Power Rangers Triad

Chapter 31

Author's Notes: m/f sex scenes

Over the next two weeks it was Danielle's turn to spoil and pamper her husbands. Bill's arm healed without any complication but he still had some lingering effects from the concussion. Jason on the other hand healed slower and had a couple of setbacks with low grade fevers.

For the first two days Danni mostly ate and slept. Like before the Dr.'s had ordered that there be three trays to be sent up to the Cranston-Scott suite as it was being called so even after Danni had stopped sleeping in the room she still took most of her meals with the guys.

Jack, Linda and Kevin and the kids had spent the first few days at the hospital but as Jason and Bill got stronger they slowly went back to their normal routine. Danni still brought the younger triplets but dropped the older ones off at school and then came to the hospital. The hospital had set up a small desk in the room so Danni could work and still be with the guys.

It was on the first day that Danni had spent the night away from the hospital when she came back to find an antsy and aggravated Jason and Bill. It'd been three days since they arrived at the hospital and neither one of them had been able to get out of bed or shower. They were both very active men and this laying around in bed was beginning to get to both of them. As soon as Gwen, Trini and Zack arrived they ran to their daddies clamoring for kisses and hugs.

"Hi Daddy, guess what! Mommy said that maybe if we were good we could go to the park today." said Gwen as she tried to climb on Bill's bed.

"Dad, when are you going to be able to teach me some more kata's" asked Zack as he came over to Jason's beside.

"Not for a while little man. At least not until I can get out of this blasted bed" replied Jason with a sigh.

Danni looked at her husband and then smiled, she knew he was frustrated but with the slight complications from his surgery which meant that Jason was healing slower than normal. Danni went over and put her hands on her little man's shoulders and whispered something in his ear. Zack instantly brighten up and soon was pulling his two sisters out the door.

"Alright now Scott, spill it what's wrong?" asked Danni as she gave him a kiss and then sat down on his bedside.

"Nothing, everything, I don't know really Danni! It's just that it's taking me so long to feel any better, I mean you were up walking three days after your surgeries." said Jason as he ran his hand through his hair.

"Yes but I didn't have a ten story building fall on top of me either, then go through multiple surgeries and develop a fever which just broke yesterday." said Danni. Then turned to Bill "As for you Cranston your still having concussion systems"

"But were getting bored Dan!" whined Bill

"I'll see what I can do, but I'm not promising anything alright?" said Danni as she got up and kissed Bill then left the room.

They both had been really good for the last few days doing everything the doctors had asked of them. So as she walked to the nurses' station she brightened as she saw Jeff Reed coming down the hall.

"Jeff! What are you doing here, we thought you and your men were on another mission?" said Danni as she gave him a quick hug.

"The mission went so well with the information you gave us that we were able to finish up three days earlier than planned. We're on leave until next Monday then we head out for another mission." answered Jeff as he returned the hug.

Danielle, or Danni as he now called her, Jason and Bill had become very close friends in the short time since the bombing. Jeff and his team were still worked closely with Danni; she was providing reconnaissance for several of their mission although she no longer had any contact with General Addison.

"Great! I'm sure Bill and Jason will be happy to see you, although I might warn you there a little grumpy right now."

"I'm not surprised; I can't see those two lying around in bed all day for very long." said Jeff with a smile. Jason and Bill Cranston-Scott were two very active men so he was sure that this was getting on their last nerve.

"Oh believe me when the situation is right those two can lounge around in bed with the best of them" answered Danni with a sly smile on her face.

"A little much TMI Cranston-Scott" replied Jeff with a slight blush

"Could you call Dr. Avery or Patterson for me." said Danni to one of the nurses. "My husbands are getting antsy and want to get out of bed."

"Sure thing Danni" replied the nurse and then called over the loud speakers "Drs. Avery or Patterson please report to the sixth floor nurses' station Drs. Avery or Patterson please report to the sixth floor nurses' station." Then she hung up the phone. "They should be here shortly Danni".

"Thanks Sue, when my youngest ones come back if we're out of the room could you just hold them here please." asked Danni. "I don't think Jas and Bill will feel up to handling them if they let them walk. They've been bouncing off the walls for the past few days, they miss going to the Park in the compound but with Jas and Bill still here I just haven't found time to take them"

"I'll take them any time they need to Danni. After all I think you promised me a tour of the compound at one time and so far all I've seen is the Command Center."

