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"Drip, drip." Were the words she muttered, walking through the city streets of a nameless town, shaded by gray-colored light. Her fair complexion that was shadowed underneath a relentless darkness, day in and day out, without a stop in sight. Raindrops were all that accompanied her. A doll-like face remained inexpressive towards the continuous harshness of pelting rainwater, confronting at her own existence. "Drop." Ending her enchantment, giving off a coldness in her stance, blue eyes lacking a vital spark of life. Trotting down the stone paved streets, between stone buildings of the old town, came avoidance; several citizens, from strangers to familiar faces alike, backed away, eyes glaring meaningfully and speaking out their discontent in low hissing voices. Instinctively lowering her head in regret, if not shame.

A frozen heart that had given up protecting itself, knowing full well – whatever she did would never matter; unless the rain would vanish. It didn't help she stuck out like a sore thumb using her fond, overly zealous, pink umbrella. Considering the fact the rain gave her neither wetness or coldness because her own body could naturally adapt into any sort of liquid.

Her trademark powers, if known, allowed people to understand her Phantom Lord's status.

One of the elite, at that.

Only sixteen, known for her unforgiving attributes, lived in a village nearby their beloved guild. But not close enough for her uncontrollable rain to touch onto the Guild's surface. Feeling grateful for the Master – that accepted her with open arms – she swore to never allow herself to discomfort others. That is... if her options weren't so slim. Staying in this lovely town had bittered the once warmhearted people; going to the forest could cause great disturbance for the lakeside boats and finally moving closer to her guild was a not an option. Already given an entitlement of S-class level, she'd joined the ranks of the strongest. Only five members had reached her height, however those below had their own unique taste only Master would accept. Non-magical people just couldn't understand their hardship, being exiled and ignored. Ranging from bullying to harassment.

A wave of uneasiness shifted her steps, passing glances at raindrops dripping by roof edges.

Just reminding her constantly how pathetic her honor was.

Unable to keep a single vow to even herself.

Arriving to her destination, seeing a somewhat decorated bakery bearing a cursive sign named "Holley's Cakes". Underneath the colorful awning were guests hiding from her downpour, passing them, as tourist were bewildered by the unexpected spectacle, she opened the glassed door.

Lukewarm air hugged her body, warming it up as she entered into a medium sized bakery. Behind the counter, showcasing the baker's handcraft baked goods ranging between sweet to salty, a smiling middle-age woman said her farewells to a satisfied customer. The warm expression vanished. A smile turned upside down, grimacing at acknowledgment that – she – had entered. Lowering her head, not bothering to reason with somebody else's, unintentional, warranted hatred. If this had been simple rain, everything would be A-okay. Never-ending rain was another matter entirely, for the residents of Oak Town became weary, eventually losing interest in pretending to tolerate her own existence altogether.

"I'd like to order..." Lifting her head once more, crossing eyes with a stern looking woman.

But her words were cut off, getting straight to the point "We don't serve the likes of you. My children' are depress because of you've being here. Go back to your guild."

"...." She didn't know how to respond to such face-front value hatred. Most people tried their best to pretend they had and could care about her feelings. Considering how long she'd lived in Oak Town, nothing was surprising, she guessed every time she'd left for a mission: joy must of resurfaced into this faceless, tired down town.

"Oi! Don't you think that's a bit mean? She's a client of yours, you know." A young rough voice sounded behind her. With arms crossed showing off his six packed abs, she saw pinkish spiked hair boy. Brows furrowed, his black eyes burned off determination and annoyance, glaring at the baker. To whom he'd never met before. His clothing was loose: wearing a simple golden trim open waistcoat, a heavy woolen white scarf covering his neck, that had orderly lines squaring as a pattern; Matching together with his knee-high, eggshell white trousers that were tight knotted by black fabric which hemmed top and bottom equally.

"Easy for you to say, stranger. You wouldn't agree if ya' lived with us." The baker muttered annoyed. A neutral expression morphed back a judgmental look, eying her with contemplation. "What would you'd like to order?"

"Umm... A cupidetè, please." She muttered nervously. In order to not make a scene in front of tourist and lose profit , the woman began packing her requested foods. "I'd like three donuts as well."

