off her leg. Wisely Toyotama followed her, grateful that her staff had been freed up else she'd have been in trouble there. Once a short distance away the two glanced out the corner of their eyes at each other, a small nod passing between them.

Ichigo's eyes followed the both of them as they split up, each moving in a circle around him. This was obviously a trick, used to make him lose track of one of them, sadly this was the point where Tsukiumi had gotten over her shock of yet another pair of assassins and made her presence known. A wall of water the size of an economy car smashed into Ichiya, who took the brunt of the wave from the side, cursing all the while.

"Thou would do well not to ignore they betters!" Tsukiumi huffed, casually waving a hand in the girls direction to put her out of her misery.

Ichigo took advantage of Toyotama's moment of distraction and rushed forward, intent upon disabling the woman and getting some answers on why the two were going after Tsukiumi and on who's orders.

It was only his instincts screaming at him that allowed him to dodge the first streak of light, followed quickly by the second. Behind him a flash slammed into the leading edge of Tsukiumi's wave, splitting it down the middle while another pierced the water Sekirei's leg, forcing a sharp cry of pain from the woman's throat.

The Fullbringer's gaze snapped upwards towards this newest threat.

Whatever Ichigo would have said to his newest opponent caught in his throat, his eyes dilating in fear as he hyper focused on the source of the streaks of light.


It couldn't be.

He was a bit different; longer hair, sharper features, a light beard and mustache... but you couldn't hide those piercing blue eyes behind square rimmed glasses, nor that cold look of indifference that had irritated him all through his latter highschool years.

He was older, they both were obviously but this specter of his past couldn't be denied.

"It's surprising to see you here Kurosaki. It's been such a long time, I almost didn't recognize you."

Even if he hadn't recognized the man's face, the all too familiar Quincy bow in his hands was telling enough who this was.

"Uryu..." Ichigo swallowed heavily. "Uryu Ishida."


Yep, that's a thing. Uryu is an antagonist just like his canonical counterpart. And while the reasons behind his antagonism will be revealed next chapter, he will NOT be the vanguard of a Quincy army. The 1000 year train wreck that is the new arc is not happening here. Uryu is here for his own reasons and there are no major bastions of Quincy out there waiting to attack. So no, don't go there.

Aside from that, Uryu is not the 'biggest' problem, he's merely one of the bigger players. Minaka's been quiet for the moment but he WILL be every bit as ruthless and antagonistic as a sick fuck like him would have to be to force a bunch of what are essentially children/family to fight each other to the death.

And then there are the other players behind the scenes, some watching the battle and tapping greedy, conniving fingers as the show unfolds. Other's are merely waiting for a chance to strike. Those persons will also be throwing more than just a spanner in the works.

Bad times are ahead people, buckle in and hang on.

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April 6th, 2020


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April 25th 2020

Looking back through my previous entries... I don't remember writing the April 6th entry... or befriending Kurumu actually... and she looks nervous when I ask her how we met... Hrm... Moka says I shouldn't worry so much but I don't remember anything from that time and about a day or two after that... I do remember feeling something squishy, then a sharp pain in my head... then waking up in the infirmary with the nurse telling me I bumped my head and probably forgot about what happened. Both Kurumu and Moka were with me... though I vaguely remember feeling uncomfortable around Kurumu... and that the girl had sworn that I was her 'destined one.'


I know they're hiding something from me, obviously Kurumu did something to me and I forgot about it but Moka seems to treat her with at least some respect... though they're now both fighting over my attention...

After befriending Yukari, I brought it up with her. She mentioned that since Kurumu was a Succubus she'd likely tried to mind control me, either failing or succeeded and something happened in the meanwhile. Judging by the knot on my head, that something might have been Moka's true vampire form... which would explain why she was smirking at me when she showed up to protect Yukari from those bullies. Normally, I'd feel a bit betrayed by them lying to me... but... I don't know. Moka... I have feelings for her... (Please God or gods I don't care who, don't let her read this...) I love her, there's so much I want to say to her... but I also care for Kurumu for some strange reason... and Yukari... it's so confusing. I'm almost tempted to go along with what Yukari keeps suggesting...

At least the newspaper club thing is going good, everyone's getting along, even Gin surprisingly, who took having an entire campus of girls trying to cause him bodily harm surprisingly well.

I still feel so conflicted though... I wish I could confess to Moka... but... ugh... at least things cant get much worse...

Minato Sahashi.


May 1st 2020

After that last debacle with the art teacher and those dirty photos of Kurumu, I really should learn to keep my mouth-er handwriting-... I should have known better...

Now there was an attack on the Newspaper club... I know Gin and I never really see eye to eye on most things -Him being a shameless pervert and me being... an unwilling one- (damn you Kurumu... damn you and your feminine wiles, they're corrupting me I swear...) But that damn wolf needs to tell us when something's wrong... he's kept his mouth shut but after Moka defeated that spider woman... I can feel it... he knows it too... I don't know what but something bad is going to happen... and what frightens me the most is...I don't know if I'll be able to handle it...

Minato Sahashi.


And there's the next part of the omake section, like the main story, shit's hitting the fan, while I've been mostly following the anime so far there's definitely some manga mixed in now. So it's going to be a bit of a conglomeration. But again, I'll say that I'm not going into the 'meat' of the second half of the manga series since it's still being written, I'd rather have these omakes be quite a bit different compared to the main series. I mean Minato is quite a bit different than Tsukune, far more readily accepting of his 'harem' in Sekirei and a bit more perverted than Tsukune is, so events, love focus and abilities will be quite a bit different.

Vampire Minato is also going to be a bit more willful than Vampire Tsukune, especially seeing as Minato's a genius while Tsukune isn't, he simply lacks the spine to make use of that genius. So extremely smart, powerful and confident Minato is a force to be reckoned with.