"Oh well now you've asked for it! I'll have Gwen and Zack take you on a tour and you will learn everything and more than you wanted to know about our little Compound." said Danni with a smile.

Just then Dr. Harland Patterson came walking up to the nurses' station. "You rang Madam" he said with a smile and a little bow.

"Actually it the guys and their bellowing. They want to get up and walk, I told them I would ask but didn't promise anything." said Danni

"Then let's go see how they are doing? If everything checks out I don't see why they can't start walking the halls" said Dr. Patterson as he started down the hall towards their room.

"I'll just wait here…." started Jeff but stopped as he got one of Danni's famous stares "You're coming with us, I'm going to need help with these two if they are allowed to walk. Together at times they're even more than I can handle."

"This I've got to see." said Jeff with a smile.

"Don't push it Reed" answered Danni with sly smile on her face.

They all three entered the room to find both Jason and Bill sitting up their beds watching the door for anyone to come in.

"Hey Jeff! You're back, how'd the mission go? Everyone alright?" said Bill as his face lit up. At times Bill missed the Marine Corps but he wouldn't change a thing when it came to his joining the Universal Power Rangers and forming the Triad with Danni and Jason.

"Mission accomplished and finished ahead of schedule thanks to Danni" answered Jeff with a smile.

"Great, Congratulations! Now Doc, can we get out of these beds you have us confined too?" asked Bill with a little bit of whine to his voice.

"Let's do a quick once over on you both and then I'll see" said Dr. Patterson as he came over to Bill's bed and checked him out, then went to Jason and did the same thing. He was still concerned about Bill's headaches and dizziness and Jason was still sore from his surgeries and was running another low grade fever but other than that they were progressing nicely.

"Alright guys, except for a few little things I want you to work on I don't see any reason why you can't get up and walk." said Harland at Jason and Bill's excited shouts he added. "But I want Danni to monitor you two and if she feels like you are overdoing it she's to report to me, understood?"

"Yes Doctor" answered Jason and Bill together and then turned to smile at Danni.

She knew what they were up to and wasn't going to be sucked into their little game. When it came to their health Danni could be as tough as nail. "Don't even try it Cranston-Scott! You'll do everything that I say when I say it or this will be the last time you two will get out of bed until you both are discharged. Do I make myself clear?

"Yes Master" answered Bill sarcastically under his breath but stopped when Danni turned full force on him. "What was that Cranston?"

"Nothing Dan, I just said yes" said Bill out loud.

"You had better watch it Bill, and she calls us touchy" said Jason over their mental link.

"And I've every right to be Jason! I almost lost both of you just five days ago if you haven't forgotten!" replied Danni through their link. "I don't know what I would do if…." started Danni and then suddenly stopped and almost started to crumble.

Jason quickly sent her reassuring thoughts while Bill sent her reminders of their love for her.

"I'm sorry Danni, and we promise we'll behave. Honest, sweetheart" said Jason as he looked over at his wife. She still looked like a wet hornet on the outside but in her mind she was not yet over the near loss of him and Bill.

"Well I think they're both ready to try and walk. Danni who do you want to take?" asked Dr. Patterson as he looked at the young woman.

She looked upset at Bill so it wasn't surprising when she answered. "I'll take Bill" then she went over to his bedside.

After Harland had examined him Bill had thrown the blankets back and moved to the edge of the bed with his feet dangling off. As Danni came nearer Bill move his legs slightly apart and she went to stand between his legs and leaned her head against his. Bill cupped her cheek with his good his hand and whispered. "I'm sorry Dan, I didn't mean to get you upset like that"

Danni threw her arms over his shoulders and kissed him as she gently pushed him back on the bed then said "Just don't forget Cranston, you owe me!"

At Harland's cough Danni let go of Bill and raised herself off the bed and looked back at the others.

"Are we ready to go?" she asked sweetly.

"Danielle Cranston-Scott you are one wicked woman" said Jeff with a smile on his face. Bill was still lying across the bed with a stunned look on his face. "Come Bill, I think there's a truce on at least for now." said Jeff as he extended his his hand towards the stunned young man.

As Bill took Jeff's hand, he slipped into his mind."Watch her for us Jeff please, that bombing affected her more than she's letting on."

"Of course" answered Jeff as he pulled the man to a sitting position then released his hand and went over to help Dr. Patterson with Jason.

