Power Rangers Triad

By Rena Mason

Author's Note's: I got the idea for this story when I thought "What if there had been someone watching the original Power Rangers?" So with that thought running through my head this story came out. It's set for the most part in the MMPR television series time line with a few exceptions. Tanya does not take over for Aisha on her Zeo Quest and Billy goes to Aquitar but comes back in the ten years between the time they all leave Angel Grove and eventually come back. As for the person watching the Power Rangers that is a totally new character of my own making slightly based on the BBC television show "Dr. Who" except it's a woman and she's regenerated into a eight year old human and has been living in Angel Grove watching the Original Power Rangers and the additional ones come and go.

The story is a m/m slash story with the pairing of Jason L. Scott and William (Billy) Cranston, eventually it will be a m/m/f slash story with my new character Danielle Marks becoming the third person.

This will be the only Author's notes for the story with the exception of marking when the chapter has a sex scene in it. Hope you enjoy and reviews and comments are always welcome.

Now on to our story:

Power Rangers Triad

Rena Mason

Chapter 1

Danielle Marks had been in Angel Grove for ages, at least that's how everyone remembered it. She'd moved to Angel Grove just before the Scotts, and although no one remembered meeting her parents. She lived quietly down the street from them for years with her older sister. She remembered when they moved in, a young couple with an eight year old boy, who even at that age was muscular and handsome.

Then Kim, Zack and Trini came, Danni watched from afar as the four formed a tight knit group.

When school started she like all the other kids started the new school year. She ended up having several classes with Jason or various other members of the group but always stayed in the background. She was known around school as the quiet girl with the books, but she was never picked on. She always seemed to somehow discourage the bullies.

In the middle of the year Billy came and because of his geekish appearance and quite mannerism he was picked on almost all the time. Danni watched as he was repeatedly pushed, knocked down and even stuffed into a trash can on several occasions until Jason finally came to his rescue and the last member of the group was added.

As the years passed Danni watched from afar as the group grew from awkward pre-teens into confidant teenagers. Oh Billy was occasionally still picked on by the school bullies Bulk & Skull but he had four fierce protectors that for the most part kept him safe.

Then came the day Rita Repulsa came to earth and Danni watched quietly as the five of them were chosen to become the first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Danni approached Zordon very shortly after he'd chosen the five. She entered the Power Chamber quiet easily and was instantly surrounded by a power field and Alpha 5.

"Unknown intruder, Unknown intruder!" said Alpha 5 as he moved around the consoles.

"Zordon, tell him to shut turn off all that noise or I'll do it myself" said Danni, she'd never really like autonomic machines because they could only do what their program allowed them to do and if things got out of hand they went haywire.

"Explain yourself and your purpose for being here," answered Zordon.

"All right, if you won't then I will" and with a wave of her hand the siren stopped, the force field disappeared, and Alpha 5 went still.

"Much better! All that noise was giving me a headache. Now as for, who I am. I'm known as Danielle Marks. I'm a….."

"Time Lord, a Solorian Master Time Lord as well," answered Zordon with a bow of his head.

"Well, well. I didn't know I was so well known." answered Danielle with a smile on her face.

"Since a Solorian Time Lord is born only once every thousand years, it is uncommon to hear that one is on Earth. What are your plans, if I may ask?"

"I'm here to form a triad."

"With whom?"

"Jason Scott and William Cranston."

"But their just children! Is it the practice of the High Council of the Time Lords to recruit children now to do their bidding?" asked Zordon.

"Why not, you just did!" answered Danni "But to answer your question truthfully, neither they nor I are in a position to form the triad at this particular time. I may be a Master Time Lord but as you can see, I have regenerated into a human teenager so I can gain knowledge that will help me later when the triad is formed. As for William and Jason, they need the experiences that being a Power Ranger will afford them."

"So now you are just observing and gaining knowledge?"

"For the time being, yes. It'll be years before they're ready to even begin to think about forming the triad. But I must have your word that you'll not tell any of them about me or why I am here."

"Any of them? I thought a triad was only three?"

"It is, it's from the Greek word tri meaning three" answered Danni with a smile. "The any, refers to the present Power Rangers of Zack, Trini, Kimberly, Jason and Billy and the future members that have yet to be recruited."