Flickering her eyes to the strange boy, odd feelings arose; somebody had defended her. Remembering such rare events, acknowledging it would be short-lived since such events were neverlasting. A moment of kindness. Being kind was easy when it was given to strangers.

"And you, sir?" Direction her attention to a biped blue cat with a white stomach. Tied around its small neck was a green furoshiki. When he responded she heard a high pitch voice belonging to boys' that'd reached puberty. His cheerful tone confirmed him of being male.

"I would like a Taiyaki, please~!"

"Classic or a different flavor?"

His blue paws scratch behind his head, his muzzle gave off a nonchalant gaze "Do you have Sardine flavor? If not, Classic please!"

"Classic it will be, then."

Wrapping up the orders in decorated glassine, Lady Baker listened to the pondering boy, who'd finally choose his order. "I'd like your red hot chili flavored ohagi cakes! I'm taking two dozen for the road."

"Ohohhoo?! Taking our impossible challenge?" She'd smile at the notion. "Pretty impressive boy, maybe I was wrong about you after all." Unable to hide her pride concerning her most feared dish, which was exclusively popular with tourist, only the madmen in their town took such a frighting challenge. Famous mostly baking sweet pastries, her side dishes contrast to the main course, rivaling in spiciness to any other restaurant in all of Fiore. Many even rumored, just eating a single morsel would burn away one's taste buds into nothing.

Getting her takeaway, paying together beside the stranger, she walked herself out.

Stopping in her track, momentarily, staring at harsh downpour. Water whiplashed on stone grounds and pattered onto window glass. All created by her own emotional magic. Something she barely had any control over. Her blue irises reflected the condemning scene, blood rushed into her heart, pounding at every millisecond. Fear. Fear and regret overcame her persona. This...

A slender pale finger curved around the golden metal doorknob, howling wind whispered to her a clear message of unwelcoming banter, opening the glass door; the voice amused laughing behind her said "Ihihi... Oh, geez.. It's still raining. Hopefully it'll stop soon."

Top teeth bit against her rosy pale lip, frustrated, her body shook, closed eyes reminiscing of grueling days where she'd worked herself in some self control. It came to no avail – despite her best efforts. Nothing would change as the never-ending rain remained above wherever she rooted herself.

"I think that's a loss cause! It's raining even harder!"

Maybe she should move to the forest, rethinking a solution that every-time showed itself futile. Moving there would just cause other type of disturbances. Like accumulating lakeside waves, causing an sort of infinitive hiatus for fishermen's daily routines, if not dangerous for poorer families. That couldn't dare miss a single day of work. When all else considered, most of the residents' hard and unforgiving feelings should fade away, helping to regain their lost peace.

Gaining the need to leave, forcing herself to proceed forward.

Lingering in her ear, the boyish voice continued "Natsu... What are we goin' to do? Shouldn'..." The door silence a worried voice of how to deal with such typical weather in Oak Town. They were mere strangers. Having no clue about why it rain today or tomorrow. His happy smile of white pearls, kind lit flamed eyes were that of the naïve and ignorant. Anybody's smile, flashes of lovers and friends, vanished simultaneously of the arrival of an unending storm.

Everybody left her...

...And it didn't even matter how much she cared for them. They were merely gust of wind escaping from her clawing grasp.

Adjusting her shoulders, petite finger played Teru-Teru-Bozu at her chest, acting as a button to her blue fur shawl. Such as the sleeves of her navy blue winter coat, both had hemming of brown, puffy fur. Appearing, always, dressed in winter wear specifically created for mountain tops of icy glaciers. Unknown to many, coldness had become a foreign concept since 'mastering' her aquatic traits. Yet she'd always had a fascination for these sets of clothing. Collecting complete sets from coats all the way to boots. A furred cossack hat, of the same color scheme, sat on her head. Everything about her, apart the obvious pale skin, from her eyes and hair to the clothes she wore colored itself blue.

Yet opening her pink, half oval shaped, umbrella contrasting abruptly to her own design.

