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"Juvia-chan? What are you doing here?" Natsu looked outside his door completely baffled. Juvia had a determine look in her eyes, holding a bucket full of supplies, one of the few he notice was dish soap. Happy was right beside him. In the background, behind the younger girl of a few months, had only harsh rain.

"Hello, Juvia-chan!" Happy raised his paw with a smile.

Juvia looked odd, was she embarrass? It shouldn't be that, but knowing more about her only got him more confused, so he stopped questioning her sudden change of emotions. At the very least, she didn't seem mad about yesterday. Erza once pounded him down for his dirty house, Mirajane and Lisanna once came to clean it and remark its dirtiness. Now he felt like something similar would happen.

Why did this always happen to him? He liked his chaos, however, every girl he met hated it.

Looking up, Juvia gave him that sense of deja'vu "If it is alright with you, Natsu-san. Juvia would like to help you, like you help Juvia. Do you know mind if Juvia helps order your house?"

"Sure." He agreed. He wasn't sure what the S-Class water mage could do, being unpredictable and having have this event happen several times, it was almost pointless to say no. If this was the first time, to which he had with Erza, he would of responded honestly. He didn't want to scare off Juvia, he could always tell, by his distinct hearing, she was never in a moment of calm. It was like she was facing an enemy more than just a friend. Happy suggested it was because they were of rivaling guilds. He felt like that shouldn't be the problem, he just wanted to challenge her, but she just took it as an attack.

What he'd give to fight her and prove he was the strongest.

"Ohh? A Fair Maiden came to your house to help you order it?" Mirajane place her hand on her cheek, giving a kind smile. The head waitress was once the most scariest of the female S-Class of Fairy Tail, acted like an angel from heaven. Since the lost of Lisanna, neither of them had acted the same around one another, he always felt like Mirajane was lying most of the time. "Last time I was your house it took me forever to clean it. If I remember correctly you'd invited Erza and didn't consider the state of your house. Poor Titania."

Her smile was vague to most, to him it seem only a natural smile she'd been producing weeks after Lisanna's death.

Sometimes he missed the adventurous Mirajane, who'd kicked his ass, if he went too far with his stunts. She was never scary as Erza, but that didn't mean she couldn't be. Her passion was lost, since they all lost something of themselves after their beloved friend, or sister, died that day two years ago. He remember the Raijinshuu having a toast in her honor. Sadly, it seem this tragedy didn't fix Freed's and Mirajane's relationship as temporary partners. He kind of wish the other four would be more interactive, only to just simply accepted they were one of those teams that like pretending they didn't care for their guild.

"She's been there two days in a row now... I wonder if I should tell her I don't care." Natsu ended up complaining.

Mirajane pouted "When a lady comes into a man's house there should be 'some' order or it's just a dump in her eyes."

"You girls nitpick far too much." He put his head down onto the counter. "I just want to challenge her and she won't let me! I have to prove my magic far more superior than hers!"

"Oh... I can understand why she'd be heartbroken. But you're being very considerate, Natsu." Mirajane replied sweetly, yet something in her voice rang strangely in his ears.

Happy snorted "Well, he would have to be or she'd take it the wrong way. And really quickly."

"She a timid one. I guess those types like adventures."

Happy chuckled at Mirajanes words, replying quite straightforwardly "I wouldn't say that. If I remember correctly she'd fought and beat Freed and Loke all in one go."

"What?! Freed and Loke?!" He was shocked by such news. He'd heard she beaten up some members, without having a clue of exactly who. Mirajane seemed shocked too.

"What were those two doing together?" She asked almost confused.

Happy scratch his head "Loke helped Freed, so he return the favor. That the gist of Loke's version. Doesn't help when Freed isn't on talking terms with the guild. I think he's taking Laxus side too seriously."

He sighed at that response "Maybe a good challenge would serve for an ice breaker. You know, for as much as I challenge Laxus, I should see if the best team is actually the best."

"Let's not forget Erza together with Bisca and Alzack are pretty hard to beat." Mirajane reminded.

Happy also chided "Not to mention Loke, Gray and Cana are pretty unbeatable."

"I don't know... Erza team works because one strong frontal attack and defense from behind with gun magic. With the Raijinshuu, almost everybody has the power of flight and has a well-balance team. It was well-thought out. Loke and Gray, or mix any of the duo of that team, they work fine. Put them all in the same team and it gets far too chaotic that they make one another have huge gaps of defense or attack." Mirajane continue to explain the pros and cons of each team.