"And how many will you be using for your little plan?" asked Zordon impatiently.

"A total of ten, including the present five. They'll come and go through Angel Grove at varies times but eventually all ten will return when the time is right."

"But how….?"

"I don't have time for this…learn all you need to know," said Danielle impatiently and then opened her mind to show Zordon exactly what the Earth would be facing in the future.

"And the Earth Power Rangers will be able to defeat this…?" asked Zordon.

"After the triad is formed and with the proper training, yes. We'll defeat this threat."

"Then I give you my word, and pledge myself and Alpha 5 to helping you defeat this foe."

"Thank you, but for now your silence is all I require. Your services may be needed in the future."

"At your service, Master" replied both Zordon and Alpha 5 with a bow of their head.

An instant later Danielle disappeared in a flash of white light only to reappear in the house she called home.

"Was that wise, Master?" asked a young woman about twenty-five with long blonde hair as she moved over to the couch where Danni was sitting. She placed a hand on her forehead; left then returning with a glass and handed it to Danni.

"You're questioning me?" asked Danni as she took a sip and then looked up at the young woman.

Antonia had only been with her for eight years now, and the only reason she'd agreed to take her in the first place was that in order for her to live among the humans as a child she'd have to have someone posing as the adult for her.

So Antonia was her "big sister" and according to Angel Grove the legal guardian of Danielle Marks. Even though, Danielle was much older than Antonia in years.

"No, Master. Just wondering if it's wise to put such a strain on yourself when you're still adjusting to your body."

"I've been in this body for eight years now; I think I've adjusted just fine." answered Danni as she leaned back against the couch and closed her eyes.

"That was the child's body, Danni. Being a teenager is something totally different."

"Don't worry, I'll adapt as I always do. Zordon and Alpha 5 will become useful allies in the future." answered Danni quietly.

"As you say, master." replied Antonia as she placed a light blanket over the sleeping young lady.

The best thing for her right now was sleep so she could regain her strength. A mind link was difficult even under the best of circumstances, but when you were in a new body from a regeneration that makes it even more difficult. Add to that a body raging with hormones and bodily changes; Antonia was amazed that Danni had the control to perform one at all.

But there were a lot of things that amazed her about Danielle and that was why when she was offered the internship with Danielle she jumped at the chance. After all not many Time Lords got to even meet a Solorian Master Time Lord, not to mention be a part of forming the first triad in a thousand years. But for right now her job was to watch and help out when she was need. So she left Danielle sleeping on the couch and went back to her "other duties"

Over the years Danielle quietly watched as:

Tommy entered into the group, loses, then regained his powers, then eventually became the White Ranger.

Jason, Trini & Zack go off to the World Peace Conference and Rocky, Adam and Aisha take their places.

The Power Rangers trip to help the Masker Rider save Edenoi.

The destruction of the Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord and the Rangers quest for the Lost Ninja Temple.

The arrival of Katherine.

The Rangers change from Power Rangers to Ninja Rangers.

The discovery and destruction of the Ancient Zords.

Katherine's release from Rita Repulsa's spell.

Kimberly excepting the offer to train for the Pan Global Games.

Kimberly's power transfer to Katherine.

The arrival of Master Vile.

The Power rangers upgrade to Metallic Armor.

The Power Rangers are turned into Children.

The arrival of the Aquitar Rangers.

Billy's return to adulthood.

The young teams members quests for the five sub-sections of the Zeo Crystal.

The arrival of the Hydro Hog from Aquitar.

The destruction of the Command center.

The Machine Empire arrives on Earth.

The team's completion of their Zeo Crystal quests,

The new Zeo Rangers are formed (Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Tanya & Katherine)

Billy loses the Blue Power Ranger Powers.

Billy and Alpha 5 construct new Zords for the rangers.

The rangers acquire new Zeo jet cycles.

Billy leaves with Cestro to Aquitar.

Billy returns from Aquitar.

Tommy goes on a vision quest and discovers his lost brother David.

The arrival of the Gold Ranger.

The Jason takes over the Gold Ranger Powers.

King Mondo of the Machine Empire is destroyed.

