Hey guys, I'm back. I know it's been a while and you probably hate me for taking so long to write another chapter. I'm sorry it's short but here it is. -Loftwing

Chapter 7



Hiccup let that sink in.

"Why? How?"

"I suppose I should tell you the truth," Stoick sighed.

"Uh yeah," He spat out the words.

"Her name was Solaris. She was born a year after you." His father said with remorse. "The summer you were two years old, a large group of dragons attacked Berk. I went to help defend and while I was gone, dragons snuck into our home. They took you and Solaris to the hole up north. I was only able to save you. They dragged Solaris into that wretched pit with them."

Silence fell between the two after Stoick was finished. The sound of Toothlesse's rumbling snores could be heard with the rumble of the thunder.

"Why didn't you tell me before now?" Hiccup finally said, the question sticking in his throat.

His father did not reply.

The front door was suddenly thrown open. Gobber stood, completely drenched in the now violent downpour.


"One of the fishing boats is caught at sea," He said quickly. "They left before the storm rolled in and haven't come back."

"I'll gather the others and we'll find the boat," Hiccup replied. He dashed up the stairs, woke up Toothless and rushed back downstairs as he pulled on an extra coat.

"Hiccup, I-" His father tries to say.

He was halfway out the door. He looked over his shoulder and said, "I have a job to do."

With that he slammed the door shut and trudged into the storm.

"I don't see the boat!" Snotlout cried over the wind.

"Me neither!" Fishlegs exclaimed.

"I can't see anything!" Toughnut hollered.

"Just keep looking!" Hiccup instructed.

"Hiccup, we can't stay out here much longer!" Astrid called. "The dragons can't fly against a wind this strong forever!"

"We might as well just give up!" Snotlout added.

Hiccup thought for a moment. He was furious with his father for hiding Solaris from him and at his friends for giving up so easily.

"What about you, bud?" He asked Toothless. "How are you holding up?"

Toothless grinned and purred in reply.

"If you're not going to help, I'll look for the ship myself!" Hiccup cried. He dove down near the water. The icy wind whipped at his face as he looked left and right. He searched for a while, fighting against the wind. Then he saw something bobbing in the ocean. He flew closer and recognized the crest of Berk on the shields of the ship. Toothless swooped down, landed on the deck and Hiccup climbed off the Nightfury.

"Hello?" He called over the gale. There was a barely heard reply, but something felt off. "Hold on! I'm here to help!"

Just then something hit Hiccup over the head, knocking to the deck.

"Hello again," A familiar voice chuckled and a pair of boot came into view. One foot was raised and he blacked out.