Chapter 8

Sight Unseen

"Abby, maybe you should get Sean another drink." Phoebe told Piper's bartender as she passed by.

Prue's new guy Sean had been sitting at the end of the bar for over an hour waiting on her.

"Do you think she stood him up?" Piper asked her sister.

"Not deliberately." Phoebe answered, "I just think that since we've been back from pilgrim times she's been on a demon bender."

"You think!? You mean because that is all she ever talks about?!"

"Yeh…well how are we gonna explain this to him?" Phoebe asked.

"Abby! You better make that a double." Piper told the bartender as she passed. "I better call Prue."

"Well! Speaking of a big chill…Is Leo keeping you warm?" Phoebe asked teasingly.

"Ah!" Piper huffed. "Nope!"

"Honey! Are you still afraid that they're watching you?" Phoebe asked with a chuckle.

Piper laughed, "What am I supposed to think? The last two times they orbed him out was right in the middle of…it!"

"So what does he say?"

"He swears that they're not watching but he's a guy! They'll say anything!" Piper answered. "The point is that I think that they are watching and when I think I can't…I can't concentrate."

"Uhm…yeh! At least you have the option to concentrate." Phoebe told her sister. "Cole and I are finally back to doing this sort of flirting tango thing but ever since he found out the big secret things have been different…I mean he says he is alright with it and he is trying but it feels like we aren't moving forward and if things don't start moving forward soon I'm going to have to start concentrating on myself." She admitted with a chuckle.

"Honey! He wasn't exposed us or anything so I'm sure it'll all work out in the end." Piper reassured her sister.

Phoebe really wanted to believe it.

Piper dialled Prue's cell and she picked up on the second ring.

"Prue?! Where are you?" Piper asked.

They talked for a bit about the guy from the past.

"Prue are you forgetting something?" Piper asked.

"No I mean something else. Like aah…your date." Piper clarified.

"If we give him any more drinks we're going to have to send him to an AA meeting." Piper told her sister.

"About an hour, and three hundred and twenty seven peanuts."

"Well remorse is good and attendance is better." Piper chastised.

"Well can't it wait?" Piper asked.

"Alrighty then." Piper ended the conversation.

There had to be something wrong with putting demons before your social life. Especially considering that said demons weren't an immediate threat.

"Is she okay?" Phoebe asked.

"Yeh…I guess." Piper said as she made it to the opposite end of the bar to give Sean the bad news.


Phoebe and Piper had rushed home after Prue had called them earlier to inform them that there had been an intruder in the house.

Broken glass was everywhere.

Piper gave Prue an ice pack and got started on cleaning up.

"It's eerie to think that somebody went through every room and smashed every mirror in the house and touching who knows what." Piper said looking around at the damage.

"Fondling who knows what." Phoebe added.

"It's just so creepy," Piper said, "at least nothing seems to be missing.

"How do you know it wasn't a demon?" Prue asked, nursing her shoulder.

"Demons don't usually fondle." Phoebe pointed out.

"And besides, the only demon that we know that use mirrors was Kali and we vanquished her sorry ass." Piper told them.

"Yeh, by smashing her reflection in a mirror." Prue added, "I mean I know that she's supposed to be dead but so are the Grimlocks.

Darryl came downstairs.

"Please don't remind me about them." Darryl said.

"Did you find anything?" Piper asked.

"Just a bunch of finger prints." He told them, "They don't match your samples. I'm gonna run them through the computer, see if any names pop up."

"They won't. I mean, hello guys Book of Shadows 1-0-1 mirrors, the portals through which evil enters." Prue insisted.

"Yeh but there are finger prints and demons don't even usually have fingers." Phoebe countered.

"Well on the human side of thinks, I need you guys to put together a grudge list of any enemies you have past or present." Darryl informed them.

Prue handed him a sheet of paper. "Already done." She announced.

"Abraxas, Barbas, Yama..." Darryl read from the paper, "What did you do? Date the United Nations?" he asked Prue.

"It's the demons, warlocks and various evil forces that we've faced in the last two years." Prue answered.

"That's not exactly what I meant." Darryl told her.

"I'm gonna go hit the Book of Shadows and see what I can find out about mirrors." Prue told them, getting up and promptly exiting the room.

"Prue has been a little fixated lately." Phoebe told Darryl.

"Do you think that it was a human bad guy?" Piper asked.

