In Another Dimension

(It begins when Antigone was caught and Ismene had confessed.)

Antigone: I shall not accept you will to die today. I had asked you beforehand and you refused to partake in the burial for Polyneices.

Ismene: I agree with you. I can now see what you see. Eteocles usurped the throne from Polyneices. Both were at fault. I cannot let my last family die. There would be no one left with me.

Antigone: Let me die, you had done nothing wrong.

Creon: Antigone will be sentenced to death. Guards, take her to the dungeon.

Ismene: She is your son's betrothed. No preparations were made for their engagement. Haemon truly loves Antigone.

Creon: There are other fields to plow.

Ismene: You would break your son's heart because of your pride was bruised.

Creon: I already have a prospective wife for him.

Ismene: Oh, really? Pray tell, who is this girl you speak of?

Creon: I always knew your sister would do something foolish that would terminate the betrothal. There was always another girl I would want for my son's fiancée. Ismene, you are that girl.

Ismene: I will not betray my sister by marrying her love.

Creon: Wasn't there a time where Haemon was divided between your sister and yourself?

Ismene: Haemon made his choice and I have moved on from my foolish beliefs.

Creon: Do not worry about Haemon. He can be persuaded into the right direction.

Ismene: What if I do not want to marry him?

Creon: In exchange for your hand in marriage, I will decree for Polyneices to have a proper burial.


Ismene is visiting her family's graveyard. She had first visited her parents, then Eteocles. She finished placing the flowers on Antigone's tombstone. She made her ways up to Polyneices grave and waited for her husband to meet her at the grave. She needed help getting back down with her protruding stomach. Haemon had yet to finish grieving the sight of Antigone's tomb. She had heard about Ismene and Haemon's engagement and choked herself with the necklace he had given her as an engagement gift.