Danni helped Bill put on his slippers and robe and then stood beside his bed as he slid off the bed and for the first time in five days his feet touched the floor. He wobbled for a minute and Danni grabbed his waist then after a few minutes he was standing on semi sturdy legs.

"That's my handsome, now which side do you want me on left or right?" Bill had been taken off all the machines and tubes that he had earlier so now it was just his left arm in a cast and sling.

"Right I think, that way I'm closer to you if there is a problem" said Bill as he still felt bad for upsetting her and wanted to get some cuddling time in with her or as close as the hospital would allow.

"Alright, let's rock and roll" said Danni as she quickly switched side and then led Bill out the door.

Jason took a little longer to get up but he was soon just a few steps behind Danni and Bill as all four walked the hallway. It took each pair about fifteen to twenty minutes to make it all the way around the hallway and by the time they'd made it back to the room both Bill and Jason were exhausted. Jeff helped Jason back to bed while Danni put Bill in his bed and then when both men were settled Jeff proceeded to led Danni to the third bed

"I think someone else needs to rest to?" said Jeff as he sat her down on the edge on the bed.

"Getting mighty pushy aren't we Major Reed?" asked Danni as she looked at the man in front of her. She'd a feeling that he and Jason had a long talk while they walked the halls and it was mostly about her.

"I've been given permission to be on this subject Dr. Cranston-Scott" answered Jeff truthfully. "Jason and Bill are both worried about you and asked me to look out for you, and since you are part of my team….."

"Alright, alright! I'll give in this time, but don't think they haven't heard the last of this. Or you either for that matter Major Jefferson Reed." said Danni as she swung her feet up on the bed and then lay down. Almost the instant her head hit the pillow she was asleep. Jeff thought she must have been more tired than she thought. As he pulled the sheet and blankets up over her he looked back at the two men lying in the other beds.

"Don't let her fool you Jeff" said Jason softly. He had been watching the interaction between his wife and Jeff since he had helped him into bed. Wither Danni liked it or not she had another fierce protector in Major Jefferson Reed. "She's only tough when she needs to be; normally she's a real softy"

"I'll have to take your word for that Jason. I've only seen her fierce side and that's scary enough as it was." replied Jeff.

"Stick around, she'll soften up once she grows on you" said Jason as he covered a yawn and then closed his eyes.

"Yeah, sort of like brambles. There're so many thorns that you eventually get used to the pain" said Jeff with a smile and he pulled the cover up to her shoulders , then turned and left the room shutting off the lights as he left.

After the older Cranston-Scott triplets had gotten picked up from school, finished their homework and eaten they brought to the hospital where all six promptly disappeared into the playroom in the Children's Ward. Around six o' clock food services arrived delivering three trays per Dr.'s orders. Jason had been sitting up in bed since he woke up from this nap after his walk around the hallway. Bill had been cleared to get out of bed but was told that he was to sit in one of the chairs. Danni meanwhile had gone directly back to work as soon as she woke up and was still at the computer when dinner came.

"Dinner time Mr.'s and Mrs. Cranston-Scott" called one of the food service ladies as she knocked on the door then pushed it open just a little bit.

"Huhhhh...oh come on in and put mine over there please." called Danni as looked for a second towards the door then turned back and continued typing on the computer.

"Ohhh no ma'am" said the third food service lady as she entered carrying Danni's tray. Bill and Jason were already sitting up with their trays in front of them smiling at the determined look on the ladies face. "I was told to make sure you moved away from the computer and put the tray in front of you." at Danni's look she quickly added. "Dr.'s orders ma'am and she's right outside if you don't believe me."

Danny turned around leaning towards the door and did indeed see Dr. Avery standing in the hallway. She sighed heavily, then dropped her head into her hands. Ever since she woken up she had been working feverishly at the computer. Jason and Bill knew Danni was upset over something but she wasn't talking and she had even started blocking them from her mind when they started trying to sneak in and find out what was getting her upset. Now she had Dr. Avery watching her too. She might have to start working at the compound if she was going to get this finished on time.

"Alright, I give" said Danni as she turned back and shut down the computer. Then got up and went to sit down in the chair beside Bill.

"That's my girl, and after you three eat I think it might be a good idea for the three of you to relax and get cleaned up." said Shannon Avery as she stepped into the room.