Wielding an umbrella gave her an impression of normalcy as she walked in the rural city of Oak Town. Many wouldn't understand, society asked of her to act like everybody else and so she did. Pink, heart motifs everywhere, drawn and even yellow finial marked her womanly traits. Because it was cute, she believed it would protect her in some sort of way.

Stepping on plain stone roads, typical medieval feel of a forgotten kingdom. Memories of an immemorial history stuck to be one of the main tourist attractions. Even if never daring eye-to-eye contact at anybody – between the faces she recognized: the majority still remained those of absolute strangers. Tourist were all too common, making it easy for her to slip in and out of eyes of citizens. The main gate of Oak Town stood tall, passing the bored Rune Knights in olden Oak Town traditional knights armor, only two meters and half of land before its man-made staircase spiral downward leading to the vast fields near the northern river.

Humidity filled the air, her once low head lift highly as of her straighten back, dark blue eyes dared to confront any guild members who dare opposed her.

Unlike citizens where their ideas and opinions weighed heavily on her. Low-leveled guild members were nothing short of peasants. Going against the flow of several guild members returning home, several fearing her gaze and others challenging it. Given an elite status, nobody would be foolish enough to try and yet, at times she found herself wishing it was so. Sighing, her breath turned white as she look upwards to the never-ending gray skies. Boring her was the scenery of Fiore, where a beautiful clear water river, colored itself gray, reflecting the skies she'd created. Animals scurried and flew away, unable to take the unexpected weather, returned in the cracks and natural homes under rocks and trees, if not dug holes.

After strolling half an hour the dome structure castle overshadowed her petite figure.

Reaching her ears was the pitiful boy's voice, being stomped on cruelly by a strong muscular figure. Arriving meters away from the entrance a disheveled boy covered in mud, cried out after each affliction. The Iron Dragon Slayer, unbeknownst to young boy, misused that admiration as a source to lash out. Cringing at the sight she shuddered mentally, slamming his iron boots onto such a small boy, despite it's commonplace in Phantom Lord. Even if she was close to their absolutely strongest member, she couldn't stand his action to the boy, yet she couldn't find a reason to intervene.

Ryos, the supposed kin of Dragon Slaying, proudly stated to be 'strong'. His dark magic had been rumored, by the aforementioned boy, of killing a said dragon.

"Juvia doesn't understand your need for 'playing' with Ryos. Isn't this enough?" She said monotonously mimicking her bleak eyes.

Gajeel snorted at her attempt of stopping his foul play. His sneer morphed into a cheeky smile, lifting his head away from the boy, his slitted dark pupils eying her. "Juvy, Juvy... he's enjoying it, aren't you? You little fella..."

A mocking sweetness just begging anybody to doubt such contrasting words. Ryos uncovered his head, tears streamed down his faces mixed together with rainwater giving a nod of affirmation. Sniffing up tears and snot, a bruised face bit down onto his cracked lips. Being both Dragon Slayers and raised by Dragons, it was obvious why Ryos took the treatment and tried to get into Gajeel's good terms. She pitied the boy because she knew that Gajeel had fun torturing his 'toys', not even once considering the younger boy similar to himself.

It goes without saying that little rumor made a mockery out of the little one.

"Well, Juvia wants to see any good missions, wish to join Juvia?" She asked politely

Gajeel was a good man, but he was not without obvious flaws.

Two years ago when rivalry lit up between Phantom Lord and Fairy Tail. Master choose to spoil Gajeel, who acted like a king and apparently could do no wrong. In order to not only defeat – but destroy the opposing guild, commencing an intense regimen to improve, their already feared, powers and techniques. The fact remained, no matter how powerful they were without an extra 'Slayer' in their guild, it would always be a difficult fight to win. Ryos had potential but far too young to help. So never taking him in account, Gajeel was shouldered with all the extra workload. Consequently for his major role in defeating both terrifying mages of Dragon Slaying magic.

Exploited his powers of authority, something that came with being fickle, she held no surprise to why many of his drones feared him.

Unlike most, she never found herself exactly frighten despite his immense power.

Iron was just another object in her world, it would sink to its endless depth.

"Nah, I'm not in the mood." He said having red beaded eyes lost in thought.