"It shouldn't matter as long as they enjoy each other's company, no?" He decided the conversation was getting a little complicated for his taste. Fairy Tail was guild that didn't care about being the strongest, it was about being a family.

"I guess... but some missions can get you killed." Mirajane said. What she'd referred to was obvious, so they stayed silent.

Whether you had a good team or not, could decided the life or death of not only yourselves and your team: but even innocent clients and civilians. The siblings were strong and had similar magic, yet their naivete got them in this tragedy in the first place. Something the Master said or advise to other members, this was only reinforced when he went to confront Freed on his arrogant attitude. Laxus, surprisingly enough, comfort the sibling for what Laxus could be shown to do. However it ended awkwardly, it felt awkward and since then kept their distance.

He just wish people were more honest.

He was always honest to the point it got him in a lot of trouble. When he was being himself people either hated him or liked him. Which was fine for him, he expected to have a life filled with rivalries, it just made life more fun. Now when it came to his desired rival, oddly enough he decided to let some things go and be a little bit oppressed.

She was hurt, maybe she was always hurt, from what he heard from the locals of Oak Town.

But why did he have to be somebody else to get to know her? Sure, he should wait until she felt like it, nevertheless a wonderful event was right in front of him and he couldn't take the opportunity.

Yet he didn't want her to misinterpret his actions.

Why couldn't things be simpler?

"What horrible weather we're having." Mirajane finally mention. Looking distraught by the weather outside their windows.

The Master nodded "It feels like a magical rain. The newspapers and radio keep predicting fair weather and are proven wrong. I wonder if that Phantom Lord Member is here."

He heard a gasp in the background, belonging to the two, he'd just heard were beaten by Juvia. The Master had a serious expression, but he wasn't worried or angry, just keeping in mind they might have a sudden attack. This began to depress him. Loke walked close to the Master, Freed merely got up while his teammates looked at him oddly enough. From the mezzanine, leaning on the wooden supports, Laxus looked down seemingly interested.

"Phantom Girl... Do you think?" Freed muttered beside Loke.

The boy merely nodded in agreement. "I don't have a doubt in my mind its her, she'll pay for all the lost money spent on my romantic evenings!"

"She'll pay for making me feel and seem weak." The two makes became oddly in sync, which was a rare occurrence within itself.

Master let out a cough, before restating "Well... It could just be that time of year. Nothing's certain."

He ended with a shrug, which made everybody slightly bothered given an anti-climax, until Erza stepped up. She had a proud smile she always wore, telling things from her perspective "No, this is definitely magical caused rain. I remember meeting a mage that had the power over the storm. It was an intense battle, I was unable to get her name, but these types of things will go away when that mage does, so it doesn't matter either way."

"She's the one that stole your mission request, wasn't she?" Mirajane notice, looking surprise.

Him and Happy could only watch the madness ensure itself into an inevitable event. With Erza's known experience for these things, since Laxus either didn't care or had nothing to say in the matter, it felt obvious she knew what she was talking about. This didn't make either of them feel well, since this would be more of a feud than an earnest challenge.

Happy tugged his vest, looking pale as he felt "Natsu... I think we're going to have a problem."

His response was a hesitate nod, feeling worried beyond belief. He had mix feelings as well.

He wanted to be part of this! Yet if he joined, it probably would seem like he tricked her!

Slamming his head onto the table, he could barely control himself from yelling: 'Why does everything have to be so complicated?!'. It would only make him look more suspicious. Why did he have to hide any of this?! If he explained everything, he was certain Juvia would prove herself to his guild. Then logic kick him upside the head, making him realized she'd been hurt by her own towns folks, she wasn't and wouldn't be in the mood to fight. This would only make him looks at bad like the Mayor Moron. He had to stop this! But how was the actaul harder part!

Loke and Freed were smiling at one another, giving a small nod before leaving the Guild, everybody else just stayed were they were.

Getting up, he went outside behind the two, closing the door behind him.

"Oi! Where you guys going?" He gave his typical smile.

Freed had a blank look, Loke looked skeptical before changing into a proud expression "We're going to hunt an old friend."

"Friend, huh? Can't you go to Oak Town? If you wanted to challenge her?" Unable to hide his nervous tone. Freed fully turned to him, cross his arms, looking very unimpressed. Loke put his hand in his jacket pockets, having a befuddled expression.