"Shannon!" exclaimed Danni from her chair.

"What little one? I know it's been a while since the three of you have spent some time together. I know you can't do much in the hospital but at least it will be some time alone and who knows..."

"Alright, Alright! We get the picture Shannon." said Danni with a slight blush on her face. "Have someone get the bathroom ready and we'll see what happens" answered Danni with a smile on her face that even caused Bill and Jason to blush.

"You've got it little one, and as soon as Bill is finished I'll send someone in to wrap his cast." said Shannon as she left the room.

They had originally planned to put Bill's arm in a removable cast but there was just too much damage to the muscles and tendons that they had to put it in a plaster cast.

"Well that was a not to subtle way of give us permission to be together." said Jason with a smile.

"She means well guys, if you're not comfortable..." started Danni and then stopped at the wide grins on both her husband's faces.

"Danielle Cranston-Scott! Do you remember the last time we showered together in a hospital bathroom" asked Jason from his bed.

"Oh course I do! It's just as shame that these beds are only big enough for one person." said Danni.

"We'll if the hospital had them I'm sure Shannon would've had them put in here instead of these three single beds." said Bill.

"Well I'm sure we can work something out" said Danni with a smile as she pushed her tray away from her, stood up and went over to Bill's chair. She put her hands on each of the arm rests and leaned over her husband. "I know the shower isn't your thing Bill but I promise I'll make it worth your while" then she kissed him until Bill was breathing heavily and gripping the edge of his chair.

Then she went over to Jason's bedside and moved his tray and then leaned over him. "Jas I..."

"It's alright Danni, take care of Bill first. I can wait" said Jason as Danni leaned over him and kissed Jason as thoroughly as she had Bill. "Oh believe me Jas, it'll will be worth the wait" whispered Danni as she sent him reminders of the last time they showered together.

"Danni..." growled Jason as he leaned towards her again.

"Patience handsome, finish your dinner, you're going to need all your strength." said Danni as she kissed him once again lightly on the lips and then moved out of his reach as he lunged towards her.

Danni wiggled her hips a little at both men and then left the room, a few minutes later two nurses entered the room with their arms full of towels. They went into the bathroom and a few minutes came back out.

"Are you finished with your tray Mr. Cranston-Scott?" asked one of the nurses as she came over to Bill.

"Yes thank you" said Bill as he put his last bite in his mouth and then pushed it away.

She moved his table out of the way and then begin to wrap his arm. Bill had to look twice before he realized that his arm was being wrapped in clear plastic wrap like a mummy, then surgical tape put on the edges to keep it secure.

"There you go sir, try not to do anything..uhhh...to strenuous so it won't come loose." said Susan as she gathered her stuff and then place them on a tray and left.

"Oh I can guarantee that, thank you Susan" said Danni as she reentered the room.

"Well I guess you're all set, have fun" said Annette as she took the last try out of the room and then closed the door. Danni went over to the door and turned the lock securing that they would be alone for a while.

When Bill saw Danni lock the door he became concerned. "Uhhhhh Danni... Do you think that's really a good idea? Last time any of us showered we..."

"The last time I was pregnant and my blood pressure was screwed up. Believe me I feel just fine right now. Although you might not after I'm finished with you" said Danni with a smile that made both Bill and Jason blush

"Now Danni..." started Jason but stopped when she turned towards him.

"Have I ever done anything to put either of our lives endanger?" asked Danni. At their look she quickly added. "I meant during sex guys, the other times don't count"

"No you haven't love, and we will talk about the other times later." said Jason.

"Alright then, you two just relax and trust me. I'll make it worth your while I promise." said Danni as she came over by Jason and leaned over kissing him then whispered. "Jason are you sure...?" then stopped as his hand come up to pull her head back down to him. He kissed her so passionately that her arms buckled and she ended up lying flat against his chest.

When he pulled back she was breathing heavily and had to pull herself off him with shakily arms. "Show Bill's the wonders of shower sex and I will be waiting when you're done. Hopefully you won't be too tired for a second round" said Jason with a smirk.

"Jason Lee Scott-Cranston! Have you ever know me to be too tired for sex?" asked Danni as she kissed him again quickly and then went over to Bill. "Come on Bill. I've got something to prove to flyboy over there" then pulled him out of his chair and led him towards the bathroom with an arm around his waist.