Dissimilitude attitudes such as theirs, assumptions of disliking one another wouldn't be unheard of. But Gajeel connected with her on a fundamental level, having interesting hobbies and willing to stand out in the rain; never caring whether they were ice cold or harsh enough to break umbrellas. He'd always joke with her, embracing her which made her slightly uneasy. She never wanted to mislead him as she'd mostly been alone all her life. They were primarily loners, unlike him, she couldn't choose. His company was welcomed. So maybe in regard to her worries were breeded by overthinking?

When word of her mistreatment reached Gajeel's ears, never once did he fail in protecting her honor. In retrospect, this only made the situation worse as people would quiver in fear, every single one of them.

Was it better to be hated or feared?

She wish she knew the answer to such a question.

Finally taking his boot off the child's shoulder, turning towards her, disinterested. "I'm probably going to search for some more whereabouts."

Facing the horizon, beyond the gray veil laid out a scenery colored in bright sunlight valleys. The river below went originated north-west, destining towards the high rocky mountain only a few brave men traveled. Legends made several places mythical and staring at his back considering the man's heart, understanding he needed to find the masters of heaven and earth: dragons. Believing such stories as those of dragons belong solely that of youthful children. A legendary tale told only in adventure books. Nobody believed in their words yet she never doubted them, why would she? When each story told of such huge and frightening physique yet golden hearts and complex mindsets. Not things of mindless brute force as told in folktales. Gajeel gave off his childish wonder when subsequently explaining his childhood.

Ryos and Gajeel had lost family 6 years ago, the seventh of June around 10pm.

They longed for their lost family, even if Ryos had somehow truly killed his father. Gajeel shook off such rumors as blatant lies from an infant. Killing any dragon would be close to impossible.

Her eyes flickered to the shivering mess, placing her umbrella above him, hoping to feel a bit less cold. Her rains drench his hair until it began dripping onto him like a fountain. The wind blew a cold breeze increasing the shivers of the young male. He would need a hot bath or he would definitely get ammonia. Giving her umbrella and guiding her little comrade, finally saying her goodbyes.

"Good luck then, Gajeel. Juvia will be going then."


Hours succeeding Gajeel's departure, a carriage awaited her arrival.

Wheels creaking beneath her seat while traveling to a remote and hidden ruined kingdom; infamous for its overly exaggerated lore, planted near the borderlines of Fiore. The mission at hand, worthy of her title, requested she entered an abyss of a forgotten land of Ryumandrà, sunken to ocean's depths. Long before witch hunters' mindset overlapped its paradisaical lifestyle: the kingdom welcomed many sorts of thinkers, even simpletons that expanded the already completed lore. Outside her veiled window, mountains guided them, expanding into large masses, shrinking her actual dainty figure. The carriage warmth was welcomed, lacrime lit bright inside the couch contrasting against the darken gray outdoors; which inevitably would follow her to the end of the earth.

Probably until the day she died.

It was a curse after all.

No matter how her mother tried to soften the blow, resorting to delicate flat-out lies: like nobody was getting hurt and her magic wasn't sinful. As-if the sky reflected the tears of crying children, knowing all she brought was pure and simple sorrow. Isolation from the sun did nobody any good. Destroying the immunity of already sicken children or hurting the hope of people's general spirit.

Even when the world abandoned her, giving her reasons to live and standing like a pillar:

Her family stuck with her until the end.

A frowning grandmother, creaking in that continuously rocking chair; a mother losing her job countless times, never giving up in the doctrine of humanity goodness and a father who always come home after midnight; those were the memories she remembered. Ridicule had become daily, yet nevertheless, home – in spite all those hidden negativities – remained gentle and hopeful, smiling faces that greeted her.

Promising to never leave her side.

Inevitably, in order to show her gratefulness, she left theirs...

Permitting those pure blue skies decorated by puffy, white cloud and blazing yellow sun to be viewed once more by those she loved dearly. Even if it would always be a mystery to her.

Though in return she didn't see them often, but they still replied to her letters she sent monthly.

God may have cursed her with rain, but nevertheless rekindled by gifting her an amazing and loving family. Despite constantly dealing the consequences of her curse, they held her hands in her moments of fear and anger, shouldering her burdens together as tightly knitted family; especially in moments of insincerity. Only being humans, they also arrived to a breaking point.