"Any other house? Yeh! Around here? You never know." He answered.

"Piper! Phoebe!" Prue called them from the attic.

All three raced upstairs.

"What! What is it?" Piper asked.

"That door was unlocked." Prue said pointing at the attic door.

"So?" Darryl asked.

"So ever since a demon tried to steal the Book of Shadows a while ago I've been locking it." Prue told him.

"You lock this door but you don't lock the front door?" Darryl asked in disbelief.

"I lock the front door." Piper said.

"Me too…mostly." Phoebe added.

"I don't. Why bother?" Prue asked.

"Because you are three young women!" Darryl told them in outrage, "In fact your whole attitude about security baffles me. You have no alarm system, no dead bolts, no dog?!"

"Darryl we are three witches. I think we can handle it." Prue answered.

Darryl sighed giving up. "It wasn't jimmied." He told them, referring to the lock on the attic door.

"So what? You think we are dealing with a lock picking demon Prue?" Phoebe asked. "And should it really matter if the door is locked or not? I mean…demons don't usually tend to use doors anyway."

"Doesn't look like anything is missing from up here either." Piper pointed out.

"I just think it's ludicrous to rule out that a human could have done this." Phoebe reasoned.

"Well I think it's ludicrous to think that the Triad has got nothing to do with it." Prue argued.

"Uum…Darryl, why don't you go check on those finger prints." Piper told their friend, "We need to have a little conference here."

Darryl left feeling as if he was fighting a losing battle.


Cole was looking over some case files when Phoebe called his mobile. He had been putting some space between them since Halloween, trying to make his reaction seem as natural as possible but now he was worried that he was over doing it.

She told him about the break in and he was immediately worried for her safety. After they hung up he grabbed his jacket and shimmered straight over.

He rang the doorbell and Phoebe answered the door.

"Cole! What are you doing here?" Phoebe asked puzzled. After all they had just spoken on the phone.

"I know you said you were alright but I just wanted to see for myself." He told her, "It wasn't…you know…a…a demon was it?" he asked.

Phoebe smiled. He was so sweet.

"You didn't have to come all the way here to check on me." Phoebe told him feeling pleased at his concern. "How did you get here so quickly?"

"I wasn't far away, drove over as soon as you told me." He told her as her sisters came down the stairs to join them. "Did you get a look at who it was?" he asked.

They all denied seeing the intruder.

"I'm gonna make a call, get a patrol car to watch the place." Cole told them.

"That's alright. I think we both know that we can handle it." Prue told him.

"Are you sure?" Cole asked. "I mean it could be…you know a regular perp." He told them, "Better safe than sorry."

Prue still refused.

Cole was just about to give in and just take the chance to spend some time with Phoebe when he spotted the front door open and closed seemingly by its own volition.

"Do you need anything Cole?" Phoebe asked hopefully, "Do you want some coffee or something?"

"Actually, Phoebe that's not a very good idea. We have something very important that we have to discuss." Prue chipped in.

"But Cole…" Phoebe started to protest.

"That's alright Phoebe. I really should get going any way. It's late, I have paper work to finish and I probably should leave you guys to your…you know…business." Cole said hurrying to the door. "Call me. Any time." He told Phoebe before disappearing through the front door.

Cole barely made it to the edge of the front stoop. "Come out, come out where ever you are!" he taunted in a loud whisper.

He was grabbed by the throat by an invisible force and thrown against a column.

The invisible figure materialised in to the form of a demon he had come in contact with before.

Troxa! The Invisible demon.

"What do you think the Triad will say when I tell that that the pathetic half-breed Belthazor is hanging around the Charmed Ones and he saved them?" Troxa asked. "What do you think that information would be worth to them?"

"That you are an even bigger failure than they originally thought?" Cole managed to gasp out.

Troxa released his grip on Cole's throat.

"I don't know what game you are playing her Belthazor but if you know what's good for you, stay out of my way." Troxa told him. "I'll be back tomorrow night and you better not be in my way."

"You don't scare me Troxa." Cole told him, "You never did." He laughed.

"And you don't know how to defeat me Belthazor. You never could." Troxa pointed out. "After all…" Troxa disappeared, "you can't fight what you can't see."

Troxa once again grabbed Cole by the throat and held him against the wall, strangling him.

The light on the front stoop clicked on. Not wanting to be found out prematurely Troxa vanished. Taking that has his cue to leave; Cole shimmered away before he was discovered.


