Emily's POV

The next couple months seemed to fly by, with everything that was going on. There was monthly baby appointments, the energy the pack had from whatever they happened to be up to that day and the energy of five men Jacob seemed to carry around with him everywhere that sometimes suffocated me. It was nervous energy, I was sure, but there was just far to much of it some times. It didn't mean I avoided him. Far from it, there was to many tender moments to count.

I was happy.

Not to say I wasn't happy with Sam, because I was. There was always this tugging feeling though. The guilt was always there that I had some play in breaking Leah's heart. Of coarse I knew I wasn't the one who imprinted, but still, if I hadn't been at that cook out that day...if I hadn't have wanted to be there for my best friend who needed me...

Stop it! I scolded myself. It doesn't matter now. It seemed as if Jacob had to tell me that every couple of days just to remind me. The way he saw it is all that would have happened if I hadn't gone to the cook out was that Leah's heart would have stayed intact for just a few more days, because it was inevitable Sam would have saw me at some point.

"Leah wasn't really happy anyways." Jacob had reminded me. "She was in love, yes, but how would you feel if...well, you know what she went through when Sam disappeared for weeks on end."

Maybe he was right, maybe it was a little better. Maybe I thought I shouldn't have been at the cook out anyways. Maybe I would have stayed away until my uncle died and Leah phased so that Sam could have explained it to her completely.

But deep within my heart, I knew that wouldn't have worked, because even when the imprint shattered suddenly, I understood, but it didn't make him leaving me any easier.

"Sweetie, I'm home."

I looked up from the stove, to see Jacob entering the room. With a smile, I shook of thoughts of Sam and Leah. I don't know why I was thinking about them anyways, it had been at least two months since I saw either of them.

Jacob came and kissed me sweetly on the lips, and while my lips were busy, gently took the spatula I was holding out of my hands and set it down on the stove. "What happened to you should be resting?"

I sighed, a smile still on the corner of my lips. "Jacob, I'm barely six months pregnant, I'm still allowed to cook you know, infact, this may surprise you, but I can cook up until I pop."

"Har, har." He kissed me again and backed me up into the living room. "You go sit down, funny girl, I'll finish making...lunch? Dinner?" He looked at the clock on the wall, confused.

"I was hungry, and I knew you would be too." I defended myself as I did what I was told and sat on the couch.

A few minutes later, Jacob came out with two plates and glasses, how he balanced them was beyond me, it must be a wolf thing. "Linner is served."


"Yeah, its lunch and dinner combined."

I grinned at him as he set the plates down on the coffee table. "Your in a good mood."

"Why wouldn't I be?" He shrugged when he sat down next to me. "I'm here with my beautiful wife and baby." He leaned over and kissed my swollen stomach as he said it.

I smiled and took a bite of food before I realized what he said. "Wife?" I set my fork down and looked at him.

Jacob pretend he didn't hear me and kept shoveling food into his mouth. "Wow." he said between chews. "If I do say so myself, you taught me how to cook extremely well."

"Don't change the subject, Jake."

At that he sat down his fork and looked at me for a while, eventually taking the plate out of my hands gently and setting it back on the table. "Emily," he started carefully. "I know us shape shifters have made you jump through to many hoops to count, and part of you probably wishes you are back at home when none of this ever happened. I know the pain some of us have put you through, and how you put up with our asses everyday. I love you for that. You know that. So with that being said...will you marry me?"

I sat there at a loss for words for a couple moments and it took Billy's soft throat clearing in the other room since he had just gotten home and heard the end of it to get me out of my reverie. Even still, I didn't speak, just nodded, as I felt moisture on my cheeks.

Jacob's smile got even brighter as he leaned over to kiss me more passionately, probably a lot more passionate then necessary for Billy's eyes. Once he broke away, he nodded like nothing out of the ordinary just happened at all. "Good." He finally said. "Great actually." He grinned. "I...I never done this before so I don't know what to say. I...we wont be living here forever, Em. The pack and I came up with an idea...but its a surprise, a wedding present. And...I...I know I don't have a ring but I'll get one...and then the thought occurred to me that you probably don't want to look for a wedding dress when you are carrying our angel, so maybe we can hold the ceremony after wards, so she or he can be part of it too, but if I'm completely wrong, that's okay too and-"

"Jacob!" I interrupted, amused. "Calm down."