If the rain wasn't eternal...

...Then peace could be set in the hearts of men.

Grandmother showed to be the most blunt of them all, never hiding those upset feeling while restraining them became portrayed as wisdom. Her father would avoid her altogether as her mother would pamper and discipline her.

It wasn't perfect by all means, yet 'what-if' poisoned her minds when looking to back then.

She made the right choice.

But it wasn't a selfless sacrifice and by no means did it go as she'd planned.

Whenever she found time to go to her hometown, mother and father welcomed her with beaming smiles. Their marriage saved – though they naively believed a child couldn't understand when an argument broke out in silence instead of yells of fury. They never mentioned the possibility of divorce, even to this day but she knew quite well, who was the source of all the pain. The warmest most heartfelt hug came from her grandmother, on her first visit back home, shedding tears of reminiscing on her not-so-bad comportment. Not to mentioned her granddaughter being ranked as an elite, only two months after entering a guild. Confessing, on her last visit, the old caretaker admitted negative emotions that took hold of her when caring for her daughter's daughter. Begging a forgiveness which was not necessary by any means.

Love was hard to come by...

Sometimes love meant letting go.

Romanticizing her actions gave a self-rewarding feeling, reality, however, told a different tale. Running away from overbearing glares brought upon, society looking down at her unforgivably and never allowing her to forget those sins. Running away from the problem wasn't a solution nor would it ever be. Nothing got resolve as she relived a whole childhood all over again because an incurable downpour stood in her wake. Mercilessly people gave their judgment without a second thought.

The coachee called from above, breaking her from her trance.

A sigh escape her lips, her mission was about to begin.


Darkness shrouded the town, dragging her leg to get back home after a week long mission elsewhere. Most of the urban closed after midnight, the exception – always – being late working folks and party children, knowing nothing of responsibilities or blowing off steam. There were only two types of people. The dampen atmosphere the residence scurried beneath the eaves, watching the unexpected water droplets pouring down without stop.

Too tired to care, eyes that usually struck her sensitive young heart went unnoticed.

Monotonous gazes followed her figure going up hill.

A short walk and two flight of stone steps later of an uphill kingdom, she'd arrived to a resident area. The most central part of town and a single sparse bar in the mix. Passing it, an overflowing pond drenched her dirty blue, short heel boots. Near a few scrubs, stood an oak composed house, having small and flat rock made steps which lead her home. Grabbing her keys, unlocking low ceiling house and entered into a mostly vacant house. A small round table was to her right, in front of the kitchen area. Ahead of her view was a small blue couch and a high quality lacrime vision set to her left.

Undressing her hot clothing as she walked, lazily leaving them on the floor, and headed to the bathroom.

Doing only the necessities: brushing her teeth and setting her hair, keeping it from turning hellish knot feast. A memory she never wanted to relive.

Smiling tiredly at her reflection, she exited from the bathroom and down the hall entered the second door to her left. Passing her large vanity desk and open one of her two large dressers, taller and bigger than her in every aspect. Hanging on the hangers, plucking out of its depth a bamboo silk, light blue nightgown. Arriving only to her waist and hugged her body like a cushion originating from heaven.

Turning off the candlelights by her bedside, she slide under the covers.

Restfully, the morning greeted her calmly, awaken prior to the rising sun; getting up she decided on dressing into a lighter colored coat together with her favorite hat. Her spacious room allowed a huge closet, where she got a new set of unused boots. Placing down her hat on the table, sitting herself down and seeing her reflection in a heart shaped mirror. Brushing her hair surrounded by well coordinated make-up, which would left alone as she hadn't any real to use it. Utilizing her worn out curlers, a couple good minutes passed before she could unravel it and when she succeeded, her trims rolled back in position.

In spite of taking much of her time, she continued to appear fashionable.

In order to start breakfast, she began cleaning up the mess she'd left behind into a cleaning basket.

Breakfast just contained a bowl of cereal, not wanting to waste anymore time nor the taxing effort in making said breakfast. So she could read the newspaper that actually arrived on her front step.