"Give me a hit of that." Phoebe said holding her coffee mug out towards her sister. "Actually…no…no…just pour it down my throat."

Piper was busy trying to get her own coffee fix; still she moved to pour her sister a mug of coffee.

"You didn't sleep either?" Piper asked.

"Not a wink." Phoebe answered tiredly. "Thank God for makeup."

"Hey! Maybe we should get an alarm system." Phoebe suggested.

Just then Prue entered the kitchen. "Hey Phoebs?! Did you borrow Grams necklace again?" she asked.

"No." Phoebe denied without thought.

"Are you sure?" Prue questioned.

"Yeh I'm positive. Why?" Phoebe answered.

"What about my…aah…good luck blouse? Have you guys seen it?" Prue asked.

"Theeee…fuchsia, paisley one?" Phoebe questioned shaking her head in the negative.

"Is there anything else missing?" Piper asked curiously.

"Not that I know of." A puzzled Prue answered.

"Prue this is important," Phoebe said, "maybe the guy that broke into the house took them."

"Yeh or maybe it was a demon who took them for some weird ritualistic ceremony." Prue suggested looking puzzled.

"!" Both Piper and Phoebe said not very convinced of that theory.

"Now would that be the…uum…pillow smothering demon or the lock picking demon?" Phoebe asked sarcastically.

Prue gave an unamused chuckle.

Leo then took that moment to orb in to the kitchen.

"They called me away on something else Piper. I swear…total coincidence." He immediately started to justify.

Piper was neither convinced nor amused.

"As far as the Triad is concerned they don't know much, they don't even really know what it is." Leo told the sisters.

"Wow! Six thousand years of conflicts and that's it?" Prue asked. "These guys, they're serious underachievers."

"What they do know though, is that the Triad is at the highest level of the other side." Leo explained.

"Okay! That's a biggy." Phoebe said tiredly.

"Yeh well, that's why we need to get to them before they get to us." Prue pointed out and handed each of her sisters a cloth sack.

"What is this?" Piper questioned.

"A way to always be prepared," Prue answered.

"These are very big contraceptives Prue." Phoebe joked.

Prue wasn't amused, "They are sneakers, alright." She answered her sister. "You know we are always wearing inappropriate footwear when demons attack. Now we will be prepared." She pointed out knowingly. "Keep them with you at all times."

Phoebe took one of hers out and was very entertained at the thought. "Yes because when demons attack we can always ask them politely to give us a few to change our shoes." She joked. "I'm gonna be so fast in these."

Piper chuckled and Prue scowled at her.

The doorbell rang. They all went to see who was there and Piper got to the door first so she opened it to reveal Darryl.

"Hi!" he greeted.

"Hi!" Piper answered.

"We're making progress," he said addressing everyone, "The same set of fingerprints were found on all the broken mirrors."

"Whose are they?" Leo asked.

"Unfortunately the FBI computer came up with a blank," Darryl told them. "which just means the perp had no criminal record."

"So what does that mean?" Piper asked. "It's some weird, crazy person?"

Darryl sighed, "I can't say," he told them, "I don't have enough to go on. We've got broken mirrors and nothing is missing."

"Actually…there is stuff missing," Phoebe told him. "our grandmother's necklace and Prue's favourite shirt."

"It's funny that's the only thing he took." Darryl said thoughtfully. "You know, there is another possibility," he told them, "it could be a stalker."

"A stalker?" Leo asked.

"Who would wanna stalk us?" Piper asked.

"Could be anybody," Darryl answered. "I need you to get a human grudge list together," he told the sisters, "old classmates, people you work with or for, old boyfriends."

"Hey! What about Sean?" Phoebe asked.

"A guy that I stood up once?" Prue questioned, "I don't think so.

"The smallest things can set these guys off." Darryl told Prue seriously.

"Alright, well if it is a stalker it's a demonic stalker." Prue said stubbornly.

"In any case I'm gonna check out this Sean guy," Darryl said with resignation, "I need that grudge list ASAP. Stalkers will do anything to obtain the object of their desire." He told her. "You could be in real danger Prue."

"Thanks!" Prue said, still not seeming to take the possibility of it being a mortal stalker seriously.

"Bye!" Darryl said as he left the sisters and Leo still standing in the foyer.

"You need to listen to him Prue." Phoebe warned her sister.

