Power Rangers Triad


10 years later

Dannielle, Jason & Bill's Anniversary

The whole Compound was a buzz, as usual the weather in the Park was perfect but that only added to the rightness of the day. It was ten years ago that they all stood in this exact park and watched as Danielle Marks, Jason Scott & Bill Cranston became officially the Universal Power Rangers Triad. Since then a lot had changed but mostly things stayed the same.

Danni, Bill and Kevin still worked at her Research and Development Company. Tommy and Jason still had their Dojo while Trini and Adam were still at Angel Grove General Hospital. Kat and Kimberly had combined their two separate studio's into one Dance & Gymnastics studio. Rocky was now a well-known radio personality, while Zack had moved from television to movies and was working on his third hit movie.

Aisha had been the only one of the Universal Power Rangers who hadn't stayed in her previous profession, and in a way she had. She was still a Veterinarian but now she was the chief veterinarian of the Universal Power Rangers Emergency Response and Rescue Team. It was two years after the bombing that the team added rescue dogs to their team. They had discovered that the dogs were especially attuned to Danni, Bill and Jason so that added another element that helped find people faster. After working with them for a couple of years Aisha now headed the training and veterinarian care of all the dogs. The program was so successful that they now had twenty dogs and handlers along with a internship at the Compound for their training and handling.

Each Universal Power Ranger member still went on the Emergency Response and Rescue Mission if they were available but mostly it was Danni, Jason or Bill that did the the rescues. Jefferson Reed had retired from the Marine Corps as a Colonel and then came to work at the Compound as Danielle's second in command after Kevin retired. Al Franklin, who retired from the police force as a Captain was now in charge of the Compound's security and along with several of the military interns who had returned to work at the compound after their service tours were over so for the most part all Danny had to do was the boring little administrative duties, the Compound pretty much ran it's self.

The Compounds internships had been very successful providing highly qualified people who entered the business and private sectors all over the world, several returned to the Compound and either took over as the parents retired or helped run it so successfully that they had almost a year long waiting list to get into one of the Compounds internships.

Bryan, Ian & Mackenzie Cranston-Scott were now sixteen years old, while Gwen, Trini & Zack were fourteen. Zack and Trini had another set of twins, this time two boys, while Kim and Adam had another boy. In all the Compound was home to the sixteen Universal Power Rangers children. At first they had wanted to make the anniversary party a surprise but with all the family and friends they wanted to invite they invariable had to ask their parents to help. They found the Triad in the Park, their second favorite spot in the Compound. The first being the holodeck in which they had several favorite programs, and when they were there everyone knew NOT to disturb them.

Danni was sitting at one of the patio tables with her tablet while Bill was helping Jason with a kata he was teaching at the Dojo. Gwen, Trini & Mack walked up just in time to see Bill take Jason down and then turn to face Danni but then Jason grabbed his legs and Bill landed on the ground beside him.

"Danni!" exclaimed both men as they rolled over and turned to look at their wife.

"What? Can't I have any fun at all?" answered Danni as she came over and threw each man a towel.

"You..." said Jason as he got up and started towards Danni but stopped when he saw his daughters behind them.

All three were standing there smiling at their parents antics. Most everyone saw the Triad as a somber threesome, and for the most part that's what they showed the outside world. But inside the Compound they were totally different. Over the years Bill and Jason had become more and more demonstrative in showing their affection for each other and Danni. Sometimes it got to the point where they weren't sure who were the teenagers, and who were the parents. All six knew of the hardships that the threesome and been through and gladly gave them their fun whenever they could get it.

So as Bill came up behind Danni, wrapping his arms around her waist the girls schooled themselves for the argument they knew was coming. The Triad and Danni especially didn't like to be put in the spotlight, and even though this was just going to be family and friends they were going to be the center of attention. Something they knew none of them liked.

"Mom, Daddies can we talk to you for a minute?" asked Gwen

"Sure baby girl, what's up?" asked Jason as he came over and kissed Danni on the neck and then grabbed a bottle of water from the cooler Danni always had with her when she was at the Park.

Even though she had gotten older Danni's one weakness was still cokes. Bill and Danni had made their way to the patio table and were sitting almost in each other's lap side by side. Jason handed a bottle to Bill and then sat down on the opposite side of Danni.

