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Azazel looked down at the sleeping baby as he slowly bled into the unfortunate child's mouth. Just the thought of consuming any kind of blood was almost despicable to even think of, but this was the only way to ensure that Sam would follow his destiny. After a while, he scooped the small baby up and bundled him in many layers of blankets. He lied him back down in the crib and walked over the the dresser in the corner of the room. Glancing beside it, he found an over-night back that, since it was large enough for a full grown adult to pack full, he was able to fit all of Sammy's baby clothes in and some extra things required when raising a baby. He picked Sam back up and groaned loudly when the baby began screaming.

Footsteps sounded up the stairs and Azazel ran towards the window, flinging the bag onto his shoulder. He faintly heard a young boy's voice cry out before he jumped through the open window, clutching Sam tightly to his chest. He ran a couple feet into the shade of a building before teleporting to the house he conned out of a man just for this occasion. He wanted to have an actual house to raise Sam in, to raise him as normal as possible so he could fulfill his destiny as easily as possible. Within minutes, he had Sam calm again and was placing him in his new crib.

There were soft footsteps behind him and he turned to smile at his new wife, Meg. She walked over to him and wrapped her arm around his waist, smiling down at the sleeping baby she was now going to be able to raise.

"What do you think, honey?" Azazel asked quietly, in a rare display of affection.

"I think he is absolutely perfect," Meg replied, leaning down to brush the hair off Sam's forehead.

"We have to give him a different name, get a fake birth certificate, change everything about him."

"What about Seth?"

"That is a great name, Meg, however, we need some new names, we cannot be recognized."

"Well, what do you think about Andrew and Melissa?"

Azazel nodded his approval and wrapped an arm around his wife's shoulder before turning and walking out the door. He grimaced at thought that he would soon have to be affectionate and loving all the time, in order for his plan to work properly. Meg soon followed him out of the room, glancing back before Azazel flipped the light switch off with his mind. He gently tugged Meg by the arm to him and lowered his face down to hers.


"Well, I figured now would be a perfect time to start showing some affection," he muttered quietly before pressing his lips against hers and pulling her closer for a chaste kiss.

"Good job, then," Meg replied a little breathlessly.

Laughing slightly, he led her to the bedroom and quickly changed his clothes before sinking into the bed and, for once and unusually, fell into a deep sleep. Meg looked at him oddly before following his example and soon, she too, was fast asleep beside him.

Seth glanced up from under his mop of hair as his father, Andrew, pushed him on the small bike, running along beside him as he let it go, watching to catch him if he fell. Sam giggled quietly as he grasped the understanding and was able to slowly balance on his own. However, after a few moments, like bike toppled over, sending Seth to the ground with it. He whimpered quietly, looking up at his father before looking back down at the ground, shame turning his face bright red.

"Hey, Seth, so, it's all right, you tried your hardest. You want to try again?"

"No, not really," Seth sniffled, moving slightly away from the bike and pulling his knees up to his chest.

"Hey, boys, what's up?"

"Hey, Mom," Seth sighed dejectedly, looking up as his mother, Melissa walked over.

"Hey, kiddo, you fall off the bike again?"

Seth nodded slightly and looked over at the bike angrily, "I can't do it, Mom."

"Well, no one says you have to do it right now. It's something you learn, kiddo, its gets easier. I promise. And your dad is more than willing to teach you, with his never-ending patience."

"Very funny, Mel," Andrew laughed quietly, pulling Seth over to him and into his lap. He soothed his hair back from his eyes and gently kissed his forehead. Melissa sat down beside them with a back pack filled with sandwiches and the many fruits and vegetables that Seth loved to eat. She pulled a bag of carrots out and handed them to Seth, who took them and stood up again. He looked in the bag and found the soccer ball that Melissa slipped inside before leaving. He pulled it out and dropped it on the ground, kicking towards Andrew.

Melissa leaned against a near-by tree and watched the boys run around with the soccer ball, allowing several other young children to join in. Soon, there were even parents involved and the teams were split into the older people versus the children. The teens even joined in and helped the little ones score goals.

"Boys, it's time to go home!" Melissa called to them after a couple hours, packing up the extra food that was left over. Seth ran over and stood next to his bike for a moment before slowly picking it up and climbing on it. Andrew stepped toward him slowly and watched as he carefully balanced on it before taking off slowly; glancing behind him to make sure Andrew was following him. Melissa followed behind them at a leisurely pace as they made their way out of the park and towards their house.

"Daddy! I can do it!" Seth yelled, grinning widely and looking up at Andrew, who reached down to steady the bike.

"Good job, kiddo," Andrew said, smiling down at him and leading him up the driveway. Seth climbed off and ran to Melissa, hugging her tightly as Andrew put the bike away. As they walked inside, Melissa promised ice cream, as long as Seth went and washed up. Within five minutes, he was back and climbing into his booster seat at the table. He was still too small to see over the tall table they had purchased, expecting Seth to be taller when he was older.

"All right, kiddo, I think its bed time," Andrew said, scooping Seth up and throwing him over his shoulder.

Seth squealed and smacked his small hands against his father's back, giggling when Melissa followed behind them, tickling his sides. Andrew ascended the stairs and made his way into Seth's bedroom where he carefully dropped the giggling seven-year old on the bed. Melissa quickly tucked him in, bundling his small body so he would be warm through the chilly night. Andrew ran his fingers through the boy's hair and kissed his forehead. Melissa did the same and whispered a soft good-night to the boy as they left the room, clicking the light off and shutting the door.

"Mommy!" Seth cried, smacking his hands into the head board.

"Sorry, honey," Melissa said, smiling over at him as she opened the door and leaned down to plug in the night light, allowing Seth to relax and start falling asleep.

"Hey, you ready for bed?" Andrew asked quietly as she shut the door, wrapping his arms around her waist. After she nodded, he twirled her around and scooped her up bridal style, carrying her to their room and gently kicking the door shut. The two quickly changed clothes and climbed into bed where they collapsed against each other, exhausted.