"If we went there we'd start a guild war. This is the best excuse we've had all year!" Loke spoke, ready to move out, his tone telling he was a bit annoyed by being stopped.

Freed took three steps forward, Happy instinctively took two steps back, holding his leg. His voice was cold, giving a glare that risen in level to his monotone expression, almost grimacing "What does it matter to you who we challenge or not, Natsu-san? Last I check this wasn't any of your business. Are you hiding something from us?"

This caught Loke attention, replying kindly "Wait... Are you suggesting they know one another?" Turning back to him "Do you?"

Freed nodded in response to Loke's question.

"Eehh..." He was at a lost of words, if he'd agreed he felt that he'd be denying privileges of any mage. If he lied, he felt like it would be something completely pointless to do. "She's just not in the mood. Can't you guys challenge her later? I still haven't got a chance to fight her."

Freed expression turn blank, that Loke's slowly copied into.

A cough came from Freed, before he spoke, did he just nudge Loke? "I see. Then when she's in the mood call us. I'll be staying here for two weeks. I shall see you later, Loke-kun."

"Yeah..." Loke still had his expression, gaping somewhat until it morphed into a smile "I get it. I get it. Well, call us when she's up for the challenge. Geez..."

Happy suddenly starting to snicker, for reason he couldn't even comprehend.

"What just happen?" He could only question the universe.

Happy gave him a cocky smile, lifting his right paw, jokingly saying "She lliiikkkeess you. You Liikkkeee her. It so obvious."

"Eh?" This statement only made him more confused.

-...-...-...-...-..-..-...-...-...-...-...-..-..-. ..-...-...-...-...-..-..-...

'Juvia couldn't have done a better job, if she tried.' She thought having a smile on her face. Inside the once impossible dirty room, she could finally see the sparkle in her hard working, even the wooden flooring could reflect a small reflection. The armrest, the chimney, the handmade selves and everything else was shining in absolute cleanliness. It took her two days: for the first day was about ordering things around, the second day was to clean all in an orderly manner. She had her socks on, letting her boots in genkan area, where she moved all the shoes she'd clean there. Most of them were sandals and others were snickers that look like they were destroyed bu harsh heats.

In cleaning the place, she decided to change wardrobe into something more casual.

She had a typical white shirt, having some colorful box symbols she didn't know anything about, wearing long black high-thighs, and finally a knee-long blue pleated azure skirt. Since it consisted of hard labor, her curled hair was all bundled up into a bun, allowing only two slim bangs around her face.

She didn't need the scrubs much, yet she bought them anyway for things her high pressure magic water couldn't scrub out. In the end it might become useful to Natsu.

It no longer stink of horrible men hormones and junk food gone bad.

Taking a deep breath, she smiled again, just overwhelmed by her pride and joy.

The silence didn't last for long, for the front door open busting a forceful entry, showing an energetic Natsu. Turning her head, she slowly got herself up, unable to hide her smile. She felt happy, Gajeel's advise finally turned out to be for the better good. She got to know Natsu a little better, especially when she asked about his memorial room, which was the only clean room in the house. It turned out that even an energetic, present day guy could be a pack rat for memories. Having items of all sorts. She was glad she'd asked, mostly because it all seemed like junk to her, that she might of cleaned it wrongly.

"Hello, Natsu-san. How come you are here so early?" She asked.

Natsu was catching his breath, only being silence by the view in front of him, to which Happy shared a similar expression. It was fine until they tried to walk into their wooden floor, without taking off their shoes, being only Natsu.

So hasty action was needed, pushing Natsu back, explaining something simple "You can't walk into your house like that! Take off your sandals! Or your house will get dirty again!"

Happy almost walked scot free, until realization shined upon her "You don't enter either! Use that rug to clean your paws! And Natsu I bought you three pairs of slippers!"

Happy sighed, Natsu blinked only to give a perplex look.

Then he said "But this is my house. I don't need slippers, thank you."

"Oh... Okay." It was an obvious thing, for it was this boy's house, having rules of his own. But all her hard work... it would be ruined by dirty sandals. Happy wiped his inferior paws, like a child obeying a teacher's advise, finally following Natsu into their own living room. His shoes marked the shininess of the waxed floors, small specks of sand and pebbles fell. Looking at it was like watching a nightmare.

She was being unreasonable this was Natsu-san's house to begin with. He didn't ask her to clean it, it was her own decision.