"Your anniversary is coming up and we wanted to..." started Trini but stopped when Danni turned one of her famous stares on her. Even thought they didn't come as often now that was Danni was older, when they showed up they were still just as intimidating. All six of the Cranston-Scott kids had inherited the ability to give the stare but even they couldn't stand one turned on them. So when Danni turned one on Trini she stopped immediately and started to get up to leave.

"Danielle," said Bill as he got up and caught Trini by the arm, pulling her back to the table. "Why don't you at least listen to her and give them a chance?" Bill gave his daughter a kiss on the head and whispered "We'll work on her for you sweet one"

"Oh no you will not!" answered Danni through their link, but had to smile at the determination on Bill's face.

"Well as you know your anniversary is in a few weeks and we'd like to have a party for you and Daddies"

"What kind of party are we talking about?" asked Danni hesitantly after Jason whispered something in her ear.

"Well we're thinking of something like a family barbecue picnic here in the park, but there's so many people that we want to invite we're going to need yours and dad's help to clear everyone through security."

"Just exactly how many are we talking about?" asked Danni with some apprehension.

Each of her children knew that Danni didn't like large crowds, and even though Angel Grove and the world knew about the compound Danni still kept it's exact location hidden and security measures tight. There's no way in hell she was going to have something like the Emergency Response and Rescue Conference bombing happen again, and certainly not here at the compound.

"It's mostly family and friends mom, really" said Mack as she came over beside her and asked. "May I?" as she pointed to Danni's tablet.

"Yes" she nodded, then pushed it towards her daughter.

Mack signed into her program and then pulled up the details and invitation list that they'd made up so far. There was about thirty-five or more people so far and that didn't include all the people who now worked at the compound that they wanted to invite. Mack pushed the tablet back to her mother and waited as Danni, Bill and Jason looked at what they'd planned so far.

It was a tense filled few minutes later when Bill looked up at them and pushed the tablet back to Mackenzie. "I'll tell you what girls, how about you e-mail us all your details and plans and we'll work on getting your mother's approval"

"Oh thank you Daddy!" said Gwen as she smiled and exhaled the breath she hadn't realized she had been holding. If they had their daddies approval they were almost certain that eventually they could convince their mom. "I'll e-mail them to you tonight as soon as we get them together" she then closed down her program and went over and kissed both of her father's.

"Thanks again dad, daddy" said Mack as she quickly followed her sister kissing both of her dad's and then following Gwen out of the park.

Trini still sat at the table in front of Danni, Bill and Jason. She had her head down looking at her hands, until Danni reached over and put her hand over her's. Trini looked up into the smiling face of her mother.

"I'm not mad sweetheart, just concerned. You know what happened at the Emergency Response and Rescue conference, I just can't take something like that happening again"

"It won't mom we promise! Everyone that we'll invite has already been to the Compound at least once before. And we won't even invite any friends if it's going to upset you." said Trini as she looked at her father's.

Her kids really wanted to do this for them so much so that they're willing to not invite any of their friends. The least she could do was think about it. "Alright Trini, I'll at look at the details. But I'm not promising anything right now. Ok?" said Danni.

"Oh thanks mom! That's all we really wanted" exclaimed Trini as she jumped up and launched herself at her mother. "You're the best," then quickly released her and left the park.

Bill and Jason looked at their wife and smiled, as they both moved closer to her and engulfed her in their arms. "You know that's not going to happen here Danni" said Jason as he kissed her head.

"You can't promise that Jas, no one can" cried Danni as she put her face into Jason's shoulder.

"You're right sweetheart we can't, but you have the best people working here at in the compound. As we've told you before, trust your people to do what they do best."

"I'm trying guys, I really am" whispered Danni as she turned to look at Bill

"We know sweetheart, how about we go to the holodeck for the rest of the day." asked Jason as he put a hand behind her head and pulled her in for a kiss.

Danni leaned into the kiss and then stayed with her cheek in Jason's hand "Can we go to our island paradise. I feel like horseback riding for some reason" she said with a mischievous smile on her face.