"Why?" Prue asked. "No one listens to me. Here, I gotta go." She said passing a sack with sneakers to Piper. "If the demon doesn't kill me my editor will."

He sisters watched her leave with concern.


Cole was sitting in his office doing paperwork. He hadn't talked to Phoebe since his encounter with Troxa. He was worried about her but he had research to do. Troxa was right. He hadn't known how to beat him but that was no longer the case. So now, all Cole had to do was catch up on some work and wait.

Cole was anxiously waiting for the moment when he would face Troxa. He had also been sitting in the same position or a couple of hours and felt the need to stretch his legs. He stood and moved to look out his window. His back was facing the door when his demonic sense picked up the invisible demon entering his office.

Cole waited for his moment. He knew that Troxa be feeling secure in his invisibility.

Troxa picked up an antique letter opener from Cole's desk and was ready to pounce. In one swift movement Cole spun and sprayed the contents of a fire extinguisher all over the demon.

Troxa was taken by surprise. He dropped the improvised weapon and began to wriggle in pain as his body began to appear.

"I did some research Troxa," Cole told him and swiftly used the fire extinguisher to hit him in the head.

Troxa flew across Cole's desk taking the computer and most of the contents of the desk with him.

"I found your Achilles heel," Cole told him as he clambered to his feet, "cold is very revealing for you. Although worse, because since you can't feel you don't even know when it's cold." Cole chuckled.

"Ha!" Troxa said, "You really are pathetic scum Belthazor." He told Cole. "First them…and then you." Troxa declared before fading away and quickly making his escape through the door.

Cole laughed. He might be pathetic but Troxa was next to useless without his invisibility. All he had to do was figure out how to make the Halliwell house cold enough and then he didn't have to worry about where Phoebe and her sisters were concerned.


Prue was on a photo shoot when the idea for a trap came to her.

Quickly she finished up with the intention of putting her theory to the test.


Phoebe made her way to P3. Cole had called earlier and he had seemed a lot more relaxed than the last time they had spoken. He asked her about the break in, if there was any news. How she was holding up. He had even offered to meet for a drink. He was being really sweet and she had found herself falling a little bit more for him.

She entered the club and walked up to the bar, "Hey! Abby! Abby!" she called trying to get on of the bartenders' attention.

Abby noticed her and moved closer to see what she needed.

"Hi! Have you seen Cole?" Phoebe asked.

"Who?" Abby asked.

"Tall, dark, good looking District Attorney…?" Abby shook her head in the negative. "Okay no, good…how about an easy one. Where is Piper?" Phoebe asked as she leaned over the counter to put her coat behind the bar.

"She's in back, in the office." Abby answered.

"Okay! Thanks!" Phoebe said giving Abby one of her usual infectious smiles and heading off to find her sister.

Phoebe recoiled with shock as she entered the office to find Piper on the desk and Leo shirtless pushing away from her. "I should have knocked! I'm sorry!" she exclaimed making a quick escape back to the bar, closing the door behind her.

"It's okay!" Piper called after her. "I can't do it anyway."

Phoebe poked her head back in to the room, not looking in their direction. "I am so sorry to hear that." She said with emphasis on the word hear.

"I guess I better go." Leo said gathering his shirt.

"Yeh!" Piper agreed and Leo quickly orbed out. "I am sooooo tired of living under the scrutiny." Pipers said angrily, as she made her way out of the office and pass her sister.

"I told you I didn't see anything!" Phoebe called after her and quickly followed her back in to the club.

"Not you…them!" Piper answered.

"I know." Phoebe told her.

"I thought doing it somewhere else would take the pressure off." Piper confided.

"Uuuhm…I'm bummed for you Piper. I really am but I gotta tell you…Leo is looking fine." Phoebe told her sister.

Piper laughed, "I thought you said you didn't see anything?" she asked.

"Oh! Nothing good." Phoebe answered. "Okay! Here is my stalker list." She handed a few sheets of paper to Piper. "It's mostly the guys that I knew when I was in New York."

"Wow!...You were busy in New York!" Piper commented.

"Yeh! Uum…so now that we have mine and we have yours, all we need is… Pruuuue!" Phoebe broke off as Prue approached them from behind Piper. "Wow! You look different."

"Relaxed!" Piper added.

"What happened?" Phoebe teasingly asked.

"I'm just not as worried about demons as much anymore." Prue told her sisters. "Have you guys seen Sean around?"