A raised a brow. "Calm-?"

"Yes, calm." I giggled. "I love you too. Anythings perfectly okay."

"Anything." I nodded, as I grabbed his hand and put it to my stomach. "The babies kicking."

Being technically engaged seemed to bring a perfect calm over everything in Jacob's and mine's small but perfect piece of the world. But when I hard a knock on the door two days later and went to answer it, I was honestly afraid all of it was going to be ruined.

Leah was standing there, getting soaked from the rain and out of pure surprise, I ushered her in without a second thought.

"That Charlie?" Billy wheeled himself down the hall. He was waiting for Charlie to pick him up to go watch the game over in Forks.

"No, it's me." Leah waved at him.

"Oh." Billys face fell a millimeter. "Leah, How are you?"

"Wet." Leah laughed a little, but grew silent as another knock sounded.

"That's your ride, Billy, Have fun." I told him, wishing he wasn't going.

"Always do." He grabbed a hat and wheeled himself out the door.

I walked around Leah and took a seat on the couch watching her closely.

"The kids really coming along, huh?" She asked, nodding towards my stomach.

I nodded, and put my hands protectively over it.

She raised her eyebrows and slid down the wall she was standing against to the floor. "I don't want to get Billy's furniture wet." She explained.

I nodded, agreeing.

"And I hear you and Jake are tying the knot."

Again I nodded.

Leah appraised me for a moment, maybe trying to figure out why I was being so weird with her. "That's really great, Em. Really. Remember how we were little and used to talk about our weddings all the time and went through that phase where we wanted them at the same day, at the same time but realized that was stupid because then we wouldn't be able to be each others maid of honors?"

I nodded again and even smiled a little. I did remember that. I remembered that perfectly actually.

"And then at one piont we had the fight that we both couldn't have one on the beach, and you wouldn't give up for anything, saying like having a wedding inside isn't a real wedding, and then your mom told you that she had her wedding inside, and you thought your parents weren't really married?"

I chuckled to myself. What else did you expect from a nine year old? "Why are you hear, Leah?"

Leah seemed puzzled by my question and instantly broke out of memory lane. "To apologize. To be friends again. To get my cousin...no, my sister back."

I was silent for a couple moments, her words generally surprising me. These words were words I so desperately wanted to hear out of Leah a good eight nine months ago, but now that I finaally heard them, part of me wished that I didn't.

"I know what you're thinking." Leah quickly started again, not allowing enough time for me to speak. "That your the one who hates me now. But...Emily, do you remember when Sam first imprinted on you and you tried to apologize to me? You wouldn't quit, and wouldn't give up. You generally believed that someday I would stop being a major bitch and forgive you for something it turns out wasn't really your fault in the first place. Something I was to much of a bitch to see. So that's what I am going to do know, because I owe it to you. Not that you are a bitch or anything, far from it actually, but you get the point."

There was a million things running through my mind, but I couldn't seem to get them out or even admit to myself that I was thinking of them. "You think you were a bitch?"

Leah, to my surprised, smiled and chuckled at this. "No, not think, know. I was heartbroken Em, and then my dad died, and then I turned into this giant monster wolf thing. What I really needed was my best friend through all of it, but was to full of myself to realize that she was right there and if I would have just swallowed my pride and tried to talk to her, it probably would have worked. That doesn't really matter now, all of that's over and done with. What matters now is that my best friend got her heart broken by the same guy, and yeah, shes getting married now, going to have a baby, but I know both of those things are probably scary as hell and I also know that she wishes she had her best friend, no matter how small that wish is or even if she realizes it, so...here I am." She obviously thought she was dried off enough because she got up off the floor and came to sit by me. "So say whatever you want. Say that Sam's a bastard. I can take it. He is a bastard."

I immediately shook my head. "No he isn't...he's...wait, he is?"

Leah laughed, obviously taking my few words as an accomplishment. "He is." She nodded. "He always was, but I love him. Plus, he hasn't asked me to marry him yet, which means we wont be able to pull off that double wedding."

I laughed, realizing that for the first time in months, hearing and or talking about Sam didn't leave me depressed, especially since Leah was really blunt about loving him.

"There's still hope." I reached to hug her.