Rita & Zedd's Louie Kaboom take over the Machine Empire.

Prince Gasket and his wife return to take over the Machine Empire.

Gasket launches a full scale attack on Angel Grove.

Billy begins to age from the effects of one of his inventions.

The Rangers lose the Zeo Megazord & the Super Zeo Megazord to Rita & Zed & Mondo & Machina.

Billy leaves for Aquitar to try to restore his youth and health.

Jason begins to lose the Gold Powers.

The Gold Powers are transferred back to Trey of Triforia.

The Machine Empire is destroyed.

Jason loses the Power Ranger Powers and leaves Angel Grove.

The Turbo Rangers are formed.

In the subsequent years Zordon leaves, Danielle starts building the underground compound on the old Command Center property, all the Power Ranger members leave Angel Grove, The team changes numerous times until they finally head off into space.

Through it all Danielle and Antonia stayed in Angel Grove, they kept the house were Danielle grew up in but only for a legal mailing address spending most of their time at the underground compound.

Almost 10 years to the week that everyone started to leave Angel Grove they slowly started returning.

First to return was Tommy & Katherine Oliver, they'd finally gotten together right before they each left Angel Grove but lost track of each other when they both left. They meet up years later and were now happily married. Tommy was a race car driver, while Katherine had retired from a lucrative dancing career and now wanted to start her own dance studio.

Next was Rocky & Aisha De Santos, Rocky had a radio talk show and recently had been transferred to his old stomping ground in Angel Grove. Aisha was a very successful veterinarian and worked with animal rights groups to save the habitats of wild animals.

A few days later Zack and Trini Taylor returned, Zack was a well-known television star on a popular soap opera, while Trini had gone to school and gotten her degree in nursing. She was the head nurse in charge of the surgical floor of Angel Grove Hospital.

Adam & Kimberly Park were the last of the couples to return to Angel Grove, Adam was a well-known heart surgeon, while Kimberly had done well in her gymnastic career and was now coaching several young prospects. Since Kimberly wanted to return to Angel Grove to coach, so Adam just moved his practice to the hospital in Angel Grove.

Jason and William both arrived back alone. William on leave from the Marines, while Jason had been reassigned to the Air Force base in nearby Sacramento. Jason had wanted to live closer to his parents so he returned to Angel Grove with the intension of living there and driving to the base. It was on a visit with his parents, Linda brought up the fact that all the "old gang" had moved back to Angel Grove.

"Jason, you'll never guess who I heard has coming back to Angel Grove" said Linda one night at dinner.

Jason had been in town only a few days and had been staying with his parents until he could find a place to live. He really hadn't had time to do a lot of "catching up" with the people who had returned or never left Angel Grove

"Who?" he asked with mild curiosity.

"Adam & Trini. Adam is moving his practice here to Angel Grove Hospital, and Trini has gotten a job as the head nurse for the surgical floor at the same hospital."

At mention of two of his best friend's names Jason's interest peaked and he began to take an interest in what his mother was saying. He'd kept in touch with everyone as best he could being in the military. So he knew that Adam and Trini were married, but not to each other.

"What about Zack and Kimberly? Are they back as well?"

"Yep, Zack's got a part in that popular television soap opera that's filmed in Sacramento. Kimberly is starting her own gymnastics studio. Speaking of people from the past, do you remember that little brown haired girl that lived down the block from us? The one that was always around but would never participate, she always sat on the sidelines with a book in her lap?"

"Is she the one that we never saw her parents, only an older sister?" asked Jack.

"Yes, that's the one" answered Linda.

"What ever happened to her?" asked Jason.

"Well she never left, well at least if she did we didn't notice. We still see her occasionally at the house but most of the time she is gone. I don't want to sound mean or anything thing but her "older sister" looks younger than Danielle. I think she's had some cosmetic surgery. Danielle looks to be at least your age Jason if not a little older but her sister…"

"Now Linda…" said Jack with a smile.

"I often wondered about her myself, we'd see her at school sometimes but she was always on the sidelines and would never participate in any activity."

"Well she got really secretive after everyone left Angel Grove, she and her sister would disappear for days at a time. I tried to go over and check on them, you know just being a "good neighbor" and all, but they would always say they were fine and she had just been away for work."