All she wanted was a thank you.

'Juvia was thanked yesterday, but Juvia wasn't finish clleaning. Does it not look any different for Natsu-san?' A thought occurred to her, frowning at her inability to understand if she did anything right.

"Juvia! You restock the fridge?! Oh my god! This is awesome!" Happy's voice could be heard in the distance of the kitchen.

Natsu darted into the fridge, his joyful laughter could be heard, making her smile somewhat. "Oh my god! Food! But... I already ate."

Entering into the kitchen, both Happy and Natsu pondered their next action. Looking at them, she wondered if she should suggest cooking for them later tonight. It wasn't her place to do so, it would feel odd. Yet every time this thought would enter her head like it was the only possibility. Looking away, lowering her head, a small smile and blush follow along. It had been raining nearly four days and nothing had changed from before. Natsu went to his missions, told them how they went and always welcomed her.

"Thank you, Juvia-chan!" They spoke in unison. Sparkling eyes, the dreamy smiles and the utmost joy given for her hard work.

She bowed her head, replying with her huge smile "Your welcome. I was glad I was able to help. I think I should be going back now. Seeing that Erza-san is nearby. I really don't need to face her."

"You met Erza?!" Natsu said shocked, gaping at her, while they walk back to the living room.

Happy gasped, saying something that honestly surprised her "You are the one who stole Erza's mission request!"

"No way!" Natsu shrugged off the whole thing as impossible.

"How did you know that?" Titling her head, looking confused on how they found such info.

Happy spoke casually "Erza told us she'd fought you back somewhere in some time in the past. Not that she knows who you are or what guild you belong to."

"Uff..." She felt her face give live, furrowing her brows, unable to hide her gap vexation. Calming herself down, realizing this was even a better time to leave Magnolia Town, her previous expression returned "Well, it's good Juvia was able to help while she could. But it's time to return home. Juvia Promised the Master her vacation would not be long."

"EEehhh?! No way! We're just getting to the fun part! I still haven't challenge you!" Happy and Natsu were shocked, only for the boy to continue talking.

Holding out his right fist, his determination shone like the sun breaking through her gray cloud on a rare evening. Her heartbeat skipped again, making her mindlessly placing her right hand onto her chest, silently wondering if she should just leave how things are now. Being of a high and mighty guild, she should prove her worthy being a Phantom Lord, like Natsu wanted to prove his worth being a Fairy Tail. As mages, she couldn't pretend not to care about her own status of power, for their was their pride on the line!

"Then Juvia accepts your challenge! This has gone on long enough!" Juvia's right hand now pointed at Natsu, accepting his challenge with her most fierce expression.

Slamming his right hand into his palm, his own thought-provoking expression appeared together with hers. His grin turned into a jaw smile, showing his pearl whites and his sharp small fangs. "Finally! I been waiting for this all week!"

Happy scratch his head, having a lost expression of what just occurred.

"That was change pace..."

-...-...-...-...-..-..-...-...-...-...-...-..-..-. ..-...-...-...-...-..-..-...

After changing back to her original clothing, they exited Natsu's home property.

"Are you sure this is a good idea, you two? I mean this is near our home. I don't want Natsu to accidentally burn our house down." Happy spoke in calm worrying matter, having a miniature umbrella in his paws to fend off the downpour.

The three of them walked down the path into a small patch of land that was only four meters away from the actual Dragneel's residence. Only a meter away from more forest trees, all there was mud and damped wildlife. She didn't feel any worry about the event in itself, despite only learning how much collateral damage Natsu was infamous for: amounting to a debt that could turn all of Fiore in poverty. Luckily, she had the upper advantage, which also gave a huge disadvantage to the fire mage. This meant, even if he had any chance of beating her, there was a low chance he'd destroyed any part of the Eastern Forest near the borders of Magnolia Town.

"Juvia wouldn't worry about that. Fire cannot do much damage in her downpour. The tree cannot be set aflame if they're moist, at best he could only break property." Juvia started to walk across Natsu and began to find her stance in battle.

Happy sighed, scratching the back of his head with eyes closed.

"I don't think you know how unlikely it is for Natsu not to destroy anything. Same could go with Erza."

Natsu shrugged, smiling smugly, moving away from his feline friend to her parallel. "Happy, you're worrying too much. Just enjoy the fight. Okay?"

"Aye, sir!" Happy lastly said before taking his own distance from their battle.

