Chapter 11

Previously: " I'll take a nap in the mean time, wake me up when you're done."


Sanji's pov

I woke up in a clammy dark place witch barely fit a big bag and me. How did I end up in this place? I remember Nami came back and we where all overjoyed, then I felt a bullet come at me, but I dodged it just in time then everything's a big blur.

I heard the bag next to me moan and I grimaced, do I really have to share this clammy air with another?

"Who's there?" the bag mumbled something, but it was too unclear.

"Speak up!" the bag moved a bit the answered

"Sanji, is that you?" I will never forget who's beautiful enchanting voice it belonged to and my eyes turned to hearts

"Naaammmii-swaan! What a lucky man I am to have you as my super company!" I said with a high pitch voice.

"Sanji- Kun? What are you doing here?"

"Well I don't know actually I-" a sudden memory smacked my face when I remembered the marimo and I fighting, but he knocked me out cold before the fight got to serious.

" I was knocked out."


Zoro's pov

I felt a warm feeling of the thought of seeing our captain/boss again, but there was an annoying feeling in my heart that I didn't understand why? So I pushed it aside for new, there where better things to think about.

I walked down the hallway next to a happy Chopper; I smiled at his enthusiasm. When we arrived at the truck I couldn't do anything but to pity the people behind, even though it was himself who was the cause.

"Zoro, where's Nami? No! Wait! Did you kill her, but you promised!" Choppers eyes started to produce waterfalls, this made me click

"Why do you assume such a bizarre thing?! I never break my promises! Why would I start now?" I snapped; this made Chopper stop his sobbing

I didn't give him time to start pestering me with questions, so I started the engines. The ride would take about 3 hours. It wasn't to long really.

Threw the whole trip me and Chopper stayed mostly in silence, only some small chitchat, but it ended almost the minute it started. Sadly I wished we talked more, since in the not to awkward silence I kept on thinking of the stinking redhead fairy. It was utter torture! I kept feeling guilt eating me from the inside out; of course I really didn't care about curly-brow that was with her at the moment.

I sighed before stopping the engines. My mouth twitched up at the sight of our crew waving at us. I couldn't help but to grin while waving back. Chopper didn't hesitate a second; he leaped into our captains arm; soaking our captain with his tears.

"How have you been, Luffy?" Luffy turned his gaze at me; letting go of Chopper he ran at me; hugging the breath out of me.

"Lu-uffy! L-le-ettt g-o o-ff me-" I choked. He did as I said; then his face got serious.

"Did you complete your mission?" I only nodded in response.

"I got one blonde annoying fairy." I said annoying with a bitter tone. Why didn't I tell him about her? Well I guess one is enough.

"Well done." He patted my shoulder with a smile. But I didn't feel happy for that smile I had longed for for so long.


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