Departing from home, grabbing her same old umbrella and opening it outside dark 8:24 am morning; while the sun rose its rays, it simply couldn't reach the townsfolk. Grumbling and rumbling routinely sounded, all carrying umbrellas to shield which would serve them well, all walking towards some sort of objective.

Believing today would be like any other...

Leaving the resident area, downtown of the market area citizen formed a huge circle in the town's main park. Deeply surprise, her feet moved on their own, guiding her towards all those gossiping voices, wondering what had gotten everybody so worked up. Diving herself between the shoulders of masses, trying to get closer to the spectacle simply shocked by what she saw! The boy, who defended her not so long ago, fighting against an S-class elite of Phantom King: Totomaru-san. His sharp blade whistle in the wind, yet the pink head clash against the with his knuckles and still remain attach. Gasping, a fight wholly coordinated by passion, the initial shock of the raw power the mage seem to bear.

Totomaru, in her earnest opinion, was nothing amazing; on the sidelines, she clearly saw him playing cat and mouse to the stranger.

"Go Natsu!" A scream sounded from low talking voices people.

Being of a familiar strange pitch, she notice across the park the very same blue cat, using its wings to levitate. Eyes filled with accumulating emotion, obvious worried for its master.

The scarf boy's head smashed skulls against one another, counterattacking with a headbutt, effectively hurting and stunning the fire mage. Staggering backwards Totomaru regain his battling stance, dodging Natsu's – guessing his name by the previous yell – thrown punch, circling ninety degree to deliver a fine backdrop kick. Hitting its mark, Natsu's covered shouldered exposed the red Fairy Tail mark. Her sworn enemy dared to walk into, and even fight, inside their territory! Blue eyes widen, though muted her jaw clenched by her unspoken anger, yet she couldn't help but wonder why.

Who would be so stupid as to entered a closed off town?

"Ready to surrender, fool?" Totomaru's cocky attitude only started to grow.

Much to her dismay.

Retorting confidently. "I'm just getting fired up!"

"You're nothing short of a pest. Stupid little fairy." He scoffed taking a few steps back. His right hand began to glow of magic, an orange flame lit inside his palm. Anything but that! "ORANGE FIRE!"

Covering her nose, screaming mentally at how awful the smell was. The residence followed suit, a few even threw up; god, how she despised his magic! That one spell in particular made her want to rip his arm out. Opening her teary eyes, the ninja threw his katana and allowing his other arm to begin a blue flame attack. All proving futile for within seconds, having predicted the attack Natsu backflipped and landed on his hands, until leaping back on his feet. Instead of dodging the fire attacks, Natsu open his mouth at Totomaru's orange and blue fireblast, twirling into one another.

Nobody ate active fire...

Eyes blinking blankly at the scene. The pinkette complexion turned a dehydrated purple, unable to swallow burning fire and tried banging his chest in order to gulp it down.

The fact he hadn't died proved something, but it was on the tip of her tongue.

"That was disgusting!" He zealously exclaimed.

She deadpanning thought 'It's fire what else did you expect?'

Sprinting in a blurry haste, their ninja's arrogance grew, laughter followed by condescendingly speaking "Only a fool would think they could gain power by my fire, Salamander I expected more from you."

Circling around the boy, who appeared tired out subsequently eating fire, blenching out his tongue. Taking back his katana, using it to create several cuts, by then ultimately trapping their said enemy. Natsu breathed in heavy amounts of air, before crouching down only to use his 'Dragon's breath' pulsating him up midair; diving downward with an objection of mind, both his feets and fist burst in flames. The advantage for Totomaru is he had enough space to dodge and staying on land increased his high speed.

"I got you!" A low voice from the skies above seemingly yelled.

Lifting her head, brows placed in a quizzical manner and wonder where the boy would land. Was he really Salamander? Then again only Dragon Slayers ate their elements.

A smug bastard smiling at falling smug bastard.

This was the nutshell, she was certain of.