All that could be heard in the first two minutes was the raining clashing against it puddles and land. Natsu was a good two meter distance from her, they side stepped, eying each other's movements. His smile was dazzling, never losing face even when getting soaked to the bone, unlike herself.

Seeing that water was her main element it only absorbed into her, never making her cold or moist.

"I'm fire up!" His catchphrase arose, inhaling large amount of air, summoning his red color magic seal. Despite the heavy rains, that were causing problems with his advantage points of being magician of fire, his title of dragon slayer didn't amount of much. Keeping and allege distance and agility, she forced magic within her palm of her outstretched right hand, never losing her poker face. The forest was already damped and Natsu's unworried notion turned out to be completely valid, rain had been falling for far too long, that even his powerful attacks wouldn't burn down anything.

Slamming his left fist into his rich palm, his magic intensified, he gave a meter jump into the air as fire came from his sides "Fire Dragon's Wing Attack!"

The burning hot magical flames were weaken by the environment, diminishing the length they could arrive at, not evening leaving scorch marks when they ended at the tip of her boots. This for some odd reason shocked, Natsu, who landed on his feet took a jump backwards.

This barely helped him dodge her quick speed attack of high pressure waters, knowing she was able to get his left arm, that he chuckled his tongue for. His expression hinted pain, only for him to smile once more, taking three skips back before running down from where she'd arrived from. His hands began to glow red, summoning flames into the palm of his hands, that wouldn't give her any type of harm. His feet padded against the puddles, allowing her to hear his every direction, coming closer or moving apart. He kept his ninja like defense, keeping a continuous jog that she returned keeping her own distance around him.

Knowing he was right under a huge puddle, within five seconds, the magic in her hand acted like strings on a marionette: summon sharp spikes made of water.

He gave a back flip, only to know his left ankle had been hit.

Proud of her handy work, she turned her hands upwards, allowing her ten fingers to stand like pillars, when summoning her magic seal. Calling out "Water Skill: Siren's Illusionary Paradise!" That allowed the rain from above and water from below adsorb into masses, forming themselves into pillars slamming upwards and downwards, trying to slam Natsu from where he stood.

But he had already sense where the acts came from, summoning his red Dragon Slayer seal, after scraping from the aquatic pillars.

"Fire Dragon's Claw!" His feet began to ignite into flames, kicking into her pillars, to futile actions made only scoff condescendingly. After breaking two sets of pillars, he charged at full force at her, to flipped her wrist and summoned a sphere of water around her challenger. He was only five inches away, ready to use his fist, before he was completely engulf by her water lock spell. His first reaction was shocked, only to be followed his air forming into white bubbles, holding his mouth close in order to preserve air. This would show itself futile, since he would die in there if he was really her enemy. Luckily she only waited for him to lose energy and strength before freeing him.

He struggled, floating on his back, dangling his limbs and body, before irrationally summoning his magic seal using his roar attack. This did nothing to her sphere, only boiling him inside hot water, for his skin began to redden by his act of foolishness.

"Natsu! Come on you can beat her!" Happy screamed filled with worry.

Flickering her eyes to the feline's direction, she became hesitant, it wasn't like she was really going to kill him. But those fearful eyes made her own satisfaction weaken.

Turning back to the battle at hand, Natsu tried to swim out, which was also pointless since she controlled the pressure that sphere would have. Its pressure was beyond the strength any human being could have, his force actions could cause great injury to himself. More water bubbles escape his mouth, his struggling actions only looked pitiful, for not even a moment did he decide to give up. He acted like he had limitless strength, but he didn't. He would lose consciousness soon enough. His magic seal return over and over again, only raising the heat of the water, which she had to continuously drop before it would actaully kill him.

A nearly long five minutes later, he finally stopped struggling to which she released immediately.

Happy ran to Natsu to see his well-being, walking to her opponent, she used her magic to free any and all water in his lungs with great caution. He had drank enough that he would of needed respiratory revival. Letting out a sigh, she moved away her bangs and smiled.

Picking him up from the ground, she said "Help me get him back home..."

Happy soon followed, summoning his wings and helping her balance the boy who was heavier than her. Even being soak cold, his skin touching her clothed body, being so close made her happy.

"Hmm... I was afraid, I guess this means Natsu lost. Water always had an advantage to fire anyway." Happy admitted sadly.

