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Karkat ran, he ran as fast as his legs would take him. The occasional honk would echo, causing the smaller troll's blood pusher to beat faster. He couldn't deal with much more of this; if Gamzee didn't kill him, the fear would. He took a quick turn around the corner only to be pulled back by a slightly wet and sticky hand over his mouth.

"Why you runnin' best motherfuckin friend?" Gamzee's deep voice whispered right by his ear. He began to drag Karkat back, all the while the smaller troll kicked and struggled. A juggling club came down on his head, knocking the red-blooded troll into unconsciousness.

When the low-blooded troll woke up, he was tied up in a dimly lit room. Blood had dried to the side of his face and it itched, he could just barely make out the figure of another. It was Gamzee, he was hunched over, whispering. Karkat couldn't quite tell what the other was saying and quite frankly, he didn't want to. Gamzee approached him, his hands dripped with the umber blood of Tavros Nitram.

"Karbro, you're awake, sorry about the motherfuckin tied hands, CAN'T HAVE YOU MOTHRFUCKIN RUNNING OFF AGAIN." Karkat flinched at the fluctuation in Gamzee's voice. The high blood's attention was pulled from his friend, he held up Tav's head in one hand, facing him. This reminded Karkat of the human poet William Shakespeare. Tavros' mouth hung open, blood dripped from his lips onto the ground. Karkat's stomach churned, he didn't have a strong penchant for gore or blood. The bard brought the head closer to him.

"Okay bro..." he kissed said head and set it off to the side, the blood dripped from Gamzee's smiling lips. That send Karkat over the edge. Bile came up through his throat, he turned his head to vomit. The vile smell filled the room. He shimmied away from the sick and shuttered.

"Aww bro, you sick? well lucky for you I know just what will make you mother fuckin better." Gamzee set the head in front of Karkat. "Keep him company Tav-bro..." With that he left. Karkat took this time to try to figure out a way to get out of this horrible situation. He tested his bindings, if he could just - Too late, Gamzee was back with a pie tin.

"Oh God..." Karkat whispered.

"This will make you better bro." Gamzee smiled.

"I - I feel fine Gamzee b-but you don't look so good, kinda pale. Maybe you should eat it." Karkat could barely put the sentence together, he was so nervous. Rage filled the high blood's eyes. He dropped the tin, the fuzzy glowing slime sloshed out a little.

"MOTHER FUCKER! DO YOU THINK I'M THAT MOTHERFUCKIN STUPID?!" He grabbed the back of Karkat's hair and shoved his face into the pan, holding him there for a moment before letting him up. The smaller troll sputtered and gagged. "I was... BUT NOT ANY MORE... That shit rusted my motherfuckin think pan, stopped me from realizin my true potential." Gamzee was about to hit Karkat, but he held his head and stepped back. A feral growl came from deep within his throat. "Shut the mother fuck up! I know!" He bellowed, hitting the side of his head. Karkat looked confused. His true potential as what? And what was that about just now?

"Gamzee... I'm your moirail... Let me help you." Karkat pleaded.

"Shut the mother fuck up, gutter blood!" Gamzee started to beat him with his bare fists. Blood soaked the floor. Karkat had died about half way through the beating, but Gamzee didn't stop. He eventually looked down, seeing the bruised and bloody body that used to be his moirail. He panted softly and sat in the candy red puddle of blood, facing the wall. He dipped his fingers in the liquid he seated himself in and smeared it on the wall, the red hue mixed with the green, blue and brown that already painted the wall. Gamzee's eyes were half lidded, he was calm, the voices were calm.

Everything was calm.