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I'll read this journal later,for now I need to gain some more intel on Harry.

Peter began to walk towards the automatic door and exit the hospitality hall of the Triskelion.

"Weird. Where are my friends? I figured they'd be here."

Peter began to walk towards the elevator.

Fingerprint Scan Identification Required

Peter placed his hand on the screen in front of him.

Access Granted : Black Spider/ Spider-man

That's new. Which floor is Nick's office?

Of course. Top floor.

He presses the button as the elevator transports him to the top floor of the Triskelion. As he waits, he stares outside at the rest of Washington,DC.

The beautiful view drawing him in as he remembered the damage that had been done to it last year.

We almost lost Cap. Where were the other Avengers when Cap and Falcon fought HYDRA?

The elevator door opens to reveal the large office belonging to S.H.I.E.L.D. commander Nick Fury.

"Nick..It's been a while."

Nick Fury, who was sitting at his desk reading a file, looked up a look of shock on his face but only for a split second.

"Peter? Glad to see you're awake."

Peter smirks before replying.

"Glad to be awake. So..did you leave a tale to astonish me in this journal?"

"I wrote a few entries. So then, I suppose you wish to see Harry?"

Peter's eyes widen for a second and he went to reply.

"Actually I wanted some intel. What do you mean see him?"

Fury stood up and began to walk to the elevator.

"Follow me. He's in our new prison."

Prison? Wow, I never would have expected that.

"Before you see him, I wish to introduce you to some new recruits."

"New recruits?"

"Yes. We've got quite the team assembled so far."

The elevator door opens and reveals the S.H.I.E.L.D. training simulation room.

"End simulation.. Peter I'd like you to meet Pietro Maximoff/ Quicksilver."

A Silver and black streak runs past him in a second and before him stands a silver haired teen wearing a black suit with a silver lightning bolt from the right shoulder down to his hip.

"Nice to meet you. I've heard quite a few stories about you."

He spoke with a somewhat south American accent.


"You too. I'm pretty sure I've seen you run through the city before."

"Yeah. Daily exercise routine. Once around the world and then back."

Fury then continued the introduction.

"This is his sister, Wanda Maximoff/ Scarlet Witch."

"Hello." said the black haired girl meekly.

She was wearing a black shirt that could barely be seen beneath her red overcoat. Below she wore black tights and red boots and to complete her look, she wore a red metal band that went around her face and shaped it.

"Nice to meet you. You're pretty nice."

Quicksilver then stepped in between the two.

"Watch it, Spider. Don't get too close."

"Pietro!" yelled the Scarlet Witch scolding her brother.

"This is Bobby Drake/ Iceman."

Peter smiled and proceeded to shake his hand.

"Bobby. It's been awhile since we last teamed up."

"Yeah it has, Pete. I hope you're ready to get shown up."

Peter smirked and was going to reply but he was interrupted by another voice.

"I'm going to show up both of you losers."

Walking towards them was a teen in a blue and black suit with a large 4 dead on the chest.

"Johnny? You joined up too?"

"Yeah. I figured I might end up having to save you again so yeah."

Peter smiled before turning to Fury.

"Quite the team we have here. Now back to the matter at hand..I need to see Harry."

"Of course follow me."

Nick said gesturing for Peter to follow behind as he headed towards a door in the corner of the room.

The step in and head down a dark hallway to find a large prison full of see through glass cells.

Scorpion, Rhino, Doctor Octopus. Alot of Peter's rogues were in this prison.

Fury opened another door and Peter gasped in shock at what stood before him.

There he was. Harry Osborn still in his Green Goblin form and kept in a cryo stasis pod attached to a bunch of tubes.

"We've been trying to draw out the Goblin serum in his blood and replace his blood."

Peter looked on in shock at his friend in the pod.

"Harry." He walked up to the pod and stared as his friend slept.

"You've helped me through some tough times, old friend. I swear to you, you will not be a monster forever!"

He turned and ran as fast as he could, making an exit from the Triskelion.

He made his way to his mansion and headed inside to think.

Harry, I'll find a way to fix this. Somehow.

Suddenly, his phone began to ring.



"Felicia? Hey, how are you?"

"I've been worried about you for the past six months. And lets not forget you owe me one night together."

"Yeah, I know. Sorry. I'll come over now but, nothing sexual alright?"

"No promises."

Okay so, I've missed six months of my life, I have three girlfriends, and my best friend is a monster.

Only my life could be so crazy, right? I really need to go lie down and take a go on patrol.

His stomach grumbled loudly.

"And fill up on pizza and root beer. Immediately. I've never felt so hungry in my life."

He arose to go into the kitchen and fill the emptiness in his stomach.