"Danni" growled Jason as he pulled her toward him once again for a passionate kiss.

"Don't worry guys, I was thinking about maybe both kinds of horseback riding" said Danni as she pulled Bill into a kiss, then led both men out of the Park to the holodeck where they had a very memorable night.

When Danni, Bill and Jason returned as promised she looked at the kids plans and except for the fact that she still wasn't totally comfortable with that many people having access to the compound. She couldn't find any reason to say no. So within the allotted few weeks the Cranston-Scott children with the help of Danni and Jason cleared the complete guest list through security and got everything ready. It turned out that there were so many people coming that they had to make the family barbecue picnic all day. Starting at noon and ended sometime that night. Since they'd have to start so early they ended up telling the guests that from twelve to five it was picnic casual, but after five it was dressy but casual.

Danni wore another one of her capri sets during the day but that night she knew exactly what she wanted to wear. Several years ago she'd worn a white halter top dress with both red and blue flowers, and except for that night with Jason and Bill she hadn't worn it again. But now she wanted to wear it again and she knew exactly what the guys were wearing too.

That night when they entered the Cranston-Scott quarters to change for the evening part of the picnic Jason and Bill almost had to sit on her to get her to even calm down. She'd been jumpy all day, almost literally bouncing around the Park. Bill had finally gotten her to eat around three o' clock and really wanted to try and get her to rest for a little while before the party tonight but never could get her to calm down. So when he suggested a threesome shower before they changed for the night time party she literally jumped at the chance.

Their shower escapades ended in one of the most powerful copulations that the Triad had experienced in a long time, so much so that all three ended up on the shower floor. When Jason and Bill came back to themselves they carried Danni to their bed each of them falling asleep in the others arms. Jason and Bill were awoken to the buzz of their quarters comm system.

"Come in" mumbled Bill as he absentmindedly reached down and pulled the sheets over himself, Danni and Jason.

Antonia opened their bedroom to find the threesome in a tangle of limbs and sheets with half of Jason's butt peaking out. She sent what she saw from her point of view to Jason and Bill, and it was but a second later that both men jumped up quickly covering Danni.

"Antonia! What are you doing in here?" asked Jason as he started to get up but then thought better of it and returned to the bed.

"I'd be careful if I was you Jason, Danielle can be a very jealous woman"

"Yes I can, so answer his question." mumbled Danni as she turned over and looked at her Apprentice Time-Lord. Maybe it was time to ask the council to reassign her somewhere else. Things had gotten really quiet around here lately and she really didn't need the help any more now that the Triad had been formed. "What are you doing in here?"

"I'm sorry Master's, the children asked me to check on you and see what was taking so long. I thought it might be better if I came instead of Mrs. Scott or one of the other ladies" said Antonia as she lowered her eyes from the Triad.

"You're actually right about that Antonia, and thank you. But we'll talk later about you entering our bedroom" said Bill

"Yes Master" said Antonia quietly.

"Tell everyone that we'll be there shortly, and then wait for me in the outer room" said Danni as she grabbed the sheet from the bed, and headed towards the bathroom leaving Jason and Bill to dive for the floor to hide from Antonia's view.

"Danielle!" yelled Jason and Bill as Antonia backed out of the room.

Once again Antonia thought that Danielle was a very lucky woman, even though both men were in their late forties they were still in great shape. She had a feeling that her time here with Danielle and the Triad was coming to an end and that image of Jason and Bill would be one of her most treasured memories of her time here.

It was about ten minutes later when Danni re entered the bedroom wrapped in her robe with a towel around her head. Jason and Bill had both gotten dressed at least halfway because neither man wore a shirt.

"You know you owe us for that Danni" said Bill as he quickly kissed her and then moved into the bathroom.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. So sue me" said Danni as she went over to their closet, dropped her robe and then reached in to pull out her white halter top dress.

"Danielle Cranston-Scott" said Jason as he looked at his wife then went quickly into the bathroom.

By the time Jason and Bill re entered their bedroom Danni was sitting fully dressed at her make-up table. She was wearing her white halter top dress with red and blue flowers on it so now her choice of shirts for them made since. Jason's was known as the Red Dragon, while Bill was the Blue wolf. So her dress was a combination of the three of them, her white dress representing her while the red and blue flowers were the guys. And they didn't know anyone who wore the combination better. She might be getting close to fifty years old in earth years, to them she still looked as good as the day they asked her to marry them.