"Well you know mom, we can't always tell everything that we are doing" answered Jason truthfully.

He still regretted having to lie to his parents about his time in the Power Rangers and was relieved when they caught him returning from a battle one night. They'd both been upset, but supported his decision. It was with great relief and a little sadness when he told them that he had lost his powers and could never hold another

"I know Jas, but it does seem odd don't you think?" said Linda then they finished dinner in peace.

Later that night Jason went out for a walk and went down the other end of the block so he'd pass by the Marks house. He'd always remembered Danielle and her sister as a strange pair; they didn't look a thing like each other. Danielle was always small and petite looking, almost to the point of fragile, but Antonia was a tall skinny, buxom blonde with curves that just didn't quit. He remembered when they'd first noticed them, and he thought she looked like one of those Amazon Women on television, even at Jason's age he'd noticed her.

As he neared their house he noticed that both ladies were sitting on the porch. His mom had been right, Antonia did look younger than her sister Danielle. The years had been kind to Antonia, but not so much to Danielle. She looked a little bit older than her age and had put on some weight over the years. He waved at them and then headed up the sidewalk to their front porch.

"Oh my god! Here he comes Danni," said Antonia excitedly as she instinctively began straightening her hair.

"Oh get a grip Antonia," answered Danni sarcastically. "He's far too young for you"

"Oh, and what about you?" said Toni defensively.

"Touché!" answered Danni with a slight nod of her head. "But remember he has a destiny to full fill, do you want to take that on as well?"

"No thank you! I'll leave all of that to you for the time being." said Toni as she slumped back in her chair

At that moment Jason stepped onto their front porch and with his best smile said "I don't know if you remember me, but I'm Jason Scott. I used to live a few doors down with my parents when we were kids."

"Of course I do! You used to hang around with Kimberly, Zack, Trini & Billy. You remember my sister Antonia Marks."

"How do you do, to be perfectly honest I'm afraid I don't remember her at all." said Jason with a smile.

"Well, you probably wouldn't remember much of me. Danielle was such a quiet child that I didn't have to spend a lot of time at the school. How about we go out for drinks sometime and reminisce about how much Angel Grove has changed."

"Down, Antonia!" whispered Danielle quietly, but firmly.

"Uh…Yeah, that'll be great. Give me a call; I'm staying at my parent's house just down the street whenever you're free." answered Jason hesitantly as he backed off the front porch. "Nice to see you again, Danielle" then headed back towards his parents' house.

He wasn't sure what just happened, but the high arc of that house had changed, and now Danielle was the one in charge.

"You're not to have any contact with him, do you understand Antonia." said Danielle as she dropped her legs from over the arm of the chair and sat up.

"Not even as a fact finding inquiry? Just to see what's happened to all of them since they left Angel Grove?"

"I know what happened to each of them when they left Angel Grove. You forget that I've been following this group of people since I was eight. The last thing Jason Scott needs at this time is an overzealous Time Lord whose hormones are out of whack."

"But Danni…" whined Antonia

"I mean it Toni." replied Danni firmly "Why don't you go see your friends at that pleasure planet that you're so fond of."

"Are you sure, I mean I was told not to leave you…."

"Antonia, I'm a very big girl now. Just because I've chosen a life of celibacy doesn't mean that you've got to. Go have some fun, but be careful!" said Danni firmly "I don't want a repeat of what happened the last time I let you go by yourself."

"I promise Danni, I'll even open a link if you like?"

"Gods no! What are you trying to do to me, kill me?

"Just liven up your life a little Danni," answered Antonia quietly.

"My life is just fine the way it is thank you Antonia, now go before I change my mind." said Danielle as she stood up and headed for the door, just as she reached for the doorknob she saw the white light which meant that Antonia had gone.

Now maybe she could have some peace and get things accomplished. Antonia was a help in certain areas but she was young and still had a lot to learn. As she closed the front door she wondered if tonight she'd be able to sleep without a certain memory haunting her dreams. Of young love found, then lost, of her greatest sacrifice and the reason that Danielle Marks is the way she is.