Landing on his position kick, catching everybody in surprise, was every hit gave of a small explosion of steam. But being around the corners, Totomaru easily avoided the first pulsating flame manipulated attack, just to later dance around each thrown explosive punch. Getting slight burns, his speed allowed him to keep kicking and pushing the Dragon Slayer around like a bully pulling pigtails on a girl. Each flaming punch finally began to lose its original firepower, yet everything ended almost anti-climatic, as he ducked and tripped his enemy.

Quickly rising up, Natsu gave the KO kick to man's skull.

Totomaru even with all his extreme speed tended to allow people fool him.

Pointing down at the unconscious man, angrily shouting: "This is what you get for messing with our guild! Idiot!"

Juvenilly sticking out his tongue, being the obvious victor of a small dispute. His childish demeanor made any pride she had for him fall flat, unimpressed on how low-leveled his comportment was; even if she was impressed by his skill and strength.

Mix signals sounded by the townsfolk, some happier than others while Salamander and his pet joined together once more, smiling ever so brightly. Watching him petting his pet, distaste rotated her away, simply to find an enthusiastic fan in young Ryos. Eyes passionately watching the older man in admiration in which she couldn't definitely ignore. Her boots clicked against the wet surface, smiling down at Gajeel's minion. The boy was a cute follower, especially comparing him to the rugged face delinquents her guild produce at times.

"How about we ask for an autograph?"

Her kind voice took him in earnest shock. Gaping, unable to comprehend what she'd suggested to him, keeping his head low, muttering with still swollen red eyes "... I don't know..."

Gajeel had destroyed most of Ryos' confidence.

Trying to break from her usual monotonously cold expression, appearing kind much as possible, she grabbed his tiny hand. Walking to somebody she should absolutely ignore, waving gently as her tone "Hey, there... this little guy wants to know if you'd be willing to give him your autograph."

A toothy smile greeted her, never missing a single beat "Rain-girl! You're back, who knew we meet like this. Ihihihii—. There's even more rain than last time!"

She almost choked, meanwhile, bewildered by his casual tone lacking any hint or touch of either hatred or disturbance; realizing that, her heart skipped a beat as she took a deep breath. Staring in silence, wondering why – out of all people – he hadn't changed despite being soaked by an ongoing storm. Unfazed by her quiescence and giving it no value, Natsu walked towards them, facing Ryos face to face, placing his hands onto his knees.

"An autograph, huh? Ehh... You'd think this would happen more often than not. Buu—uut, every time I help people usually kick me out" Groaning at those bitter memories.

Muttering to himself "For the 'damage' I've done – Or something like that."

Getting full of himself, he began recounting all of his past adventures, despite the fame his title supported for being Salamander alone; before going back on topic.

"So... who is it to? Got an'thing I can write on?"

The boy's face redden in embarrassment, shaking his head and said, hinting at his disbelief, "I don't have anything on me."

"Then let's take a picture!" The blue cat suggested, a tone similar to his owner.

Walking away from the small touristic store, her head titled, confused on why they appeared nonchalant. Silently pondering while the men chatted among themselves, chuckling and awing, doubt made her feel out-of-place. People just didn't chat with her, especially subsequently discovering the reason why the rainy season never ended wherever she was. His youth permitted Ryos to be more forgiving than most, scarcely reflecting his own hatred for her magic. A beaming expression by him, gave worth in dealing such unexplained and rising emotions, if she could at least make one person smile; her lips pursed up to a smile as she followed behind.

Natsu bought their camera, a shop five blocks down, speaking to Ryos of how to make their photo.

It didn't matter if it was a single fan.

There hadn't been a tone or hint of belittling between their small discussion.

Ironically, Natsu spoke like a child playing with a new toy "So how we're gonna do it? Me and Happy or what?!"

Considering the idea, he soon nodded in affirmation.

"Well..." A straighten back and a mature tone, followed Ryos' words "I... I think I want to take a group photo! Because of Juvia-san, I'm having a chance to meet you! But..." He lost the motivation, muttering sadly, "How will Happy get into the photo?"

"You don't need me in it, Ryos-kun..." Juvia waved off his worries. "Juvia is happy to take the photo!"

Immediately shot down, by a negative attitude.

"It means a lot to me! Everybody should be in it, no?" Ready to crack and cry, his upset voice shook every fiber in his being. He was just a big crybaby, but she didn't exactly blame him.

