Two years later

The Young Avengers are all 18 and starting college...all except for Peter.

Ava hasn't moved on. Anyone who asks her out is instntly shot down.

Sam decided to honor Peter by learning science to acheive Peter's science dream and to have it happen through him.

Danny stayed calm through it all. WELL THROUGH MOST OF IT. hE WENT CRAZY ON J. Jonah Jameson and Flash. In his anger he put Jameson and Flash in comas.

New heroes arised. And new villians.

Just last week a new criminal was caught on tape. He left behind a calling card with the words "Black Spider".

He broke into a jewelery store and stole all of the diamonds and pearls.

Ava had confronted him.

He had black hair, a black leather jacket loaded with hidden guns,weapons, and knives.

He also had black pants with a knife and a pistol strapped to each leg.

He came prepared.

He also wore a black small eyemask.(imagine Jason todd except wearing a black jacket.)

His voice sounded like Peter's except a bit deeper.

This guy could fight better than Danny. His memory helped him to pick up much faster.

Trained in Tai bo,Tai kwon do, Ninjitsu, Karate,Mixed Martial Arts and everything else Danny trained in plus more all in two years.

He took down the whole team.

He had special bullets that could pierce Luke's skin.

He took down Danny like he was a toddler.

He shot Sam in the leg.


He reminded her of him.

He even had web shooters.

That really pissed off Ava.

Ava would try her best to take him down.

But straight failures.

Until now.

They got him their school. He was sneaking around the girls' dorm.

"Bring it on perv!"