So, this is my first "Pair of kings story". It will be about Brakayla. It's one-shot. Please, review! :)


Mikayla's POV:

I was walking in the jungle on my guard shift. I suddenly remembered Brady. He was trying to flirt with me in this jungle. Good old times... I suddenly made a wish.

"I wish Brady to come back!" I said. I knew that nothing will happen. I sighed and then started to return to the castle.

Finally I returned and saw a big present box in the plaza. I decided to open it.

"Suprise!" Brady said when he jumped out of the box.

"Brady!" I screamed and hugged him.

"We wanted to suprise you, baby girl!" My dad told me

"Yeah. You're so happy now!" Boomer said "And I missed Brady too." He said and hugged him

"So... I am king Boz. Your long lost triplet brother." Boz introduced himself.

"We are triplets? That's so cool!" Brady said "But if you excuse me, I want to have some time alone with Mikayla."

"Sure!" Boomer, Boz and my dad said and left.

"Why did you came back?" I asked

"Because you wanted" He said

"Yeah, but how did you know?"

"Mikayla, I know many things that you even don't expect me to know!" He said and took my hands

"What do you mean?" I asked

"Nothing. I came back for you. Wanna hang out together?" He suggested

"Of course."

So we went out. We had a walk in the jungle. We were holding hands and he was telling me stories from Chicago. It was perfect.

"Wait, Brady. Are you going to stay?" I asked

"I'm gonna stay here a long, long time!" He said and smiled

"Perfect!" I said. We leaned closer. We were about to kiss when...

"Oh, hi cousin!" Lanny greeted Brady

"Hi Lanny!" Brady greeted

"I want to show you something." He said "I have my own island called "Lanada". Wanna see it?"

"Of course! Umm... Mikayla, can we continue later?" He asked

"Of course!" I said and they left "Yeah, go! Leave your lady on the first day!"

Luckily he didn't hear me.

After 2 hours, Brady and Lanny returned to the castle.

"Mikayla! I'm ready!" He said

"Well, I was ready 2 hours ago!" I said

"Umm... I think I'll leave you alone!" Lanny said and left

"Mikayla, are you angry at me?"

"Umm... I think so!" I said and sat on the couch

"You're angry at me for spending some time with my cousin?! I haven't seen him in 6 months!"

"Well, you haven't seen me in 6 months too, but you prefer Lanny! Just think how am I feeling!" I said

"I know what do you feel right now." He said and leaned closer. We kissed.

Mikayla's POV:

I wake up. I had a dream about Brady. He returned to Kinkow and we kissed... I wish that really happened!

"I miss you so much Brady!" I said and a tear ran down my face.

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