Edward was discharged from the hospital a week after the accident. The doctors were very glad that he was able to recover fairly quickly, and that meant that I was going to be his 'nurse'. To say he was stubborn was an understatement. I've taken care of Edward while he was sick before, but somehow, it was different this time. Maybe because he really wasn't sick - he was injured. He still had to recover from his three broken ribs, so he had this compression wrap that was all around his chest that he had to use until at least six weeks. He was so hard to work with because while he knew he had to recover so he can go back to work, he still insisted that he was 'fine' even if he would wince every time he'd bend.

We talked about living together and we both wanted it to be done right away, so everything was a mess. Emmett was moving in with Rose, so Emmett and I's stuff was all over the place. Apart from my clothes, I still wanted to bring all my books and the book case I was using because it was my grandmother's gift to me, and that alone took us one whole day of just packing. It was a mess in their apartment, but it was a much bigger mess in ours. Emmett insisted on leaving the game consoles in our apartment, but he had to empty out his office. I never realized how much furniture, posters, and electronics were in his office. It took us two days to empty out the whole thing and turn it into a library slash office for myself.

We didn't choose to hire people to help us pack and deliver because it was just a waste of money when we had Emmett, Jasper, and Garrett. Edward tried to sneak and grab a few things, but would put them down when I'd catch him and raise my eyebrow. While all of this was happening in our apartment, Alice, Rosalie, Kate (Garrett's finacée), and myself were packing up my clothes. I didn't realize how much clothes I didn't use as we were sorting through it. Rosalie pointed out that my wardrobe became a lot more 'feminine' ever since I met Edward and I didn't notice it until we were sorting what I should throw out versus what I was keeping. I had tons of grey and black colored tops that I rarely used now because I would opt to use pinks, purples, and florals over them. In the end, the bigger pile was the one I had to throw away and so the girls all squealed and pointed out that a shopping day was to be planned.

By the end of September, Emmett was moved in with Rosalie, I was moved in with Edward, and he was fully healed and back to work.

The first few months living with Edward was kind of chaotic. With the holidays coming up, I took on much more stuff than I normally would so that I could take a longer break in Forks for Christmas. Although I do work from home four out of five days a week, I stayed in my new office the whole day to the point that I didn't even find the time to cook, let alone shower and change into presentable clothes. Edward was doing the same thing, working longer than usual. He would come home very tired at 11 o'clock and expects some food on the table, only to find me passed out on the small couch I placed in my office in yesterday's clothes.

On top of all that, I stressed out what I wanted to get for Edward. It was our first holidays together and I really wanted to get him something special. I tried to ask everyone close to him what I should get, but they all had the same answer: "I don't know, that boy has everything he needs." Yeah, like that'll help.

We had Thanksgiving with the Cullens in Seattle, since we'd be spending Christmas in Forks. Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, and Rose all were going to Forks with us, but Alice was going to be spending time with Jasper's family in Austin. Rose's family lived a few blocks away from my dad's house so Emmett was spending time there. It was still unsure whether Edward and I will be spending Christmas with both our parents, but it was something I wanted to do because I didn't want Esme and Carlisle to spend Christmas on their own.

Alice, Rose, and I spent one whole day just shopping for gifts. I got Esme a light blue Burberry scarf, a bucket of monogram golf balls for Carlisle, the latest game console for Emmett, and I had to sneak in some stores to get my gifts for Rose and Alice. I also grabbed a Louis Vuitton wallet for my mom with her name engraved on it, and new fishing tools for my dad. They were technically gifts from Edward and I, but he wasn't able to find the time to take off and shop with me so he left his card and told me to go crazy.

It was currently 10:30 PM and I was in my thick pajamas with Edward's hoodie zipped all the way up as I wrapped all the gifts. Apart from the gifts I got for Edward's family, I still got some gifts for my cousins, their kids, and my aunts and uncles. Soft, classical music was playing and I found myself wishing we had a pet. I've always wanted a big dog. Not those Yorkies or Westies, but like a Golden Retriever or a German Shepherd. I know a dog is a lot of commitment and time, but really, I had nothing to do most of the time anyway. I do work from home, and pets are allowed in our building. Maybe I should run it by Edward.

I was snacking on some of the leftover pasta I made last night for dinner when I heard Edward's keys trying to open the door. I was still on the floor with three rolls of wrapping paper, four different types of ribbons, and lots of scrap paper scattered all around.

"Baby? Are you awake?" Edward's sweet, melodic voice floated through the living room.

"Yeah, I'm in the living room," I called out. I stood from my place on the floor and took in his appearance. His tie was loosened, his jacket and scarf thrown over the couch. His hair was much more disheveled than usual and he hadn't shaved since two weeks ago. He looked so stressed, but he was still beautiful. He had his arms wide open for me and I took two big steps until I reached his warmth. He hugged me tightly and I hugged him back, not wanting to let go.

"I miss you, Edward," I whispered, feeling myself tear up at his affection. Edward has always been affectionate towards me, but ever since he's been taking extra hours, everything has just been. . . different.

"I've always been here, Bella. What are you talking about? Why are you crying?" he asked frantically, wiping away the tears.

"I miss you. That's just it." I shrugged.

"Is this about me taking longer hours?"

"Yes, Edward. This is about you taking longer hours. I hardly see you anymore! We can't even have dinner without one of us yawning all through out."

"I thought you were okay with me doing that? We talked about this, Bella. You said you were okay with it." he replied, pulling out of our embrace.

"I know! And I'm not even saying I'm not completely innocent in all of this because I was taking extra hours, too. But I'm cutting it down. I'm trying to make this easier for us before we go back to Forks. It's just. . . I'm sorry. I know you're stressed out. I'm just going to go clean up my mess."

"No, Bella. Don't run away. You said you were okay with this arrangement. I don't understand what's happening." he said, he was clearly frustrated by the way he was talking.

"You don't understand?! What don't you understand by 'I miss you I wish you were home more'? I moved in with you, or did you even notice? We live together now! I understand that you have to work longer, and I know I agreed to it. I'm just being selfish, okay? I miss you. That's all there is to it. I'm sorry if I'm overreacting, but I just want you home more. I don't want to sound needy, but I really just miss you. That's it." I admitted, turning to fix my mess quickly. I walked past him and went in our room, shutting the bedroom door.