"Don't rush Danni! You know it's better when you take your time and relax." yelled Jason as the bathroom door closed behind Danni and Bill.

"Oh shut up Scott, your next you know!" called Danni from the bathroom.

Once inside Danni steered Bill towards the toilet and sat him down. Then she went to the middle of the room and started to disrobe. She started with her shoes and socks and when she started unbuttoning her pants Bill grabbed the toilets railing and tried to stand up.

"Whoa there handsome, what's the rush" said Danni as she came over to him. He was wobbling slightly.

"Danni I don't think this is such a good idea?" said Bill as he took an unsteady step towards her.

She grabbed hold of him around his waist and stood there looking at him. "Oh my shy handsome. Do you want a shower or not?"

"Well yes but..." stammered Bill

"Then it's either me or your father. And I don't think Kevin will be as much fun" said Danni with a smile

"Alright but I don't..."

"Look sweetheart, I promise I won't do anything that you're uncomfortable with and if you just want a shower then that's what you will get." said Danni as she stood looking at her husband.

He was fighting against his natural cautiousness and the passion that she was stirring in him. Finally his passion won and he leaned in and kissed Danni with all the passion he could muster. Danni took a few steps backwards until she caught her balance. When he broke the kiss Danni looked into the smiling face of her blonde headed husband.

"Well, I guess I have my answer" said Danni slightly breathlessly. "Can you stand on your own for a few minutes or do I need to sit you back down?"

"I think I need to sit down, if you don't mind." said Bill as he felt his legs start to wobble again.

"Alright sweet, have a seat" said Danni as she steered him back towards the toilet and then sat him down. "You stay there while I get things ready, be right back" then she gave him a quick peck on the cheek the went back to the middle of the room.

She placed several towels on the floor in front of the shower and then turned the water on letting the water get hot. She then took off her pants and top leaving her wearing only her bra and underwear. Before she went back over to Bill she checked the water one more time and then headed towards her husband. He had been sitting on the toilet with almost a death grip on the railings as Danni undressed and then paraded around getting things ready for him. As she came over to him he took a deep breath and then held out his hands to her. She smiled and took his hands slowly pulling him to his feet. After a few minutes she guided him towards the shower but stopped right outside the stall.

"Hold onto the wall while I get you undress Bill" said Danni as put his hands against the wall.

She quickly undressed him raising each foot to take off his shoes and socks. Then she stood up and slide her hands inside his sweatpants slowly pulling them down his hips. As they pooled around his ankles she once again was on her knees pulling them over each foot and then tossing them aside. Quickly she was on her feet again pulling his tank top over his head so that Bill stood naked before her in all his glory.

She smiled wickedly at him then lead him into the shower were they stood for a few minutes as the warm water cascading down on them. After a few minutes Danni whispered in Bill's ear. "Ready to have fun handsome?" as she slowly began to rub a washcloth with soap over Bill's chest. Bill shivered slightly closing his eyes.

"Dan...?" moaned Bill as he felt the washcloth travel from his chest to his shoulders and then his arms.

"Just relax Bill, this is all for you handsome" answered Danni as she washed his hand and then the fingers on his right hand. She moved him slightly into the stream of water washing the soap off his upper body. "Stand up a minute Bill" said Danni as she stepped out from behind him and started washing his back and lower body. When she was finished she turned him around and rinsed off his back, then moved in front of him and washed his hips, legs and feet deliberately avoiding his groin area. When she had finished washing him Danni reached for the shampoo and gently washed Bill's hair. After his hair was rinsed and then washed again Danni gently pulled him back against her.

She had moved to the back of the shower stall so that her back was against the back wall and the water was gently hitting Bill on his neck and upper chest. Danni once again soaped up the washcloth and then starting just above his bellybutton began to wash his groin area with a slow circular motion. Bill dropped his head back against Danni's shoulder as her washcloth finally made it to Bill's hard shaft. Bill moved his legs slightly apart as she moved down his shaft to his balls.

"Let go sweetheart, you know you need this" whispered Danni as her other hand moved from Bill's waist to his butt checks and then wormed their way between them. She released his shaft for a second to get more soap on each of her hands and then once again took hold of his shaft. She began working him up and down while her other hands slipped between his cheeks and soon found the little puckered entrance which was his core. After a few tentative tries Danni pushed one of her fingers into Bill's core. At the invasion Bill bucked against her and moaned loudly.