"He's still all so very new to his skills. Too inexperience, if I had to say so myself. He has some tactical experience, yet I'm sure the next time we fight it will be on equal grounds." She smiled sadly. Natsu did show he had some types of smarts, only that he hadn't realized how to maximize them.

Happy chuckled at this "Believe me, he's a doofus to everything but he's a genius when it comes to fighting. You'd be surprise on the people he can beat when he's motivated enough."

"So he wasn't rightly motivated?" She joked, when they finally arrived to the front door, to which she made sure the rival was sparkling clean before entering. Manipulating her magic in order to rid the disgusting dirt away.

"Well, there's his challenging side then there's his very passionate side which can be when he's fighting for something serious. He's just one of those people: He's the best when he's emotional. That doesn't mean he's weak! He's the third strongest male member in Fairy Tail. Maybe... We still have to challenge Laxus's lackeys. But it's a minor detail, if you ask me!" Happy spoke animatedly, helping place down a towel onto the wooden floor, before vanishing into their room.

Knowing it is easy to catch cold when wet, she embarrassingly took off Natsu's vest and pants, only to see his boxers. She decided to cover her eyes until Happy returned.

"Geez... You should just tell him. He's a doofus on EVERYTHING. I mean that. Everything that doesn't involve fighting is like a mystery to him." Happy said randomly returning with a blue T-shirt and black trousers. Opening her eyes to this, helping put on his clothes together with the walking feline, she silently blush. Not wanting to understand what he intended. "Heh... Don't pretend like you didn't understand. Just tell him and he'll be completely honest with you. Unlike the last couple of days."

"Natsu... been lying?" She muttered, confused on such a thing.

Shaking his head, Happy merely said "Not exactly, but he's thinking! He's thinking before he speaks and if that doesn't make you special, I don't know what does. Do you really want to go back home pretending that there's nobody who cares for you? Seeing that type of cynicism is saddening, because it isn't true."

Getting up, she walked away from the duo, looking at the wall filled with pictures of Fairy Tail guild members.

Silence was born, only hearing the unconscious boy breathing, yet to wake up. At the very least he was in the warmth of his home. Away from the rain that could kill him. That kindness was something she never wanted to fade, keeping it in her heart and never allowing it become a bittersweet memory.

"You know... Juvia, Juvia is weak." She felt tears forming in her eyes, content that nobody could see her fragile emotions, having her back on them. "Juvia rather never knowing something possible painful than going through hardship to gain some possible relief in this never ending storm. Juvia rather be friends than anything else."

"I don't think that's weak." Happy admitted, his tail swaying a bit everywhere. "It's normal to be afraid. It's normal to run away. Only thing I wonder if you'll be able to sleep at night not wondering 'What if' I did this or that. You kn'w?"


"Do you want some fresh tea?" Happy suggested, finally getting up on his inferior paws.

Turning back, she nodded, slightly biting her lower lip, taking heavy consideration what Happy mention. Walking away, left alone with her thoughts, she sat down onto the armrest near a small round table. Looking at the resting boy, her heart was beating fiercely, feeling nervous all over. He'd been nothing but friendly to her, despite his annoying tendency to not care about appearance, however he seemed honest to her.

He never seem to consider her thoughts or feeling, yet Happy was telling her he was trying to.

He was kind. There was never any doubt. However that didn't make him somebody capable of being a serious lover. She didn't want to fling and if she was his first, being hinted by mostly everybody who knew him, she just knew it became more and more of a lost cause. First love, in her experience was like a honeymoon until it came with bearing heavy responsibilities.

The boy was nearly in debt, how could he handle a relationship?

But she also didn't want to lose a friend she could visit and make her smile.

Her motivation weren't that pure, she already was head over heels for him, as it been a long time she'd rejuvenated. Her objective was to thank the boy, to be beside him and learn more about him. She felt things that wasn't certainly in his youthful ignorance, never seeming to care about others but himself and fighting. Or food. Mostly food and fighting. Simpleton things that could easily be scoffed at, when one could be highly ambitious or be smarter than now. He didn't know anything more complex than what was in his guild or what was happening to his friends.

Happy came with a plate filled with fresh tea, three cups and biscuts. All bought with her money.

She nodded a small thanks and began to drink it. Happy saw on a wooden chair, sipping his own tea, before turning to his pack of sardines. An odd choice for tea side snacks but it made sense, seeing that he was feline.

All that bothered her was tea and fish tend to taste very funny, leaving a horrible aftertaste.