It was a few months later when the whole group finally got together, they meet at their old hang out place in the park. For a while they talked about what had happened to them after they had left Angel Grove, then finally they got around to the strange thing that had happen to them all.

A week earlier each of the former Power Rangers had received a cryptic letter to go to the old place where the Command Center used to be. There was someone who wanted to discuss their activities as teenagers in Angle Grove. They were at their meeting place in the park the night before to discuss the cryptic letters.

"Does anyone have any idea who sent those letters?" ask Jason as he sat down on their bench.

"Not a clue, but it had to be someone that knew us when we were in high school. Does anyone know what happened to most of our class?" asked Kimberly.

"No idea, and I'm afraid we don't have time to check out all of our former classmates. That letter said for all of us to meet at the Command Center tomorrow." said Bill.

"I wonder what would happen if we just didn't show us?" asked Adam.

"Are you willing to take that chance with your career Adam?" asked Aisha. "I don't know about the rest of you but I would think that at least some of us have a lot to lose if certain events were revealed."

"Yeah, not to mention Bill and Jason's military careers. I don't think we have much of a choice." answered Rocky quietly.

"How about we all meet and go together, that way if something does go wrong at least we can watch each other's backs" suggested Trini finally.

"Agreed, then we will all meet just outside of Angel Grove and go together."

"Funny, it's almost like one last battle together" said Tommy with a sad smile.

"Yeah, but this time we don't know who we are facing" replied Jason with a mournful sigh.

The next day the all of the former Power Rangers meet in the desert just outside Angel Grove and walked the last few kilometers to where the Command Center used to be. Where the building used to stand was now just sand and rocks out in the intense heat of the California sun. Each former Power Ranger stood quietly remembering the first time they came to the Command Center until Jason finally yelled to the sky "Alright! We're here!"

Deep inside the underground compound Danielle sat at the Compounds Command Center smiling as she watched the group wander around looking for a sign that someone was there. Quietly Antonia entered to find Danni sitting at the console with her eyes closed.

"They've arrived Master," said Antonia quietly.

"I'm well aware of that fact Toni," answered Danielle quietly then in a brilliant white light the ten former Power Rangers materialize outside the Command Center. Once inside the Compound they're completely surrounded by a force field.

"Unknown intruders! Unknown intruders! Prepare to be scanned!" said a metallic female computer voice.

Then a red beam moved slowly over each of the Rangers and the female voice returned.

"Zackary Taylor, former Black Ranger. Pilot of the Mastodon Dragonzoid, Black Lion Thunderzord, and husband to Trini Kwan-Taylor."

"Trini Kwan-Taylor, former Yellow Ranger. Pilot of the Yellow Saber Tooth Tiger Dragonzord, Yellow Griffin Thunderzord, and wife to Zackary Taylor"

"Kimberly Hart-Parks, former Pink Ranger. Pilot of the Pink Teradactal Dragonzord, Pink Firebird Thunderzord, Pink Crane Ninjazord, and wife to Adam Parks"

"Adam Parks, former Black Ranger, then Zeo Ranger 4 Green. Pilot of the Black Lion Thunderzord, Black Frog Ninjazord, Black Shogunzord, Green Zeo Megazord, Green Super Zeo Zord, and wife to Kimberly Hart-Park"

"Thomas Oliver, former Green Ranger, then White Ranger, then Zeo Ranger 5 Red. Pilot of Green Dragonzord, White Tigerzord, White Falcon Ninja Zord, White Shogunzord, Red Zeo Megazord, Red Zeo Battlezord, Red Super Zeo Megazord, husband to Katherine Hillard-Oliver."

"Katherine Hillard-Oliver, former Pink Ranger, then Zeo Ranger 1 Pink. Pilot of the Pink Crane Ninjazord, Pink Zeo Megazord, Pink Super Zeo Megazord, wife to Thomas Oliver."

"Rockford De Santos III, former Red Ranger, then Zeo Ranger 3 Blue. Pilot of the Red Dragon Thunderzord, Red Ape Ninjazord, Red Shogunzord, Blue Zeo Megazord, Blue Super Zeo Megazord, husband of Aisha Campbell"

"Aisha Campbell, former Yellow Ranger, then Zeo Ranger 2 Yellow. Pilot of the Yellow Griffin Thunderzord, Yellow Bear Ninjazord, Yellow Shogunzord, Yellow Zeo Megazord, Yellow Super Zeo Megazord, wife of Rockford De Santos III."