Natsu had disappeared in the middle of their discussion, until a snickering cat pointed her to the background of the stoned streets. Talking with animatedly with Mister Barber, a person she knew personally, deeming him one of the meanest town folks. Nodding at whatever Salamander's request was, never losing his annoyed frown, he grabbed the given lacrime photoshooter and did what was asked. Acting his age, one could say.

"Now let's get ready!" Prompted Natsu, pushing them in front of a colorful antique shop.

Pumping his paw, the blue cat excitedly said "Let's get a picture!"

Positioning themselves, where the shorter people stood in front of them, she could feel a shoulder only inches away from her own. Happy suddenly flew, trying to float midair in order to appear less small, before smiling right beside Ryos', who had the biggest grin she'd ever seen.

A flash of light ended their stance as Natsu ran to get back his camera.

"There you go..." Mister Barber handed it without much of a bother. "Goobye, stranger."

Until the old man turned around, bitterness latched onto his parting words "Ryos! You better not screw up like last time!"

It couldn't be helped, for the young dragon slayer's clumsy nature tended to overcomplicated simple chores.

Sighing simultaneously, they realized would remain complicated by that old man.

Not that they held no fault, without a doubt they even caused unintentional trouble, yet they couldn't take seriously Ryos' employer; who complained about every excruciating little detail. Oak Town remain unkind to her, having very profound reasons; when it came to Ryos, they treated him similarly to the resident children, despite having no home to call his own.

Natsu handed out his autograph.

"Here you go! Ryos, right? Hoped I spelled it right." His cheery nature woven a wide smile.

Grabbing it as though it were fragile glass, Ryos grasped at his reward given simply by having a small amount of courage for speaking to his idol. Or whatever Natsu was to the small Dragon Slayer. Smiling, she turned to see a snickering Happy beside Natsu. It was rare to meet boys like him. Cute, retaining his manly ways despite his spiky pink hair. What was becoming of her? She wondered when her heart skipped a beat at the sound of his voice.

"So... Rain Girl, you're an S-Class?" He gave her a challenging smirk.

Unsure about the direction of their conversation was going, she nodded.

"Juvia is, why do you want to know?"

"Because..." Knuckles crackled. "I'm getting fired up!"

"Juvia does not want to fight." She admitted, nevertheless prepared her stance for combat. "However, Juvia does not back down from a challenge."

Eyes lit in burning determination, in her prospective, the overwhelming flames surrounded his offensive position. A mouth open to speak just to be interrupted by his very own stomach, growling together with the sadden cat. Killing the excitement in the air, even her own poker face became blank, surprised the travelers didn't hold a sanitary diet.

"Uuuhhh... Oi, Oi... Natsu... I really want to eat." Laying on the boy's shoulders, Happy's claws picked at the pink strains of hair. Completely distraught at the idea of an empty stomach.

Hand on his stomach, another growl erupted inside the boy's nodding figure.

"Urghh... We need to go fishing!"

Groaning hopelessly at his misfortune.

"Why don't you go to a bar?" She asked. Confused on his otherworldly suggestion to the winged cat.

Disgruntled, their heads turned bearing narrowing, judgmental eyes, all but impressed at those words. She couldn't comprehend their heavy filled stares nor their unimpressed vibes. Almost as if she'd said something out-of-hand. Which simply couldn't be.

Without warning, the duo shouted, "DON'T BE SO MEAN! WE LOST ALL OUR JEWELS!"

And how on bloody Earthland was she suppose to know?!

They fell on all fours, full on a limitless amount of despair.

Their pitiful nature, surrounded by a gloomy heaviness made her look down upon them in a mirthless frankness. They were morons. High class, heavy duty, full out foolish morons. They shouldn't act like it was her fault as their economic troubles came from their own thoughtlessness.

"Geez... Juvia will pay your bills." She said.

Ryos looked at them with a mix of disbelief and pity, regarding their selfless actions, she, too, would repay them.

Heads shot to her direction, eyes gleaming only on mischief.

Oh, she felt a heavy presences of oncoming regret, feeling mistaken for given in...