A.N.: This is the beginning of the series 3 premiere episode, The Honeymoon's Over. Small change to be noted; Piper and Leo were only gone for two weeks not a whole month.

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Chapter 1

Two Weeks Later

Prue was home alone, studying the Book of Shadows in the attic. In the pass month or so demonic attacks on the Halliwells was none existent therefore Prue was convinced that the Triad was taking the time to plan something big. She was so engrossed in the book that she did not hear someone coming up the attic stairs. The attic door opened and startled she used her telekinetic power to through the person. Belatedly Prue recognised squeal as her sister Piper and hurried to help her up.

"Piper I am so sorry." She apologised quickly. "I didn't know you were home. I thought you'd still be at the club sorting out the details for the Barenaked Ladies."

"And so you decided to throw me across the room. Why are you so jumpy anyway?" Piper said in a disgruntled tone.

"I'm just worried about what the Triad has planned for us." Prue explained. "I know it has got to be something big and I just want to be prepared."

Piper sighed.

"Don't tell me that it hasn't been worrying you how quiet it's been lately?" Prue asked her.

"I don't know," Piper said meekly, "I kind of like the quiet lately. Not having to worry about when the next is going to attack. Besides maybe the demons aren't attacking because they finally figured out not to mess with us because we kick butt." She answered hopefully and offered her sister a half smile.

Prue rolled her eyes at her sister and quickly grabbed the book and made her way down stairs. Piper hurried after her.

"Where the hell is Phoebe anyway?" Prue asked as they descended the stairs.

Piper sighed and answered, "Phoebe, left P3 about," she checked her watch, "four hours ago." She told Prue. "She said that she wanted to catch up with some people from her classes before school officially starts back up for her."

As the two sisters approached the bottom of the stairs on the main floor the house phone started to ring.

"Who's calling us at two in the morning?" Piper asked curiously as Prue moved to answer the phone.

"Probably Darryl." She replied. Grabbing the phone Prue answered "Hello?"

Their friend Inspector Darryl Morris was on the other end of the line. He asked Prue if she had gotten the fax he had sent her.

"Yeh, I was just about to check it," Prue answered as she made her way to the fax machine with Piper at her heels.

"What's going on?" Piper asked.

"Darryl is tracking a murder suspect who he thinks is in league with a demon." Prue told her.

"Why?" Piper asked her.

"The killer carves demonic symbols in to foreheads of his victims. It's an inverted triangle." Prue said picking up a photograph of one of the victims from the fax machine and giving it to Piper. "That and he always seem to magically evade arrest."

"I think I have seen something like this before. Phoebe would probably know." Piper told her.

"Yeh well we can't wait for her. I think I saw it in here somewhere." Prue answered as she started to search the Book of Shadows. "I think it's some sort of rune. Darryl, is he still at the rave?" she asked into the phone.

"Yeh, but I think he is on the move." He answered her. "I don't think he has spotted me yet. He's headed out the back."

Prue finally found what she was looking for in the book, "There!" She showed Piper.

The page read The Guardians and showed an image of a man with the same inverted triangle, as on the victim, on his forehead.

Piper quickly read the description. "An opening in which demons, known as The Guardians, use to steal an innocents soul."

The two sisters exchange a worried look.

"Stay away from him Darryl." Prue quickly adviced.

"And let him kill somebody else? I don't think so." Darryl said with intent in his voice.

"Listen to me. These Guardians protect their mortal killers in exchange for the souls of their victims. You can't stop him." Prue warned.

"Listen. Prue. I can take care of myself." Darryl told her. "I'll call you back. I'm not sure where this guy is."

Prue heard a huff as Darryl was cut off and it sounded as if he was being attacked.

"Darryl?!" she asked not knowing what to think. "Darryl?!"

The phone suddenly clicked off and forced Prue in to action. She rushed in to the kitchen, with Piper right behind her, to grab her keys.

"We are only three minutes away." She told Piper.

"I'll call Phoebe to meet us there." Piper answered as they grabbed their stuff.

The call went straight to voicemail and Piper hung up in frustration. "What are we going to do about the Guardian?" she asked, "Do we even know how to vanquish it?"

"The book says that we should vanquish it like we would a vampire with a stake." Prue answered and led the way out.

"Oh, okay." Piper said and started to call Phoebe again. "Damn it Phoebe answer the phone."

Piper and Prue arrived at the rave and made their way as quickly as possible through the crowd of young ravers as they were thrusting about violently and through the back door.

The first thing the saw was the body of a young woman lying lifelessly by a fence with the inverted triangle carved in to her forehead. Next they noticed the figure of a man bending over something, which looked suspiciously like Darryl Morris, in the far end of the back alley. The man was muttering something.

The man spun around when he heard them approaching and Piper quickly froze him and allowed Prue to throw him across the back alley and on top of a rubbish container.

They ran up to check if Darryl was alive and then noticed the luminescent figure of a Guardian rising from the body of the criminal.

"Oh! Prue, the Guardian!" Piper exclaimed and tried to freeze it. "Prue do something!" she said when her attempt to freeze the Guardian failed.

Prue saw two pieces of steeling lying about nearby and threw one telekinetically at the Guardian. It passed harmlessly through its torso.

"I thought you said they were just like vampires!" Piper said in a panic.

"I might have miss read that part." Prue confessed.

"What!" Piper exclaimed in disbelief.

The Guardian picked put the killer's discarded athame and started to move towards them.

"Aim for the rune!" Piper screamed.

Prue took her advice and telekinetically threw the second piece of steel through the rune on the Guardians forehead. The Guardian was vanquished screaming, in a fiery blast taking the athame with him.

They called the police and an ambulance and stayed with Darryl until they arrived.

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