"Jason Lee Scott, former Red Ranger, then Gold Ranger. Pilot of the Red Tyrannosaurus Rex Dragonzoid, Red Dragon Thunderzord, and Pyraimdas. Captain in the United States Air Force."

"William Cranston, former Blue Ranger. Pilot of the Blue Triceratops Dragonzord, Blue Unicorn Thunderzord, Blue Wolf Ninjazord, Blue Shogunzord. Major in the United States Marine Core, and former Green Barrette."

There was total silence as each of the former Rangers and friends looked at each other as so much and been revealed by this unknown person. It's as if they'd known each of them all their lives, or at least as long as some of them had been in Angel Grove.

"All right, so you know all about us, what about you? Just who the hell are you and how do you know so much!" said Jason as he stepped forward.

Danielle smiled, always the leader even when they were all grown up and accomplished equally great things on their own.

"I believe that some of you might remember me, most of you will have only vague memories from when we were younger," replied Danielle as she stepped out of the compounds Control Center and into the hallway which served as the foyer to the underground Compound.

Each of them stared at her for a few minutes, trying to pull the face or a memory from their long ago past. Finally the memory came to Jason and he took one step closer.

"I've meet you before! You're Danielle Marks; you live down the street from my parents."

"Very good Jason, not exactly the memory I was looking for but at least you know who I am."

"Now I remember you too," answered Bill. "You lived in Angel Grove when we're kids. You went to school with us."

"Very good, William! As for living down the street from your parents Jason that is true, up to a point. I lived in that house until I finished building this compound, now it's only my legal mailing address. As for knowing so much about you'll let's just say I'm very observant, particularly when I came to Angel Grove to get to know the Original 5 Power Rangers."

"For what reason?" asked Zack as he stepped in front of Trini.

"Oh don't be silly, Zackary! If I'd wanted to hurt any of you, for any reason I'd have done so at any time within the first eighteen years of your lives. You may not remember but I was within very close proximity of all of you from the moment that you moved to Angel Grove until the time you left." said Danielle as she turned her back and started walking towards the Commander Center. "Follow me. All you want and need to know will be explained," with that said she walked through the sliding doors and into the Command Center.

Everyone stayed perfectly still, paired off with their respective partner, except for Jason and Bill who stood in the front of the group almost as the first line of defense. Danielle looked back at the group and then with a wiry sigh and a shake of her head, she returned to the foyer. Stopping just in front of them with her legs slightly apart and her arms held out to her side.

Jason looked at her, and then smiled. "How'd you know?"

"I know exactly what you want Jason Scott, but this is all I am allowing for now. Take it for what it is, or you'll just have to trust me" answered Danielle as she stood there looking him straight in the eyes.

Almost daring him to ask for something else, until finally he dropped his eyes and came forward to give her a pat down. It was quick but throe, and finally Jason turned and gave an approving nod for everyone to go into the Command Center. Danielle followed the last one into the Command Center, and went directly to the center console and sat on a high stool.

"There's a console for each of you with a palm pad in the center. When you're ready to learn the reason you're here and everything you need to know place your hand flat on the pad."

The former Rangers moved quietly to their respective consoles and one by one placed their palms on the pad. Trini first, then Kimberly, Aisha, Katherine, Zack, Adam, Rocky, Tommy, Bill, then finally Jason. Danielle smiled to herself when she felt the last palm enter the connection; she had a feeling that it would either be Bill or Jason that would be the last one to trust her, and they'd not let her down. For they'd entered the connection just a few seconds apart, which was not really surprising considering they had the most to gain or lose depending on which way you looked at it. But that wouldn't be revealed just yet, now each of them would be told who, and what she was and the reason that she had come to earth. The forming of the Triad would be information given only to Bill and Jason when they were ready.

Ten minutes later Danielle broke the connections and slumped forward on the console, Antonia raced to the young woman at the console. "Master, are you all right?" asked Antonia quickly.

