You walk through a wasteland. You move slowly, dragging your feet along the ground, shuffling through the dead debris. Your eyes wide, you stare straight at the ground, your mind paralysed by pain. You feel as though your inside has been torn out and your body was and empty casing dragging itself around. You don't want to look around. You don't need to, you know what's there; the remains of life that once occupied this place, the roots of trees that shot up into the sky and filtered light through its canopy, thick with lush foliage.

Your trance was broken by a cry from somewhere up ahead. You raced to the source; it was a baby orang-utan. You knelt down and outstretched your arms and it immediately moved towards your warmth and comfort, recognising you as a mother figure, as most creatures recognised Mother Nature.

You wondered where its own mother could possibly be. All the other animals had either moved on died or were scavenging. You continued on a few metres then spotted it. A limp arm extending from underneath the debris a few meters ahead. Your heart broke seeing it, knowing the creature you held was now and orphan. You held the baby orang-utan's head to your chest not wanting it to see the sight of its dead mother. You let out a heavy breath of air knowing this was going to happen again, knowing there was nothing you could do to stop it. You took in a shaky breath and called on your forest sprites, they would find the young orang-utan a surrogate mother, hopefully.

Jack Frost sat on currents of air letting them guide him across the sky creating drifts of snow as he glided over town. Making a circuit he piled snow on rooftops, tree tops and iced over lakes. Once he felt his work was done he flew up into the highest braches of the tallest pine he could find and perched himself on it, admiring his handy work.

Something caught the corner of his eye. He turned to see a bizarre sight, ribbons of shifting greens, blues, purples and golds danced across the sky towards the north. It shouldn't have been this close to Burgess. Then it struck him. Without a second thought he had projected himself of the pine he had been resting on and was rocketing his way to the North Pole, answering the summons of the Guardians.

As Jack approached the pole he saw the large dome blanketed in snow, moonlight shining through a round open window in the roof. Jack, twirling in the air, boost himself along the home straight and slipped through the open window. The Guardians were gathered, concern in their expression though the lights on the globe glowed bright. Jack glided down to meet them; they were surrounding a small tree. It was a pot plant sized Christmas tree, Jack noticed as he got closer, he worked his way into the group only to find them still fixated on the tree; moonlight bathed its small branches as they withered before your eyes, foliage falling and leaving them bare. Jack scanned the others' faces, Toothiana, North, Bunnymund, Sandy, they all held the same sad and worried expression as the watched the tree deteriorate. Despite the whizzing and whirling noises of toys in the workshop everything seemed to be silent.

Jack who still remained confused about the situation decided to break the silent Guardians "What does that mean? Are the children in danger?" North was the first to answer; "No, it is not the children this time" it was the first time Jack had seen North look truly solemn, "It is one of us". Jack ran his eyes over his fellow Guardians again, nothing seemed to be wrong, and they didn't look weak, leaving him shocked to think they were in danger. "A Guardian?" Jack breathed in disbelief. "Is not exactly a guardian, someone like us.. a.. eh uhh – "

"A myth?" Jack interrupted, by the way they all turned to look at him they didn't like the word, but couldn't think of anything else so they didn't argue. "How does that affect us? Or them?" Jack asked, gesturing to the lights sparkling on the giant globe. "She's important to children, they need her whether or not they realise she exists" Tooth said, joining the conversation. Jack swung his staff over his shoulder, still sceptical "alright, but who's she?" he asked. "Terra" Tooth answered.

"Terror?" said Jack quizzically. "Teh – rah" North pronounced, rolling his "r" Jack nodded pretending to know what they were talking about "Terra" he said, hoping he got the name right.

"Yes, is Latin for Earth" said North

"Latin, that's Greek?"

"Roman" Tooth corrected

"Let's not have a history lesson". Bunnymund who had been staring at the withering tree suddenly made an input into the conversation. Sandy who floated beside him had dozed off. North explained in his thick accent; "Terra is also known as Mother Nature she looks after all creatures, which includes the children. She is what comforts a child when they are not wishing or believing in our hope or wonder or memories, she is a figure of guidance which is why the children need her, and if she is in danger then so are the children" Jack had never come across this lady and had no idea who she was but if her safety affected the children then he would do everything in his power to help as a Guardian, but he had one final question; "how is she in danger?"

The others turned to each other, it was Bunny who answered; "It's best you see for yourself, mate"