Bill came up behind her, leaning down to rest his chin on her shoulder. Danni turned her head and gave him a lingering kiss on the check.

"Don't be to tough on her Danni. She's done a remarkably good job helping you throughout the years" said Bill as he looked at his wife in the mirror.

"I know, I probably should've asked to have her reassigned years ago. Things just got so familiar that I started taking it for granted that she would always be there."

"And now...?" asked Jason as he came up behind them both.

"I think it's time for her to move on, we've taught her all we can"

"Is there anything we can do to help?" asked Jason as he bent down and kissed his wife's other cheek. He could tell that this was going to be difficult for Danni but it was something that she need to do, and probably alone. But they made the offer anyway.

"No, I took her on alone so it's only fitting that I release her alone as well" said Danni as she closed her eyes.

"But you're not alone sweetheart, we're with you forever and always. Remember that" said both men together as they each gave her a kiss on the cheek then left.

As the door opened Jason and Bill saw Antonia in the living room staring out of the one window that was in the Cranston-Scott quarters. Except for the park it was the only other place in the whole compound where you could see the sky. At first Jason and Bill had thought she put it there so she could watch her future. Now they knew that it was to remind her of where she came from. She was a Time-Lord, A Solorian Master from a distant far away planet that because of her sacrifice and forming the Triad would continue on long after she, Jason and Bill were gone.

They hoped that Antonia's future would be as happy as theirs had become, although they didn't know what lay in store for the young woman they wished her the best. She'd been there for Dannielle when she needed her the most and they hoped that it counted for something. Jason coughed and Antonia turned around to see two of her three Masters standing before her.

"Once again let me say how sorry I am Master's for my earlier intrusion, it was wrong of me and I apologize"

"Yes it was, and from now on you might want to think before you act." said Bill with a tone he hoped held authority.

"Something that Danni still has yet to master by the way" added Jason with a smile.

"I heard that Scott!" called Danni over their link.

At Jason's blush Bill continued. "We want to thank you for your service to Danielle and wish you the very best at whatever your future holds" then he came towards her and kissed her on the check whispering in her ear. "You can keep the image of us if you like. Sort of a memento from your first Master's"

"Cranston!" exclaimed Danni over the link once again.

"Just kidding Dan, gees" said Bill as he left.

"Yeah, good luck Toni" said Jason then kissed her on the cheek then followed Bill out the door.

Antonia walked to the door of the bedroom once more but stopped before the door opened for her and sent a mental request to Danielle. "Master"

"You may come in Antonia" replied Danni verbally.

When the door opened Antonia saw Danni still sitting at her make-up table, eyes closed fingering her engagement and wedding ring. The diamond in the middle of her engagement ring represented her with the smaller ten diamonds around it the Universal Power Rangers. Her wedding band was made of gold, silver and bronze to represent the three of them becoming one. With a heavy heart Antonia now knew for certain that her time here was finished. The Triad had been formed, the Veyeta's defeated and the Solorian bloodline continued. Even though the last part wasn't part of their original plan, it was an added bonus that Antonia had been thankfully around to see. She knew that the Cranston-Scott children would grow into powerful Time-Lords and maybe someday she would be fortunate enough to meet them again.

"Master, I..." started Antonia but stopped when Danni opened her eyes and held up her hand.

She turned around to face the young woman with a smile on her face. "Jason was right, you know. I still haven't mastered thinking before I act, and I suspect that it will be just as difficult for you. We're a lot alike you and I Antonia"

"How so Master?" asked Antonia skeptically.

Danni motioned for her to sit on the bed and then continued. "There's an old earth song that's titled "Looking for love in all the wrong places", well believe it or not that applies to me as well as you. Even though Mark was an essential part of my past he was not meant to be my true love or soul mate. That's Jason and William. And just like me you've been jumping from person to person trying to find your destiny. Well I can't tell you what your destiny will be Antonia but I know that whatever it is you must embrace it or you will become a very lonely old Time-Lord. And we've enough of them around already." said Danni with a teasing note in her voice.