"Danielle, what is wrong?" asked Adam & Trini as they came over to the young woman.

"The link has drained her. I told her that 10 was too many at one time, but she'd said she could handle it. Now I guess we know better."

"I heard that Antonia," said Danielle weakly.

"Sorry Master," answered Antonia meekly.

"I'll deal with that later, right now I must rest. You may explore the compound but don't try to enter a door that is locked. It's locked for a reason. I'll call you when I am strong enough to resume the connection. You all still have many questions that you wish answered and you must be fully informed before you can make your final decision."

"How will we know where you are?" asked Rocky.

"You'll know," said Danielle then disappeared in a brilliant white light; Antonia smiled at them with an apologetic smile then disappeared a second later.

"Well, shall we go exploring?" asked Zack as he took Trini's hand and they left the Command Center.

Everyone followed in pairs except for Jason and Bill and they all spent the next several hours exploring the Compound.

When the silent call came, they all made their way to the park to find Danielle sitting in the middle of a large tiled patio area, with several tables and chairs with umbrellas to shade the tables.

"It seems that I was mistaken to try to form a connection with all of you at once," started Danielle.

At that admission, Antonia made a triumphant sound in her throat.

"Don't even try and go there Antonia," answered Danielle quietly.

"Yes, Master," answered Antonia meekly.

"For those of you that don't remember, this is Antonia Marks. Angel Grove considers her to be my older sister, even though she is significantly younger than I am! She is also a Time-Lord, but not a Master like myself. You might call her a Time-Lord in training."

"Is that why she calls you Master?" asked Aisha.

"She does that out of respect, all though sometimes I wonder. Even though she's also a Time-Lord,

I am a Solorian Master Time Lord, and a member of the Time Lord High Council."

"What about this compound? And did you build it?" asked Bill.

"As for the second question, it's yes. After Zordon left I acquired the land and continued to build the underground compound. As for the first, I can't answer that until I have your answer as to whether you will undertake the assignment. When you've agreed, all that you need to know will be revealed."

"But how will we…." started Adam.

"How do we…." stammered Aisha.

"Please, please. Telepathically please. It is actually easier for me and a lot more private if the questions turn personal."

"But how….?' asked Aisha as she took a step backwards from Danielle.

"Don't worry Aisha, it's nothing invasive. I can perform what is called a surface link to wear I'm only hearing the thoughts that you want me to hear. Questions you think out loud in your mind, so to speak."

"Will it be permanent?" she asked hesitantly.

"No, it's done by contact only, and if you refuse then I'll respect your wishes. I'm not here to force anything on any of you. If at any time any of you wish to leave you're free to go and I'll never bother you again."

"But we'll still retain the knowledge that you've just told us, right?" asked Rocky.

"Yes, you'll have the knowledge but not be able to help."

"Then what good is knowing if we can't do something about it," asked Jason.

"That is something that each of you'll have to answer for yourself. I just provide the knowledge.

I can't make the decisions for you," said Danielle quietly. "Now, who'll be first to have their questions answered or you are free to go now."

Everyone looked at each other and then smiled as Aisha was the first one to rise from her chair and go over in front of Danni. She pulled a chair right in front of her and then sat down with her legs together and her hands on her knees.

"Relax Aisha, I won't do anything until you're ready and give me the go ahead," said Danielle softly with a smile. She knew of Aisha's experience with the militia in Africa and her weariness of any thing that was or looked military.

A few minutes later Aisha nodded and Danni reached forward and gently laid her hands over Aisha's, it was about ten minutes later Danielle removed her hands and leaned back against the chair. Aisha rose from the chair and went back to sit next to Rocky with a smile on her face, she nodded gently and Rocky rose and went to the chair in front of Danielle. This happened a total of eight more times before there was a brief pause in the procession to the chair in front of Danni. Only Jason & Bill were left and neither seemed inclined to make the first move toward the chair.

After a few minutes Aisha voiced what everyone was thinking. "Oh come on guys, if I can overcome my fears then you two can. She will really answer all your questions,"

"All our questions, truthfully and completely?" asked Jason.