"Relax Handsome, just enjoy the ride" whispered Danni in Bills ear as she increased the speed on both his shaft and core. After a few minutes of almost pounding him Bill finally jerked forward spilled his seed all over Danni's soapy hand. As soon as he finished cumming Bill almost collapsed so Danni pulled out quickly and caught him before he hit the floor.

"Come on Bill, let's get you rinsed off again and then out of the shower. I think you're getting wrinkled" teased Danni as she moved him under the water and then reached around and turned the water off. Bill lay so limp against Danni so that she had to pinch his hip to get him to come around. After that they walked out of the shower stall and she stopped him on the towels she had put down. She moved out from behind him, wrapping a towel around his waist and then quickly dried him off. After he was dry she moved him back over to the toilet seat and then grabbed her robe and his clothes and dressed him quickly.

When Bill was dry she helped him walk to his bed in the room and Danni smiled as she saw him sink on to the bed, almost falling against the back of the bed which was moved to an upright position.

"Hang on Bill, let me move the bed down" said Danni as she moved his feet onto the bed and then moved to head to get the remote that controlled the bed. She slowly moved the bed down until Bill was lying flat and then put the remote on the night stand and covered a sleeping Bill Cranston-Scott. She leaned over and gently kissed him on the lips then turned the light off above his bed.

She turned to see her second husband smiling at her with the biggest grin on his face.

"Give me a second to clean up the bathroom then it's your turn Jas" said Danni as she came over to his bed and gave him a quick kiss.

Danni moved quickly away from Jason and returned to bathroom. She mopped up the puddles that were on the bathroom floor, gathered up the wet towels and moved them to a corner. After that she put down fresh towels and brought Jason's clean clothes into the bathroom so they were easily assessable. Then she gathered her robe securely around her and went to retrieve her second husband. Jason was waiting for Danni sitting on the side of the bed when she came out of the bathroom.

"Jason! You need to slow down and wait for me" said Danni as she came over to his bedside and stood between his legs.

"Honestly Danni, I feel like I could run a marathon right about now" said Jason with a grin on his face.

"That's the adrenaline from Bill's shower, it'll wear off as soon as we start walking into the bathroom" answered Danni as she kissed him.

Jason grabbed her around the waist and pulled her towards him kissing her so passionately that Danni had to push him back to catch her breath.

"Jas, as much as I'd love for this to continue we really need to get you into the shower." said Danni as she tried to catch her breath.

"Alright, let's go!" said Jason as he slid off the bed and promptly headed for the floor.

"Whoa there flyboy!" said Danni as she grabbed him around the waist and pulled him back to the bed. "I told you that Bill's adrenaline wouldn't last that long, now sit there and gather yourself for a minute."

Jason just nodded as he tried to clear his head as a wave of nausea overtook him. After a few minutes he looked up to see Danni watching him closely.

"Feeling better now?" asked Danni as she put her hand on his face and cupped his cheek.

"How did you stand being nauseated so much Danni?" asked Jason as he looked at her. If this was anything like she felt before or after her surgeries he didn't know how she did it.

"You learn to move really slowly and don't get excited, that only seams to aggravate it" said Danni as she gently moved her hand across his face. "Alright now?"

At Jason's nod she moved once again between his legs and grabbed him around the waist. "Alright Jas, nice and slow. Let me know if you need to stop, Ok?" said Danni as she pulled him off the bed then held him while he wobbled a little. Jason quickly closed his eyes and Danni started to sit him back down when he said. "No, no. I'm alright"

"Jas?" questioned Danni but stopped when he raised his head to look at her.

"I'm alright Danni, honestly. Let's do this before something changes though" said Jason as he smiled at her.

Danni nodded and moved to Jason's left side with her arm around his waist. They slowly made their way to the bathroom and once again Danni deposited her husband on the toilet seat while she ready the bathroom. She turned on the water and then came over to start undressing Jason. When she had removed Jason's shoes and socks she once again pulled him up and then gently slide his sweatpants down his hips. He held onto the wall as Danni lifted each foot and removed them throwing them to the side. As she stood up she pulled his tank top over his head and then he was standing naked before her. She stood admiring him a moment, then grabbed him around the waist and started leading him towards the shower. She stopped when she felt him tug at her robe then looked over at him.