Before long, Natsu awoken from his unconscious state, rubbing his head where he'd first fallen into the ground. Noticing his strange wear, his shock expression spoke a ton of words, before he groaned "I lost?! Man... You're just as powerful as Erza! So not fair!"

'Natsu-san hasn't even touch Juvia. He has no idea how far below he is of catching up to me.' She thought filled with amusement.

"Water is the best element. As proven!" She joked, smiling mischievously.

Snorting, probably because of an overheated nose, he returned with a challenging smirk. "Really? Tch, Than I'll just have to kick your ass the next time!"

He got up on his legs, having closed fist and a stance of a passionate attack. Happy merely smiled at the event playing out. Before long the boy realized something "Ah! Loke and Freed wanted me to tell you that they're waiting to challenge you."

"Who are they?" Not having a single clue of what he was implying.

"One is a dark magic user, has some type of fencing sword, the other is a playboy using ring magic." Happy explain in hopes to jolt her memory.

She shrugged, not having a single clue what Fairy Tail members they were speaking of.

"I don't know... I guess they were weaker than Natsu."

"Did they get beaten less than seven minutes?" Happy turned to her, raising a brow, smirking at her.

"Umm... Erza I remember because she'd the most powerful. It took strategy to beat her, I knew she was going to be there and prepared myself. The fairies I've fought since then or before were all numbskulls that any moron could beat."

"BURNN!" Happy yelled pumping his fist.

Natsu expression morphed from blank to utter laughter, holding his ribcage and falling down by how hard he was laughing. Her confusion was left unanswered, after they calmed down, they didn't dive further to what they were explaining about.

"Laxus is going to have a field day..." She thought she heard Happy mutter to Natsu that was in a crouching position.

Well, she knew who Laxus was. It was an unpleasant fight.

"I want a rematch!" Natsu suddenly recalled, something pointless.

Giving him her complete and utter unimpressed skepticism, she asked quite coldly "Juvia gave you what you want, you're going to have to earn it from me. Also... Juvia just beat you, how do you think you can just turn the tables around?"

"Eehhh..." Natsu turned shocked. Till he became determined once more "I demand a challenge again!"

"I might let you drown." She bluffed, morbid as it may be, he had ticked her off. She just gave him what he wanted. What a selfish boy.

"Scary!" Natsu and Happy held one another. Happy let go, crying a waterfall, saying in high panic "It's like being with Erza-chan! Scary, Scary!"

Their overreaction bothered her too.

"So are you going now?" Happy asked sadly. His little paw was on her coat, its little tug made her heart squeal at the cute little creature, she knew was playing his card for his favor. Those adorable pouting muzzle and eyes, sucked her in mercilessly.

"Umm.. I have to go. I promised the Master. I have to return to the city before going back home." She muttered.

Letting his hand free, Natsu smiled at her, ready to shake hands. Noticing this made her wonder what she should do. Should she tell him? Should she just pretend they were only friends in her eyes? Freeing her left hand, their flesh touched one another, making her feel extremely nervous. She mostly kept her whole body concealed, since close boundaries scared her personally.

"It was great having you Juvia-chan. I hope you visit again! Hell, maybe I'll try to visit you, okay?" He was already ready to let her go. It didn't seem like he saw anything more from their relationship. Maybe that was a good thing.

Opening her mouth, her eyes looking directly into his, the words were lost.

She couldn't translated her own feelings.

So she closed her mouth and replying "I'll be keeping you to that, Natsu-san."

Happy paw smacked his own face, shaking his head and groaning. Natsu was baffled by this reaction and she was insulted by this, understanding its context. No feline could ever understand what she was going through! She didn't need to be mocked like this.

"Hmph! You don't know anything!" She remarked.

Turning his head, only to shake it very slowly in shame, having a tone of a disappointed spectator "I know more than either of you."

"Eh?!" Natsu only heighten in level of not understanding, titling his head at his best friend. "What are you even talking about?"

"Nothing." She flickered her eyes away, the moment his eyes returned to her. "Juvia must be going, thank you for everything. Juvia hopes you have a pleasant year."

Natsu said nothing in that regard, merely waving to her, having a quasi monotone expression. It was almost like he was holding something back, not bothering to refer what was on his mind. Shaking his head slightly, he smiled, replying before she exited the door "Hopefully it be less than half a year, Juvia-chan!"