"As truthfully and completely as I'm allowed to at this time. Now may not be the right time to answer certain questions but you'll get the answers when the time is right, that I promise." said Danni as she opened her eyes and sat up.

She had a feeling that these last two were going to be the hardest, and Jason's last question just confirmed her suspicions. These two wanted cold hard answered to some cold hard questions. Well, she'd never shied away from telling the truth, come hell or high water. Sometimes she'd have to pay the consequences, but she always said that if you tell the truth up front then the best decisions are usually made. She'd stuck by that all her life and she wasn't about to change now just because of the delicate circumstances she was in. After a few minutes it was Jason who finally made the first move and sat down in the dreaded chair.

"Whenever you are ready Jason," said Danni quietly.

A few minutes later he nodded and Danni leaned forward and placed her hands over Jason's. This time it took a little longer but finally Danielle broke the connection and leaned back in the chair. Jason got`` up and went over to where Bill was sitting, put his hand on his shoulder and whispered something in his ear and then sat down beside him with a smile on his face. Bill looked at Jason one more time and then got up and went to the chair in front of Danielle.

"I'm ready Danielle."

"Are you sure William?" asked Danielle as she opened her eyes and sat up.

"Yes, just do it" answered Bill as he sat down in the chair.

"As you wish," replied Danni, then leaned forward and placed her hands over Bill's.

This connection was stronger and deeper than Danni had meant it to go, but William was asking some tough questions and Danielle had promised to be truthful, so she told him all he wanted to know, which included his and Jason's relationship and the forming of the Triad. In the end William Cranston knew almost as much about the future of earth as Danielle did.

With a tired smile Danielle broke the connection, and for the last time leaned back in her chair with a deep sigh of relief. It was over; they all knew everything they needed to make their individual decisions. The last one had been the hardest of all but it had been worth it. Now she knew that at least all her dreaming, planning, and sacrificing may not have been in vain for the Triad at least had a good chance of being formed. For when the Triad was formed the Earth and the Universe had a good chance of surviving.

Right now all Danielle wanted to do was sleep; she figured that it would take at least a couple of days for everyone to digest what they had learned so she knew she had some time to recuperate. With great effort she opened her eyes and sat up one more time.

"I have made comm badges for all of you so you can get in touch with me when you've made your final decision. Take as long as you need, but know this. Time is of the essence here, we have a lot to accomplish in a limited time frame so keep this in mind. If you go into this you will be pushed to your limit and sometimes beyond. I'll need all of you to be 100 percent committed or not at all. Does everyone understand?"

"Yes, Master" replied everyone.

With a wiry smile and chuckle Danielle replied, "Well, that's a start anyway. Now go and think about your futures."

Everyone filled out in pairs with the exception of William who stayed behind to take one last look at Danni sitting in the chair then proceeded to catch up to Antonia as she led them out of the park.

"You'll take care of her won't you? I mean what she did just now, and earlier must have put a great strain on her health. It's your job to watch out for her right?" asked William.

"It is my job, among other things yes" replied Antonia.

"Good, good." he said absentmindedly "I get the feeling that she pushes herself a little too far sometimes."

"You are correct, she's been known to "over extend" herself at time but I'm always there to make sure that she gets the proper care."

"Great, thanks. I get the feeling that she is one special lady," murmured William as he left the park.

Antonia watched as the young man left, then looked back at Danielle sitting in the chair. She had to have told him everything or he wouldn't have said the things he said. Antonia raced back to stand in front of Danni with her hands on her hips. "You told him didn't you! Even after you told the council that you would tell them only what they needed to know you went ahead and told William everything!" yelled Antonia.

Danni's only reaction was to tighten her grip on the arms of her chair. "What I did or didn't tell William Cranston is between he and I, Antonia." replied Danielle quietly.

"But you promised! And you know how the High Council hates it when Time-Lords break their promises and interfere."

"I also told them that I would answer all of their questions truthfully and honestly. He asked some very tough questions and I answered him. It's not my fault that he's smart enough to figure out the rest. Now leave me! I'll deal with the High Council if and when the need arises," said Danni as she waved her arm and then disappeared in a brilliant white light.

"Yes, Master. I just hope you can," said Antonia quietly as the Park doors closed quietly behind her.