This is my very first story I have ever published online and am kind of new at the whole story ting… but this is a ZoNa fic (because I think there is way to little of them!)

chapter 1

This day started like any author day, with me and my sister Robin. Like usual she was an early bird and woke up long before me, but for some unknown reason I felt like I wanted to enjoy this day and therefore woke up earlier too, but not as early as Robin.

When I got up the breakfast was already made. Everyone knew who would wake up, even befor Robin, this early to make breakfast for two lovely fairies; of course no other then the lady-addicted fairy cook Sanji! He was a pervert, but a great friend.

After breakfast I went out to take a little walk in the forest and to enjoy the fresh air, btw we didn't live in town but in the forest that was close by. I never really liked the people there cuz well they were to prissy for my liking and the guys were just perverts in the degree were they could even beat Sanji!

The woods were nice and peaceful. The soft touch of wind in my wings felt heaven like. Suddenly there was a small shout and I felt worried so I followed the sound, because I thought it was maybe a baby bird that had fallen from its nest. Then there was another shout, and one more suddenly there was a faint sound of flapping wings that came closer to where I was followed by three loud BANG! BANG! BANG! The last one was very close to where I was. When I turned to look behind me I could see a persons shadow come close, my face went pale and I quickly hid behind a tree.

The shadow came even closer and I got a little peek at the person between two branches. It was unclear but I could tell it was a guy no older than me, if you could guess from a blurry figure, and he had no wings so he couldn't be one of my kind. Without realizing it I had leaned my hand a bit too much on one of the branches so it broke and made a loud "crack" noise. The person moved closer and all color in my face went even paler than before. Suddenly a screaming fairy came out of nowhere and the person turned in the direction of that fairy. He took out a black metal like ting and there was another BANG! And the fairy started falling, I let out a small "squeak".

I didn't know the fairy but it was still frightening! The figure went to the now dead fairy and put on some kind of a blinking metal thing. I couldn't wait anymore and tried to sneak my way out to warn Robin and Sanji. I started to flap my wings cautiously to avoid attention. Luckily luck was on my side that day.

I hurried to the house and found Robin on the sofa drinking a cup of coffee. I sprinted up to her and told her about what had happened in the forest, but Robin just stared at me with a distant look and started grinning. She seemed happy and that was when I really started to freaking out!

Sanji wasn't home and I assumed he was out grocery shopping on the west side of the forest. Luckily the man in the forest was on the east side. I didn't really have to worry cuz Sanji was really strong and could take care of himself, but me, I was just a weak pretty fairy who could only do some self-defense with a bow staff, my expertise was navigating and predicting weather.

There was a sound of dripping liquid behind me and so I turned around and noticed a sleeping Robin who was now lying on the sofa with the coffee cup on the edge of her finger tips, while the coffee was dripping on the floor one drop at a time.

A thought struck my mind when I remembered that we got some coffee from a villager that had said they had saved their village, I couldn't identify the wings so I couldn't tell which village the person was from because he was wearing a cape. It really didn't seem like he had wings in the first place. I puzzled, then I realized that there was something strange with the smell that came from the coffee, if I am not mistaken, it was some sort of sleeping powder mixed in it!

The enemy must have known that Robin was a really strong fairy cuz of her unique power to multiply any part of her body as much as she wants.

I knew I had to protect Robin while she was unconscious. So I hid her in a closet in my secret room. After hiding her I went out and saw that it had started raining. I grabbed a coat and ran out to find that man!

can anyone guess who this fairy is? hmm... and I`l try to update as fast as possible;3