"One of us is slightly overdressed don't you think?" asked Jason with a sly smile.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Can you stand for a minute?" asked Danni

"I'll do you one better" said Jason as he grabbed hold of the belt of her robe and untied the knot. Then he moved his hands under the lapels of the robe and pushed it off Danny's shoulders "Oh Danni!" moaned Jason as he drank in the beauty that was Danielle Cranston-Scott.

"Slow down flyboy, let's get you cleaned up first" said Danni as she moved her hands one at a time from Jason's waist so her robe could fall to the floor. She then helped Jason walk slowly into the shower stall and like before with Bill she slowly washed his upper body, his back and then moved to his hips, legs and feet. She leaned him forward a little, washed his hair then pulled him back against her.

"Alright Jas, relax, this is all for you, remember?" whispered Danni is Jason's ear as she moved the soapy washcloth to his groin. Like before she made small circular motions until finally she made her way to Jason's shaft and then down to his balls. Jason hands had started out down by his side but soon made their way towards Danni. "Jas, let go" she growled as she felt his hands on her hips. Her hands left his shaft and took both his hands and put them over his head. "Keep them there" said Danni softly and at his nod one of her hands returned to his shaft while the other began rubbing his butt cheeks. Slowly her finger made their way between his cheeks and then found Jason's core. After added a little more soap to her finger Danni slowly worked them into his puckered entrance.

When she had worked two fingers into his core Danni slowly began to speed up tempo of her hands and soon she once again had her husband spilling his seed over her hand. Like Bill Jason lay limp against her so with a smile of satisfaction she moved him into the stream of water and rinsed him off. She then shut off the water and led a passive Jason out of the shower. Like before she pinched him awake so he could stand on his own. Danni quickly dried him off then wrapped a towel around his waist as she led him back to the toilet. He was dressed quickly and once again Danni donned her robe and walked Jason out of the bathroom and into the room. She deposited him on the bed and like Bill he sat down gratefully and fell back against the bed. Danni slid his feet onto the bed then lowered the it to a sleeping position. When he was lying flat she covered him up and then turned off the light above his bed.

For the third time she returned to the bathroom this time to shower herself and after gathering her own clean clothes made short work of her shower. After all this was the third shower in a row for this room and the hot water was running shorthanded. When she was dressed she went to the door, unlocked it then looked out and saw Janice at the nurses' station.

"Janice can you please let housekeeping know that they can come and pick up the towels from the bathroom at any time." said Danni as she made her way past the nurses' station.

She was wired to the hilt and knew that she wouldn't be getting to sleep anytime soon so she might as well grab a coke and work on her project. So as she headed down to the cafeteria she hoped that Dr. Avery was satisfied and wasn't going to watch her any more. She knew she needed to cut back while the guys healed but this was one of her "pet projects" that she loved working on.

She returned to find that housekeeping had cleaned up the bathroom and even changed her bed leaving a single Hersey kiss on her pillow. Danni smiled as she grabbed the chocolate and then went over and turned on the computer. After turning down the brightness of the screen and was able to get another four or five hours in, shutting down only at one o' clock when the nurse came into check on Jason and Bill and found her still at her computer.

"Mrs. Cranston-Scott! I really don't think this is what Dr. Avery had in mind when she arranged your "shower" time" said the nurse.

"Oh I know it wasn't, but since the hospital beds are all singles, and I don't think either of my husbands could take me sleeping almost on top of them..." said Danni with a smile and left the rest hanging. She knew she needed to get to bed, besides her back was being to hurt.

"Well, I guess you're right. But you need you're rest to. I know you're feeling better but this has been stressful on you as well"

"In that I will concede Tracy" said Danni as she stood up then grabbed her back as a sharp pain hit her. "Damn"

"Are you alright? Here lie flat on the bed and I'll see if I can massage it loose for you" said Tracy as lead Danni to her bed then gently guided her to lie down flat.

As Danni lay on the bed Tracy began to massage her lower back and after working for a few minutes all the knots and kinks slowly started to come out of her back. It'd been a miracle that she had been able to work at all with her back knotted up and all the memories of the showers floating around in her mind. Danni gave a deep sigh and totally relaxed as Tracy worked the last of the knots out of her back.

After Tracy stopped Danni moved to her favorite sideways position and feel into a deep sleep. Tracy gently moved the blankets from under her and pulled them over her and then turned off the last light in the Cranston-Scott suit.