"No! I haven't" Piper answered. "Aaah…but how do you know that he's not your stalker?"

"Don't be ridiculous."

"What happened to there's a demon on my ass Prue?" Phoebe wanted to know.

"Well…uum…I set a trap." Prue announced proudly.

"A trap?" Piper asked.

"Uum uum…we are gonna catch this demon and instead of vanquishing him like we normally do, we gonna make him talk about the Triad." Prue told them.

"So is this like a…bear trap with fake claws?" Phoebe jokingly asked.

"I cast a spell over a series of siderite crystals sort of creating a power grid with the Book of Shadows as the bait." Prue explained.

"And how does that work?" Piper asked.

"Well the minute the demon steps in to the grid… this glows," she held up a crystal for them to see, "and he's zapped."

"So…whatever it is is electrocuted?" Piper asked.

"Yeh well whatever demon." Prue answered adamantly.

"And what about…human?" Phoebe asked, "or feline! You're gonna fry Kit!"

"Well Kit can't get in because I locked the attic door." Prue answered with a self-satisfied smirk.

"So Prue…you've…booby-trapped our house?" Piper wanted to know.

"Uum uum…"

"Ha ah! And again...what if it's human?" Phoebe stressed.

"It's not!" Prue insisted. "Oh!" she exclaimed noticing Sean. "I you'll excuse me I have a life to try and go live." She said walking off to join him.

Piper and Phoebe were still in disbelief.

"This is not good." Piper said in concern.

"No!" Phoebe agreed, "And if she keeps this up we're gonna have to do a demon intervention!"

Before long Prue was rushing back to them, her crystal had gone off and they were to rush home to see what had sprung the trap.


Cole had arranged to meet Phoebe for drinks. He arranged it vaguely enough that she would assume that he would meet her at her sisters club but still be able to get away with claiming to be meeting her at the house if he was caught snooping around.

He drove up to the Halliwell Manor and parked out front. The house was in darkness but he wasn't sure if anyone was home. For all he knew, the Whitelighter could be hanging around inside.

Cole tried the door and it immediately gave way. It was unlocked. He was really starting to worry about their lax security. Such they were witches but they were still just three young women living together and should be showing at least a little bit more concern for their safety and mortal crimes.

"Phoebe!" He called out as he entered the house. "Anyone home!"

No answer.

Cole slowly closed the door behind him and began to make his way through the house. He turned the heat off and bucked the air conditioning. The he went from room to room opening windows to let the cold air in. Troxa wouldn't know what hit him.

The last stop was the attic. The door was closed so Cole shimmered in and opened the door from the inside. He was making his way to the attic window when he was the Charmed Ones Book of Shadows. He had to admit he was curious. He had heard rumours about this book and could only imagine what was inside. Thinking better than to take a quick peak he made his way to complete his mission not noticing the crystals on the floor or the fact that they glowed as he walked pass barely inches away.

He opened the last window and shivered. It really was cold. If this didn't work on poor unsuspecting Troxa he didn't know what would. Chuckling to himself he moved away from the window with the intention of finally meeting Phoebe at the club. He noticed a note book with a chart drawn on it and the word Triad caught his eyes. He picked it up. This was bad, very bad if the Triad were involved.

Putting the book down he made to leave the way he came. Without noticing he stepped within th circle of the crystals and the next thing he knew he was being electrocuted. He felt himself change in to his demonic form and then back to his human form before there was nothing but darkness.


The first thing Phoebe noticed when they pulled up to the manor was Cole's BMW parked out front.

"Cole is here!" she told her sisters. "Oh my God! Cole is here!" she said rushing in to the house.

The first thing Phoebe noticed when she entered the house was there was no sign of Cole anywhere. The second thing she noticed was how cold it was. She ran from room to room on the ground floor checking for Cole. What if there really was a demon and it had gotten Cole? She could here Piper commenting on the cold.

"Someone has opened every window." Phoebe told her sisters. "Who would do that?"

"Who cares!" Prue declared, "Everybody got there sneakers on?" she asked as she led the way to the attic.

The entered the attic and Prue turned the light on.

The first thing Phoebe noticed when she entered the attic was Cole's prone form lying on the attic floor. "Cole!" She tried to make her way to him but Prue held her back.

"No! It could be dangerous." Prue told her.

"For God's sake Prue he could be really hurt!"