-...-...-...-...-..-..-...-...-...-...-...-..-..-. ..-...-...-...-...-..-..-...

She grabbed her stuff, putting on her favorite hat, recirculating her hair curls and took her umbrella. Registering out of the inn had proven to be much more easier than most places, paying an hefty tip, she was given a pleasant goodbyes. Her inn was the highest quality of relaxation, giving her a time of day at their own special made spa. It costing tons of money, it was never surprising how little traveling customers that even took the extra services. All she was greeted by outside of the inn was a road filled with umbrella and a river overflowing a bit each day.

Using her charm, muttering her secret words, all the fears going through he head numbed down a bit.

People didn't give her a second look and it was fine.

She notice tons of people belonging in the rival guild, happily none of them knew who she was, like she did them. Most of the citizens were obviously less since all there was rain pouring down like no tomorrow. By the time she got to the edge of Magnolia Town were two sets of carriages waited for customers, she was shocked to see who was waiting for her.

Without his feline partner, Natsu was there tapping his right foot, looking at the ground with determination.

His brown furrowed, closing his eyes, seemingly lost into deep thought, only to once again shake his head and even cross his arms out in swift notion, muttering something similar, if not: 'no'. Then he placed his hands on his hips, looking to the gray sky, tapping his foot even faster, muttering to himself before randomly yelling:

"WHAT IS THIS?! ARGH! I must be crazy..." He placed his forehead onto a light pole.

Smiling, sniffling a giggle, all things considered it felt like he was waiting to confess to her. Everybody around the station was looking at Natsu like some lunatic, some women merely giggled like she did and she notice two mages hiding in the bushes looking at them. She couldn't tell who they were, but one had glasses, and another was a girl?

She wondered if she so tell those mages she knew where they were, only to be interrupted by Natsu himself.

"Hey Juvia! Umm... I don't know... It's kind of stupid." He looked embarrassed, scratching the back of his head and blushing? That man could blush and feel shameful?! This was madness! Looking up nervous with a smile to follow, never looking at her eyes "Happy was saying something stupid but..."

"Do you 'like' Juvia?" She asked a confession.

Natsu nodded seriously "Of course I do! Just..."

"Juvia asks if you 'like-like' Juvia... like a woman." She muttered something scarily shameful. Unable to hide her blush. It seemed the other guy stopped blushing, looking at her with wide eyes, nearly in way like there was a miscommunication. This started to scare her and the seconds seemed to last forever.

Until he replied "I... guess?"

This struck a cord in her heart, feeling horribly rejected by her crush.

"Nononononono! I just—.. I just don't... know. I've.." Natsu tried to explain himself, his naivety was as true like she thought it was "I've never felt this way before. It's really weird. But... I want to see you more than ever. I know you have to return to Oak Town, but I'll try to visit you more."

"Juvia... will definitely write more! Juvia will definitely visit more! Not even being rivals will stop Juvia from visiting you in the guild!" Her body trembled, her stuttering clumsiness shined, trying to form the words in her heart. "Juvia … Juvia wants to be more than friends! Juvia likes-likes Natsu... Do you like-like Juvia?"

Saying love was scary. So went back a decade and acting like an elementary school student.

He nodded "I like-like you, Juvia-chan. Please... just call me Natsu. There's no need for those stupid honorfics. I'll call you Juvia!"

Only then there was awkward silence, neither of them knew what to do next.

"KISS HER YOU MORON!" A sudden yell came from two people, one sounded oddly enough like Happy.

Natsu was blushing, having a completely red face and she must of mimic him, acting like a deer in headlight. So she lifted on her tippy toes and gave a small peck on the cheek. This was all she could do. It was so embarrassing. So deciding they've said enough, she walked awkwardly to the uncaring coachman of the carriage, to which Natsu awkwardly followed behind her. Opening the door, she and him smiled at one another.

"I'll see you then..."

"... Yeah. See you, Juvia." Looking through the crack of the opening door, she decided to response courageously:

"I'll visit as soon as I can, Natsu." Though this was nothing newsworthy, calling people without honorfics was just too rare for her. All she hoped, that when they met again those feelings would be there.

"I'll write to you!" Natsu said, despite he had no idea where her address was.

But nodding, he finally closed the door. A new realm awaited her when she got home. She wondered how Natsu would act next time. She would have to write a letter wouldn't she?! What was she going to write?! All these ideas began to pop up in her head.

She'd hope these feelings would last forever.