"Yes, Master" said Antonia chuckling.

"So tomorrow I'm going to send a request to the Time-Lords High Council asking that they reassign you"

"Master, I..." started Antonia once again but stopped when Danni held her hand up again.

"Only now I think they should drop the apprenticeship and give you an assignment and a planet on which to complete it. That way you can gain more knowledge and experience"

"Oh thank you Danielle! I won't let you down" exclaimed Antonia as she jumped up and hugged the older woman.

"I know you won't, but remember. No matter what the situation you find yourself in learn from it. One day that knowledge just might save you or a loved ones life"

"Oh yes Master, thank you. Thank you so very much, for everything!" said Antonia as got up and started to leave.

"Antonia?" called Danni.

Antonia stopped just short of the door opening and turned to face Danni. "Yes, Master"

"About what Bill said earlier, you may keep that image. Just so long as you remember WHO THEY ARE."

"But Master, Bill and Jason will know..." stammered Antonia. She'd only been kidding when she'd thought that it would be one of her most cherished memories. She hadn't really imagined that Danni would let her keep it.

With a shake of her head Danni replied. "I've blocked this conversation, so it's up to you not to give it away. Let's just say it's a parting gift from me, since I know you've been drooling over them since we came here. As I said before though, just remember WHO they are!"

"Oh yes, Master! Always" answered Antonia with a big smile on her face.

"Now are you ready to go, I suspect that it's well past my shortly time limit" said Danni as she rose and took Antonia's arm.

The two woman made their final walk to the park as Master and Apprentice in silence, but as the park doors open they were instantly surrounded. Jason and Bill pulling her to the side as Antonia made a hasty retreat into the crowd blushing intensely.

"Is everything alright? We couldn't feel you after we left" asked Jason

"Everything's fine Jas. It had to do with the Time-Lords High Council so I had to block you, but we've reached an understanding and I'm going to ask that Antonia be reassigned"

"Well if your sure..." said Bill

"I'm positive Bill" answered Danni then pulled him into a kiss that soon had the crowd whooping it up behind them.

"Danielle & William Cranston-Scott! You've guest waiting you know" said Kevin as he came up to his son and daughter-in-law.

As they broke apart they did have the decency to blush but Kevin had the feeling that it was only for show, at least on Danni's part anyway.

"This way Mom & Daddy. Dad's already waiting by the food" said Trini as she grabbed each by the arm and pulled them towards the patio tables.

A huge white wedding tent had been placed over all of the patio tables and the whole tent was ablaze with lights that were on the poles above them.

"Glad you two could make it, you know it is our party after all" said Jason as he grabbed Danielle and pulled her into a kiss that once again had the crowd around them whooping and cheering.

"Alright, alright! Enough already, someone start the music and lets get this party started!" called Jack as he took Danni's hand and pulled her onto the dance floor. Followed closely by Linda pulling Bill onto the dance floor with her. Jason found Dr. Michelle Gaston and soon followed his husband and wife onto the dance floor.

After that the party was in full swing until late into the night, most of the guests that had to drive home left around ten-thirty, with the rest staying until close to midnight. Finally as the last guest left Jack, Linda and Kevin turned to see the threesome having one last slow dance on the floor in each other's arms swaying gently to the music.

"So what's your plans for the rest of your anniversary celebration?" asked Linda as the music ended and the threesome came to the table where they were sitting.

She knew that they'd some sort of plans for the next week or so because Danni had asked her and Jack to watch the kids. Tonight the girls were having a sleep over at a friends house and the boys were spending the night with Mark Parks. But as far as she knew the Triad didn't have any travel plans for outside the Compound. At Danny's blush Linda knew that where ever they ended up going must be somewhere special for the three of them.

"Let's just say we have our own little tropical island excursion planned" said Bill as he kissed each of his in-laws and then pulled Danni out of the park.

"Thanks again mom and dad for watching the kids. And tell them thanks for the party, it was wonderful" yelled Jason as he ran to catch up with his husband and wife.

Linda, Jack and Kevin watched the threesome depart the park and wondered once again if they'd ever totally understand the Universal Power Ranger Triad.