"Phoebe it's a trap for demons! You do the math." Prue insisted.

Phoebe shrugged her off and went to Cole's aid. He stirred as she approached him.

"What are you doing here?" Prue demanded.

"I…I came by to meet Phoebe." Cole said, "We were supposed to go for a drink."

"Are you okay?" Phoebe asked helping him to sit up.

"So how did you get in and what are you doing up here?" Prue demanded.

"The…front door was unlocked." Cole told them. "Then…when…I saw the windows were open…I…"

"You thought that someone broke in to the house again." Phoebe finished for him.

Phoebe helped him up.

"What happened?" Cole asked. He really had no idea. "What's that? He asked noticing a crystal for the first time. They had actually left a booby-trap and he had stupidly walked right in to it.

"It's a trap." Prue said proudly and somewhat challengingly.

"A what?!" he couldn't believe it but he somehow knew that he had managed to be dumb enough to make the eldest Charmed One suspicious of him.

Phoebe apologised. Cole panicked. Empty threats were made. Cole was this close to packing and disappearing. This couldn't end well for him after all.

Piper was still concerned about the cold curious as to why someone would turn on the air conditioning. Cole had a feeling he could get to like her.

Phoebe followed Cole to the door. He was trying to be mad. He was meant to be mad in this situation wasn't he? But somehow all he could really feel was panic. He just hoped that they thought he was outraged. Maybe he could disappear with is cover still intact.

Phoebe apologised again. She tried to explain away Prue's behaviour.

Cole forced himself to be outwardly calm. "Phoebe, I know that I don't really know anything about de…demons and thing but your sister could have killed me tonight."

"I know Cole. I know and I'm…I'm asking you please don't make this ruin…"

Her eyes, that's what did it, her sad eyes. Cole wanted to kiss her and promise her that everything would be alright.

"I…Phoebe…I really like you. I do, but you have to understand that this…I just need to…I'm just glad it wasn't you that did this to me." Cole said struggling with his words.

"I know Cole…please…please don't go. Stay for a coffee or at least to help close a few windows.

Cole smiled. He couldn't help himself, he really was in trouble when it came to the youngest Charmed One.

She held out her hand and he allowed her to lead him back inside.


Phoebe was furious. Prue was convinced that Cole was a demon and had accused him to his face, they had a huge argument, Leo had turned up at some point just in time to help play mediator and poor Cole had gone pale with shock. In the end there really was a demon, and an invisible one to that called Troxa.


Cole was standing behind the group while Prue interrogated Troxa. His eyes and Troxa's made four and Cole could not help the feeling of satisfaction at his capture.

"I may be defeated!" Troxa proclaimed, "but rest assured that I am not the only one that the Triad as sent after you." He told the sisters, his eyes never leaving Coles.

Cole suddenly felt dread overtake him.

"There are others, I don't know how many but I do know that one is called Belthazoooooor!" Troxa screamed as he was suddenly engulfed in flames and sucked to the waste land.

Cole was furious. That bastard!

Apologies were made and they went to the book to look up there enemies while Cole stood by the doorway trembling with rage.

The Charmed Ones found Troxa easily enough in their Book of Shadows. When they discovered his weakness they were thankful for whoever broke in and made the place cold. If Cole wasn't furious and trying to plan is next move carefully he might have been amused by that.

Leo suggested that they look up Belthazor. Nothing was found in the book. Cole didn't expect anything would be in there about him but still he was relieved.

"This is bad?" Leo told the sisters, "Very bad."

"Why? What do you mean?" Piper asked.

"Well if he's not in the book it means that no one has ever been able to get information on him. If the Triad sent him then he has got to be powerful. Add to that the unknown and I don't know how bad this could turn out to be." Leo told them.

"That could be the demon we saw try to take the book a couple of weeks ago." Phoebe said. "The one we saw with the Grimlocks on Halloween."

"Well at least we have a name." Piper added.

Phoebe noticed the state Cole was in and misinterpreting his rage for shock moved to comfort him.

"Cole…I'm sorry…this really isn't how I would have liked tonight to go." Phoebe told him.

Cole gave her a forced smile. "It…it gets easier each time." He tried to joke.

Prue still looked at him suspiciously.

"I…I should go." Cole told Phoebe.

"I'll walk you out." Phoebe offered, glaring at Prue.

As the room cleared, Leo left to find information on the mysterious Belthazor.

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