Our Love

"Ne,Rogue" said the blond girl to her husband.

"what?" ask Rogue to her wife,Lucy. "Do you still remember the first time we met each other?"

ask lucy with her innocent face and stared at Rogue, Rogue just nod.

Because , Rogue just nod , Lucy become a little irritated , So she start using her Puppy face (puppy eyes) which her husband can't stand .







He sighed.

"Yes,yes I remember .. so .. please . Stop Staring at me" , Then Lucy Smiled . Rogue Blush when he see he lovely wife smile.

"Ro..Rogue, you know i ... really love you , I love you so much " Lucy said and leaned her back to Rogue chest.

Rogue suddenly hug her from behind and says "i love you too" " i love you so much" "you're my treasure , you're the most important person to me , you're my life" and he suddenly kiss her neck , "I will always .. always by yourside" he said in Lucy ear , that make her faces Super red.

Lucy turn her body and shyly kiss rogue lips and they kiss each other. "you're so cute , Lucy" Rogue said and then carry Lucy to their Bedroom(well , their Bed).

they kissed and making out and make ..


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